Saturday 30 November 2019

Grave Siesta - Intolerance

Finnish Blackened Sludge does not belong to the ordinary, GRAVE SIESTA is a band that scissors around the land of a thousand lakes for a century and with the 3:rd release able to reach out to the masses and found it's the way to me. To be honest, I am not sure if I ever heard any band from Finland similar to this, please correct me if I'm wrong.

The third long-player "Voidward Spin" is an amazing piece of music that grows like a plant, hopefully, it will be fully grown after a few months :)

Band Members:
Taito Halonen - Vocals
Juha Kivikanto - Drums
Mikko Puhakka - Bass
Sami Lintunen - Guitar

Get "Voidward Spin" vinyl LP:

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Todays tune "Intolerance" is take from the 3:rd album "Voidward Spin", Live footage from Skeneraator Festival 2019, Estonia and Sopenkorven kesanto, Lahti, Finland, 2019, enjoy!

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Friday 29 November 2019

Solstorm - Eklips

From the weatherbitten west coast of Norway comes a sound so alarming, dismal and alien, you'd be forgiven for thinking the world had gone under.

SOLSTORM (solar storm) is the mindwork of Ognoise, a noise talent from Kopervik on the westcoast of Norway. Emigrating to Bergen with Jaran Hereid and Camilo Beltran from deathmetal act GOLIATHON, they formed the line-up of SOLSTORM together with Helge Taksdal and drummer Mads Lilletvedt (HELLISH OUTCAST, BYFROST). Concentrating mainly on apocalyptic themes, creating the sound of armageddon and the inevitable end of all things SOLSTORM combine noise with doom and anti-euphoric stoner metal.

SOLSTORM combine riffs sharp as nails, beats heavy as a mammoth and a genuine feeling of sheer hopelessness, resulting in one of the most poignant and captivating doom releases in years. Think NEUROSIS and CULT OF LUNA at their heaviest for some kind of reference, but rest assured SOLSTORM scorch their very own hole in the atmosphere.

SOLSTORM released their first full-length in march 2011 through Duplicate Records and the 2nd album "II" was released by Apollon Records in October 4, 2019. "II" was recorded at Taakeheimen Lydrike, Oslo, and Consternation Recording, Bergen. Mixed by Helge Taksdal at Taakeheimen Lydrike, Oslo. Mastered by James Plotkin, New York. Coverdesign by Kristoffer Lundberg.

The band:

Jaran Hereid - Bass, Vocals
Bjørn Ognøy - Guitar, Lapsteel
Camilo Beltran - Guitar
Roland Røtne - Guitar
Espen Lund - Trumpet
Jonas Hamre - Saxophone
Sten Ove Toft - Noise, Electronics
Andreas Johansen - Drums, samples
Mads Lilletvedt - Drums

Today's tune "Eklips" taken from the album "II", the video clip is filmed live at Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen, Norway, October 11th 2019.

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Thursday 28 November 2019

DÖ - Atmosfear

DÖ is a riff-praising, cosmos-worshipping trio from Helsinki, Finland. This vicious death cult lead by Big Dog (guitar), Joe E. Deliverance (drums) and Deaf Hank (vox & bass) feeds on dark astral energy and compresses it into what they call “döömer” – a unique northern mix of doom, sludge, stoner and psychedelic elements with hints of death / black metal.

“Astral Death Cult” is DÖ’s second LP, and when you count the EP’s, it’s the 5th release in total. Like with the previous productions, drums, guitar and bass for “Astral Death Cult” were recorded live to get the genuine trio dynamics on each track. The result is an album that collides earthy northern tone, riffs heavy as a neutron star and lyrics that praise the great cosmic forces.

“Astral Death Cult” was released on September 20th 2019, get it on Vinyl on Lay Bare Recordings / and on Cassette on Mercyful Tapes /

Today's tune “Atmosfear” is taken from “Astral Death Cult”, enjoy!

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Wednesday 27 November 2019

Witch Mountain - Priceless Pain

The Portland, Oregon, doomers WITCH MOUNTAIN have unveiled "Priceless Pain", which is the first studio recording they’ve had since their self-titled LP last year.

The new tune is a screamy piece with Kayla Dixon on vocals. WITCH MOUNTAIN recently made a tour in the states with CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.

“When I first heard the music for "Priceless Pain", I instantly knew what I wanted the song to be about, writes vocalist Kayla Dixon.

“I had recently been viscerally affected by the (not so new) news of the Amazon rainforest burning. I however sadly, wasn’t surprised. Humanity has, in a very short amount of time, almost completely ravaged this earth. I was even less surprised when I found out that the fires were caused by ‘controlled’ burns to clear way for cattle ranching. According to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies website, ‘Cattle ranching is the largest driver of deforestation in every Amazon country, accounting for 80% of current deforestation rates.’ Many of us want to believe that we’re not alone in this universe, yet the idea of extraterrestrial life frightens some of us. In this song, I want to urge the listener to consider the ‘why’ behind that fear. Might it be that our fear is caused by the conscience that we’ve buried so deep within ourselves that we hardly recognize it? If you reduce earth’s existence down to 46 years, you’ll realize that humans have been on this planet for 4 hours. That would mean that we have managed to destroy about half of the earth’s forests in one minute. This song is my best guess at what might happen if we were visited by a more intelligent and sophisticated species. I believe we’d been seen as a cancer and swiftly removed. My hope is that people will read these lyrics and make changes to their lives on an individual scale to contribute to fixing what we’ve broken.”

Today's tune "Priceless Pain" is the latest single. It was released September 20, 2019. Video was Animated and Directed by Don Noble. Enjoy!

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Tuesday 26 November 2019

Isole - Beyond The Horizon

Sweden's classic Doom Metal outfit ISOLE are back with a new album "Dystopia" and have released a video for the new single "Beyond The Horizon".

ISOLE formed under the name FORLORN back in 1990 with two sole members: Crister and Daniel. And after "I Hate Records" approached them in 2003 the band saw it fit to adopt a new moniker, thus becoming ISOLE. The debut album, "Forevermore", was released in early 2005 and followed up with a 7″, "The Beyond", in early 2006. Followed by "Throne Of Void" (2006), "Bliss Of Solitude (2008), "Silent Ruins" (2009), "Born From Shadows" (2011) and "The Calm Hunter" (2014).

Things have been a bit quiet around ISOLE for some time, but time has now come for the next chapter in the ISOLE saga, they have dwelled in the shadows long enough and will spread their wings of melancholy again now allied with Hammerheart Records. The new and 7th opus "Dystopia" with stories of this deteriorating world weaved in melancholic melodies will be out 2019. Once again recorded at Studio Apocalypse and Gustavo Sazes (ARCH ENEMY, FIREWIND) provided his artistic know-how to convey a feeling of mysticism and darkness through his symbolic artwork, while Mika Jussila Finnvox Studios took on the mastering responsibilities.

With their first releases, ISOLE were able to secure an excellent reputation within the doom metal underground. Then with "Bliss Of Solitude" and "Silent Ruins" they elevated their status even further. Now with their anticipated return with "Dystopia" ISOLE will secure their well-earned position in the doom metal scene.

Line-up: ISOLE 2019 left to right: 
VICTOR PARRI (drums), 
CRISTER OLSSON (lead guitar and vocals),
 DANIEL BRYNTSE (lead vocals and guitar),
JIMMY MATTSSON (bass and vocals)

Today's tune "Beyond The Horizon", taken from the 7th album "Dystopia", released August 23, 2019, enjoy!

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Monday 25 November 2019

Avatarium - The Fire I Long For

New Week, time to present "Record Of The Week"

The Swedish doom metal gurus AVATARIUM have returned with their fourth dark gospel "The Fire I Long For", after a couple of laps I kneel down and stretch my arms up towards the sky and roar a joy scream and the neighbors wonder what the hell happened there, I answer AVATARIUM.

The band was founded in 2012 by Leif Edling of CANDLEMASS, AVATARIUM soon saw the arrival of Marcus Jidell (producer CANDLEMASS) and Jennie-Ann Smith who brought an air of charisma with her soulful grace. By now, the band has become an entity of its own and while Leif decided to take a step aside, but still he has contributed three songs for the new album.

Only two years after taking the fans by storm with "Hurricanes And Halos", the album ended in 11th place when 2017 was summarized. "The Fire I Long For" includes 9 spellbinding tunes. Doom laden hooks and beautiful soaring guitar solos by Marcus Jidell and seductive and magic vocals by Jennie-Ann Smith together with a rhythm section of Andreas ”Habo” Johansson on drums, Mats Rydström on bass and the organist Rickard Nilsson.

"The Fire I Long For" is another chapter of their hauntingly beautiful doom creation. With a slow renewal and slightly developing of their own sound and craftmanship on every release to create its signature, make a mark and that is something very clear on this album. Nice magical pieces from the opening bombastic tune "Voices", heavy uplifting riffing and seductive vocals that smack right into the head. The first single "Rubicon" with a heavy loop that just glues hard in your mind, that you just go whistling to, simple but so brilliant. The intimate and beautiful "Lay Me Down" is a softer and gentle side of the band. The doomish and catchy "Porcelain Skull" have a few marvelous parts like the guitar solo and the organs. Doomish and psychedelic rocker "Shake The Demon" to the melancholy and pompous PURPLE like "Great Beyond". These are followed by a beautiful and catchy title tune. "Epitaph Of Heroes", the longest tune on the album, follows the classic CANDLEMASS palette, melodic and heavy juicy riffing and excellent vocals. The album closes off with the jazzy "Stars They Move" where the piano caresses Jennie-Ann's vocals in a magical way. The album is the band’s most varied release, great creation and a big step to try something new within them selfs. It feels that the focus is at the top and the creation step has been thought true. I'm really happy with the release and across the album’s 44-minute playing time I feel the joy rush through my body and choose to play it another lap. Highly recommended.

"The Fire I Long For" was recorded at Studio DeepWell in Stockholm, the album was produced by Marcus Jidell, mixed by Grammy Award winner Niklas Flyckt and mastered by Svante Forsback (RAMMSTEIN). The album was released by Nuclear Blast on November 22nd, 2019.

The band have also announced their first two shows in support of the new album that will take place in Sweden - more touring will be announced soon:

10.01.20 S Stockholm - Nalen
11.01.20 S Göteborg - Pustervik

The album can, of course, be found on Vinyl.

Sum: Once again they have opened another chapter of their hauntingly beautiful otherworld and enlightened our hearts with some dark gospel.

Today's tune "Rubicon" is taken from the latest release "The Fire I Long For", enjoy!

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Sunday 24 November 2019

T.S.O.L. - Flowers By The Door

Sunday, time for a classic.

T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) is an American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California. Although most commonly associated with hardcore punk, T.S.O.L.'s music has varied on each release, including such styles as deathrock, art-punk, horror punk and other varieties of punk music.

Formed in 1978 in Long Beach, T.S.O.L. originated as a punk band, developing from earlier bands SS Cult and Johnny Koathanger and the Abortions. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Jack Grisham (who has been credited as Jack Greggors, Alex Morgon, Jack Ladoga, Jack Delauge and Jack Loyd, among pseudonyms), guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roche and drummer Todd Barnes. According to legend, the band acquired their instruments by casing a local music shop, waiting until closing, and then performing a smash-and-grab robbery.

Today's tune "Flowers By The Door" is taken from the third studio album "Change Today?", released in 1984 through Enigma Records. It was the band's first album with singer/guitarist Joe Wood and drummer Mitch Dean, replacing founding members Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes who had left the band in late 1983. The album was recorded using money loaned to T.S.O.L. by the DEAD KENNEDYS, and found the new incarnation of the band moving away from the hardcore punk associations of the original lineup in favor of traditional rock and gothic rock sound. "Change Today?" was reissued in 1999 through the Enigma subsidiary Restless Records, adding four tracks from the recording sessions that had been left off the original album.

The video clip is filmed live at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ April 28, 1985, enjoy!

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Saturday 23 November 2019

Musta Risti - Moottoriritari

The Finish rockers MUSTA RISTI (Black Cross) latest album is a pre-apocalyptic and cosmic journey through a rocky and ruined world that echoes the sabbatical of old-fashioned rock and the metallic harshness of modern fuzzy rock. It sounds great, heavy old school riffing with a pleasant vocal, a band that reminds of some of the classic Swedish rockers like HORISONT and ABRAMIS BRAMA. All the tunes are in Finish and the lyrics of the album deals with hell and where the beast takes over the threat of apocalypse overpower and people.

The tunes for the album have been recorded in several sessions over the past two years.

Einari Toiviainen - Vocals
Leo Lehtonen - Guitars
Juuso Peltola - Guitars
Marko Lappalainen - Bass
Joel Hautala - Drums

Today's tune "Moottoriritari" is taken from the self-titled album, enjoy!

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Friday 22 November 2019

Horndal - Häng Honom

The sludgy hardcore/metal Swedish band HORNDAL finds it's way to tune of the day. The band has their roots in a small industrial town in the Swedish woods with the same name is the band – Horndal. A place with a gruesome story to tell.

In the late seventies, the steel mill that employed almost the whole population was threatened with termination. To protest against this a theatre group, including the parents of the band’s singer and drummer, wrote and set up a play about this disastrous event. The plot depicts the devil (played by their father) coming to the town to shut down the steel mill, leave the exploited workers to their fate and send the whole community to an early grave. Sadly the story came true. The factory was closed and the town was left for dead. The band translated the play and made into their lyrics.

The story is told on the band's debut album "Remains" where we find today's tune "Häng Honom" (Hang Him). The album was released February 22, 2019. Mixed and Mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén
Artwork by King Raya.

Henrik – Vocals, guitars
Pontus - Drums
Fredrik - Guitars
Erik - Bass

Driving rhythms in an excellent forward-thinking way, enjoy!

Upcoming tourdates:

Nov 29 - Hus 7 - Slakthusområdet, Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 24 - Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden (with BOMBUS)
Jan 25 - Pustervik, Gotenburg, Sweden (with BOMBUS)

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Thursday 21 November 2019

Knei - Vieja Mujer (Besos De Otros Días)

"III" is the third release from the Buenos Aires, Argentina based rock band KNEI. A country that has recently seen a resurgence in its music scene. It's not so common that a band from Argentina gets a chance to break through the dense stream of music that just pours over into the digital world in which we live.

KNEI was formed 2006 and has released three albums, "La Puera Del Sol" (2011) and "Juventud De La Gran Ciudad" (2016) and the latest one "III" (2019). The sound of the band is oriented to 70's rock n roll, well balance psychedelia and arrangements of progressive with rock blues and jazz-like touches.

The power trio consists of: 
Nicolas Lippoli (guitar/vocals), 
Mauro Lopez (bass), 
Roberto Figueroa (drums).

"III" was record on a tape with a Ampex MM1200 Recorder, mixed and mastered in API Console in Estudio El Attic, released June 7, 2019

Today's tune "Vieja Mujer (Besos De Otros Días)", taken from the album "III", enjoy!

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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Molior Superum - Sweet Oblivion

MOLIOR SUPERUM is residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. A band that I stumble upon by accident, caught my attention with their high-energy tunes inspired by the 70’s heavy, dirty blues rock and mixed with the fuzzy-faced lovechild of 70's hard rock.

The latest album "As Time Slowly Passes By..." was recorded at Welfare Sounds Studio in Gothenburg. Produced and mixed by Kalle Lilja. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg. It's an interesting piece of music, with great variation and cool shifts. The tunes a mixed between English and the native Swedish language. Well worked out riffing with a delicious twist gives the tunes a powerful punch of heaviness.


Oskar Öberg - Gitarr,
Carl Isaksson - Gitarr/Sång,
Lars Sandström - Bas/Sång,
Jens Fuglede - Trummor/Sång

Album limited to 300 copies.
100 black 100 White 100 Clear/smokey

Today's tune "Sweet Oblivion" is taken from "As Time Slowly Passes By...", released January 14, 2019. As they comment on their video "This is what happens when you want to make a music video, but you don't have any money...", enjoy!

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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Joseph Tholl - It's Just Rock n' Roll

Swedish multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Joseph Tholl, a rock musician led BLACK TRIP to create two fantastic albums "Goin Under" (2013) and "Shadowline" (2015), musically much different from the speed metal ENFORCER or the thrash metal in legendary anti-trendy CORRUPT and more in the vein of contemporary-sounding classic hard rock. But complications with the name led to BLACK TRIP becoming VOJD.

All the elements that have made up his career so far fall down and find their natural place when Joseph Tholl releases his solo album DEVIL'S DRUM on October 18, 2019 via High Roller Records (DE). An album of great rock - suggestive, beautiful, sometimes dissonant, vibrant and urgent.

The album was Mixed by Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker, Mastered by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony.

Robert Eriksson - Drums
Joseph Tholl - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano

Today's tune "It's Just Rock n' Roll", taken from "Devils Drum", enjoy!

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Monday 18 November 2019

Bombus - Vulture Culture

As civilization crumbles, everyone needs to find a good party at the end of the world. Loud, proud, bombastic and belligerent, Swedish metal crew BOMBUS have been raging against the dying of mankind’s light for the last decade, a consistent and reliable force for massive riffs and even bigger choruses, wielding enough fire and fury to power a fleet of Death Stars.

That "Vulture Culture" with BOMBUS step up the ladder and grabs the banner "Record Of The Week" is nothing strange, but it's a fact after having released such a melodic gem like this.

Gothenburg's fourth album "Vulture Culture" where the human decay and the impending doom of the planet are in focus. Heavy subject indeed, but BOMBUS with their clever craftsmanship, they manage to make the album interesting and with enough melodic swing in the tunes they keep up the party feeling. It is simply another in the line of high-quality rock albums to fall in love with and develop a robust relationship within the long run.

Compared to its predecessors, "Vulture Culture" does not represent a significant development from the predecessor "Repeat Until Death" and "The Poet & The Parrot", it feels somehow more uplifting and fresh, more up to date so to speak. It lands on the records store disks in perfect time, a record that you need right now even if you didn't know that until you read these lines, but hey now you do. It's perfect to party with when the doomsday is here.

From the brilliant opening tune "A Ladder – Not A Shovel", heavy guitar riffs, cutting melody, punkish vocals that kicks your buttocks... it flows forward like a tank in the middle of the night, with just over four minutes rampaging, the trip takes an unexpected turn outside of its normal comfort zone. To the uplifting anthem "(You Are All Just) Human Beings", delivered with maximum passion and punch that will dig deep into your skull like a true ear-worm do. Same goes with "In The Shadows", high tempo, chugging guitars riffs, groovy vocals and a melody that get stuck like a piece of gum in your forehead. The melodic bouncing one "Mama", great lyrics and the unexpected outro with the children chanting "Do What Your Mama Said", I can just agree. "We Lost A lot Of Blood Today", "Feeling Is Believing" and the title tune "Vulture Culture" are bombastic mid-pace pieces with massive sounds, groovy melody, and heavy riffing, screamy vocals. "It’s All Over" shows the band's other side with a clean and quiet way of delivery with such a passionate singing that makes me completely kneeled. On "Two Wolves And One Sheep" you will hear the band standing on one leg until they shift to the other and back again, balancing the more extreme moments that show up a new side of BOMBUS. The attraction to "Vulture culture" is immediate and I'm happy that they manage to pull this one off with such great quality.

The album was recorded with producer Daniel Johansson and mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, AT THE GATES). The album was released on the 15th of November.


Feffe (Guitar & Vocals) 
Matte (Guitar & Vocals) 
Simon (Guitar) 
Peter (Drums)
 Ola (Bass)

Sum: "Vulture Culture" is really addictive, an album that should be played on Repeat, Until Death!

Upcoming tour dates:

08.11.2019 (DK) Copenhagen - Copenhell Metal Cruise
11.12.2019 (DE) Munich - Backstage
13.12.2019 (DE) Hamburg - Headcrash
14.12.2019 (NL) Rotterdam - V11
15.12.2019 (BE) Antwerp - Trix
17.12.2019 (DE) Cologne - Luxor
18.12.2019 (DE) Berlin - Musik & Frieden

Today's tune "Mama", taken from the album "Vulture Culture", the video was produced and directed by Ulf Lundén, enjoy!

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Sunday 17 November 2019

Heavy Pettin - Sole Survivor

Sunday, time for a classic!

"Sole Survivor" is a tune by the Scottish NWOBHM Heavy Rock Band HEAVY PETTIN.

HEAVY PETTIN was formed in Glasgow in mid-1981 when the band Weeper, comprised of guitarist Gordon Bonnar, bassist Brian Waugh and drummer Gary Moat, added vocalist Steve Hayman and lead guitarist Punky Mendoza to the line-up.

HEAVY PETTIN' first stirred into action when vocalist Hamie, guitarists Gordon Bonnar and Punky Mendoza, drummer Gary Moat and bassist Brian Waugh first burst out of Glasgow in 1981. They were vibrant, priapic, anthemic and focused. As they showed on a three-track demo, and on the subsequent debut single for independent label Neat ("Roll The Dice"/"Love Xs Love"), they were more than mere DEF LEPPARD slaves. In fact, the PETTIN’ had an international sound that owed something to AC/DC, UFO, THIN LIZZY and FOREIGNER, but also had its own raging momentum.

Not that the band found the road straightforward. But, thanks to a work ethic that took them around the country, plus a valuable session for Radio 1’s prestigious ‘Friday Rock Show’, the band eventually landed a crucial deal with the major label Polydor Records. Moreover, their 1983 debut album ("Lettin’ Loose") was co-produced by the creative Mack together with QUEEN guitarist Brian May. Now, that’s pedigree. Amazingly, that album has survived more than 20 years of high-speed hi-tech developments intact. While other, more celebrated records have dated badly, "Lettin’ Loose" re-affirms the belief back then that the Pettin would follow LEPPARD to big time stature. What went wrong at the time has little to do with band, or lack of ambition/talent.

In 2017, original members Hamie, Punky, and Gordon joined by Jez Parry on bass and Michael Ivory on drums performed for the first time in 25 years at Scotland’s WinterStorm. Reinvigorated, HEAVY PETTIN, now joined by ex-GUN guitarist Dave Aitken due to Punky hanging up his guitar and going in to retirement, did several shows in 2018 including a 6 date UK tour, with 3 sold out gigs in Nottingham, London and Edinburgh, as well as 2 sold out headline gigs in Milton Keynes and Glasgow.

The 2019 HEAVY PETTIN’ assault started in North Wales with HRH AOR Festival, then off to Germany’s Headbangers Open Air Festival in July, and a Aug/Sept tour including The Golden Age of Rock Festival Belgium, with Dee Snider and Angel, plus a mainland British tour with RockGoddess. HEAVY PETTIN' are currently finishing out the year recording and mixing a new EP for mid-February release. Hamie has said “…the demand and support for new HEAVY PETTIN material has been so overwhelming, we are excited to say we’re now working on brand new HEAVY PETTIN album too! Which will also be released later in 2020… and it’s going great!"

Today's tune "Sole Survivor" taken from the second album "Rock Ain’t Dead", enjoy!

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Saturday 16 November 2019

Torche - Admission

15 years into their career, TORCHE have established themselves as a cornerstone of American heavy rock. Their new album, "Admission", sees the band expanding on the themes and songwriting prowess that have always reverberated with music fans throughout their critically acclaimed discography. "Admission" feels like their most personal album so far. TORCHE's guitar work is loaded with the drawl of syrupy-sludge riffing, proving to be more crushing than ever before. The band, led by mastermind Jon Nunez, craft unforgettable vocal harmonies with hook-driven, pop sensibilities to match.

"Admission" is the fifth studio album by the American metal band TORCHE released on July 12, 2019 through Relapse Records. This is the bands first material since their previous album "Restarter", released in 2015. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by longtime bassist Jonathan Nuñez and is the first to feature Eric Hernandez on bass guitar after former guitarist Andrew Elstner's departure in November 2016. "Admission" was well received by music critics

Today's tune "Admission" is the title tune from the bands latest release, enjoy!

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Friday 15 November 2019

Amenra - A Solitary Reign

The Belgian AMENRA have been paving their own headstrong way in the 12 years since their inception, from overlooked releases and poorly attended show to critically acclaimed albums, sold-out shows and the utmost respect of their listeners, peers and even heroes. Always putting heart and soul into every note, word, and image and changing the course of people’s lives everywhere their path leads them.

AMENRAs latest studio album "Mass VI" is an emotional rollercoaster until its very last second until Diaken is abruptly ended at its very climax, as the last breath of an expiring life.

Every band member is seemingly being stretched to their physical limits throughout. Colin puts in the performance of a lifetime, but he is inextricably intertwined to the guitarwork of Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove and Lennart Bossu is able to express unimaginable weight, both physical and spiritual, as well as weaving melodies of the utmost delicacy, while the rhythm section of Levy Seynaeve and Bjorn J. Lebon can either rumble like a consuming thunderstorm or retreat to the shadows with the same flowing spontaneity as the atmosphere dictates.

No love without pain. No life without death. No light without darkness. That is the conflict at the heart of Mass VI, at the heart of each and every one of us, at the heart of what it means to be human, to live and to love and to lose, and few other pieces of music will wrench that ambivalence out of us and present it in such an acutely overwhelming fashion.

It's hard to think of a better person to capture this sonic enormity than Billy Anderson. The legendary American producer was already the chosen one for "Mass V", and between NEUROSIS "Through Silver In Blood", SLEEPs "Dopesmoker", EYEHATEGODs "Dopesick", CATHEDRALs "Endtyme" or BRUTAL TRUTHs "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom", among many others. "Mass VI" was recorded in the Belgian Ardennes, a region of thick forests in the south-east of the country, where the band was snowed in for a week.

"Mass VI" have been released in 2 versions of the album: one mixed by Billy Anderson and mastered by Justin Weis (released in US via Neurot Recordings) and another mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (released in Europe via Consouling Sounds).

These versions have different artwork, track titles, sound and track durations (the biggest difference is on the opening track "Children Of The Eye" - 11:49 for the European version vs. 9:41 for the US version).

Today's tune "A Solitary Reign" is taken from "Mass VI", enjoy!

Upcoming Tourdates:

Sat, NOV 16 Melna piektdiena , klubs Rīga, Latvia
Sun, NOV 17 Rockclub Tapper Tallinn, Estonia
Mon, NOV 18 Ääniwalli Helsinki, Finland
Wed, NOV 20 Fryshuset Klubben Stockholm, Sweden
Thu, NOV 21 Spillestedet Stengade Nørrebro, Denmark
Fri, NOV 22 Kulttempel Oberhausen, Germany
Tue, DEC 17 Saint Merry Church Paris, France
Wed, DEC 18 Bataclan Paris, France
Sat, DEC 21 Park ter Walle Menen, Belgium
Feb 28, 2020 Solar de Botafogo Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Feb 29, 2020 A Autêntica Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mar 1, 2020 Fabrique Club São Paulo, Brazil

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Thursday 14 November 2019

Body Count - Raining Blood

Magic Thursday is here, time to dig up a Cover that rocks.

"Raining Blood" is a song by the American thrash metal band SLAYER. Written by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King for the 1986 studio album "Reign in Blood", the song's religious concept is about overthrowing Heaven.

The song is four minutes and fourteen seconds in duration. It ends with a minute of rain sound effects. It's a "classic" metal tune and it is noted by fans as one of SLAYERs most popular songs. As an almost permanent addition to their live sets, both Hanneman and King acknowledged it as their favorite song to play live. Many of SLAYERs live performances of the song have been captured on the band's live albums and also multi-band compilation albums including MTV2 Headbangers Ball.

There have been many appearances of the song in the media and elsewhere, including the South Park episode "Die Hippie, Die", and the video games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, where it is considered difficult to play.

Many artists have made a cover of the tune during the years, like the magific version by Tori Amos, it has also been covered by MALEVOLENT CREATION, HAVOK, Natalie Prass, BODY COUNT, VADER, DIECAST, QUIET COMPANY, REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT and Erik Hinds, who covered the entire Reign in Blood album on a "H'arpeggione". The guitar riffs from "Raining Blood" and "Mandatory Suicide" were sampled by rapper LIL JON in the song "Stop Fuckin Wit' Me" from the 2004 album "Crunk Juice". It was Rick Rubin's only collaboration with LIL JON on the record. Jon wanted to create a "black version" of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' song "Institutionalized". The New Zealand drum and bass group CONCORD DAWN produced a drum and bass cover version on their album "Uprising", on which they partially sample the famous opening riff of the song.

Today's version is the American heavy metal BODY COUNT, released on the sixth studio album "Bloodlust", enjoy!

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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Wolfmother (feat. Chris Cester) - Chase The Feeling

Aussie hard-rockers WOLFMOTHER have released a video for their brand new tune "Chase The Feeling", featuring Chris Cester from JET.

It’s a rock anthem that comprises their signature, musical specialties.

With Cester’s fun rhythms, WOLFMOTHERs classic riffs, and Andrew Stockman’s whirring vocals. JETs Chris Cester also lends his vocals to the track, contrasting nicely with Stockman’s.

“Way back in the day when we were recording the first WOLFMOTHER record, Chris invited us all over for a barbecue at his house in LA,” says WOLFMOTHER frontman Andrew Stockdale. “I think we all appreciated the sense of camaraderie he and the band had shown us in the early days, so it’s kind of cool to acknowledge these times by combining forces with a collaboration.

“With Chris’s signature style drumming, rock speak and his old mate Jason Hills production wizardry, we managed to give one of my riffs a bit of a Hollywood nip and tuck, without over polishing the wild beast. Now it’s morphed into it’s own hybrid anthem for many future backyard cook ups and late night dive bar meanderings.”

“Andrew and I have known each other for years,” adds Chris, “and when he’d come to LA we’d always say, ‘Let’s do something let’s jam or whatever.’ So one day he comes over with this riff, we finished writing it in an hour or two, recorded it all in a couple more. No computers, no BPMs making it all robotic – all live. I think we did six takes!? It felt good to roll the tape and just deal with the consequences… next to a digital record, it sounds like an animal to me”.

Chase The Feeling is the first taste of new WOLFMOTHER material, coming in 2020.

Today's tune "Chase The Feeling" featuring Chris Cester from JET, enjoy!

More info @

Official Wolfmother Web
Official Chris Cester Instagram

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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Bokassa - Vultures

The fast-rising stoner punks BOKASSA have gotten a name after toured Europe supporting METALLICA on the "WorldWired Tour" in 2019, with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich giving the band a glowing endorsement.

BOKASSA released its latest album, "Crimson Riders" and pretty recently they have unveiled the official video the tune "Vultures", taken from their latest album.

BOKASSA fuse stoner rock riffs and groove with the energy and volatility of punk and hardcore, into their own unique brand of stoner punk. New album "Crimson Riders" was recorded back home in Trondheim’s Brygga Studio, with production by Yngve Andersen (BLOOD COMMAND), mixing by Simon Jackman, and mastering by the legendary Grammy-winner Brian “Big Bass” Gardener (Dr. Dre, BAD RELIGION, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL).

After the tour with METALLICA they are now out for a UK & European headline tour, see all the dates below.

Today's tune "Vultures", taken from "Crimson Riders", enjoy!

BOKASSA frontman Jørn elaborates, “To us ‘Vultures’ always had a desert road trip kind of groove to it. But there aren’t many deserts where we’re from in Norway, so we made this psychedelic wacky road trip video instead. It was shot in Manchester, UK, the day after we played Stade De France in Paris!”

Upcoming Tourdates:

November 19 – Stockholm, Debaser Strand (Sweden)
November 21 – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset (Denmark)
November 22 – Hamburg, Bahnhof Pauli (Germany)
November 23 – Berlin, Privatclub (Germany)
November 25 – Warsaw, Hybrydy (Poland)
November 26 – Prague, Futurum (Czech Republic)
November 27 – Budapest, Dürer (Hungary)
November 28 – Vienna, Chelsea (Austria)
November 30 – Munich, Backstage Club (Germany)
December 1 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (Germany)
December 2 – Antwerp, Trix (Belgium)
December 6 – London, Underworld (UK)
December 7 – Manchester, Rebellion (UK)
December 8 – Glasgow, Audio (UK)
December 10 – Norwich, Waterfront Studio (UK)
December 11 – Bristol, The Fleece (UK)
December 13 – Paris, Backstage (France)
December 14 – Utrecht – De Helling (Netherlands)
December 15 – Saarbrücken, Garage (Germany)
December 16 – Dortmund, Fzw Club (Germany)

More info @

Official Bokassa Web

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Monday 11 November 2019

Opeth - In Cauda Venenum

New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"In Cauda Venenum" the 13th album by the Swedish progressive rockers OPETH. It's a sonic brew of "13 miljoner 100 tusentals" (13 million 100 thousands).

That OPETH set out to do something a little different with the album "In Cauda Venenum", he decided to release two versions, one in English and one in Swedish. Outside of vocal cadence, the records are the same. Take your pick or buy them both as I did :)'

The fact that the English version may certainly be the more accessible of the two. But that the Swedish version becomes more real and more "True" for us Swedes is not strange but fully understandable, that Mr. Åkerfeldt voice is just lovely when he’s singing in his native tongue when he expresses himself in a more normal way with his native language makes it closer, clearer and easier to get a grip of his thoughts and feelings significantly more than when he is trying to translate. Even if his English lyrics are high class the use of Swedish makes a bigger impact on me. Still, both have strong songwriting no doubt about that. The resonating guitar solo, instrumentally and the vocals are the stars here, no matter the version.

The album is a massive piece with its 67 mins of playtime divided into 10 tunes. It's an amazing sounding album, a band in a playful mood with engaging tunes full of passion and life. It's a true delight instrumentally and really fun to play and suits perfectly with a glass of red wine and slippers around the open fire that burns lively in the living room along with OPETH in your speakers. From the brilliant way to start in "Svekets Prins" (Dignity), excellent guitar playing with a guitar solo that gives goosebumps and the superb vocals from Åkerfeldt. Heavy riffing opens up the progressive rocker and the album's first single "Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör" (Heart In Hand) that takes you on a frenetic dopamine ride. "De Närmast Sörjande" (Next Of Kin) is a heavy and dark tune that musical and lyrically is a masterpiece. The freakout piece "Charlatan" with shredding bass licks in a spaced-out religious world. "Banemannen" (The Garroter) and "Kontinuerlig Drift" (Continuum) are two of the more spectacular halfpace tunes. "Ingen Sanning Är Allas" (Universal Truth) is another beauty. Albums finale "Allting Tar Slut" (All Things Will Pass) flows in a bit jazzy way, flawless guitars and marvelous drumming make this a perfect and powerful ending of an excellent album. "In Cauda Venenum" shows the sheer level of talent that OPETH has taken and this is the best record for the band since "Heritage".

Sum: The 4th and strongest of the albums in the band’s progressive path.

Today's tune "Svekets Prins" (Dignity) is taken from "In Cauda Venenum", Released on September 27th, 2019 on Moderbolaget and Nuclear Blast. Enjoy!

Upcoming tour dates:

Wed, NOV 13 E-Werk Köln, Germany
Thu, NOV 14 Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Germany
Fri, NOV 15 Meistersingerhalle Nuremburg, Germany
Sat, NOV 16 HUXLEY'S NEUE WELT Berlin, Germany
Sun, NOV 17 Det Kongelige Teater København K, Denmark
Fri, NOV 29 Bacardi Pune NH7 Weekender Pune, India
Sat, NOV 30 Bacardi Pune NH7 Weekender Pune, India
Sun, DEC 1 Bacardi Pune NH7 Weekender Pune, India
Mon, DEC 2 MAO Livehouse Shanghai, China
Tue, DEC 3 MAO Livehouse Beijing, China
Thu, DEC 5 Umeda Club Quattro Osaka-shi, Japan ローソンチケット
Fri, DEC 6 Zepp Tokyo 江東区, 日本
Sun, DEC 8 Live At The Crossroads Singapore, Singapore
Tue, DEC 10 The Barton Theatre Torrensville, Australia
Wed, DEC 11 The Astor Theatre Perth, Australia
Fri, DEC 13 Palais Theatre Melbourne, Australia
Sat, DEC 14 State Theatre Sydney, Australia
Sun, DEC 15 The Tivoli Brisbane, Australia
Jan 12, 2020 Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
Jan 13, 2020 Stockholm Cirkus Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 15, 2020 Helsinki Ice Hall Helsinki, Finland
Feb 13, 2020 The Agora Theatre Cleveland, OH
Feb 14, 2020 The Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL
Feb 15, 2020 Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI
Feb 17, 2020 Palladium Worcester, MA
Feb 18, 2020 Mtelus Montréal, Canada
Feb 19, 2020 Rebel Toronto, Canada
Feb 21, 2020 Apollo Theater New York, NY
Feb 22, 2020 Apollo Theater New York, NY
Feb 23, 2020 The Fillmore Silver Spring Silver Spring, MD
Feb 25, 2020 Egyptian Room at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN
Feb 26, 2020 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN
Feb 28, 2020 House of Blues Houston Houston, TX
Feb 29, 2020 The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory Irving, TX
Mar 1, 2020 Arvest Bank Theatre At the Midland Kansas City, MO
Mar 2, 2020 The Mission Ballroom Denver, CO
Mar 4, 2020 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA
Jun 6, 2020 Rockwave Festival Μαλακάσα, Greece
Aug 20, 2020 ArcTanGent (Performance Date TBA) Compton Martin, United Kingdom

More info @

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