Monday 31 January 2011

Roger Waters - The Wall

Roger Waters are comming to Stockholm in May!!!
This is a very big moment for all Roger Waters fans as well as Pink Floyds fans.

For those who dont know who he is:
George Roger Waters is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He was a founding member of the rock band Pink Floyd, serving as bassist and co-lead vocalist. Following the departure of bandmate Syd Barrett in 1968, Waters became the band's lyricist, principal songwriter and conceptual leader.

Roger Waters and The Wall will land in 25 European cities to celebrate that it's been 30 years since the album The Wall was released, and with Waters himself hinted that this will be his last tour, this will be nothing more than decade's hottest.

Starting in March 2011, Roger Waters and The Wall, visit the following cities: Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Arnhem, Budapest, Prague, Lodz, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Manchester, Dublin , Antwerp, Paris, Mannheim, Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Previously, the show's production was too large to be taken on tour around the world, but with new stadiums and new technology the dilemma is solved , and now, after months of thorough planning, Waters has updated both the feeling and the visuals of the show to ensure that it is consistent with the dazzling extravagant impression that The Wall live once became so legendary for. This allowed yet another generation to be inspired by the equally grandiose as breathtaking audiovisual experience.

The show begins with the wall torn down and during the show the first part being built up again, block for block. During the show's last part is the wall completely finished. Roger Waters has developed a dynamic new video graphic and illustrative images projected on the wall that keeps the gigantic dimensions of 743 square meters. The show contains grandiose special effects such as Gerald Scarves original illustrations, a crashing airplane, kvadrofoniskt sound, pyrotechnics, the spot pods, giant inflatable figures, projections, video projections and a number of other profound effects.

Roger Waters band on tour made up of Dave Kilminster (guitar), Snowy White (guitar), GE Smith (guitar) Jon Carin (keyboards), Harry Waters (keyboards), Graham Broad (drums), Robbie Wyckoff, Jon Joyce (Vocals) , Michael Lennon (vocals), Mark Lennon (vocals) and Kipp Lennon (vocals).

Ladys and Gents, here are some videos of Roger Waters.


Love, Thetania

Roger telling about the show.

Promovideo for the tour.

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Sunday 30 January 2011

Eric Clapton - Change The world

This wonderful artist are comming to Sweden in June.
To my hometown Stockholm on the 8th of June.

How many artists can be proud of having done nineteen full-length albums, all equally acclaimed by critics and audiences? Not many, but Eric Clapton is one of them. Recently landed legend's new album, "Clapton", in stores. The album is produced by Clapton himself along with a longtime partner - guitarist Doyle Bramhall II. The album features a stellar lot of fellow musicians, including legendary JJ Cale, drummer Jim Keltner, bassist Willie Weeks and keyboardist Walt Richmond, and Steve Winwood, Wynton Marsalis, Sheryl Crow, Allen Toussaint and Derek Trucks.
That is something huh?!

His tour dates are:

Date Venue
Feb 11, Ferrari World (Outdoors) Abu Dhabi
Feb 14, Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore
Feb 16, Impact Arena Bangkok
Feb 18, Hong Kong Asia World Arena
Feb 20, Olympic Gym Seoul
Feb 25, Rogers Arena Vancouver, BC
Feb 26, Key Arena Seattle, WA
Feb 28, Rose Garden Arena Portland, OR
Mar 02, HP Pavilion San Jose, CA
Mar 03, ARCO Arena Sacramento, CA
Mar 05, MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV
Mar 06, Valley View Casino Center San Diego, CA
Mar 08, Gibson Amphitheatre Universal City, CA
May 09, Dublin
May 10, Belfast
May 12, SECC Glasgow
May 14, Cardiff International Arena Cardiff
May 17, Royal Albert Hall London
May 18, Royal Albert Hall London
May 20, Royal Albert Hall London
May 21, Royal Albert Hall London
May 23, Royal Albert Hall London
May 24, Royal Albert Hall London
May 26, Royal Albert Hall London With Steve Winwood
May 27, Royal Albert Hall London With Steve Winwood
May 29, Royal Albert Hall London With Steve Winwood
May 30, Royal Albert Hall London With Steve Winwood
Jun 01, Royal Albert Hall London With Steve Winwood
jun 08, Ericsson Globe Stockholm

Enjoy My friends, Love Thetania

Same tune but here with Babyface.

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Saturday 29 January 2011

Mass Murder Agenda - Never Again

A friend of mine, Tristan have a band and I heard some of their tunes
on myspace. I liked it a lot and now they did a video!!

So I thought Ill share it with u.

This is how they describe themselfs.

"Mass Murder Agenda was born in the late summer of 2009 by Bass player
Joakim Hedestedt (Face Down, Nation Beyond, ex-Construcdead).
The Idea was to mix thrash with industrial metal with no intention at all of
being original, just aggressive enough to play live. After written four bone crushing songs came the hard task to find the right band.

For the vocal parts Joakim chose his long time friend Tristan Agdler (ex-NIL) for his perfect mix of hard and melodic voice.

For programming and technical issues the hard burden fell on Henrik Blomqvist
(ex-Face Down), a choice that shown to be over all expectations.

When it came to drums there were only one name, Christoffer Barkensjö (Construcdead, Face Down and Kaamos) beside the fact of friendship Chris is by far one of the best metal drummers out there.

After trying a few guitarists an old friend gave tips of her boy friend Martin Sundberg (ex-Sexy Death), he was looking for a way into the more aggressive metal scene. Needless to say this was the best choice ever, besides being a very good friend, Martin brings the right heaviness and also the skills to program the right industrial sound.

Up to today we have spent the last months rehearsing and writing,
I hope you like what you described as "Industrial Hardcore".
Video is made by Gunnar Moe Petersen"

Folks, Here is Mass Murder Agenda with Never Again.

Cheers, Thetania

Wanna know more about em, on Myspace
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Friday 28 January 2011

Aldo Nova - Fantasy

Well then it was Friday again, today I will share with you a real classic, we do a flashback to the year 1982. This was the year that Aldo Nova debuted with the album, Aldo Nova and had a big hit with the single "Fantasy. He was also known for the song "Monkey On Your Back" from the album "Subject ... Aldo Nova". But after the fiasco of the third album "Twitch" (which became an unexpected success in Sweden), Aldo Nova put his music industry on the shelf. Six years later he returned with the album "Blood on the Bricks" in which he wrote most of the songs with Jon Bon Jovi. The record was no further success and Aldo Nova stopped completely as a solo performer. In recent years have Aldo Nova worked as a songwriter and with some success, he have done some hit songs for Celine Dion and Clay Aiken.

In 2010, planned a comeback album, entitled "Too Much Sex". His first concert would have been at the Sweden Rock Festival, but the concert was canceled due that he is recovering from a very serious surgery and was not allowed to perform as it could danger the healing process. But since Aldo Nova himself had been looking forward to the gig he promised to return to the festival in 2011 instead, we'll see what happens with it, nothing is confirmed yet, it would be fun for both him and the fans to see him perform again.

Todays tune "Fantasy" is the first single from Aldo Nova and is regarded as his most popular work to date. Released on his eponymous debut album in 1981. Check out the video, love the outfit he has, somewhat reminiscent of a Finnish car seat. Enjoy!

A cover version of the song, performed by Steel Panther, is the current theme song for the MTV show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. The cover by Steel Panther is now currently available as a download on iTunes.

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Thursday 27 January 2011

Meshuggah - Combustion

Its to little Meshuggah on Tune Of The Day :D

So I thought we could headbang ruthlesly here!

They have a few gigs comming up in 2011,

Tel-Aviv, Israel Mar 24, Barby Club
Athens, Greece Mar 31, Gagarin 205
St. Petersburg, Russia Apr 02 Glav Club
Moscow, Russia Apr 03 Tochka Club

In case u dont know who they are, Meshuggah was formed in 1987 in Umeå, Sweden.
A guy once said: "When Meshuggah enter the stage it feels like to have an impromptu math test, to have an hung over while witnessing a total mass slaughter of all scales and rhythmic devices."

Bassist Ida "Evileye" Stenbacka from girl band Crucified Barbara has gotten married with the drummer Tomas Haake in Las Vegas.

Meshuggah released 6 albums and in under this year they will release their 7th.

Current members are:
Jens Kidman on vocals, rhythm guitar
Fredrik Thordendal on guitars, backing vocals
Tomas Haake on drums, spoken word, vocals
Mårten Hagström on guitars, backing vocals
Dick Lövgren on bass guitar

Dudettes and Dudes Here is Meshuggah!

Cheers, Thetania

Here is a clip from Meshuggah about the new album

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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends

Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) are a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. The band were originally signed to Thirty Days of Night Records and were the first band to be signed to that label. They released their debut album Count Your Blessings in October 2006. BMTH recorded their second studio album Suicide Season in Sweden with Fredrik Nordström. The album was released in September 2008. The band embarked on their first headline tour of the US, as well as appearing in the 2008 Warped Tour. BMTH also did serval tours in 2009 with bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, In Case of Fire, Black Tide, Cancer Bats, Four Year Strong and Pierce the Veil.

In November 2009 BMTH released a remixed version of Suicide Season, titled Suicide Season: Cut Up!. In March 2009, guitarist Curtis Ward left the band; he was replaced by Australian guitarist Jona Weinhofen.

The band's third album There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret, released on October 4, 2010. The album's title is an exact lyric from the first track "Crucify Me".

BMTH is out doing their spring tour atm, today they playing at KB in Malmö, Sweden and tomorrow they will come to Arenan here in Stockholm and finish off the Swedish visit in Gothenburg for a gig at Trädgårn on monday the 31:st. They will be touring with the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, Architects, and Tek-One.

Todays tune "It Never Ends" was released as the latest album's first single on August 20, 2010. The video was directed by Jakob Printzlau, who also created the artwork for the single and album. Enjoy!

"Despite reaching number 1 in Australia, the album's sales of 3,600 they gained to get there, is the lowest in the history of the ARIA charts"


JAN 26 KB Malmo, Sweden, SWEDEN
JAN 27 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, SWEDEN
JAN 29 Culture House, Helsinki, FINLAND
JAN 29 House of Culture, Helsinki, FINLAND
JAN 31 Trädgårn, Gothenburg, Sweden, SWEDEN
FEB 1 Vega (Main Hall), Copenhagen, Denmark, DENMARK
FEB 1 Store Vega, København V, DENMARK
FEB 2 Columbia Club, Berlin, GERMANY
FEB 3 Club X, Herford, GERMANY
FEB 3 Club X, Herford, GERMANY
FEB 4 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, GERMANY
FEB 4 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, GERMANY
FEB 5 Suedbahnhof, Chemnitz, GERMANY
FEB 6 Backstage (Halle),München, GERMANY
FEB 6 Backstage Werk, Munich, Germany, GERMANY
FEB 22 Club Quattro, Tokyo, JP
FEB 23 Club Quattro, Osaka, JP , JP
FEB 26 RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
FEB 27 Eastern Creek, AUSTRALIA

Here is a poster for some dates later on this tour:

More info @ Official Bring Me The Horizon MySpace

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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Megadeth - Breadline

Megadeth is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1983. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson following Mustaine's departure from Metallica, the band has since released 12 studio albums, three live albums, two EPs, 26 singles, 32 music videos, four compilations and one box set. As a pioneer of the American thrash metal movement, Megadeth rose to international fame in the 1980s and was ranked as one of the "Big Four of Thrash," along with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, who were responsible for creating, developing and popularizing the thrash metal sub-genre.

Todays tune "Breadline" is a single off their album Risk. The remix single was released only in Japan. Its lyrics describe a poor man with no money or possessions to call his own (although the line "sniffing up the white lines" suggests he has access to cocaine).

The album "Risk" is the eighth studio album, released in 1999. Risk is the last original Megadeth release to feature long time Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman, who announced his departure from the group in March 2000. This album is the first Megadeth recording with drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. The title stems from a comment by Lars Ulrich from Metallica, who suggested to Dave Mustaine that he take more "risks" with his music. This decision resulted in mixed reviews for both the band and the album; a good portion did not favor the new sound and image, while other praised the band for attempting something different and experimenting rather than sticking to their roots. Risk went gold in 1999 as stated on Megadeth's web site.

Megadeth - Breadline (Orginal Video)

Megadeth - Breadline (Jack Joseph Puig Mix)

More Info @ Official Megadeth Website

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Monday 24 January 2011

The Haunted - No Ghost

The Haunted visited the Radio P3 Gold Gala and did a great tune.
So I thought I would share it with u. :D
We had em before on TOTD.
The Haunteds new album is comming in March 2011. Cant w8 :D
Here are some pics from the studio.

In 30 of Dec 2010 Peter says:
So the work's done. We hope to pour music and inspiration into your heads.
The record is called “Unseen” and will be hitting stores in March 2011.
We spent a month and a half with Tue Madsen, who brought out the best in
everyone and did an incredible job mixing. Pretty much that's it right now folks.
Merry mutherfuckin xmas and we all have an incredible year ahead of us! Peace!

They have a tour going on this spring/summer this is the upcoming gigs:

2011-03-19 - Trondheim, Norway

2011-03-22 - Tampere, Finland

2011-03-23 - Helsinki, Finland

2011-03-24 - Turku, Finland

2011-03-25 - Seinäjoki, Finland

2011-04-06 - Odense, Denmark

2011-04-07 - Copenhagen, Denmark

2011-04-08 - Lund, Sweden

2011-04-09 - Esbjerg, Denmark

2011-04-14 - Stockholm, Sweden

2011-04-15 - Göteborg, Sweden

2011-05-06 - Haugesund, Norway

2011-05-14 - Durbuy Rock Festival, Belgium

2011-06-09 - Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden

2011-06-18 - Hellfest 2011, France

2011-06-30 - Peace And Love, Sweden

2011-07-01 - Peace And Love, Sweden

2011-07-02 - Peace And Love, Sweden

2011-08-06 - Wacken, Germany

2011-08-18 - Summer Breeze 2011, Germany

(The pics is from their homepage)

Let us enjoy this tune.
Ladys and Gents, The Haunted No Ghost!

Rock on, Thetania

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