Saturday 31 December 2016

Khemmis – Hunted - Top 2016

"Hunted" with KHEMMIS takes the 1st place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

KHEMMIS, the four piece doomed rock 'n' roll quartet from Denver, Colorado that plays Slow, Loud and Heavy.

This 5-track album is a real killer. Heavy riffs, marvellous vocals and a musicianship that amaze me as a listener. The conclusion is that "Haunted" is excellence from start to finish, the best album 2016. This is the album of the year!

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Friday 30 December 2016

Bölzer - The Archer

"Hero" with the Swiss extreme metal band BÖLZER grabs the 2:nd place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

The band is from Zurich, formed in 2008. The band have said that the meaning behind the name is "a powerful force or blow or strike that has no regard for the consequences or the repercussions".

"Hero" is a modern hybrid of metal subgenres with amazing atmospheric direction.

Today's tune "The Archer" is taken from "Hero", enjoy!

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Thursday 29 December 2016

Alcest – Eclosion

"Kodama" with the French blackgaze band ALCEST reaches the 3rd place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

"Kodama" is a return to form for ALCEST. After indulging their poppier tendencies on 2014’s Shelter. "Kodama" (Japanese for "tree spirit" or "echo") is the fifth studio album by French rock band ALCEST. It was released on September 30, 2016 via Prophecy Productions. It is a concept album about "the confrontation of the natural world and the human world", inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke. Musically the album is a return to the band's earlier blackgaze style, due to Neige's feeling that he "needed to go for something more punchy, darker, and more personal too." "Kodama" is also the first ALCEST album to feature Indria Saray performing on bass, though he has played with the band live for many years.

Today's tune "Eclosion" taken from "Kodama", the clip is filmed live in CCO Villeurbanne 07/11/2016, enjoy!

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Wednesday 28 December 2016

Cobalt – Hunt The Buffalo

"Slow Forever" with COBALT reaches the 4th place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

"Slow Forever" is the fourth studio album by American black metal duo COBALT, released by Profound Lore Records in 2016. It is a double album and the band's first with vocalist Charlie Fell, who replaced founding member Phil McSorley.

"Slow Forever" is a magic mix of purifying blast of righteous, mixing doom metal with black metal and hardcore.

Today's tune "Hunt The Buffalo" is taken from "Slow Forever", enjoy!

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Tuesday 27 December 2016

Gojira - Silvera

"Magma" is the sixth studio album from French metal band GOJIRA, reaches the 5th place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

The album was released on 17 June 2016 through Roadrunner Records. The album was recorded at the band's studio in New York City, and was produced by Joe Duplantier, mixed by Johann Meyer, and mastered by Ted Jensen. The album sold almost 17,000 copies in its first week of release in the United States, charting at number 24 on the Billboard 200, making Magma the band's highest sales and chart debut to date. The album has been noted as a stylistic departure from the band's previous albums, featuring a more accessible atmospheric sound and more prominent use of clean vocals. The album is nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards and that is something we hope they will achieve.

Today's tune "Silvera" is taken from the album "Magma", enjoy!

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Monday 26 December 2016

Anciients - Following The Voice

"Somewhere between sheer, apocalyptic heaviness and precise riffing, lays otherworldly ANCIIENTS—a Vancouver-based rock juggernaut forging crushing heavy metal evocative of veterans HIGH ON FIRE and contemporary sonic craftsmen, OPETH. ANCIIENTS have combined fuck-off-huge chords with mind-altering riffage that takes you on an unfamiliar trip.

"Voice Of The Void" reaches position 6 on Tune Of The Day's Top 100 list of the best albums 2016.

Intoxicating mix of darker sludge and heavier progressive black metal gloom that will blow you away.

Today's tune "Following The Voice", taken from "Voice of the Void"

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Sunday 25 December 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sick Love

"The Getaway" with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS reaches the 7th place on the Tune of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016.

"The Getaway" is the eleventh studio album by American rock band RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, released through Warner Bros. on June 17, 2016. This is the band's first studio album since 2011's I'm with You. It was produced by Danger Mouse, who replaced Rick Rubin after twenty-five years and six albums as the band's producer, making it the first non-Rubin produced album since 1989's Mother's Milk, while its release makes the current lineup of the band only the second in the group's history to record more than one album together.

Today's tune "" is taken from "The Getaway"

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Saturday 24 December 2016

Anders F Rönnblom - Det Är Inte Snön Som Faller

Time for a little break from work, spend time with family and relatives, eat Christmas food, give presents and love. We at Tune Of The Day wishes you all a Happy Christmas!

So for today we only have a Christmas tune, nothing more, nothing less.

Today's tune "Det Är Inte Snön Som Faller" ("It's not the snow that falls") is made by Anders F. Rönnblom.

He was born May 9, 1946 in Stockholm and is a Swedish musician and designer. Rönnblom is probably best known for the punk anti Christmas tune "It's not the snow that falls" Christmas single, 1980; not least the controversial cartoon music video for the song, which for years was shown on Christmas Eve in SVT. Animator of the video named Lennart Gustafsson (otherwise best known for children's films that Ratty).

During his long career he has issued more than 20 full length CDs. His lyrics, which moves between the ironic and the vulnerable, have by fans and critics often lauded, but he has also been criticized because they would be "difficult" and overly introverted.

Enjoy today's tune and have a wonderful evening.

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Friday 23 December 2016

Testament - The Pale King

"Brotherhood of the Snake" with TESTAMENT reaches position 8th on the Tune Of The Day's Top 100 of the Best Albums 2016.

"Brotherhood of the Snake" is the eleventh studio album by American thrash metal band TESTAMENT, released on October 28, 2016. It is the band's first studio recording with bassist Steve DiGiorgio since First Strike Still Deadly (2001). "Brotherhood of the Snake" also marks Testament's fifth collaboration with Andy Sneap, who had mixed and engineered all of their albums since The Gathering (1999) and produced Dark Roots of Earth (2012). The album debuted at number twenty on the Billboard 200 chart, making it TESTAMENTs second highest charting album in the US after Dark Roots of Earth, which peaked at number 12 four years earlier. The album is a real beast and really kicks ass.

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Thursday 22 December 2016

Vektor - Charging The Void

"Terminal Redux" with VEKTOR reaches position 9 on the Tune Of The Day's Top 100 album list of Best Albums of 2016.

"Terminal Redux" is the third album by the American technical thrash metal band VEKTOR, released on May 6, 2016. It is the band's first album released on Earache Records. The album's lyrics are a sci-fi story about an astronaut finding the key to immortality and using it to gain vast political and financial power, eventually purposefully making himself mortal again following an existential crisis.

Today's tune "Charging The Void" is taken from "Terminal Redux", enjoy!

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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Cult Of Luna - A Greater Call

10th place goes to the Swedish band CULT OF LUNA and the album "Mariner"

"Mariner" is a collaborative studio album between the CULT OF LUNA and the American vocalist Julie Christmas, formerly of the bands MADE OUT OF BABIES and BATTLE OF MICE. Serving as CULT OF LUNAs seventh studio album and the first time Christmas has appeared on the entirety of a full-length album since her 2010 solo debut The Bad Wife, "Mariner" was released on April 8, 2016 through Indie Recordings. Contrasting the industrial city themes of CULT OF LUNAs last studio efforts, "Vertikal" and "Vertikal II" from 2013, "Mariner" focuses its concept on space exploration and is really a beautiful piece of music.

Today's tune "A Greater Call", taken from "Mariner", the video clip is filmed live in Athens @Vox, 06.11.2016, enjoy!

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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Death Angel - Lost

"The Evil Divide" is the eighth studio album by the American thrash metal band DEATH ANGEL, released on May 27, 2016.  The album reaches the 17th place on Top 100 Best album list 2016.

This album marks the first time since Act III (1990) that DEATH ANGEL did not make any personnel changes in three consecutive studio albums, and their third collaboration with longtime producer Jason Suecof.

"The Evil Divide" is a real razor-sharp thrash album that suites almost any accation.

Today's tune "Lost" is taken from "The Evil Divide", enjoy!

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Tune Of The Day - Top 100 - 2016 (20-11)

Last batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2016 have given us. Here is the albums between 20 - 11. 
Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. 
So here we go! 

20. Dark Funeral - Where Shadow Forever Regin

Arguably Sweden's most infamous Black Metal band continue to follow their vision and they do it magnifico.

19. Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct 

Is back with an album that Impress me alot, well done.

18. Witchcraft - Nucleus

 “Meditation is a very slow and painful process.  
It is indeed the practice of death yet a celebration of life.” 
– Ronald P. Vincent, 1947

17. Death Angel - The Evil Divide 

 Razor-sharp thrash.

16. Domkraft - The End Of Electricity

A Swedish well crafted emotional tumbler.

15. Kvelertak - Nattesferd

“Farvel til alt som du har kjaert!”

14. Salems Pot - Pronounce This! 

Swedish heavy psych rockers is set to melt your mind.

13. Blues Pills - Lady In Gold

The mystic of 60's and early 70's that spellbinds.

12. Graves at Sea - The Curse That Is 

70 minutes tour into the sonic misery.

11. Palace Of The King - Valles Marineris

Amazing Zep riffed funk blues that you just have to listen to.

Today's tune will be posted anytime this evening, don't miss it.

Monday 19 December 2016

Hexvessel - Cosmic Truth

HEXVESSEL is a Finish Psychedelic Forest Rock band that with their latest album "When We Are Death" reaches the 21th place on Tune Of The Days TOP best albums 2016.

HEXVESSEL consists of the charismatic vocalist/guitarist Mat McNerney, who’s been a central presence all along but comes even more forward on "When We are Death", which in addition to being HEXVESSEL‘s third LP is also their debut for Century Media.

With guitarist Simo Kuosmanen, bassist Niini Rossi, drummer Jukka Rämänen, percussionist/backing vocalist Marja Konttinen and keyboardist/violinist/trumpeter Kimmo Helén alongside McNerney

"A witch in a submarine." "A big magic mushroom waiting for you to take a bite."

Today's tune is the beautiful piece "Cosmic Truth", enjoy it and dream away.

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Tune Of The Day - Top 100 - 2016 (30-21)

Here is the next batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2016 have given us and these are the albums between 30 - 21. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

30. Beastwars - The Death Of All The Things

Obey The Riff!

29. Bombus - Repeat Until Death

Raw, Hard and Perfect.

28. Pretty Maids - Kingmaker 

Superb Release from the Danish Rockers.

27. Geezer - Geezer

Impressive Bluesy Boogie Stoner Rock. 

26. Wasted Theory - Defenders Of The Riff 

Big, fat and catchy.

25. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree 

A dark and beautiful Nick Cave

24. Opeth - Sorceress 

 A sparkling vigorous progressive record.

23. Ihsahn - Arktis. 

A varied and very colorful album.

22. Rival Sons - Hollow Bones

A new solid release from Southern California Rock act.

21. Hexvessel - When We Are Death

 Finnish Psychedelic Forest Folk Rock

Today's tune will come soonish!

Sunday 18 December 2016

Hypnos - I'm On The Run

HYPNOS from Sweden, play heavy action boogie rock.

HYPNOS was formed in late autumn 2013 and it only took a handful of shows of intense energy backed by a solid repertoire to get Crusher Records immediate attention. Shortly a deal was struck! HYPNOS wasted no time and in February 2014 the band entered Kungsten Studios to start recording their debut album.

Now with the 2nd album "Cold Winds" they are reaching the 35th place at Tune Of The Days Top 100.

Today's tune "I'm On The Run" taken from "Cold Winds", enjoy!

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Tune Of The Day - Top 100 - 2016 (40-31)

Time for the next batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2016 have given us. Here is the albums between 40 - 31. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

40. Be'lakor - Vessels 

 Melodic death metal with a magical balance.

39. 40 Watt Sun - Wider Than The Sky 

A beautiful piece with many different spaces.

38. High Spirits - Motivator 

 Terrific 80s heavy metal.

37. Imperial State Electric - All Through The Night 

The creative mastermind Nicke Andersson have done it again, rock 'n roll is not dead.

36. Conan - Revengeance

There are few bands that have the power and craftsmanship to redefine your beliefs about what it is to be heavy.

35. Hypnos - Cold Winds

Swedish Heavy Action Boogie Rock

34. Graham Bonnet Band - The Book 

Classic Rock with History.

33. Holy Serpent - Temples 

Excellent crafted doom sludge and well-structured parts of psychedelia.

32. Somali Yacht Club - The Sun

Best Stoner Rock trio from Ukraine

31. Lugnet - Lugnet

Fabulous Swedish 70's Rock.

Today's tune will be posted later on this evening.