Friday 17 July 2020

Summer Holiday

Hey guys, going up north and the archipelago, there is no wi-fi and a very poor 4g connection, so I have to put this site on halt for a while, I will be back in August again as I start to "Work" then :)

Been a pretty busy time at home with fixing things that you usually don't have time to do so I never got a chance to pre-make any posts for this trip. So have a wonderful time, take care of each other with a lot of love, but keep the distance and remember to wash your hands :)

In the meanwhile, listen to the playlist this blog has, shitloads of great tunes, even if I been really poor to update it lately, you have over 160hrs of the best we can offer for this summer.

Cya soon...

Thursday 16 July 2020

Thou - Supernaut

Thursday, time for a cover.

"Supernaut" is the fifth song from the album Vol. 4 by British heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH. The tune is known for it's "riff", a tune that has inspired many rock acts during the years.

Sacred Bones Records is celebrating BLACK SABBATH's self-titled and "Paranoid" records with a brand new covers album called "What Is This That Stands Before Me?". The covers album features Thou performing "Supernaut," Marissa Nadler doing "Solitude," and quite a few more!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled BLACK SABBATH album and "Paranoid", Sacred Bones is proud to present "What Is This That Stands Before Me?", a compilation of SABBATH covers recorded by artists from across our roster. BLACK SABBATH stands at the crossroads of every Sacred Bones employee and artist's musical taste, and it was a great pleasure for us to work together to reimagine some of their most beloved songs. Here you'll find SABBATH through the filter of the post-Soviet darkwave of MOLCHAT DOMA, the experimental folk of HILARY WOODS, the laid-back psych of MOON DUO, and a half dozen more genres besides. Satan's coming 'round the bend.

Today's version is made by the American sludge metal band THOU, a band that was formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005.

Stream "What Is This That Stands Before Me?" below and grab a copy in a few formats here.

Enjoy today's tune!

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Wednesday 15 July 2020

Split Heaven - Speed Of The Hawk

From the land of sombreros, cactus and tequila, these five pistoleros will make you scream with blasting heavy metal! Created on 2005, with four albums released ("Psycho Samurai", "Street Law", "The Devil’s Bandit" & "Death Rider"), SPLIT HEAVEN is one of the most solid bands in the actual heavy metal scene. They combine thundering speed, '80s metal riffs, battle solos and high-pitched vocals to create a vicious monster ready to bite, infect and spread the word of Heavy Metal.

The band has performed several gigs around the world in tours and festivals such as Wacken Open Air 2009, A.O.S.M.A.T Brazilian Tour 2010, Swordbrothers Festival / European Tour 2012, Vive Latino 2013, BÄÄÄM Festival / European Tour 2014, Full Metal Osthessen Fest, German Swordbrothers Festival / European Tour 2017. Mise Open Air in Germany and a Euro tour 2019.

Their last effort, “Death Rider”, was released in 2016, where they have formed an alliance with their new singer Jason Conde-Houston, from Seattle, the frontman of US Metal band SKELATOR. He is strongly influenced by high pitched legends like HELSTAR’s James Rivera and PRIMAL FEAR’s Ralf Scheepers. As always SPLIT HEAVEN is keeping it true, this time with “Painkiller” style double bass drumming, “Thundersteel” style guitar melodies, and glorious NWoBHM style solos. This album features an uptempo smasher “Speed Of The Hawk”, see it below, the spanish fistpumper “Descarga Letal” as well as the striking opener “Death Rider”. The explosive, crushing, “Death Rider” will take the hearts of many Metal maniacs by storm!

Line up:
Jason Conde - Vocals
Pablo Ollervides - Bass
Armand "Hank" Ramos - Guitar
Carlo "Taii" Hernández - Guitar
Tomás Roitman - Drums

Today's tune "Speed Of The Hawk" is taken from the album "Death Rider", released March 25, 2016, enjoy!

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Tuesday 14 July 2020

Forstenet - Skønhed Blandt Kolossale Masser Af Grå

FORSTENET is a Danish five-piece progressive and psychedelic rock/metal band, consisting of guitar, bass, drums, Hammond organ and, a highly prominent feature in their music, bass trombone! The main standout point of the band is that their songs are written in their native language Danish, with a singer who practices everything from clean singing, growling, screaming, throat singing, and powerful high-pitched falsetto singing. The eclectic vocals combined with heavy progressive grooves and dark, haunting, atmospheric guitar riffs with the nordic feel of the band's mother's tongue contributes to a quite fresh experience of modern progressive rock/metal. It's really good, check it up below.

First press is only 250 copies of the Vinyl, so act quickly if you want one.

Guitars/Vocals: Lauritz Andersen
Drums: Emil Deleuran Poulsen (SKIFTING)
Guitars: Lasse Sølling Madsen
Bass: Morten Gustav Eide
Keyboards/Bass Trombone: Troels Mathiesen

Today's tune "Skønhed Blandt Kolossale Masser Af Grå" is the second single from the album "Ephemeros: Virvar", released Nov 2019. The album is available on Gatefold 2-LP, Jewelcase CD and streaming. Enjoy!

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Monday 13 July 2020

Demonic Death Judge – The Trail

Monday and it's time to present "Record Of The Week".

Finland's prime sludge/stoner doom band DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE is back with their fifth album "The Trail". The band is originating from Kymenlaakso, Finland. Formed by two sets of brothers in 2009. The lineup would change in 2013 and remain the same since.

"The Trail" was recorded during Fall 2019 all around southern Finland. Wildcard Andy appears courtesy of Old Wood'n Joe's Hobo Bluesstruction who provides additional instruments on the album. Cover art and photos by PÄIVI LUOMA. The album was released March 27, 2020 on Suicide Records.

"The Trail" is a veritable slab of the heavy sludge, nihilistic screaming misery with massive, doomy plodding riffs, atmospheric explorations, and a doze of psychedelic spices.

The album opens up with a tasty acoustic ghostly intro in "Cougar Charmer", a piece that could represent the photo of a mountain range on the album cover, a cover that easily could be taken as something totally different from what the band stands for. Anyway, after little over a minute when the acoustic guitar silence and the electric is turned on and the first tunes slide over to the bluesy "Filthy As Charged", heavy, almost stoner guitar riffs and the sludgy vocals in a very melodic and groovy tune that follows pretty much in the same way in "Hardship", "Elevation" and the tripped out "Shapeshifting Serpents" but with a few different approaches, still in very high quality and standard by the band until the band changes a bit and walks into a darker place in the tune "Flood", this piece also has a marvelous psychedelic guitar work that flows over to the tasty instrumental "Fountain Of Acid" who barely breathes before we step over to a reprise of "Cougar Charmer", acoustic guitar fiddle in a western-style and harmonica that reboots the sludgy doomish way, like ginger does in a sushi meal, opens your senses completely to be able to receive what's to come when it's time for the title tune "The Trail" to take place in this trip along with high mountains. Almost a nine minutes beast which crushes almost everything, thinking of compositions, jamming, and the way how to build a tune that you enjoy as a listener, touches everything and opens up the senses in a way that you lose yourself in it. The album closes up with the groovy, melodic, and bluesy "We Have To Kill". The album is a record that is designed to be appreciated multiple times and in a row, preferably on vinyl alone or with headphones.

Sum: An very enjoyable release from our neighbors and a must-have for stoner/sludge fans.

Special edition of 100 pcs: Orange (the one I got), 100 pcs: Clear, 100 pcs: Yellow and 200 pcs: Black LP gatefold (including a limited round DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE patch (red), 'The Trail' short story and 'The Trail' postcard). Gateford cover with 1 LP. Includes 4-page lyric sheet. Order it today, a few copies still around, get it here

Jaakko Heinonen - Vocals
Lauri Pikka - Drums
Eetu Lehtinen - Bass
Toni Raukola - Guitar

Today's tune "Filthy As Charged", taken from the album "The Trail", enjoy!

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Sunday 12 July 2020

New York Dolls - Trash

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Trash" is the debut single by American hard rock band the NEW YORK DOLLS. It was recorded for their 1973 self-titled album and released as a double A-side with the song "Personality Crisis" in July 1973. "Trash" did not chart upon its release, but has since been hailed by music critics as an anthemic glam rock and proto-punk song. In 2009, the band recorded a reggae-styled remake of the song for their album Cause I Sez So.

"Trash" begins immediately with its chorus, in which lead vocalist David Johansen sings dramatically and implores the song's subject—"my sweet baby"—to not throw her "life away." Journalist and author Phil Strongman interpreted the singer's appeal to his subject as being in the context of a socially deviant New York City: "in under four minutes, it tells a bittersweet'n'sour low-life love story – how does the girl call her lover-boy? 'Trash!' – in majestic trash-Glam style. These people might be hookers, rent boys, junkies, sneak thieves – or so the lyrics imply – but they're still human beings and their subject matter is still tragedy." Johansen quotes the lyric "how do you call your lover boy" from Mickey & Sylvia's 1956 song "Love Is Strange".

According to music critic Robert Christgau, Johansen used ambiguity as a lyrical mode on the song, particularly when the lyric "please don't you ask me if I love you" is followed by "if you don't know what I do", and later by "'Cause I don't know why I do". He replaces the phrase "life" in "Don't take my life away" with "knife", "night", and "lights" when singing the lyric at different times throughout the song. Both Strongman and rock photographer Bob Gruen felt that the other chorus about needing to "pick up" trash gave the song an ecological theme: "Trash, pick it up, don't throw my life away."

"Trash" concludes with a double-beat ending that producer Todd Rundgren embellished with high-pitched background vocals, which were inspired by The Herd's 1968 song "From the Underworld". According to Strongman, "The song's soaring finale suggests that all these problems – chemical, emotional, environmental – might just be overcome by the sheer power of love'n'lust – young rock'n'roll romance, by the passion of young people."

According to Strongman, "Trash" may have been the most "passionate" of all the NEW YORK DOLLS' songs. Music journalist Tony Fletcher later said that, as with "Personality Crisis" and "Jet Boy", the addition of background vocals and piano helped make "Trash" into an anthemic glitter rock song, while Kirk Lake cited it as a proto-punk classic in The Rough Guide to Rock (2003).

Anyway, enjoy today's tune where the clip is Performed live on television 1973.

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Saturday 11 July 2020

Guerilla Poubelle - Le Casse Du Siècle

Saturday, time to wake up your French skills with the French punk band GUERILLA POUBELLE.

The band was formed in 2003. The name translates to "Dustbin (Garbage Can) Guerrilla" in English.

Their lyrics are based on anarchist and existentialist beliefs and the band are DIY enthusiasts, lead singer and guitarist Till being behind the record label and concert promoter Guerilla Asso founded in 2004.

The band formed as a four-piece, following the break of ska-punk band LES BETTERAVES. The band originally incorporated a painter who painted and provided backing vocals during shows. Their debut album, entitled Il Faut Repeindre Le Monde… En Noir (The world Must Be Repainted… In Black) was released in 2005.

The have released numerous splits and EPs, as well as four albums, releasing music on their own Guerilla Asso, Asian Man Records and Crash Disques. The band has toured widely (France, Europe, Japan, Canada, USA) and played over 1 000 live shows.

GUERILLA POUBELLE has consistently refused to register with the French royalties collection society SACEM, in line with their values, despite selling a significant number of records for an independent band. The band have remained consistent over the years in playing mostly fast, short punk rock songs sung in French, with Till Lemoine's vocal delivery urgent and gritty.

Till : guitar and vocals
Antho : bass
Paul : drums

Till says: "(We) do not want our music consumed like yogurt. I want people to be open-minded and not to swallow every word I pronounce... Too many in the French punk scene act this way and for me, they are just slaves."

"When you tell people to recycle, they tell you "oh thats great, how good of you!" It's not great or nice, it should be fucking normal."

Today's tune "Le Casse Du Siècle" is taken from the bands latest release "L'ennui", 2020. The tune translates to "The Heist of the Century", and is about the gap between the ruling class and the stockholder is getting smaller every day. In France and everywhere else those partners in crime are emptying our welfare funds and breaking our public services up. The economy is trying to justify this but it’s all about profit for a chosen few. We should be working for us.

The clip is filmed at la Maroquinerie on 30.01.20, enjoy!

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Friday 10 July 2020

Hyborian - Driven By Hunger

The incisive and anthemic metal on the Kansas City-based HYBORIAN's 'Vol. II' is rich with propulsive riffs, lean, and infectious arrangements. Join The Traveller for the explosive force of "Planet Destructor", the rampaging "Driven By Hunger" (see it below), and the abounding arsenal of "Stormbound". HYBORIAN bears down hard on their mission for sonic conquest, and sophomore album 'Vol. II' is nothing short of world-class metal. Channeling the energy of stoner legends like HIGH ON FIRE and CROWBAR, while injecting progressive elements all their own, HYBORIAN is heavy beast, check it up.

Martin Bush
Justin Rippeto
Ryan Bates

Black and orange mixed 12" vinyl (33 rpm) in gatefold sleeve. Strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide and available exclusively on the Season of Mist shop!

Today's tune "Driven By Hunger" is taken from "Vol. II", enjoy!

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Thursday 9 July 2020

Inter Arma - Southern Man

Thursday, time for a cover.

Today's tune "Southern Man" is a song by Neil Young from his album "After The Gold Rush". The album was released in 1970.

The cover is made by the US sludge band INTER ARMA, who celebrate their past on "Garbers Days Revisited", their new covers record, recorded in between tours in support of their critically acclaimed 2019 full-length "Sulphur English". The record, named after the band's practice space, was once again tracked at Dark Art Audio in Madison, TN. INTER ARMA show off their wide array of influences, tackling covers by NINE INCH NAILS, CRO-MAGS, PRINCE, NEIL YOUNG, VENOM and MINISTRY in the INTER ARMA garb. "Garbers Days Revisited" sees INTER ARMA redefining the very aspects of the music that inspired and influenced them from their very beginnings.

"Hunter Thompson used to punch out pages of Ernest Hemingway on his typewriter "just to get the feeling of what it was like to write that way," drummer T.J. Childers comments. "The same can be said for anyone learning a great cover song: there's a lot to be deduced from the information there. Actually learning the songs can lead to inspirational, new musical ideas."

T.J. Childers - Drums
Steven Russell - Guitars
Trey Dalton - Guitars
Mike Paparo - Vocals
Andrew Lacour - Bass

INTER ARMA's inspiration can indeed be felt throughout the 8 tracks therein; from the melancholic, spoken intro leading to the explosive, riff-heavy take on the Neil Young classic "Southern Man", (hear it below) to the nearly pitch-black metallic approach of HÜSKER Dü's "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill", every song on "Garbers Days Revisited" captures the sounds that make INTER ARMA one of the scene's most unique and creative bands.

Childers continues, "Covers have been an integral part of Inter Arma since the beginning of the band and some of these songs have a direct lineage while others are a little more... obscure. As timing would have it, we hope this provides a bit of an escape for listeners, given the surreal circumstances we're in at the moment, because after all, great art should provide an escape which is part of why we chose to do this: sometimes you just wanna be runnin' down a dream..."

"Garbers Days Revisited" will be released tomorrow, 10th of July. Enjoy today's tune.

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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Loviatar - Horse In Thrall

The Canadian quartet, LOVIATAR, returns embracing the notion of the difficult second album and diving headfirst into a whirlpool of oppressive imagery and existential dread to present their sophomore album "Lightless".

With a heavy dose of post-metal and some gothic touches for good measure, Loviatar have created a sound that is distinctively theirs.

LOVIATAR (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar) whose sound borrows equally from the hazy gloom of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, the cinematic psychedelic landscapes of WOVENHAND and the crushing riffs of ISIS. Clearly sung vocals, equal parts somber and soaring, set them apart from others in the genre.

Thunderous elements of doom and post-metal contrast with hypnotic moments of atmospheric introspection. Their art is inspired by the mysteries of ancient mythology: the band takes its name from an ancient Scandinavian death goddess and frequently evokes themes of epic fantasy in their imagery and lyrics.

Formed in 2010, LOVIATAR has independently released a series of singles and EPs, and have been tapped to support such acts as RED FANG, SKELETONWITCH and BLOOD CEREMONY.

LP pressing - 500 copies on Midnight Black with White Spackle.

Recorded at Wolf Lake Studios by Andrew Robillard. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Bond.

Today's tune "Horse In Thrall" is taken from the second album "Lightless", enjoy

More info @

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Tuesday 7 July 2020

Godthrymm - The Sea As My Grave

GODTHRYMM is the new UK doom metal band formed by vocalist/guitarist Hamish Glencross (ex- MY DYING BRIDE/VALLENFYRE/SOLSTICE) and is rounded off by drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels (ex- MY DYING BRIDE/ANATHEMA) and bassist Bob Crolla. Their debut album "Reflections" was released on 2xLP/Digital/CD on Feb 14, 2020.

With their debut album "Reflections", GODTHRYMM have unleashed a colossal slab of heavy, mournful, yet pounding traditional doom that harks back to the classic era of '90s UK doom/Peaceville Records. A massive step up from the debut EP, "Reflections" is the result of Glencross taking GODTHRYMM further into the realm of doom into more darker, melancholic, and towering realms. Through Glencross' soaring passionate vocals complimenting his powerful riffs along with Steels' thunderous percussion giving the GODTHRYMM rhythm section that massive glorious tone, "Reflections" is a testament to the glory days of UK doom while making its statement as a new force of modern-day doom metal to behold.

A beautiful Vinyl version can be found at profound lore records.

Today's tune "The Sea As My Grave" is taken from the debut album "Reflections", enjoy!

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Monday 6 July 2020

White Stones - Kuarahy

Monday, new week, time to present "Record Of The Week".

From Martin Méndez, bassist of the ubiquitous OPETH comes WHITE STONES, a solo death metal project, that their debut album named "Kuarahy" (pronounced Kwa-Ra-Hee) will be released on March 20th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

Martín Méndez was just 17 years old when he moved from Uruguay to Sweden to play bass in OPETH. During the years with OPETH that gravitated towards the more progressive and psychedelic territory and leaving the type of music, he was grown up. With WHITE STONES debut he revisits the heaviness he started out playing. The album "Kuarahy" is named after his birthplace in Uruguay, “Kuarahy” is the native Uruguayan people’s word for "Sun", the record represents a return to his roots, both familial and musically. By exploring the forgotten paths of his ancestors via the style of music that remains his one true love - death metal.

"Kuarahy" is a groovy, heavy, and dark piece, that easily could associate it with an old OPETH album, like "Deliverance" for instance. It's not the same, a pretty unfair association, but it will work out for those who want that OPETH growls again :) On the album has Mendez taking care of both bass and rhythm guitar in the studio, along with the singer Eloi Boucherie (VIDRES A LA SANG) and drummer Jordi Farre (CRUCIAMENTUM), and his OPETH bandmate Fredrik Akesson has taken care of all of the guitar solos, except for one tune were former KATATONIA and BLOODBATH guitarist Per Eriksson shows his skill.

The album has a dark and atmospheric vibe with lots of progressive thinking in the tune buildings. I guess there the associations with OPETH. From the short instrumental opening with the title tune that builds up the path for melodic and progressive "Rusty Shell", tasty and heavy riffs with growling vocals, an excellent piece of music to kick start the album. There are plenty of excellent tunes on the album, like the progressive and delightful "Drowned In Time" or "The One" where we get served a great solo by Per Eriksson."Worms" is a groovy beast and "Guyra" is another tasty piece with catchy hooks and delicious riffs and where Frederik Akesson provides a solo that you will fall backward on. It doesn't end here, the tune "Ashes" forces thru like an overheated iron factory with its living and wide structure. The progressive and a bit far-out "Infected Soul" is beauty in itself, also the following "Taste Of Blood" is an excellent one. The album closes up with the sentimental "Jazy" and ends up an excellent debut that will get a lot of spins in the future. The album was Recorded at Farm Of Sounds studios, Barcelona, Produced by Martin Mendez, Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Gomez at Orgone Studios, UK

Sum: An excellent debut in the veins of OPETH, you need this!

Touring Line-up:
Jordi Farré - Drums
Albert Martí - Rhythm guitar
Joao Sassetti - Lead guitar
Eloi Boucherie - Vocals
Martin Mendez - Bass

Recording Line-up:
Martin Mendez - Bass & Guitars
Eloi Boucherie - Vocals
Jordi Farré - Drums
Featuring guest solos by Frederik Akesson & Per Eriksson

Today's tune "Drowned In Time" is taken from the debut album "Kuarahy", enjoy!

More info @

Official White Stones Facebook

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Sunday 5 July 2020

Dark Tranquillity - Lethe

Sunday, time for a classic!

Back in 1995 DARK TRANQUILLITY released a true classic of Gothenburg-style death metal with their second album “The Gallery” rounded off by a truly captivating Kristian Wahlin cover. A masterpiece of majestic melodic death metal!

From that album, we have picked one among many excellent tunes. "Lethe" is a true beauty, where the song name, if I'm correct is a river in Hades (Greek mythology) that the dead would drink from to forget all of their hardships in life. It also means to forget or lose memories.

"The Gallery", released on November 27, 1995. It was the first full-length release to feature Mikael Stanne on vocals, as he was previously the rhythm guitarist. "The Gallery" is considered a classic album of the Gothenburg style of metal, along with AT THE GATES "Slaughter Of The Soul" and IN FLAMES "The Jester Race", exhibiting the dual guitar leads, growled vocals and acoustic sections typical of the genre.

“The Gallery” was rereleased in 2012. Accompanied by a second LP incl. KREATOR, SACRED REICH, METALLICA, MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN cover versions as well as an etching on Side B, this is a must-have collector’s item and definite edition of this opus for vinyl enthusiasts!

Enjoy today's classic!

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Saturday 4 July 2020

Soilwork - Death Diviner

"The Feverish Trinity", a trilogy of songs with accompanying videos that, according to SOILWORK, would 'celebrate the Babylonian Death Goddesses that once made the world a more feverish and exciting place'. SOILWORK take their last steps on this journey that led us to the abysses and dark sides of humanity and release the final installment of this entity: "Death Diviner".

"Death Diviner is the final installment in the Feverish trilogy, the end of the path that Feverish and Desperado set us upon. The overall theme of these three songs is an attempt to describe the otherworldy, the emotions your body can’t contain and the desperate measures you take when you feel that there is something out there calling for you, something much bigger than you, but you know that if you could reach it, talk to it, you’d feel a sense of belonging for the first time in your life. Because that’s what we all miss, isn’t it? We all want to belong somewhere, but it never feels right. You always have that itch, that slightly uncomfortable feeling that you could be so much more, if you’d only been somewhere else, with a soulmate who knew everything you’d been through, and never judged any of your actions because it was the only thing you could do at that time. Death Diviner doesn’t provide the answers. The Feverish Trilogy doesn’t provide the answers. But they provide a ”What if?” that might change your life."

Behind The "Feverish" Trinity

Enjoy today's tune!

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Friday 3 July 2020

Shaman's Harvest - In Chains

SHAMANS HARVEST is an American rock band from Jefferson City, Missouri. Bassist Matt Fisher, singer Nathan "Drake" Hunt, and guitarist Josh Hamler founded the band in 1996. Ryan Tomlinson joined the band on lead guitar for their 2009 album "Shine". SHAMANS HARVEST released their fifth full-length album titled Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns on September 16, 2014. This release marked their debut on Mascot Records and the album where we pick today's tune from.

In 2017, the band released their sixth and latest studio album, "Red Hands Black Deeds". Written during the 2016 presidential election, it represented a departure for the band in its thematical and lyrical content, discussing the political and economic struggles in the United States. To support the album, they opened for NICKELBACK on their "Feed The Machine" North American tour along with DAUGHTRY.

Today's tune "In Chains" taken from the fifth studio album "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns is by American hard rock band Shaman's Harvest, released on September 16, 2014, through Mascot Label Group, enjoy!

More info @

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Thursday 2 July 2020

Blacktop Mojo - Dream On

Heya Folks!

Today Its Cover day 😃

"Dream On" is a power ballad by AEROSMITH from their 1973 debut self-titled album. Written by lead singer Steven Tyler, this song was their first major hit and became a classic rock radio staple. Released in June 1973 and got to be a big hit for the band. "Dream On" was first played live in Mansfield, Connecticut, at the Shaboo Inn. In a 2011 interview, Tyler reminisced about his father, a Juilliard-trained musician. He recalled lying beneath his dad's piano as a three-year-old listening to him play classical music. "That's where I got that Dream On chordage", he said.

Tyler says that this was the only song on the band's first album where he used his real voice. He was insecure about how his voice sounded on tape, so for the other songs, he tried to sing a bit lower and sound more like soul artists, such as James Brown. The song is also famous for its building climax to showcase Tyler's trademark screams.

In the authorized Stephen Davis band memoir Walk This Way, Tyler speaks at length about the origins of the songs:

"The music for 'Dream On' was originally written on a Steinway upright piano in the living room of Trow-Rico Lodge in Sunapee, maybe four years before Aerosmith even started. I was seventeen or eighteen. ... It was just this little thing I was playing, and I never dreamed it would end up as a real song or anything. ... It's about dreaming until your dreams come true."

Today's cover is made by A hard-driving Southern rock unit based out of Palestine, Texas, BLACKTOP MOJO's fiery blend of post-grunge, classic rock, and metal falls somewhere between SOUNDGARDEN, BLACK STONE CHERRY, and LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Founded in 2012 by frontman Matt James and drummer Nathan Gillis, the band eventually morphed into a five-piece with the additions of bass player Matt Curtis and guitarists Ryan Kiefer and Kenneth Irwin. They released their debut album, "I Am", in 2014, followed by a heavy bout of touring that saw the group sharing the stage with a wide array of heavy hitters, including BON JOVI, Sammy Hagar, CANDLEBOX, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, BLACK STONE CHERRY among many more.

Today's tune "Dream On" is taken from the band's second album "Burn The Ships", released 2017, enjoy!

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Wednesday 1 July 2020

Gurt - Rolling Stoned

The British thunderous GRUT, that plays some kind of sludgedoom, it's down-tempo and down-right sexy with demonic vocals and down-tuned guitars.

Hailing from London, England and since their creation in January 2010 GURT has released 2 LPs, 5 EPs, 3 splits (With DOPEFIGHT, LIMB & TRIPPY WICKED) 2 Christmas Singles and a number of sludgy covers.

Relentless touring across the UK and Europe has seen GURT perform with some truly great bands. Highlights include a 23 day European tour with Canadian sludge legends DOPETHRONE, a 7 day Euro tour with our bros in DIESEL KING, a 10 day UK tour with our BFFs BONG CAULDRON and PIST, supporting WEEDEATER in Paris, THE SWORD in Salzburg, RED FANG at the Black Heart and BLACK TUSK in Paris, as well as performing to packed out audiences at Desertfest 2013 & 2016, opening the 2nd stage at Bloodstock 2014 and triumphantly returning to Bloodstock for another 2nd stage appearance in 2017, playing the main stage of Stonerhead Festival in Salzburg and also laying waste to Hammerfest in North Wales, In Flammen in Germany, FOAD fest in Manchester, Massafest in Holland and Riff Fest in Bolton.

The band's latest release "Bongs Of Praise" is a filthy album, with classic 70´s rock mixed up with some nasty doom and sludge from hell. Just check up today's tune "Rolling Stoned", a down-tuned piece with some nasty wicked demonic vocals and heavy riffage.

GURT is:
Vocals: Gareth 'Growth' Kelly
Guitar: Rich 'Sedulurt' Williams
Bass: Dave 'Spicy' Blakemore
Drums: Bill 'The Scorpion' Jacobs

Today's tune "Rolling Stoned" is taken from the bands latest release "Bongs Of Praise", released September 6, 2019, enjoy!

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