Thursday 31 March 2011

3 Doors Down - When You're Young

I realized that we forgot a release this year.... Oups.

3 Doors Down relased a single from their upcomming album "Time of My Life" that is due in July the 19th 2011. They been engaged into this album since 2010 and now finally it comes.

3 Doors Down was formed in the US 1996, by drummer/vocalist Brad Arnold, guitarist Matt Roberts and bassist Todd Harrell. The three grew up together in Escatawpa, Mississippi and shared an interest in rock music.
Their first album came 2000, and since then they have done 4 and soon it will be 5.

The guys are intrested in doing good as well, 3 Doors Down started The Better Life Foundation (TBLF) in 2003, with a goal in mind to give as many children as possible a better life. Since its inception TBLF has supported numerous charities nationwide, as well as providing aid and assistance to the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina.

When the Mississippi town of Waveland took an especially hard hit from Katrina, the charity was able to purchase three police cars and a fire truck to help with rescue efforts. Also, in connection with Wal-Mart, they were able to supply the town with three semi-trucks full of rescue supplies. There was also extensive support from TBLF in providing funding for rebuilding efforts in the town.

3 Doors Down and The Better Life Foundation host a yearly show in at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, MS to raise money for the charity. In addition to a concert from 3 Doors Down and friends, there is also an auction, which includes numerous items from musical friends, sports icons, and other various supporters of the band and the charity. There is an average of sixty items auctioned off yearly, and proceeds are given to TBLF.

So that is a honored thing!

Okey folks, lets view the video.

Enjoy people.

Love, Thetania

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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Michael Monroe - '78

Matti Fagerholm (born on June 17, 1962 in Helsinki) is best known by his stage name, Michael Monroe. He is a Finnish rock musician, vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist, Michael Monroe is a man born for the stage. After being inspired by Black Sabbath on TV at the tender age of eight he further educated himself with the works of Alice Cooper, Little Richard and The Rolling Stones. He decided to become a rock’n'roll frontman and never looked back. His old school mates still remember him as the guy with longest hair in not only the school but in the whole city. The guy with an outrageous taste for clothes who dropped out of school during a field trip to Stockholm to become a full time rocker.

After the whirlwind crash and burn of the early Hanoi Rocks years Michael relocated to New York City and launched a succesfull solo career that spanned until the rebirth of Hanoi Rocks.
With his critically acclaimed first worldwide solo release “Not Fakin’ It” (1989) he was well on the way to be a mega star in the States but due to a disagreememt with him over the marketing tactics, his record label “pulled the plug” on the record, which is best remembered by the video of the song “Dead, Jail Or Rock’n'Roll” featuring a cameo from Axl Rose.

During his 10 years of living in New York he made quite a few guest appearances on different artists’ records. For example, with Guns N’ Roses on their “Use Your Illusion” and “Spaghetti Incident” albums, as well as recording Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” with Slash for the “Coneheads” movie soundtrack in 1993.

Monroe’s 1994 solo band project and album “Demolition 23″ (produced by Little Steven Van Zandt) featured Sami Yaffa (Hanoi’s original bass player) on bass and later on tour guitarist Jay Hening (R.I.P.) was replaced by original Hanoi guitarist Nasty Suicide.
In the late 1990′s Michael packed his bags and cat and moved to Finland relocating to the country’s old capital Turku where he lives today.

Now he is out with a new record "Sensory Overdrive” that was released on 16th of mars. The band features bassist SAMI YAFFA who has played with a remarkable variety of bands including Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and guitarist GINGER who has dazzled audiences over the world with his band The Wildhearts. Also on guitar is STEVE CONTE, the New York Dolls master fretman who has played with Willy DeVille and his own bands The Crazy Truth, Crown Jewels and Company of Wolves. Rounding out the band is drummer KARL “ROCKFIST” ROSQVIST, whose resume includes providing rhythm for the likes of Chelsea Smiles and Danzig.

Tomorrow Michael Monroe and his band be on the stage at Debaser Slussen, I'm a bit tempted to go and see them play, however I have to work during that night so we'll see how I will do, have seen him a few times before and it rocks nicely live, I highly recommend to go there if you dont have anything to do tomorrow.

Todays tune "'78” is the first single from Michael Monroe’s latest album "Sensory Overdrive".

Sensory Overdrive Tour 2011

31.03.11 Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
01.04.11 Sigurdsgatan 25, Västerås, Sweden
02.04.11 The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
04.04.11 Concorde 2, Brighton, United Kingdom
05.04.11 Academy 2, Bristol, United Kingdom
06.04.11 Phoenix, Exeter, United Kingdom
07.04.11 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
08.04.11 O2 Academy, London, United Kingdom
09.04.11 T.J.’s, Leeds, United Kingdom
11.04.11 Waterfront, Norwich, United Kingdom
12.04.11 Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom
13.04.11 Academy 2, Newcastle, United Kingdom
14.04.11 Academy 3, Manchester, United Kingdom
15.04.11 Garage Glasgow, United Kingdom
16.04.11 Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom
17.04.11 HMV Institute, Birmingham, United Kingdom
12.05.11 R'n'R Arena, Novara, Italy
13.05.11 New Age Roncade, Treviso, Italy
14.05.11 Rock Planet, Pinarella di Cervia (Ravenna), Italy
19.05.11 Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain
20.05.11 Durango Club, Valencia, Spain
21.05.11 Sala Penélopev, Madrid, Spain
22.05.11 Kafé Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
01.06.11 Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan
02.06.11 Diamond Hall, Nagoya, Japan
03.06.11 Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan

More info @ Official Website

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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Within Temptation - Faster

This band did an album not long ago, "The Unforgiving"
Its their 5th album, its a bit diffrent from other albums ´cos its released along with some comics books and a serie of short films, to explain a concept. Check it out here.

The initial concept was to write the soundtrack to a film, however the band decided to change direction given the inconsistencies and other issues which movies can undergo.

As vocalist Sharon den Adel commented:

"What happened was that we wanted to write lyrics for a movie. We were searching for a good movie with a good story and everybody had different release dates. If something goes wrong, a movie can very easily be postponed for a year, and we couldn't take the chance to have to wait for that, otherwise we would have had to postpone our album as well. So we decided to take the matter in our own hands."

While shooting the three short films and music videos, Mother Maiden ("Faster"), Sinéad and Triplets ("Shot in the Dark"), the band and director (Joeri Holsheimer) came up with several other ideas, including the decision as to which song would be connected to which story. The band's decision to shoot three short films was mainly to avoid the restrictions imposed on music videos,

as Sharon explained:

"...we wanted to put all the money into the movies. You have a budget and then you have to make choices and, to be honest, MTV and everything, it is not so big anymore. And when you make videos, they always say "you can't use blood, you can't use guns, you can't use..." and we wanted to use everything: blood, guns... everything!"

Dont u know who they are?

Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band, that was formed by Robert Westerholt and Sharon den Adel 1996. WT recieved a lot of awards throughout the time being active.

Okey time to check out the first video from this new album,

Ladys and Gents

Here is Faster.

Peace, Thetania

Wanna find out more about em, Click here!

This is a video of the making of the video.

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Monday 28 March 2011

Royal Republic - Full Steam Spacemachine

On the 2nd April the radio station here in Stockholm have their annual
Bandit Rock Award Show, many good band will be there, sutch as:
Danko Jones, Sick Puppies,Royal Republic, Bullet, Plan Three and Pain.

Ill pick one of them today.

Royal Republic from Malmö, Sweden are loud and funky.
Its a Swedish rock band formed in Malmö, Sweden in late 2007. The band consists of guitarist/lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson.

Royal Republic are redefining Sweden’s rock boundaries with their massive songs, matched in size only by their mouths and their sense of humor, as the album title “We Are The Royal” implies. Grahn laughs, explaining, “This song came along at some point in the middle of the songwriting sessions.
Our drummer Per and I were pretty much holed up in my fucked up little studio apartment for a good month beating our brains out trying to come up with great songs. We were practically delirious, so we decided to write a straight-up fun song for a change. Somehow we came up with the slogan ‘We are the royal’ and we thought it was really cool; so cool in fact that we decided to make it the album title…”

One listen to the black humor of songs like “Tommy Gun” or “Underwear” and it’s obvious that Royal Republic don’t take themselves all too seriously.
“Of course we don’t take ourselves too seriously. With songs like ‘Underwear’ or ‘Good To Be Bad’, we really hope that people get our sense of irony and don’t think of us as hard-ass prima donnas! We’re not rock stars (yet), but we love to use these typical rock star clichés in a tongue-in-cheek way. And we love making music.”


Peace, Thetania

Wanna know more? Pls click here.

A interview with the singer

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Sunday 27 March 2011

Chimaira - Resurrection

I ran onto a band today that I liked.
The energy and the riffs..Mmm My kinda shit.

I havent got a clue who they are so im gonna find that out now :)

Okey, Chimaira is an American heavy metal band, formed in 1998.
Band members are,
Rob Arnold on lead guitar
Matt DeVries on rhythm guitar
Andols Herrick on drums
Mark Hunter on vocals
Chris Spicuzza on keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals

They have done 5 studio albums and they finished recording their 6th album in March 2011, expected to be released in August 2011. Also in March, Chimaira released a cover of The Troggs' "Wild Thing" as a single on YouTube and iTunes,in response to the "Charlie Sheen phenomenon. (Take a peak on the second video)

Chimairas tour dates in the US is as following:
Date City Venue
May 25 Flint, MI Razzmatazz
May 27 Louisville, OH Carriage House Nite Club
May 27 Louisville, OH Carriage House Nite Club
May 28 Cleveland Peabody's
May 28 Cleveland Peabody's
May 30 Cleveland The Livewire

The video I choosed is from their 2007 album with the same name "Resurrection".

Cheers folks, Thetania

"Wild thing"

Wanna know more? Homesite click here!
Myspace click here!

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Saturday 26 March 2011

Hong Faux - Present Tense-Less

Hong Faux from Stockholm opened up the Graveyard the other day hehe, I mean they were the support act. A band that I actually looked forward to see live. Quarter to nine they walked on stage to a cool intro before it was time to kick off with the song "Blade" from their latest EP. The band played a six song set, three tracks that were new to me which was really fun to hear, and yes they were actually really good. A small note: Most of the crowd were there to see Graveyard and had probably never heard Hong Faux before. I could hear in both emotion and twittering that they actually liked the opening act. We did that in any case me, my colleague and Thetania (she was working, though).

It was a nice groove in the songs, well played and performed by the band, the vocals was great live and the sound was actually quite okay, If I should find something to complain about, then it was the light that was very weak.

They will do a show at 6/4 - Lilla hotellbaren, Stockholm, if i’m free that evening, then i will go.

Here is some pictures from the show, enjoy!

Todays tune is Present Tense-Less from the new EP, enjoy!

More info @ Official Hong Faux Website

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Friday 25 March 2011

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

The fact that a band can play so much as they did in the 70’s as Graveyard makes me very fascinated. Its like they never grew up and still lives today as they did back then.

This was the third time I had the opportunity to see them live, first time was when they were opening for Black Mountain at the Kägelbanan and the second time was when they opened up for Clutch at Klubben. Now again on Kägelbanan as the main act and the new smoking hot album number two in the luggage that was released the day before. Opening act this evening was Hong Faux this i will talk about tomorrow. Anyway, the evening got sold out, people even got rejected in the door, witch shows that the Graveyard Hype is for real. I notice that many journalists, rockstars, filmstars etc had found their path to come and see some old school rock. In the crowd were Titiyo, Witchcraft, Backdraft and i heard rumors that the brothers Herrey and both Rapace was there.

Graveyard just took over Kägelbanan totally, with their dirty 70´s rock. Oh boy, it rocked!!!! The music was like a groovy jam session that could continue forever.

Here is some pictures I manage to take yesterday, view the setlist, the 70’s way to do it (written on a napkin)!

More info @ Graveyard MySpace

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