Sunday 28 February 2021

U Roy - Runaway Girl

Sunday, time for a classic and for today we are remembering U-Roy.

Ewart Beckford, known by the stage name U-Roy, was a Jamaican vocalist and pioneer of toasting. U-Roy was known for a melodic style of toasting applied with a highly developed sense of timing.

Ewart Beckford was born in Jones Town, Saint Andrews Parish, Kingston, Jamaica, on 21 September 1942. He was raised within a religious and musical family; his mother was an organist for the choir at a local Seventh-day Adventist church. The sobriquet U-Roy originated from a younger member of his family who found it difficult to pronounce his first name. Beckford attended Denham Town High School in Kingston. As a young man Beckford listened to the music of Louis Prima, James Brown, Ruth Brown, Fats Domino, Rufus Thomas, Smiley Lewis and was especially influenced by the vocal phrasing of Louis Jordan.

Inspired by Count Matchuki he started his professional career as a DJ in 1961 on Dickie Wong's sound system (originally called Doctor Dickies later changed to Dickies Dynamic) moving later to the Sir George the Atomic sound system. Beckford then worked on Sir Coxsone Dodd's sound system where he ran the number two set while King Stitt "The Ugly One" ran the main set. This was followed by a period with Sir Percy before he moved to King Tubby's Hometown Hi-Fi sound system. Beckford's first single "Dynamic Fashion Way" (1969) was a Keith Hudson production. It was followed by the Lee "Scratch" Perry production "Earth's Rightful Ruler" with Peter Tosh. The following years he have been working with serval musicans, like the Jamaican singer John Holt (lead vocalist of THE PARAGONS) where he released on Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label, "Wake the Town" (1970) and "Wear You to the Ball" (1970), Beckford then went on to work with other major producers on the island including Lee "Scratch" Perry, Bunny Lee, Phil Pratt, Sonia Pottinger, Rupie Edwards, Alvin Ranglin and Lloyd Daley. 1971 saw the release of Beckford's DJ version of The Paragons' "The Tide Is High". Beckford first toured the UK in 1972 with the artists Roy Shirley and Max Romeo.

Beckford's album "Dread In A Babylon" was released in the US, Europe and Jamaica by Virgin Records in 1975. The album achieved significant sales in the UK which was due in part to the ongoing expansion of the Virgin label and stores. The track and today's tune "Runaway Girl" from the album was released as a single in Europe that same year. The success of "Dread In A Babylon" led to a series of Tony Robinson produced albums: "Natty Rebel" (1976), "Rasta Ambassador" (1977) and "Jah Son Of Africa" (1978). Beckford's international popularity led to the album Natty Rebel being released in 1976 on Virgin's imprint Front Line label in Nigeria as well as in France on Virgin and Polydor.

Beckford started his own sound system in 1978, which he named Stur Gav after his sons. The sound system would launch the careers of a younger generation of toasters and singers including Ranking Joe, Jah Screw, Charlie Chaplin and Josey Wales. The pop group Blondie had a world-wide hit with the reggae track "The Tide Is High" in 1980, which prompted Virgin to re-release the original PARAGONS' track from 1967 and the 1971 U-Roy version as a single that same year. His album Pray Fi Di People was released in 2012.

Beckford was featured on the album True Love by Toots and the Maytals, which won the Grammy Award in 2004 for Best Reggae Album, and showcased many notable musicians including Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Trey Anastasio, Gwen Stefani / No Doubt, Ben Harper, Bonnie Raitt, Manu Chao, The Roots, Ryan Adams, Keith Richards, Toots Hibbert, Paul Douglas, Jackie Jackson, Ken Boothe, and The Skatalites.

Beckford was awarded the Order of Distinction in 2007 by the Jamaican government for his contribution to music.

Beckford's death was confirmed on 17 February 2021 when his partner, Marcia Smikle, told the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner. Trojan Records was also informed about his death. As of 20 February, no cause of death has been made public, although he suffered from diabetes, hypertension, and problems with his kidneys prior to his death, and had been undergoing surgery at the hospital.

Today's tune "Runaway Girl", taken from the album "Dread In A Babylon", and R.I.P U-Roy!

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Saturday 27 February 2021

Vektor - Activate

US progressive thrash titans VEKTOR are teaming up with Dutch rising stars CRYPTOSIS (Century Media Records) for a limited Split EP entitled "Transmissions Of Chaos", to be released on February 25th, 2021 through District 19.

In support of this release, the band is revealing the first new track since 2016's highly acclaimed "Terminal Redux" album.

VEKTOR's David DiSanto comments: “We are proud to release "Activate", which is the first of our two songs on our upcoming Split EP with our buddies in CRYPTOSIS! This song features our new drummer Mike Ohlson, our new bass player Stephen Coon, and my old friend Erik Nelson. This song is about the reactivation of VEKTOR. We hope it spreads a little positivity in these trying times. After touring with CRYPTOSIS (then named DISTILLATOR) in 2015, we are extremely excited to be working with them again. Keep an eye out as updates become available for our upcoming Split EP, "Transmissions Of Chaos".

Pre-order limited vinyls & MC:​ (EU)

David DiSanto - vocals & guitar
Erik Nelson - lead guitar
Stephen Coon - bass guitar
Mike Ohlson - drums

Enjoy today's tune with VEKTOR, taken from the new split EP.

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Friday 26 February 2021

Greenleaf - Tides

Heavily grooving rock at its best! GREENLEAF from Sweden was formed in 1999 and is true to the roots of stoner rock but spices their songs with progressive as well as bluesy elements. Prepare for unforgettable riff-o-ramas and a mesmerizing bag of tricks!

Like clockwork, Swedish stoner rockers GREENLEAF spread their concentrated sludgy energy to disciples of the genre by releasing "Echoes From A Mass" in 2021, the successor to their 2018 epic, "Hear The Rivers".

Arvid Hällagård – vocals
Tommi Holappa – guitar
Hans Fröhlich – bass
Sebastian Olsson- drums

The album opener and the first single, “Tides”, immediately draws the listener into a swirl of guitar-driven soundscapes, while Arvid Hällagård’s remarkable voice merges with hypnotizing background vocals, ceremonially inviting the listener into a heavy reverie. The second single, “Love Undone” breaks in with Tommi Holappa’s acclaimed, blistering guitar riffs that will keep the listener moving to the mesmerizing, distinctive sonic layers of GREENLEAF.

With these two singles, the upcoming album sounds really promising. Pre-order "Echoes From A Mass" now:

"Echoes From A Mass" was recorded at Studio Gröndahl in October 2020 by former band member Karl Daniel Lidén, who also mixed and mastered the record at Tri-Lamb Studios. Lidén is recognized for his work with well-known acts such as KATATONIA, BLOODBATH, LOWRIDER, and CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, to name a few.

Enjoy today's tune "Tides", taken from the upcoming album "Echoes From A Mass", set to be released March 26th, 2021.

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Thursday 25 February 2021

Mantar - 100%

Thursday, time for a cover.

"100%" is the first single from SONIC YOUTH's 1992 album "Dirty". It was released in 1992 on DGC. The song was dedicated to the band's friend Joe Cole, who was killed by a gunman in 1991. The lyrics were written by Thurston Moore.

Today's version is made by Germany's destructive duo MANTAR, SONIC YOUTH’s 100% with its skateboarding video and slacker cool vibes was about as commercial as that band got, the tune was release on thier "Grungetown Hooligans II" where the duo have decided to showcase their musical roots and record a DIY covers album of their biggest influences from the 90’s.

Their version of Sonic Youth’s “100%” transforms the original’s disaffected drawl into a significantly heavier, shamelessly headbangable, monster, enjoy today's cover.

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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went

That Tom Morello is a busy man, yesterday we got new genre-crossing single, “Can’t Stop The Bleeding”, featuring blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr. and electronic music producer Gramatik.

For today we have the latest single "And So It Went" by the New York City rock band from, THE PRETTY RECKLESS featuring guitarist Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE).

"The world has been in such a state of civil unrest," singer Taylor Momsen says about the track. "'And So It Went' basically comes from that vision. As a songwriter, I feel like I'm not here to preach. I use music to observe and communicate what I see around me. This song felt like the perfect storm for Tom Morello to join in and rip the sound waves apart with his guitar. It was more than a pleasure having him add his unique and defining sound to the song."

Morello states about working with THE PRETTY RECKLESS: "I got to perform with Taylor Momsen at the Chris Cornell memorial show. We rocked 'Loud Love' and she nailed it — no easy task. Thank goodness she and her band continue to fly the flag for rock 'n' roll in a mighty way."

"Death By Rock And Roll" is THE PRETTY RECKLESS's first LP to be made without longtime producer Kato Khandwala, who died in April 2018 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Speaking about Khandwala death, Taylor Momsen stated:

"That was the nail in the coffin for me. I threw my hands up in the air and kind of went 'Yeah, I give up.' I went down a very dark rabbit hole of depression and substance abuse and everything that comes with that."

Momsen told Forbes about "Death By Rock And Roll": "We worked really hard on this album and we went through a lot of loss, a lot of tragedy, and we really poured our hearts and souls into it and in a way I can't express verbally. It's all there in the music, so that's why I say it feels like a rebirth. It almost feels like the first record in a sense, because we really had to go back to the beginning after losing Kato, our producer. I'm just really excited for people to hear it because, in my opinion, it's the best album we've ever made so it's hard to sit on this music.

"We talked about holding the song 'Death By Rock And Roll' for longer too, and I was, like, 'I can't do this. I can't just sit on this album forever.' The world needs music and music has such a healing thing to it, and it saved my life, time and time again. If we put out a song and if it can put a smile on some people's faces, great, we'll take it from there. That's kind of what we're doing — we're riding the wave. This is just such an unprecedented time so we're trying to take it step by step, and see where things go. Everything is still up in the air, but we are planning on releasing more singles before the full album is out. There's going to be more music to come."

Today's tune "And So It Went", featuring guitarist Tom Morello, taken from the upcoming album is taken from THE PRETTY RECKLESS's upcoming album, "Death By Rock And Roll", which will be released on February 12 via Fearless Records in the U.S. and Century Media Records in the rest of the world.

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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Tom Morello - Can't Stop The Bleeding

Rock guitarist Tom Morello, best known for his tenures with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE, did released a new genre-crossing single, “Can’t Stop The Bleeding”, featuring blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr. and electronic music producer Gramatik.

The tune starts off like a fairly straightforward blues rocker. Clark sings about trouble and feeling overwhelmed, until swooshes of EDM effects begin a surprising trance breakdown.

A video for the song presents a fairly literal metaphor for the song, as a person patches up a wall that has depressing internet-style missives projected on it to keep it from bleeding. Eventually it turns into something that looks like an animated outtake from The Shining.

“‘Can’t Stop The Bleeding’ is the latest Marshall stack bass drop banger from Gary Clark Jr., Gramatik and myself,” Morello said in a statement. “Influenced by W.B. Yeats, Jimi Hendrix and terrified Ultra fans, this latest salvo of ‘Shred Step’ just erupted from the ‘Atlas Underground.'” (Late last year, Morello released a new album titled "The Atlas Underground", though “Can’t Stop the Bleeding” was not featured on it.)

Today's tune "Can't Stop The Bleeding" featuring Gary Clark Jr. and Gramatik, enjoy!

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Monday 22 February 2021

Soen - Imperial

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

The Swedish metal band SOEN is back with their fifth album "Imperial", the follow up to the two years old "Lotus", an album where they reached greater heights within the modern prog-metal world.

"Imperial" is a “product of the COVID-19 pandemic" as Soen has called themselves. With all touring canceled, the band was able to spend 12 hours a day bringing the album to life.

The new album "Imperial" is a complex and compelling story. It's a poetic, heavy, and very emotional album about our human conditions, the sound is tighter and they feel more focused than ever. All this is done in well-written lyrics, well-composed tunes that show their excellent musicianship. The emotional and melodic passages have really elegant movements with a lot of warmth, soulful feelings, and still with enough toughness to embrace the listener into their world and hopefully understand the message and pass it along to the masses. The production on the album is really punchy and clear, sounds really good.

The vocals of Joel Ekelöf vocal cords are very soulful, the guitars by Lars Enok Åhlund and Cody Ford are very bluesy and emotional, Martin López drumming is very dynamic and well played and danced hand in hand with Oleksii Kobel bass stings.

The heavy progressive tunes like the brilliant opening "Lumerian", the explosive "Monarch" and massive and thunderous "Antagonist" really roll out the red carpet where the lads' talents are showcased. The complexity in guitars and drum patterns works so well with each other along with Joel's vocals, it's like ice cream with golden sparkles on a sunny day. The heavy jazzy prog piece "Dissident" is just magic, the tones dance into the brain like magnets. The powerful "Deceiver" is heavy, progressive, and unpredictable. Tunes like "Illusion" are soulful and really heartbreaking where the closing "Fortune" follows the same path, great ending of the album. The album "Imperial" is progressive metal delivered with passion and vigor.

SOEN is an undeniable cypher for all which swirls around us, something which will continue to set them apart from their peers for years to come, and "Imperial" is the latest potent, unmissable commentary from their journey.

The album was released by Silver Lining Music on January 29th, 2021

Sum: "Imperial" is a perfectly "pandemic" made an album that will suit any fans of A PERFECT CIRCLE and TOOL.

Today's tune "Monarch" is take from the new album "Imperial", enjoy!

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Sunday 21 February 2021

Orchestra Baobab - Utrus Horas

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Utrus Horas" is one of those classic recordings that sounds so evocative and directly creates an image of Africa. And the band who created this velvet smooth music of surprise and enchantment are ORCHESTRA BAOBAB and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the band, one of Africa’s greatest bands. Adored both at home in Senegal and across the world, BAOBAB occupy a special place in the history of African music. Their epic story begins in the heart of Dakar’s Medina in the 1960s and extends across the world and into the 21st century, featuring a brilliant assembly of diverse musical personalities and encompassing a unique blend of Afro-Latin styles, international pop, West African griot music, and an after-dark West African nightclub ambience of lilting, mellifluous rhythms.

Many of the band's original members had previously played with STAR BAND DE DAKAR in the 1960s. Directed by timbalero and vocalist Balla Sidibé, the group features saxophonists Issa Cissoko and Thierno Koité, two singers, two guitarists and a rhythm section with drums, congas and bass guitar. Since their formation, the band has predominantly played a mix of son cubano, Wolof music, and to a lesser extent Mande musical traditions.

Today's tune is an incredible snippet of Orchestra Baobab's performance of "Utrus Horas" from Senegalese TV back in 1982, enjoy!

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Saturday 20 February 2021

Gill Landry - The Place They Call Home

Originally from Louisiana Landry started out as a busker on the streets of New Orleans before becoming a contributing member of the band Old Crow Medicine Show with whom he recorded 4 albums and toured from 2004 to 2014. He's released 4 solo albums to critical acclaim featuring such artists as Laura Marling Brandi Carlile Klara Soderberg (FIRST AID KIT) and Karen Elson among many others.

”Skeleton At The Banquet” is a collection of fine simple songs with a of wonderfully poetic imagery. He has a great gentle baritone voice that smoothly sweeps over the gorgeous acoustic melody. The album is full of ragged guitars, sweeping strings with a Americana vibe that would be compelling to any country americana fan.

Chris Maas - Drums
Ted Dwane - Bass
Nick Etwell - Trumpet
Matt Park - Pedal Steel
Gill Landry - Vocal and Guitar

Get the album here at​

Today's tune "The Place They Call Home" is taken from ”Skeleton At The Banquet”, the clip is produced by Ross Sterling @StudioJuice at The Old Queens Head in London Feb. 19th 2020, enjoy!

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Friday 19 February 2021

Khruangbin - Friday Morning

It's Friday so why not something different, a "Friday Morning" love song, written and recorded at the remote farm in Burton, Texas where KHRUANGBIN got its start. To commemorate the song, the band asked their closest friends and family to record messages of love to each band member. The music video is a portrait of the band hearing these audio recordings for the first time, capturing on film the emotions one feels when they hear just how loved they are; a poignant and heartfelt expression in a time where, as a collective whole, we need to hear and express love more than ever.

KHRUANGBIN is a three-piece band from Texas, formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Johnson on drums. Taking influence from 1960's Thai funk - their name literally translates to "Engine Fly" in Thai - KHRUANGBIN is steeped in the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration, Tarantino soundtracks and surf-rock cool.

Enjoy today's tune, taken from the second studio album "Con Todo El Mundo" by American musical trio KHRUANGBIN. It was released January 26, 2018 under Dead Oceans and Night Time Stories.

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Thursday 18 February 2021

Opeth - Would?

Thursday, time for a cover.

"Would?" is a song by ALICE IN CHAINS, written by guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell as a tribute to his friend Andrew Wood, lead vocalist of MOTHER LOVE BONE, who died in 1990. Cantrell sings the verses of the song, while Layne Staley sings the chorus.

The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the 1992 film "Singles", where the members of ALICE IN CHAINS make a cameo appearance—and later appeared on the band's second studio album "Dirt", also released in 1992.

Today's version of the tune is made by the Swedish progressive metal band OPETH. The tune was released on the flipside of the single "Burden", released December 9, 2008. The tune "Burden" is taken from the ninth full-length studio album "Watershed".

Enjoy this magic cover of a fabulous tune!

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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier - Browning

Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE, MONDO CANE) and renowned French composer Jean-Claude Vannier, who is perhaps best known for his work with Serge Gainsbourg, release "Corpse Flower" on September 13th, 2019.

A variety of musicians, both in Los Angeles and Paris, took part in the recording of "Corpse Flower" with the Los Angeles team including Smokey Hormel (Beck, Johnny Cash), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, AIR, NINE INCH NAILS) and James Gadson (Beck, Jamie Lidell). The Parisian players are Denys Lable, Bernard Paganotti (MAGMA), Daniel Ciampolini, Didier Malherbe, Léonard Le Cloarec and the Bécon Palace String Ensemble. The lyrics for “Ballad C.3.3.” are drawn from Oscar Wilde’s “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” poem, which was initially published using the name C.3.3.

“Jean-Claude and I met while working together on a Gainsbourg retrospective at the Hollywood Bowl in 2011,” explains Patton. “We bonded immediately. I could see he had a dedication and attention to detail that was relentless so the respect I had for him in my mind was magnified in person. We spoke loosely about working together in the future… and it took some time, but after a few years I contacted him and we began to ignite some sparks.” “I would send Mike rough versions of the songs to get his thoughts, then I’d wait impatiently, staring at the clock, until I received his response,” offers Vannier about the process the duo used to create Corpse Flower. “He made my music awaken with his unique perspective and interpretations of my songs. A formidable vocalist, with a sense of humor, Mike and I created a strong, beautiful and sincere collection of music, as well as a friendship.”

Mike Patton’s resume is virtually limitless, having kicked off his musical career as a teenager in the band MR. BUNGLE, joining FAITH NO MORE in 1989 and going on to create a smorgasbord of bands and solo releases including FANTÔMAS, TOMAHAWK, MONDO CANE, DEAD CROSS, LOVAGE and PEEPING TOM.

Jean-Claude Vannier, born in Paris during World War II, The Guardian dubbed him “the sound sculptor in Serge Gainsbourg’s shadow,” referencing his extensive work with the French musician including Histoire de Melody Nelson. His career has spanned nine solo records, countless contributions to film and TV scores, and his influence has been cited by numerous musicians including Beck, PULSE, PORTISHEAD, MASSIVE ATTACK, AIR and Tricky.

Today's tune "Browning" is taken from "Corpse Flower", released September 13, 2019, enjoy!

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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Lost Horizons feat. The Hempolics - I Woke Up With An Open Heart

LOST HORIZONS melancholy-delia, informed in part by Raymonde and Thomas’ former respective bands: the legendary COCTEAU TWINS and DIF JUZ, arguably the first word in post-rock, 15 years before it became a trend. Their former bands were labelmates on 4AD in the mid-80s, which is how they first met. Fast forward to 2016, when Raymonde felt the urge to make music again after two decades piloting the revered independent label Bella Union.

Raymonde (bass, guitar, keyboards, production) and Thomas (drums, occasional keys and guitar) forged ahead, creating 16 instrumental tracks to send to prospective guests. Fortuitously, Thomas was at the same juncture. After DIF JUZ, he’d toured with THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, MOOSE, FELT and COCTEAU TWINS before, “the business side of music became too painful. Jamming with Simon, I got really excited, which I hadn’t felt about music in ages.”

LOST HORIZONS upcoming new album "In Quiet Moments"releases 26th Feb 2021 via Bella Union. The album features a stellar array of musical guests including John Grant, C Duncan, Marissa Nadler, Porridge Radio, Penelope Isles, Karen Peris (the innocence mission), Tim Smith (MIDLAKE), Ren Harvieu and many more. The 16-track album will be released in two sections. The first half (8 tracks) will be released digitally 4th December with the second half and full physical release following on 26th February 2021.

Today's tune is the simmering urban-soulful "I Woke Up With An Open Heart" featuring Nubiya Brandon of THE HEMPOLICS. The tune is taken from the new upcoming album "In Quiet Moments" by LOST HORIZONS, releases 26th Feb 2021 via Bella Union. ORDER HERE:

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Monday 15 February 2021

Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight

Monday, new week and it's time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Medicine At Midnight" is the tenth studio album by FOO FIGHTERS, the two first single "Shame Shame" and "No Son Of Mine" has already been published here. Two great tunes from the new album.

The new album is a very fun record, they’ve taken everything they’ve done so far and cranked up the optimism and put the face for the future. The end result is really refreshing rock with a groovier sound with catchy tunes. For this record they hired producer Greg Kurstin who has worked with Sia and P!nk. Nine tracks with a playtime of 36 minutes, gives us the shortest album to date with FOO FIGHTERS.

The album opens up with "Making A Fire", a great rocker that is very radio friendly, cool guitar riffs and a "na-na” choir background. It's followed by the lead single "Shame Shame" a percussive and almost funky, but it’s also slightly tinged with melancholy, especially on a string-laden chorus that sounds very much like THE FOO FIGHTERS we’ve always known. "Cloudspotter" is a groovy rocker with some KISS feeling over it. Follows up by a half paced toy gun in the third single "Waiting On A War", a cool tune with strings and a folkish flavour. The title track opens up in a light funky way with a thick bass line and a bluesy guitar solo shows another side of the band. Change of direction with "No Son Of Mine", a driven catchy rocker with'70s-style high-pitched backing vocals, an excellent tune that will stick on your brain for some time that follows with the groove laced "Holding Poison". After the energetic tones, it's time to step down a bit and serv us with a ballad in "Chasing Birds", a very nice tune that echos old THE BEATLES. The album closes up with some galloping guitar in the fast pacing where they take the breath away in "Love Dies Young". The album oozes the spirits of lockdown and the trapped creativity that just flows out from the pens of this lads, even if the album feels a bit scattered the end result is a fun rocker that is really refreshing and well made.

Sum: A great and fun rocker for the lockdown.

Today's tune "Waiting On A War" is the third single taken from "Medicine At Midnight", enjoy!

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Sunday 14 February 2021

Firehouse - When I Look Into Your Eyes

Valentine's Day, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Roman Catholic feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions of the world.

There are a number of martyrdom stories associated with various Valentines connected to February 14, including an account of the imprisonment of Saint Valentine of Rome for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire in the third century. According to an early tradition, Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. Numerous later additions to the legend have better related it to the theme of love: an 18th-century embellishment to the legend claims he wrote the jailer's daughter a letter signed "Your Valentine" as a farewell before his execution; another addition posits that Saint Valentine performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

As for today, you hand out love to your closes ones and everyone around you. A power ballad as music would be perfect.

"When I Look Into Your Eyes" is the sixth single released by American rock band FIREHOUSE. The song, a classic power ballad, became the band's second hit ballad, reaching No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending October 17, 1992. The song peaked at number 65 on the UK Singles Chart for the week ending December 19, 1992.

The song was written by guitarist Bill Leverty and vocalist C.J. Snare. The tune is taken form the second studio album "Hold Your Fire". It was released in June 1992.

C.J. Snare – lead vocals, keyboards
Bill Leverty – guitars
Perry Richardson – bass guitar
Michael Foster – drums, percussion

Enjoy today's tune and Happy Valentine's Day!

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Saturday 13 February 2021

Michelle Gurevich - Here's The Part

Michelle Gurevich is a Canadian singer-songwriter, also known by her former stage name Chinawoman. Her music is influenced by her Russian heritage, and has been described as slowcore rock and "lo-fi pop". Her largest fanbase is in Eastern Europe.

Michelle Gurevich was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Russian immigrants and was raised with Russian as her first language. Her father was an engineer in Soviet Leningrad and her mother a Kirov ballerina (the subject of Gurevich's "Russian Ballerina"). Gurevich originally wanted to become a filmmaker and worked ten years in the industry before turning to music. "I eventually tried to write a song and found it was not only cheaper but much easier to get a good result."

Gurevich began her career recording in her bedroom. The stage name "Chinawoman" was chosen as a spur-of-the-moment joke when Garageband prompted her for a band name.

Michelle Gurevich has cited Alla Pugacheva, Adriano Celentano, Charles Aznavour, Yoko Ono, Francis Lai, Nino Rota, Xavier Dolan, Todor Kobakov, Jennifer Castle, and filmmaker Federico Fellini as influences on her music. Her vocal style reminds me of a female version of Leonard Cohen, it's really good.

In 2020, Gurevich moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, with her Danish wife and their 2-year-old daughter.

Here latest album "Ecstasy In The Shadow Of Ecstasy" was written and produced by Michelle Gurevich Michelle: vox, synths, classical and electric guitars, melodica along with a few guest musicans spread all over the album: ▪ Steve Fishman: bass ▪ Larry Salzman: percussion ▪ Gustavo Lopez Retamal: classical guitar ▪ Rob Calder: bass ▪ Leo Abrahams: electric guitar ▪ Bart Dietvorst: electric guitar ▪ Matt Davies: drums ▪ Esteban Vázquez: drums ▪ Chaun Horton: drums ▪ Oleg Maximov: classical guitar ▪ Tim Isherwood: whistling

Album design by Michelangelo Greco. Album cover photo by Kiana Tajammol.

Today's tune "Here's The Part" is taken from her latest album "Ecstasy In The Shadow Of Ecstasy", released May 15, 2020

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Friday 12 February 2021

Antethic - The Unturnable

Friday and for today we have an instrumental trio from St. Petersburg, Russia. The band ANTETHIC plays atmospheric experimental music since 2012.

Electronic music is nothing that I jump high on usally anymore, but this kinda style of experimental makes me curios and that they are backed up by the record company Holy Roar Records makes me lift the eyebrow a little extra. That the album "Mythographer" is an intressting atmospheric journey through minimalist tones, vacuum-packed sound loops, expansive drones that get very stylistic on the way.

"Mythographer" was released May 29, 2020. All tracks recorded and produced by ANTETHIC and Anton Kiltsov at Lakeform studio, St. Petersburg. Mixed by Anton Kiltsov. Mastered by Peter Ternovoi at Dobrolet studio, St. Petersburg. Artwork and layout by Daria Pikova

 Alexander Lyvov, 
 Yuri Efremov and 
 Konstantin Borisov

Today's tune "The Unturnable" is taken from "Mythographer", enjoy!

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Thursday 11 February 2021

Unleashed - Evil Dead

Thursday and it's time for a cover.

Time for a cover. "Evil Dead" is a tune by the American death metal band DEATH. Written by Chuck Schuldiner and was released on the debut studio "Scream Bloody Gore", released on May 25, 1987. It is considered by some to be "the first true death metal record".

Today's cover is made by the Swedish death metal band UNLEASHED. The tune was released as a bonus piece on the 10th studio album "As Yggdrasil Trembles". It was released on March 19, 2010, by Nuclear Blast Records. Enjoy!

Here is a live clip where UNLEASHED performing the tune live in Karlstad, Sweden 2010-10-29

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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Napalm Death - Amoral

From the pinnacle of confrontational instrumental extremity and steadfast lyrical humanity, The British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH’s new album warps musical landscapes all over again. The 16th studio album by UK’s "Gods Of Grind" and much anticipated follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed "Apex Predator – Easy Meat" includes 12 songs seething with caustic evolution and unrelenting scope. "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism" is also available as limited Mediabook CD with 3 bonus-tracks and (Oeko-Text certified) patch or as 180g. LP with bonus-track and double-sided A2 poster.

NAPALM DEATH’s vocalist Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway checked in with the following comment about today's tune "Amoral" and its video: “A good shout to work once again with Michael Panduro, as he really adapts his style video to video rather than just using a singular approach. We delight in a generous helping of the absurd, so for one thing, the footage of children seemingly at play but displaying signs of systemic obedience really propels Shane’s lyrical thrust of our default powerlessness within the pecking order. As sonics go, I think it’s post-punk as fuck and grooves massively and accordingly.”

NAPALM DEATH’s vocalist Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway checked in with the following comment about the upcoming album and its theme:

“The phrase sticking in my mind when I started thinking about the lyrical direction for this album was “the other”. You could recognise at the time that there was a rapidly growing fear and paranoia being generated about everybody, from migrating people to people with fluid sexuality and this was starting to manifest itself in very antagonistic reactions that you felt were almost verging on violence. Not everybody resorts to such reactions of course, but even the basic lack of understanding can become toxic over time. I’m not saying that this is an entirely new phenomenon, but it has been stoked in recent history by some particularly attack-minded people in more political circles and, as ever, I felt that it would be the natural antidote to endorse basic humanity and solidarity with all.

The artwork specifically uses a white dove as a centrepiece, which of course is a commonly recognised symbol of peace and cooperation. The dove has been mauled very violently by a sterilising hand and in death appears particularly broken and bloodied. However, through the violence you can see an equality symbol in blood on the chest of the dove, which perhaps demonstrates – visually at least – that equality cuts through in the end. A positive amidst many negatives then, much like the album title itself being a bit of an oxymoron – the celebration of humanity even in the mangling jaws of negativity”.

"Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism" was again recorded with longtime producer Russ Russell and features artwork by Frode Sylthe.

Today's tune "Amoral", taken from the album "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism", released September 18th, 2020. Video director: Michael Panduro, enjoy!

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