Tuesday 31 December 2019

TOP 50 Of The Best Albums 2019

As always in December we get into the tedious task of listing our favorite albums of the year.

This year we did not have a countdown as we usually do, this is because I simply took some time off, you know that at times you have to rest and charge up the batteries. So I decided to drop everything at once, yes everything. Starting from the top and ending with the number one :) Tomorrow we wrap things up with the Best of 2019 that includes everything else.

Some thoughts about the Top 50 album list.

So that you know it was really hard to make that final list, the bands have changed the position more than once, but hey “a man gotta do what a man gotta do”. I know I have excluded many good releases, as far as I can see is that the Vinyl box with unplayed records is more than full, shame on me.

First of all, I have to OWN a physical copy of the album, it can be a test press, promo album or just a normal record, that is the requirement for joining the list. No Live albums, No Singles or EPs, No Compilation, No Splits and finally, No record No place on the list, easy peasy.

And as I only play Vinyl, things can be a bit tricky for some band to even get a position, but these days most bands release their creations on the only true format, that also means that a digital copy of any kind, Cassette or CD will not shine a light here, I hope you will understand that before you judge my decision to hard and in the other hand it's my decision after all :)

2019’s lineup is very strong on its own. Many great releases, from successful bands to new discoveries on the musical map. One thing that I have noticed is that the music style has got a bit heavier than usual, which in turn has led to a lot of other things trickled between the fingers.

Here is the full lineup. 19 of them are Swedish :)

Tune Of The Day - Top 50 of the Best Albums 2019.

50. WOLFBRIGADE - The Enemy: Reality
49. DREAM THEATER - Distance Over Time
48. RAISED FIST - Anthems
47. HAUNT - If Icarus Could Fly
46. SOEN - Lotus
45. THE SABBATHIAN - Latum Alterum
44. SKYBLOOD - Skyblood
43. REFUSED - War Music
42. CRASHDIET - Rust
41. JESS BY THE LAKE - Under The Red Light Shine

40. VALLEY OF THE SUN - Old Gods
38. ROSALIE CUNNINGHAM - Rosalie Cunningham
37. SPIDERGAWD - Spidergawd V
36. RAMMSTEIN - Rammstein
35. WORMWITCH - Heave That Dwells Within
34. THE LUNAR EFFECT - Calm Before The Calm
33. D-A-D - A Prayer For The Loud
32. SMOULDER - Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring
31. IN MOURNING - Garden Of Storms

30. BATUSHKA - Hospodi
29. SWALLOW THE SUN - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
28. NIGHTSTALKER - Great Hallucinations
27. THE WELL - Death And Consolation
26. WITCHERS CREED - Awakened From The Tomb...
25. CANDLEMASS - The Door To Doom
24. SOILWORK - Verkligheten
23. SPIRIT ADRIFT - Divided By Darkness
22. ROTTING CHRIST - The Heretics
21. BARONESS - Gold & Grey

20. VLTIMAS - Something Wicked Marches In
This is really something, a modern—death and a wicked metal album that marches in delightfully into your heart. Read the review here!

"Eorþe" is a spectacular mix with an interesting story that gives you a listener SKRAECKOEDLANs finest hour. Read the review here!

HIPPIE DEATH CULT is infectious 70’s hard rock blues, a doom-infused stoner rock band that turns our heads so severely it nearly causes cervical fracture and hemophilia so you need some blood thinners to keep up with the tunes. Read the review here!

17. BOMBUS - Vulture Culture
"Vulture Culture" is really addictive, an album that should be played on Repeat, Until Death!
Read the review here!

16. KADAVAR - For The Dead Travel Fast
70's psychedelic horror rock at it's best, you absolutely need this!
Read the review here!

15. DARKTHRONE - Old Star
"Old Star" displays a mastery of the art of the riff, with its 6 epic tracks taking in the best of the old school of Heavy and Extreme Metal combined with a large dose of Doom channeled through the grime of the underground.
Read about it here!

14. YEAR OF THE GOAT - Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis
"Four years of neverending lust for creativity. For years of gluttony and decadence within our most sacred temple. For years of unspeakable boiling wrath. For years of greed filled wastefulness. Now, envy us in our moment of pride"
Read the review here!

13. RIVAL SONS - Feral Roots
RIVAL SONS show they still can do it. Excellent blend of styles along with their signature sound.
Read the review here!

12. TANITH - In Another Time
"In Another Time" is chock full of 70s protometal goodness. A really enjoyable record from beginning to end!

11. VAK - Loud Wind
With "Loud Wind" VAK want to have a good time before the ultimate disaster. An album that you have to pick up a.s.a.p. Read about it here!

10. AVATARIUM - The Fire I Long For
Once again they have opened another chapter of their hauntingly beautiful otherworld and enlightened our hearts with some dark gospel.
Read the review here!

9. ALCEST - Spiritual Instinct
"Spiritual Instinct" is the sixth full-length release for the French blackgaze duo of Neige and Winterhalter in ALCEST. Once again these lads have given us a breathtaking piece of music - a gateway to the otherworldly.
Read the review here!

8. MONOLORD - No Comfort
"No Comfort" is a heavy piece of work, sludgy doomed and lightly psychedelic and one thing is for sure it's a "No Comfort" for pop or indie peeps or hip-hoppers, but this is true comfort for any doomheads around this world.
Read the review here!

7. MISPYRMING - Alglemi
"Algleymi" has hit hard enough to leave an impression on me and I guess the whole world, now we all love metal from Iceland. I just love it.
Read about it here!

6. DEVIL MASTER - Satan Spits On Children Of Light
Philadelphia's DEVIL MASTER is one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, "Satan Spits on Children of Light".
Read about it here!

5. OPETH - In Cauda Venenum
The 4th and strongest of the albums in the band’s progressive path.
Read the review here!

CATTLE DECAPITATIONs apocalyptic vision of humanity’s extinction has never felt more real than it does now with this masterpiece "Death Atlas".

3. CULT OF LUNA - A Dawn To Fear
The Swedish post-metal CULT OF LUNA returns with seventy-nine minutes of hypnotic riffs and dark trance matic tunes.

NUMENOREAN delivers a mesmerizing masterpiece.
Read the review here!

1. GREEN LUNG - Woodland Rites
Excellent and grandiose heavy rock debut! GREEN LUNG sound harks back to the golden days of psychedelic rock, injecting those classic sounds with occult venom and punk energy. "Woodland Rites" gives an instantly appealing journey with excellent groove and hooks.
Read the review here!

Honorable mentions:

MOON TOOTH - CruxMISERY INDEX - Rituals Of Power, TOOL Fear Inoculum, 
SLIPKNOT We Are Not Your Kind, CHELSEA WOLFE Birth Of Violence, 
INSOMNIUM Heart Like A Grave, INTER ARMA Sulphur English, 
DEAD WITCHES The Final Exorcism, THE PICTUREBOOKS The Hands Of Time, 
WHITESNAKE Flesh & Blood, WHITECHAPEL The Valley, 
GAAHLS WYRD Gastir - Ghost Invited, DEATH ANGEL Humanicide, 
SAOR Forgotten Path, NICK CAVE Ghosteen, HORNDAL Häng Honom,
OCTOBER TIDE In Splendor Below, SÁVER They Came With Sunlight, DORRE Fall River, 
1782 1782, WARISH Down In Flames, CRYPT SERMON The Ruins Of Fading Light, 
SAINT VITUS Saint Vitus, ALPAHANNE Atomvinter, BRIGHT CURSE Time Of The Healer, 
BATHUSKA Panihida, SINMARA Hvísl Stjarnanna, MARK LANEGAN Somebody's Knocking, FRANSKA TRION Dom Ensammas Planet, JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE The Saint Of Lost Causes, KHRUANGBIN Hasta El Cielo, DANIEL NORGREN Wooh Dang, 
THE HEAVY MIND Second Mind, TRANSPORT LEAGUE A Million Volt Scream, 
LYKANTROPI Spirituosa, VOKONIS Grasping Time, PRETTY MAIDS Undress Your Madness, THE GREAT OLD ONES Cosmicism, KAL-EL Witches Of Mars, 
DEAF RAT Ban The Light, GRIMA Will Of The Primordial, TYGERS OF PAN TANG Ritual, BOKASSA Crimson Riders, TORCHE Admission, JOSEPH THOLL Devil's Drum, DÖ Astral Death Cult, YEAR OF THE COBRA Ash And Dust, KING Coldest Of Cold, 
GOATESS Blood And Wine, DUEL Valley Of Shadows, MOURNFUL CRIES Bad Taste, 
BLUT AUS NORD Hallucinogen, SUNN O))) Pyroclats, LEPROUS Pitfalls,
IN FLAMES I, The Mask, BAD RELIGION Age Of Unreason, HIGH REEPER High Reeper, 
HAZEMAZE Hymns Of The Damned, BUS Never Decide, BLOOD INCANTATION Hidden History Of The Human Race, MICHAEL KIWANUKA Kiwanuka, CROBOT Motherbrain, 
WILDERUN Veil Of Imagination, FVNERAL FVKK Carnal Confessions,
 LIGUNA IGNOTA Caligula, KRYPTOS Afterburner,  CLOAK The Burning Dawn. 

Haha that was a long list of Honours…but all these are excellent ones that never got enough attention and just slipped out from the list, a few of them are the albums that have been played on the digital media but never really got a chance to get played on the real media and still stands on high heels in the box on the floor and waits for the opportunity and a bunch of them are still on my to-buy list and wait's that the account is filled up to be ready to be bought, sorry guys if my rules are harsh, but I would never be able to make it.

Regarding albums, yes, I am still using the best tool for my records "Discogs", I just love it!! But hey, it's pretty dangerous surfing around, always end with a newly purchased record. Even if my best friend "Discogs" is around, I still have bought a few records twice, or even three times bah! And this year I will not even look at how many records have entered my home during 2019. We keep it as a secret, I think that's the best way to do it, as I know deep inside that I have burned my budget more than once already :)

Well that's it for today, we wish you all a Happy new year!

Monday 30 December 2019

Blood Incantation - Inner Paths (To Outer Space)

2019 is getting closer to an end and I know you guys are waiting for the "Topp 50" and the "Best Of 2019", as I am out on holiday and had some limited access to the whole wide web and not so much time to work out anything until the last few days where I have spent serval hours figuring out the list that will be presented on New Year's Eve and the "Best of 2019" the day after. But a little sneak preview today on the best Cover Art of 2019.

BLOOD INCANTATIONs "Hidden History Of The Human Race" have the best artwork for a 2019 album release, it's featuring a classic 1970s artwork by Sci-Fi god Bruce Pennington, promises to be both a meditative inquiry on the Mystery & Nature of human consciousness and a dynamic foray into the realms of progressive, brutal & atmospheric death metal, as revealed by BLOOD INCANTATION.

The Denver, Colorado’s cosmic death metal band BLOOD INCANTATION have joined forces with Century Media Records to release the band’s much anticipated second studio album, "Hidden History Of The Human Race", outside of North America, Mexico and Canada. Dark Descent Records will be handling the American release and the album was released worldwide on November 22nd, 2019.

With "Hidden History Of The Human Race", BLOOD INCANTATION presents the successor to one of the most talked-about death metal debuts in recent years, 2016’s "Starspawn". A cerebral whirlwind of intense and otherworldly atmospheric death metal, "Starspawn" took the underground death metal world by storm and is about to be topped by the quartet’s second offering. BLOOD INCANTATION has excelled themselves at crafting a dynamic foray into the realms of progressive, brutal & strangely melodic death metal, all recorded analog at World Famous Studios. Accompanied by stunning artwork.

BLOOD INCANTATION was formed in 2011. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Paul Riedl, guitarist Morris Kolontyrsky, drummer Isaac Faulk and bassist Jeff Barrett.

Today's tune "Inner Paths (To Outer Space)" is taken from "Hidden History Of The Human Race". BLOOD INCANTATION says the following about "Inner Paths (To Outer Space)’": "The tune is a meditative journey through the inner cosmos of the human mind. We improvised this track on psychedelics over a period of several months, allowing it to grow and evolve as it chose. The atmosphere is meant to allow the listener time and space to explore their own thoughts and go on their own journey before the epic brutality of the album returns for the final track.

More info @

Official Blood Incantation Bigcartel

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Sunday 15 December 2019

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

We wish you all a great musical Christmas and a freaking good New Year! From now on we will take a short break at the Tune Of The Day factory and enjoy some holiday.

The best albums of 2019 and the years best off will be published next year. We will be back in the 2:nd week of January, hopefully, well-rested and a big bag of new music to share. If we get time during the holiday it might slip in a post or two, who knows.

Take care now, cya soon.
Hugs and kisses from Stones and Thetania.

Saturday 14 December 2019

Firebreather - Firebreather

Fire is what happens when a carbon based object is consumed by oxygen. That chemical reaction is fitting to the sound of FIREBREATHER: The riffs are suffocating, the rhythms fast moving and all-consuming. It’s so blindingly and deafeningly monolithic, don’t be surprised to find yourself gasping for air while listening.

The Gothenburg, Sweden trio has a streamlined focus on driving, symphonic riffs in the vein of HIGH ON FIRE, INTER ARMA and their tour- and label-mates MONOLORD. The guitar and bass tones are, quite simply, entrancing. Like watching flames engulf a forest, the billowing guitar tones are simultaneously beautiful and destructive, while the rhythms sway and lunge with vicious precision.

Mattias Nööjd :: Kyle Pitcher :: Axel Wittbeck

Today's tune "Firebreather" taken from the album "Under A Blood Moon", the video is filmed live on October 17, 2019 during the MONOLORD and FIREBREATHER tour, enjoy!

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Friday 13 December 2019

Alfahanne - The Heavy Burden

When Swedish rockers ALFAHANNE burst onto the scene in 2010 it was with minds determined to bring back the danger to rock 'n' roll. With the considerable experience they had gained over a couple of decades with bands like VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT and playing what they themselves call “Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock, Punk, Goth and, of course, good old rock 'n' roll, ALFAHANNE have created their own unique, high-octane, style of music. A style that has earned them plaudits from critics and built them a considerable, and ever-increasing, fan base.

ALFAHANNE's stage debut came at 2014's Inferno Metal Festival where their show garnered them high praise. Since then they have been much in demand for club and festival appearances throughout Europe. Lighting up the stage with their limitless energy, exuberance, and easy going, friendly interaction with the fans (both on and off the stage) ALFAHANNE is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Let's face it, when a band can attract guest appearances both in the studio and on the stage from such iconic figures as Hoest (TAAKE), Nag (TSJUDER), Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING), Dolk (KAMPFAR), Erlend Hjelvik (KVELERTAK), V'gandr (HELHEIM), Spellgoth (HORNA, TURMION KÄTILÖT), Nattfursth (SORHIN), David Lindh (YVONNE and BRODER DANIEL) and Sanrabb (GEHENNA), you know there is something very special about ALFAHANNE.


Vocals and Guitars: Pehr Skjoldhammer
Guitars: Fredrik Sööberg
Bass: Jimmy Wiberg
Drums: Niklas Åström
Keyboards: Stefan Eriksson


2013: “Grym”, split 7” with SHINING on Svart Records
2014: “Alfapokalyps”, debut full length album, Digi, CD and 12" vinyl [Dark Essence Records]
2015: "Blod Eld Alfa", full length album, Digi, CD and 12" vinyl [Dark Essence Records]
2017: "Det Nya Svarta", Digi, CD, 12" LP, Limited Edition Black/Green 12" LP [Indie Recordings]
2017: Stigmata, digital single [Indie Recordings]
2017: Avgrundsgravitation, digital single [Indie Recordings]
2017: Dödsmaskin, digital single [Indie Recordings]
2018: "Kontroll", single [Iron Fist Productions]
2019: Atomvinter feat Hoest, digital single [Indie Recordings]
2019: The Heavy Burden, digital single [Indie Recordings]
2019: Atomvinter, CD, 12" LP, Limited Edition Electric Blue 12" LP [Indie Recordings]
2019: Alla Mor Alla Feat. Nag, digital single [Indie Recordings]

Today's tune "The Heavy Burden" is taken from the latest album "Atomvinter", the tune is the first song ever by ALFAHANNE written in english. ALFAHANNE got fans all over the world, not understanding a word of the lyrics, and how it is to be part of the greatest rock band out there today. Let’s put it this way: it’s a heavy burden…

More info @

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Thursday 12 December 2019

Ruby the Hatchet - Easy Livin'

Thursday, time for a cover, it will also be the last cover of 2019.

"Easy Livin'" is a song by the British rock band URIAH HEEP, released as the second single from their 1972 album "Demons And Wizards". The band also shot a basic music video for the song in 1972. It was the band's first hit in the United States and the only top 40 hit there, peaking at No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 1972.

Philadelphia psych rock quintet RUBY THE HATCHET has premiered a cover of URIAH HEEPs 1972 “Easy Livin’” via a new music video, see it below. A staple of their recent live sets, the band recorded the cover at Retro City Studios in NJ.

The group commented on the cover:

“URIAH HEEP is a band favorite and still an unsung hero of sorts in our opinion. Many of their songs make our karaoke cuts, but Easy Livin’ was especially fun to figure out now that we have been toying with live three part harmonies. All of the high notes in our cover are vocally supported by Johnny, and of course Owen…still trying to put a mic in front of Lake. Plus, when you have someone like Sean playing organ, a Heep cover is a must.”

Enjoy today's tune. Recorded May 21st, 2019 by Joe Boldizar at Retro City Studios in Germantown, PA. Original song by Uriah Heep (1972). Video directed and edited by Todd McConnell and Jillian Taylor. Live studio footage and photography by Dante Torrieri (Germantown, PA). Roadburn live footage by Volksradio Moos (Tilburg, Netherlands). Live at the Echo footage by Arturo Gallo (Los Angeles, CA).

More info @

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Wednesday 11 December 2019

VAK - The Birds Of Earth

We are rushing towards the abyss. In a more depressing way than in other times, the future is more uncertain and at the same time seemingly immune against change. What can rock music do other than accompany the fall with songs halfway downwards?

VAK makes no higher claims and has no answer to the question of what to do. What they can do is to shuffle the cards, engage in the uncertain ourselves and take part in the roaring sunset. They want to feel creative, they shuffle ideas, they write songs that defy classification – Why? Because they want to have a good time before the ultimate disaster.


VAK is: 
Tobias Alpadie (MUSIC IS THE WEAPON, ex-JESAIAH), 
Ivan Rey (RÅTTA, ex-SESAM), 
Robin Skarin (SLOWLAND) and 
Anders Bartonek (ex-SWITCH OPENS).

VAKs second album "Loud Wind" was produced by themselves and mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).

Ps... VAK is not a Norwegian black metal band, nor a Swedish death metal outfit, yet the band faced the real menace of death, but returned back to life… ...Ds

Today's tune "The Birds Of Earth" is taken from the album "Loud Wind", enjoy!

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Official VAK Web

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Tuesday 10 December 2019

King - Mountains Call

KING return to the front after three years with their sophomore album "Coldest Of Cold". Battle hardened and steeled for the next campaign, and once again Indie Recordings are proud to stand alongside KING to deliver this bellowing war-cry. This time there will be no mercy given and none expected. The melodic black metal trio from Australia is a force to be reckoned with.

Debut album "Reclaim The Darkness" was hailed as an impressive and exceptional debut release, earning them great reviews.

"Coldest Of Cold" is without doubt a darker and more attacking album, packed start to finish with one anthem after another. Still uplifting, but less of a ‘raise the flag, troops’ rallying-cry and more of a ‘this must be done and I will be obeyed’ decree of a KING who has seen too much and knows that the path to glory will first lead through hell. This KING is a tyrant of necessity with ice in his veins and the burden of a vulnerable world on his shoulders

KING are:
Tony Forde - Vocals
David Hill - Guitar
David Haley - Drums

The time spent on making this album combined with the talent of the three musicians makes a powerful black metal release. "Coldest Of Cold" was released on November 22nd via Indie Recordings!

Today's tune "Mountains Call" is taken from "Coldest Of Cold", enjoy!

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Monday 9 December 2019

Misery Loves Co. - Zero

Monday, a new week is here and it's time to present the last "Record Of The Week" of 2019.

I wish there was a few more weeks to do as the pile of excellent records is pretty big, but as January is usally pretty calm on album releases, the November and December records will be presented after New Year.

Patrik Wirén - Vocals
Örjan Örnkloo - Guitar, Programming
Michael Hahne - Guitar
The Swedish industrial metal pioneers MISERY LOVES CO. is back with their fourth album "Zero" after 19 years of silence since the critically acclaimed "Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share". A very long wait for many and a new welcome for the youngsters around the globe that have missed this band. Can only say that it really was worth the wait.

"Zero" is a wide album with the distinguishing sound that MISERY LOVES CO. is known for. Blending classic rock with metal and flirting with goth and death metal, catchy melodies with both aggressiveness and softish soundscapes, all this is done in their own industrial way and spiced up with impressive songwriting.

The album have many great tunes from the crashing album opener "Suburban Breakdown", to the more the more noticeable tunes like the title track "Zero" and "Fell In Love", some industiral dance metal in "The Waiting Room" and the dark post punkers "Dead Streets" and "Way Back Home" and "just because" a excellent cover of the classic GARBAGEs "Only Happy When It Rains". The album is way better than I could have imagined, could say "Zero" weak moments :) Get it.

Sum: An excellent return of the sleeping Loves Co.

Today's tune "Way Back Home" is taken from "Zero", enjoy!

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Sunday 8 December 2019

Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings

Sunday, time for a classic.

After a pretty busy week with a tribute show to Avicii at Friends Arena and firing off some Vikings at Annexet the week is finally to an end. The first show was pretty cool, the electronic tunes got some life with a real orchestra and it's really sad that it has to go this far to be true for Tim Bergling. Well, I hope he enjoyed the show from heaven at least.

The weekend ended at Annexet here in Stockholm and once again I meet up with the lads from the Swedish death metal band AMON AMARTH. They traveled with ARCH ENEMY and HYPOCRISY.

During the years, have AMON AMARTH grown to a big arena band with their Viking influenced death metal. The show was sold out and they really offered a hell of an evening to their fans, props of Vikings, Vikings fighting in a few numbers, raised drum raiser covered with a mask and gold chains, red flames, normal flames, flame balls, I mean a lot of flames along with lots of pyro effects to create a superb visual effect and a night to remember.

So after a hot night at Annexet with FFP, the german pyro dudes it's pretty easy to choose this evening classic.

Well, 2004 is not so far away, but on September 6, 2004 did AMON AMARTH released their fifth full-length studio "Fate Of Norns" where we find today's tune "The Pursuit of Vikings" that also was played during the evening at Annexet, here in Stockholm.


Here is a clip with the full show.

Upcoming Tourdates:

DEC 9, 2019 Black Box Helsinki, Finland Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 11, 2019 Arena Malmö, Sweden Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 12, 2019 SCC Aarhus, Denmark Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 13, 2019 Sporthalle Hamburg, Germany Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 14, 2019 Konig Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, Germany Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 15, 2019 AFAS Live Amsterdam, Netherlands Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
MAR 14, 2020 - MAR 15, 2020 Hell and Heaven Fest Mexico City, Mexico
JUN 25, 2020 - JUN 27, 2020 Tons Of Rock Oslo, Norway
JUL 30, 2020 - AUG 1, 2020 Wacken Open Air Wacken, Germany

More info @

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