Friday 31 October 2014

Ray Parker, Jr. - Ghostbusters

When October rolls around, It's Halloween and the clear answer to the lyrical question, "Who ya gonna call?,"

"Ghostbusters" is a 1984 song recorded by Ray Parker, Jr. as the theme to the film of the same name starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd.

It was nominated at the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song, but lost to Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You".

A music video for the song featured a young woman, played by Jennifer "Jenna" Cloyd, who was being haunted by a ghost portrayed by Parker, roaming a nearly all-black house interior with vibrant neon designs outlining the sparse architectural and industrial features until the woman finally calls the service. It also contained footage from the film, and featured cameos from many celebrities of the day, including Chevy Chase, Irene Cara, John Candy, Melissa Gilbert, Ollie E. Brown, Jeffrey Tambor, George Wendt, Al Franken, Danny DeVito, Carly Simon, Peter Falk, and Teri Garr; all of whom exclaim the song's "Ghostbusters!" refrain when shown. Chase appears again after Garr, but chokes on his cigarette when he tries to exclaim "Ghostbusters!"; Franken also pops up in the house before the separately-framed cameos begin.

The video concludes with Parker and the stars of the film, in full Ghostbuster costume, dancing down the streets of New York City. The Ghostbusters also performed the similar dance in the closing credits to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series as well as in a trailer for the 2009 Ghostbusters video game.

Ray Erskine Parker, Jr. (born May 1, 1954) is an American guitarist, songwriter, producer and recording artist. Parker is known for writing and performing the theme song to the movie Ghostbusters, for his solo music, and for performing with his band, Raydio, and with Barry White.

Todays tune "Ghostbusters" taken from the Soundtrack with the same name! Enjoy your Halloween!

When the similarities between this song and the theme song of the 1984 film Ghostbusters were heard, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr. for plagiarism, claiming that Parker had stolen the melody from "I Want a New Drug". Lewis had been approached to compose the main theme song for the film, but had to decline because of his work on the soundtrack for Back to the Future. The two parties settled out of court. Details of the settlement (specifically, that Columbia Pictures paid Lewis a settlement) were confidential until 2001, when Lewis commented on the payment in an episode of VH1's Behind the Music. Parker subsequently sued Lewis for breaching confidentiality.

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Thursday 30 October 2014

Bloodbath - Famine of God's Word

Sweden’s masters of horror, Bloodbath are set to release their fourth album of supreme death metal - Grand Morbid Funeral on 17th November 2014 with their new vocalist. Following the departure of Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt and months of speculation and rumour Metal Hammer have revealed Paradise Lost’s Nick Holmes as the new vocalist of Bloodbath.

Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal supergroup from Stockholm, formed in 1998. The band has released three full-length albums, two EPs and two DVDs depicting their performances at Wacken Open Air (in 2005) and Bloodstock Open Air (in 2010). The group comprises Martin Axenrot (Opeth), Anders Nyström (Katatonia), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), and Per Eriksson, who was previously the guitar technician for both Bloodbath and Katatonia.

The band named themselves after the song "Blood Bath" from the album To the Gory End by Cancer. A year after being formed, the band, then consisting of Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) on vocals, Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, etc.) on drums, Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström (Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade) on guitar, and Jonas Renkse (Katatonia, October Tide) on bass, released their EP Breeding Death, followed two years later by their debut album Resurrection Through Carnage.

Blakkheim (guitars): Little did I expect to be working with the voice behind the death metal classic "Lost Paradise", or the genre defining "Gothic" and yet here we are decades later, fulfilling another death metal dream. With his sinister and ominous vocal delivery, it's an absolute pleasure to make Old Nick the bell-ringer in Bloodbath's grand morbid funeral!”

Jonas Renske (bass): "Ever since I got into "Lost Paradise" back in '90, Nick Holmes has been one of my fave growling vocalists out there. He was always audible and articulate but still deep and definitely morbid. It is a great pleasure to work with him some 25 years later after I was introduced to his thunderous roar!"

The album was recorded once again at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo, this is Bloodbath’s fourth full-length studio release.
The new album also featuring a number of guest appearances including Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from US gore-masters Autopsy, "Grand Morbid Funeral" is a new high-point of brutality for Bloodbath.

Bloodbath is set to appear on a string of festivals throughout 2015, including Inferno festival (Norway), Neurotic Deathfest (The Netherlands) and Maryland Deathfest (USA).

Todays tune "Famine of God's Word" is taken from the forthcoming album from Bloodbath "Grand Morbid Funeral"

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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Sister Sin - Chaos Royale

The female-fronted "old-school metal" band "Sister Sin" from Gothenburg, Sweden, have released a new album and a new single.

Black Lotus is the fifth studio album by Sister Sin. The album was produced by Rikard Löfgren and Gustav Ydenius and was released on Victory Records October 27, 2014 along with the official music video for "Chaos Royale" which premiered on Loudwire and full album stream on Blabbermouth

The band has released 4 full length albums, with the newest "Black Lotus" scheduled for release October 27, 2014. Sister Sin has toured in Europe and North America in the past, with bands such as Lordi and In This Moment.

Band members:
Liv Jagrell - Vocals
Jimmy Hiltula - Guitar
Strandh - Bass
Dave Sundberg - Drums

Todays tune "Chaos Royale" is taken from the latest album "Black Lotus", released October 27.

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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Rated X - Stranger In Us All

Put together former members of Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge and Rainbow, and the results are Rated X.

Rated X is an exciting and fresh new band built around the talents of four heavy-hitters of American Hard Rock. Comprising of vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen), guitarist Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley), fretless-bass monster Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake) and iconic drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Murder), Rated X came about when Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino suggested to Turner that it was time to put together a band that could highlight his abilities in a classic Hard Rock musical environment.

Appice was the first one who was called in to be part of it, given the long history of friendship and musical camaraderie with Turner. After a quick search, Tony Franklin soon agreed to be part of the band – thus reuniting the rhythm section that was featured in the legendary “Blue Murder” debut album. It was finally necessary to find the right guitarist and who could have been better than long time Joe Lynn Turner collaborator, Karl Cochran: a flamboyant guitar player that can masterfully handle the Arena Rock style, with a Classic Hard Rock sensibility second to none.

Under the executive direction of Perugino and the hard work of Frontiers in-house producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Livin’ Out Loud, Voodoo Circle) songwriting demos were laid down during the last months of 2013.

With ties to some of heavy rock’s most seminal bands – Rainbow, Deep Purple, Night Ranger, Blue Murder and Vanilla Fudge – Rated X is a modern day supergroup who can literally light up a fire in the music fans with its class and gusto, with a nod to the roots of the classic British Hard Rock sound!

Rated X
Joe Lynn Turner: vocals
Carmine Appice: drums
Tony Franklin: bass
Karl Cochran: guitars except as below.

Nikolo Kotzev guitars on Maybe Tonight, Peace Of Mind, Our Love Is Not Over and lead guitars on Stranger In Us All and I Don't Cry No More
Daniel Palmqvist guitars on You Are The Music

Todays tune "Stranger In Us All" is taken from the upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released in Europe on November 7

About the upcoming record.

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Monday 27 October 2014

Monolord - Empress Rising

A new week and that means it's time to reveal this weeks "Record Of The Week"

"Empress Rising" is the album début from Swedish psychedelic doomsters "Monolord"

Formed in 2013, this band is made up of Swedish rockers Thomas Jäger, Esben Willems, and Mika Häkki. Both Jäger and Willems were in the Swedish boogie rock band Marulk and started Monolord as a side project as a way to play some more heavier tunes, they quickly added Häkki (from The Don Darlings, ex Rotten Sound) and realized that they had something very special between the 3 of them. Monolord became very real very quickly and recording commenced in early 2013.

Thomas Jäger had not sung in a band before this one, but you would never know it by the sound of it. Having met EasyRider Records head hauncho Daniel Hall over instagram in May of 2014 when the record was ready to listen to, EasyRider was one of the first that it was sent to and picked up the band immediately after hearing the finished album that will come out worldwide on April 1, until then you will have to sit tight with this first offering of pure hellfire of unrestrained heavy doom that has the ability to shatter windows and put people into an induced coma.

"Empress Rising" is an excellent delivered début, almost mindblowing!!!

They have made a dark but well blended heavy doom album that kicks ass. A record that is filled with monotonous riffs that makes you to let go completely of the present time and soar among the clouds of the heavy wall of sound that is emitted from the speaker when the record is spinning on the turntable.

The album captures the vibes from great bands such as Kyuss, Sleep, Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath, in other words will satisfy all fans of heavy doom, stoner and guitar driven rock!

Just take the opening track, which is the title track and todays tune "Empress Rising", kicks of with a slow-paced riff before the heavy crunching drums finally kicks the album off in a big way, at this moment you are glued to the seat and wonder what the hell happend! And I tell you, it doesn't end here. Track two "Audhumbla" starts off with heavy low-end rumbling fuzz, an atmospheric trip out into the cosmos. And this is how it goes through the hole album, a very well-made début that keeps a high class straight through. 

With it's, almost hypnotic way, around a huge layer of psychedelic space doom blended with a mix of stoner vibes and trippy heaviness that will take you off your dirty shoes and put you out somewhere else out there in the darkened space and leave you breathless.

Empress Rising is going to be one of this year's landmark in doom metal debut album and I belive it will end up pretty high when 2014 is going to be summored.

It's a must have record, nuff said!

Todays tune "Empress Rising" is the title track from "Record Of The Week", Enjoy it!

Some nerdy Vinyl information. (Yes I have ordered a copy of the Vinyl already)

Fist Pressing Info:

35 Test Press (EasyRider Records Exclusive) Hand Numbered in a Naugahyde Jacket with Glow In The Dark Ink and Patch $65
50 Clear (EasyRider Exclusive) Hand Numbered in a Hand Screened Heavy Stock Jacket and Patch $50
100 White (EasyRider exclusive)
125 Opaque Purple (EasyRider Exclusive)
200 Black
250 – Opaque Mossy Green (Cobraside Exclusive)
75 Opaque Pink (All That Is Heavy Exclusive)
100 Clear Green (Clearspot International Exclusive)
75 Clear Red (HeviSike UK)

Second Pressing Info:

66 Smokey Clear Vinyl
200 Black Vinyl
150 Yellow Vinyl
200 Blue Vinyl

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Sunday 26 October 2014

Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King

Sunday, time for a classic!

1987 was the year when the American heavy metal band Savatage, released the classic fourth studio album metal album "Hall of the Mountain King", under the direction of producer Paul O'Neill. It is their first album produced by O'Neill, who was assigned to the band after the tour in support of Fight for the Rock. This album shows the beginning of Savatage's exploration of progressive metal, in their search for new forms of musical expression. Many fans consider this album the original turning point in their musical identity, distinguishing between the old and new Savatage. It is not a concept album, but it has a constant tone (of darkness, in this case) and is more complex than their previous albums, with two entirely instrumental tracks that go beyond simple guitar riffs and solos, namely "Prelude to Madness" and "Last Dawn". Through Paul O'Neill's connections, he brought in Ray Gillen of Badlands fame (credited as Ray Gillian) to perform a vocal duet at the end of "Strange Wings".

"Prelude to Madness" is an arrangement of Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from the Peer Gynt suite. Oddly, Grieg is not credited for this song, but for the following title track - which ironically, is an original song. The intro of "Prelude to Madness" features keyboards and guitar playing "Mars, the Bringer of War" from Gustav Holst's suite, The Planets.

This was the first album to feature the album cover drawn by artist Gary Smith, who was responsible for lead guitarist Criss Oliva's airbrushed guitars at the time.

Savatage founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1978 at Astro Skate in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Savatage has released eleven studio albums, two live albums, four compilations and three EPs. The band experienced major American commercial success with the release of their third studio album, Fight for the Rock (1986). Their next four albums — Hall of the Mountain King (1987), Gutter Ballet (1989), Streets: A Rock Opera (1991) and Edge of Thorns (1993) — were also successful but more critically acclaimed than Fight for the Rock..

After Criss' death in 1993, Jon (together with the producer Paul O'Neill) decided to continue Savatage in memory of his brother. The band released four more studio albums, and went through several line-up changes before going on hiatus in 2002. During the years, members founded various new bands such as Jon Oliva's Pain, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Circle II Circle and Doctor Butcher. On August 2, 2014, Savatage announced that they will reunite for Wacken Open Air 2015

Todays tune is the title track from "Hall Of The Mountain King", enjoy and have a great sunday!

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Saturday 25 October 2014

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

Fronted by a tattooed clothing designer and influenced by death metal, grindcore, and emo, Bring Me the Horizon aren't the average deathcore band. The group was formed in 2004 from the ashes of several Sheffield-based outfits, with the 2003 Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean serving as the inspiration for the band's name. Singer Oliver Sykes, guitarists Lee Malia and Curtis Ward, bassist Matt Kean, and drummer Matt Nicholls initially established their own label, Thirty Days of Night, to release their debut EP, 2005's This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For. Upon signing to the higher-profile label Visible Noise (whose roster also included Bullet for My Valentine and Lostprophets), they reissued the EP to a wider audience. Bring Me the Horizon's full-length debut, Count Your Blessings, appeared in October 2006, with an American release following one year later courtesy of Epitaph Records.

With their second album, Suicide Season, Bring Me the Horizon moved in a more accessible direction and wound up cracking the U.K. album charts. Not everyone approved of the new sound, though, and Ward left the band in early 2009. His temporary replacement was Jona Weinhofen, formerly a member of I Killed the Prom Queen. Weinhofen ended up staying with the band as a permanent member, and the group returned to the studio with producer Fredrik Nordström in March 2010 to begin work on a third album. The resulting There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret was released during the latter half of 2010, several months after the band wrapped up its engagement with the Warped Tour. A fourth album, the more atmospheric Sempiternal, arrived on Epitaph in 2013.

Bring Me The Horizon will release a brand new single, "Drown", on December 7. A new full-length album is tentatetively due to be recorded early next year for a late 2015 release.

Bring Me The Horizon's frontman Oli Sykes recently revealed that he was "addicted to a drug called ketamine" prior to the making of "Sempiternal".

What doesn't kill you Makes you wish you were dead Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper And I can't take One more moment of this silence The loneliness is haunting me And the weight of the worlds getting harder to hold up It comes in waves I close my eyes Hold my breath And let it bury me I'm not alright And it's not ok Won't you drag the lake And bring me home again Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down? Save me from myself, Don't let me drown Who will make me fight? Drag me out alive? Save me from myself, Don't let me drown What doesn't destroy you Leaves you broken instead. You know that I can't do this on my own.

Todays tune "Drown" is out on 7th December and is taken from the upcoming album. The Video is directed by Jacob Prientzlauer. Production company: The Wœrks.

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Friday 24 October 2014

Jimmy Barnes - Going Down Alone

Hindsight sees Jimmy surrounded by family and friends, revisiting some of the biggest hits from throughout his solo career, along with a few deeper cuts and personal favourites. Family includes daughter Mahalia, son David Campbell and brother-in-law Diesel. And the friends include Keith Urban, The Living End, Tina Arena, Steven Van Zandt, Joe Bonamassa, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey and many more.

As for the songs, most are icons in their own right: "No Second Prize", "Working Class Man", "I'd Die To Be With You Tonight", "Lay Down Your Guns", "Good Times", to name a few.

Thirty years after setting out to claim some history of his own, Jimmy Barnes is sounding better than ever. And his greatest hits have never sounded as good as they do with a little help from his family and some famous friends, on Hindsight.

Barnes explains the thought process behind creating a collaborative album of his own tracks:

“I wanted to do something special for the 30th anniversary… There was talk of a tribute album, but that idea would have taken me out of the picture. So then I thought of a much better idea – I’ll get all my favourite artists and sing with them!”

Barnes’ 40 year career means he is no stranger to the stage, having recently shared the bill with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Hanging Rock in Victoria and later on at Mt Smart Stadium in New Zealand. Aside from his own tour dates, Barnes will also be a special guest for The Rolling Stones on 25 October at Adelaide Oval as part of their massive ‘14 On Fire’ tour.

As successful as his body of studio work has proven so far, what the stats and official accolades don’t show, but everyone knows, is that Jimmy Barnes is primarily a primal live act. Along with all the hit records and anthemic songs, there’ve been literally thousands of live shows. And as the majority of us have witnessed firsthand, there’s nothing quite like experiencing Jimmy Barnes in concert. He never leaves anyone in any doubt of exactly who is, and always has been, the hardest working man in rock & roll. It’s what’s made Jimmy Barnes arguably the most revered and loved entertainer this country has produced (thank you, Scotland!).

The two time ARIA Hall of Fame inductee (with Cold Chisel in 1993 and as a solo artist in 2005) shows no signs of slowing down in 2014. The 30:30 Hindsight tour will see Jimmy Barnes performing in some of Australia’s most iconic rock venues doing what he loves – and does best. Tickets are on sale from Wednesday 13 August, don’t miss out!

Barnes explains:

"These songs are important to me - I wouldn't go out there and change the essence of the songs," says Jimmy. "But I didn't bring in all these great artists to tell them what to do - I'm actually working with them because I'm learning from them. It was like, 'What are we going to do with this and have fun with it?' They sound like new songs now and really fresh to sing," Jimmy beams.

Todays tune "Going Down Alone" with Journey guys Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain plus Joe Bonamassa. The tune is taken from the 30th anniversary album "Hindsight", which will be out on Oct 27.

While I was in America earlier this year, I wanted to tip my hat to an old friend Jonathan Cain. Freight Train Heart was a really big record for me, one of the best records I’ve ever made, and a lot of that record was written with Jonathan Cain, who was the piano player in The Babys and then Journey. So Jonathan and I got together with Neal Schon, the guitar player from Journey, and we made the Freight Train Heart album together. So I got those guys in to record "Going Down Alone". It’s one of my favourite songs and the guys helped me breathe new life into it.”

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Thursday 23 October 2014

Black Label Society - Angel Of Mercy

I woke alone today.
For all the birds have flown.
Inside this empty house
Which no longer feels like home

No angel of mercy
Is gonna hear my call (oh no)
No angel of mercy
To dry the tears that shall not fall

That's part of the Lyrics of todays tune "Angel Of Mercy" with Black Label Society

"Catacombs of the Black Vatican" is the ninth studio album by heavy metal band Black Label Society. The album was released on April 8, 2014. It is the first Black Label Society album to feature former Breaking Benjamin drummer Chad Szeliga after fill-in Mike Froedge departed the band. Froedge himself replaced Will Hunt, who in turn replaced longtime drummer Craig Nunenmacher, all in the span of less than two years. Also the rhythm guitar player Nick Catanese's departure from the band and was replaced by Dario Lorina from Lizzy Borden. So in other words, alot of turbulence in the band. But the record in it self is a very good release.

Robert Trujillo, the Mexican-American bassist known for his role as the current bassist of American heavy metal band Metallica, he had a time in "BLS" a long time ago, played on the album "1919 Eternal" (2002). This energetic dude is turning 50 today, so happy birthday Robert!

Current members:

Zakk Wylde – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, piano (1998–present)
John DeServio – bass, backing vocals (1999, 2005–present)
Jeff Fabb – drums (2014–present)
Dario Lorina – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)

Todays tune "Angel Of Mercy" is taken from the ninth studio album "Catacombs of the Black Vatican" by Black Label Society. The video directed by Justin Reich.

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Killer Be Killed - Wings Of Feather And Wax

Here we have the advent of progressive groove metal with the debut album from supergroup "Killer Be Killed". The band features Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Troy Sanders of Mastodon and Dave Elitch of The Mars Volta. Each band member brings their various influences to each track creating a crazy mix of tempos and subgenres within each song. There is a lot going on here, but somehow, the band is able to mix these musical styles and the three very varied vocal styles of Cavalera, Sanders and Puciato together flawlessly on each song without sounding chaotic.

The band had slowly been working on material before announcing its name in October 2013, along with their signing to Nuclear Blast. The release date for their self-titled debut record was May 13, 2014.

The band was first announced in February 2011, when Metal Hammer reported news of Puciato and Cavalera planning a new project in the vein of Cavalera's Nailbomb band with Alex Newport in the mid 1990s. Shortly afterwards, The Mars Volta's Dave Elitch and Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders were announced to be part of the project. Despite not yet having a name, the group entered the Fortress Studio in Los Angeles, CA in September 2013 with producer Josh Wilbur. In October 2013, the band revealed Killer Be Killed as their name and announced that their first album would be released through Nuclear Blast. In March 2014, an announcement confirmed that the band's debut album would be self-titled, Killer Be Killed, and would be released on May 13, 2014. On March 14, 2014, two songs from the upcoming eponymous debut, "Wings of Feather and Wax", and "Face Down" were made available for streaming. Musical Style

Commenting on the writing process of their first album, Cavalera told Decibel that the record will be "politically charged" and that the composition will be a merging of styles of each of its members. In a press release, Puciato characterizes the style, "It’s a bit of Sabbath-y doom, a bit of thrash, a bit of hardcore and punk" continuing, "Of any of our bands, it sounds the furthest away from mine..."

Band Members:

Greg Puciato - Vocals/Guitar (The Dillinger Escape Plan)
Max Cavalera - Vocals/Guitar (Soulfly)
Troy Sanders - Vocals/Bass (Mastodon)
Dave Elitch - Drums (Ex-The Mars Volta)

Todays tune "Wings Of Feather And Wax" is taken from the debut album "Killer Be Killed" the video directed by Thomas Mignone, for Doom Corporation.

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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing

"Something from Nothing" is a song by the American rock band Foo Fighters from their eighth studio album Sonic Highways. It was released as the album's lead single on October 16, 2014. Recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio, the song was influenced by the Chicago music scene.

According to Daniel Kreps of the Rolling Stone magazine, the lyrics of the song "Here lies a city on fire... it started with a spark, and burned into the dark" seem to be inspired by the Great Chicago Fire (1871).

"Something from Nothing" is "a ferocious, at times even hypnotic, rocker with hints of funk, psychedelia, and Dave Grohl's signature monster growl." It features soaring guitar that is reminiscent of Chicago-based alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. The song starts with muffled guitar, and subsequently builds up to "non-stop ferocious rock 'n' roll" in its fourth minute, and "an ear-shattering outro lined with scorching guitar riffs."

"Something from Nothing" was recorded at Albini's Electrical Audio studio in Chicago. The song features guitarist Rick Nielsen of the rock band Cheap Trick as Chicago City's "guest of honor." Music video

The first music video aired at the end of the Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways "Chicago" episode. It shows the band and Rick Nielsen performing at Electrical Audio while 2D animated lyrics appear in the background throughout the video.

The cover for the single features the John Hancock Center in Chicago.

The Foo Fighters is an American rock band, formed in Seattle in 1994. It was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as a one-man project following the death of Kurt Cobain and the resulting dissolution of his previous band. The group got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as foo fighters. Prior to the release of Foo Fighters' 1995 debut album Foo Fighters, which featured Grohl as the only official member, Grohl recruited bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith, both formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate, as well as fellow Nirvana touring bandmate Pat Smear as guitarist to complete the lineup. The band began with performances in Portland, Oregon. Goldsmith quit during the recording of the group's second album, The Colour and the Shape (1997) when most of the drum parts were re-recorded by Grohl himself. Smear's departure followed soon afterward.


Todays tune "Something From Nothing" is taken from the upcoming album "Sonic Highways", enjoy

Foo Fighters: "Something From Nothing" - David Letterman

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