Tuesday, September 19, 2017

With the Dead - Isolation

Supergroup is such an erroneous term – images of bored playboys pissing on their legacy spring to mind – but the members of WITH THE DEAD have a history of creating criminally good records as long as your arm. They’ve all served hard time in the subterranean worlds of Doom and the heaviest forms of Metal and have now reconvened to surpass previous projects. They’re back – and this time the aim is to maim.

WITH THE DEAD were formed by the founding rhythm section of occultist Doom overloads ELECTRIC WIZARD: guitarist/bassist Tim Bagshaw (also a current member of SERPENTINE PATH) and drummer Mark Greening, a pair once notorious for the sheer brute heaviness of their bowel-shaking sound and early extra-curricular activities that involved excess, injury and low-level criminality (arrests for the theft of a crucifix from a church roof and drunkenly robbing an off-licence to name but two).

Due to various reasons, Greening was dismissed from the group shortly after the album was released. His replacement is former BOLT THROWER skin batterer, Alex Thomes. Joining him is full-time bassist, Leo Smee, formerly of British Doom pioneers CATHEDRAL. Having performed both bass and guitar duties on the album, Bagshaw will now concentrate solely on six-string savagery. Completing the circle is frontman Lee Dorrian, co-founder of CATHEDRAL, former frontman with grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH and owner of Rise Above Records, the UK’s finest independent purveyors of all sounds heavy and underground, whose stable of bands include GHOST, UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, LUCIFER, BLOOD CEREMONY and WITCHCRAFT. Having been in business since 1988, Rise Above is also one of the most enduring.

So get ready for some apocalyptic, chasm, skull-crushing Doom Metal. Prepare to die.

Today's tune "Isolation" is taken from the forthcoming album, "Love From With the Dead", released worldwide September 22nd 2017. The Video is directed by Marc Morris.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Transport League - Twist & Shout at the Devil

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Twist & Shout at the Devil" is the latest and seventh album from the Swedish boogie rockers TRANSPORT LEAGUE.

The band, which was formed in 1994 and with now with the seventh release "Twist & Shout at the Devil" they have created an album that shows that the band has grown, a bit beardy and grey haired than usual 😏

The songs feels very elaborate and well-crafted. The album is like an riffy roadtrip with an heavy impact! It got some strong influences from DANZIG and CLUTCH. Like the two predecessors, "Twist & Shout at the Devil" is a collection of tunes with high peaks and less compelling transportation stretches in between. The three longstanding band members Tony Jelencovich, Peter Hunyadi (guitar) and Mattias Starander (drums) recorded the album together with the new bassist Dennis Österdal who has joined the fold to replace Lars Häglund, the latter having had to leave the group due to health problems.

"Twist & Shout at the Devil" with the ambiguous album title which hints at both the BEATLES ("Twist And Shout") and MÖTLEY CRÜE ("Shout At The Devil"). The album opener "Destroy Rock City", with its KISS references ("Detroit Rock City") in terms of its name and its startup riff until it forms to their own creation. There is another tune where the reference is made, "Bad Voltage" which brings to mind LED ZEPPELIN and AC/DC, Marshall amps and Gibson guitars – all of them synonymous with timeless rock´n`roll. The heavy punching "Power To The Sloth", screaming vocals and cool and heavy riffs. "Cannibal Holobeast" is a really cool piece where he screams "This is my sabotage", the tune is also supported by a video clip. "Swine To Shine" is a more lade-back tune, I get a little FOO FIGHTERS feeling in the vocal part until he burst out something else, cool tune. "One Last Way", heavy melodic riffing with almost rapping vocals and screaming angry parts in a very melodic way, could have been a tune from SYSTEM OF A DOWN, I really like this one. "Zulu Zombie Zodiac" is a fast tune, a modern groovy monster to the stand out tune "Dead And Awaken", were spoken word is the main thing along with ruffy and screamo vocals takes it's part along with heavy riffs and marching drums. "Werewolves In The Sink" is a killing duet with Jocke Berg from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. "Thousand Eyes & One" is a heavy piece where modern FOO FIGHTERS flickers in the chorus, great tune indeed! "Gravestation" flirts with ZAPPA and WHITE ZOMBIE. The album ends with "Winter War", a riffy and ruffy tune and I see myself click on the repeat button. I guess I need to add a Vinyl for order soon!

Roberto Laghi(IN FLAMES, SONIC SYNDICATE, MUSTASCH) is behind the mix of the album. The impressive cover artwork was designed by Axel Widén and presents creatures (werewolf, pig, sloth) from the album’s lyrics – a real eye-catcher which pleasantly sets itself apart from the usual metal standards.

Sum: Hell yeah, you need this!

Today's tune "Cannibal Holobeast" is taken from the "Record Of The Week", enjoy! Lyrics by Tony Jelencovich. Video directed by Joel Nilsson at Maluha Media

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

D-A-D - Grow Or Pay

Last week did the Danish D-A-D play at Gröna Lund here in Stockholm. A show that I was really looking forward to see, lost count how many times I have seen them live now, but it's probably one of the most watched live bands during my years.

During time I have started to know the dudes closer so this time I got invited to come, wish is pretty cool.

The show was as always a thrill to see, alot of humor and well played rock.

Here is some pictures from the show, enjoy.

Setlist for Gröna Lund Show

My Friend Bjørn at Work.

The tune was also released as Cassette single :)

Today's tune "Grow Or Pay"  is a perfect Sunday classic, the tune was played during the evening, it's taken from "Riskin' It All", enjoy!

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

All Star Jam - Highway Star

Saturday, not really sure what to play that have a relationship to Denmark and D-A-D, but I found a pretty cool thing on Youtube that I need to share.

The boat that runs the "70000 Tons of Metal" festival, here is a clip from 2015 with a All Star Jam performing DEEP PURPLES "Highway Star" The band is introduced by Jeff Waters, the main man from ANNIHILATOR. The band consists of Danny Needham (VENOM) on Drums, Nalle Pahlsson (THERION) on Bass, Alex Beyroth (PRIMAL FEAR) on Guitar, Jacob Binzer (D-A-D) on Guitar and Doogie White (Yngwie Malmsteen) on Vocals.


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Friday, September 15, 2017

Laust Sonne - Reckless

Laust Sonne best know as the drummer in the Dansish rock band D-A-D, he could barely speak when he first picked up drums at the tender age of 3 and as today, years on, he’s still out there doing his thing, not only playing drums, but also guitars, piano, synths and keyboards and doing vocals. Now he is ready to hit the charts as a solo act, releasing his very personal debut album completely under own name.

This album is the result of his own vision, his own songwriting, and his own production. It’s played by him and has a modern electronic pop sound that suits his tender voice perfectly.

“I started playing drums nearly as I learned to walk ” Laust explains, ” and I have since played thousands of live concerts, from small clubs to huge stadiums, have been in famous bands, had my own projects on the sideline, picked up guitar and piano, even saxophone, but I somehow feel that in the last few years I have found what I finally can call ‘my sound’. This is me, after years as a professional, with a production that completely suits my vocals, it feels like everything is coming together. I have played music in all different genres, and with this album I ve allowed myself to embrace them all, you can hear things in there that is not the average modern electronic pop, and that makes me really happy”

At the age of 20 Laust left for first London then Los Angeles, USA , and on his return four years later he became a real personality in Scandinavia, not only because of his massive musical talent, but also as the public figure he is, a real, nice and approachable pop star.

Laust Sonne has toured all over the world, played 1000’s of concerts in metropoles such as Beijing, New York, Paris, London and Berlin along the way. He has had 3 albums to reach the top of the Danish charts, and 3 albums peaking at no. 2.He´s had 5 no 1 singles on the airplay charts including "Everything Glows" and "Spell on You", all of them receiving “the most played this week” tag on the biggest radio station in DK.His releases has both received rave reviews and topped the Danish radio charts for long periods of time. He’s won 4 Grammy, a Nordic lifetime achievement award and the ‘musician of the year’ award in Denmark, the most prestigious music award for musicians there.

Today's tune "Reckless" taken from his latest record "Relations", enjoy!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jesper Binzer - The Future Is Now

"Dying Is Easy" is the title from the upcoming solo album with Jesper Binzer, Jesper is best known as the singer from D-A-D.

This is the first soloalbum from Jesper, set to be released on November 3:rd. After 11 album and many thousands of concerts all around the globe it's the first time he is done somethings by him self. A creative soul the last year have made him do this. And as far as I am informed a new D-A-D album is in the pipeline as well.

"Dying Is Easy" contains 10 tunes that will be awesome to play soonish. A few tunes have already been released, today you will hear one of them here at Tune Of The Day.

"The musical thoughts pressed on and it itched in my fingers to free the ideas I had in my head, and they should be fired off. For the first time, I did something alone. It started just over a year ago where I was at home with the guitar and worked on a song that I eventually found out about myself. And since then text and music dropped out of me and at the end of the year I realized that I was actually making an entire solo album" says a happy Jesper Binzer.

On the album "Dying Is Easy" he has been working with Søren Andersen and recorded the album at Medley Studio. The record is mixed by Jacob Hansen, the man behind the production of VOLDBEAT.

He will also do a few solo concerts in Denmark around the release.

31.10 POSTEN - Odense
01.11 TRAIN - Århus
02.11 LOPPEN - København

Today's tune "The Future is Now" by Jesper Binzer, the tune is written for the World Boxing Super Series.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hej Matematik - Ik Ordinær

HEJ MATEMATIK (literally "Hi Mathematics" and also the title of a Danish primary school math book) is a Danish pop band, consisting of the AQUA member Søren Rasted and his nephew Nicolaj Rasted. On live shows, they are accompanied by Nikolaj Teinvig on guitar, Nicholas Findsen on bass, Mads Storm on keyboards and Peter Düring on drums.

HEJ MATEMATIK released a single called "Ik ordinær" (today's tune) in 2014 taken from their latest release "Selvfed". The song features guest vocals from the Danish band D-A-D's lead singer Jesper Binzer. Video made by the band.

"Det er ikke helt ordinært", when Jesper Binzer entred the stage at Bøgescenen with HEJ MATEMATIK - he completly OWN the stage and signs superb, check the clip!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Electric Guitars - Headless Chicken

Since the release of ELECTRIC GUITARS, the two guitar virtuosos Mika Vandborg and Soren Andersen, along with bassist Peter Kjøbsted and drummer Morten Hellborn, have toured extensively throughout Denmark. With multiple sold out shows during their Spring and Fall headlining tours, the band has managed to perform close to 200 shows over the past two years in Denmark alone, bringing them to anywhere from smaller venues, to some of the nations biggest festivals – along with shows in Germany, France, and even Los Angeles.


Drummer Morten Hellborn, driven by inspiration from legendary bands like THE BEATLES and THE DOORS. Morten Hellborn has been in high demand as a studio drummer for years. The list of artists, that he has recorded with, is long and includes names like Mike Tramp (WHITE LION), Chris Norman (SMOKIE), Danish rock band DÜNÈ and a great variety of Danish rock and pop artists such as Oliver Weers, Celina Ree and A Kid Hereafter, Christian Brøns & many more.

Bass & Vocals Peter Kjøbsted, has played professionally since his early twenties. Whether touring live, backing or recording in the studio, Peter has shared the stage with the likes of legendary Danish acts like Søs Fenger, Lars H.U.G. and Poul Krebs, Sanne Salomonsen but also international names like Beth Hart & Lisa Nilsson. Apart from playing the Bass, Peter works as a writer & producer of music for numerous films, Tv Shows & commercials.

Guitars & Vocals Mika Vandborg is known as one of the most talented and respected guitarists in Denmark. He has appeared on numerous recordings and has toured with some of the best musicians and artists such as Justin Hawkins, LOVE SHOP, GNAGS, Ida Corr, Mads Langer, Dicte and Claus Hempler to name a few. When Mika's not playing with some of the most respected rock artists in Denmark, he's releasing his own material or writing music for TV.

Guitars & Vocals Soren Andersen works as a touring guitarist for Glenn Hughes and Mike Tramp. He does most of his productions in the Medley Studios, which he co-owns. He has worked with artists such as Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Marco Mendoza, ARTILLERY, Dave Mustaine etc.

Today's tune "Headless Chicken" feat. Jesper Binzer on vocals and Jacob Binzer on guest guitars (both D-A-D) is taken from the ELECTRIC GUITARS album "Rock'N'Roll Radio" released worldwide 10th of February through Mighty Music/Target Group. The Video was filmed by: Vicky Singh & Rasmus Quistgaard, Edit & grading: Vicky Singh, Lights: Kent Kox, Makeup & styling: Tina Deleurang, Still photos: Brian Baden

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Monday, September 11, 2017

D-A-D - No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record of the Week".

This week we turn back the time and pick a favorit from the pile of records that I have listen to a lot during my life time as a human being and as a rocker :)

"No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims" is the 3rd full-length studio album by Danish hard rock act D-A-D, or DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK, as they were called before Walt put his foot down. The album was released on March 3, 1989. "No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims" was a big breakthrough for the band and sold really well. In their native Denmark alone the album has sold around 275,000 copies. A pretty good sales statistic in a country with a population of only 5 million people. But the album did well in both Asia and Europe too. The big American breakthrough never really came though.

The album´s success was helped along by the very popular single track "Sleeping My Day Away", which also opens the album, but there are several other D-A-D "classics" on "No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims" like "Jihad", "Rim of Hell", "Point Of View", "ZCMI", "Siamese Twin" and "Girl Nation". All the tunes are performed with the typical D-A-D trademark "tongue in cheek" humourous. Almost all of the tunes are built around the vers/chorus with a hook that is easy to remember. "No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims" is a pretty consistent high quality release that you should not oversee and make sure you get it to your collection as in my words is a mandatory release to have.

Today's tune "Girl Nation" is taken from this week's Record Of The Week, enjoy!

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sponge - Plowed

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Plowed" is a song by American alternative rock band SPONGE. The song was released as the second single from the group's debut studio album "Rotting Piñata". "Plowed" was also featured on the band's compilation albums "Molly and Hits & B Sides Volume One".

The song was featured in the 1995 film "Empire Records", but was not present on the film's soundtrack. The song was also featured in the 1998 film "No Looking Back". In 2007, the song was featured in the Cold Case episode "Stand Up and Holler" (season 4, episode 20).

“Plowed” continues to be the band’s signature rock track, having been spotlighted on Guitar Hero’s “Warriors of Rock – 90’s Rock Track Pack” – and on the Paper Jamz Guitar Series 2, in addition to the soundtrack for the Gerard Butler surf movie “Chasing Mavericks.”

The melodic hardcore/metalcore band EVERGREEN TERRACE covered the song in 2004 for their album "Writer's Block".

SPONGE is an American alternative rock band from Detroit, Michigan formed in 1991 by Vinnie Dombroski, Mike Cross, Tim Cross, and Joey Mazzola. All were formerly of the hard rock band LOUDHOUSE. SPONGE was signed to Sony Records in 1994 but have since switched to other labels.

The band recruited Jimmy Paluzzi on drums to round out the lineup. Their debut album, "Rotting Piñata", released in 1994, was a major hit, received heavy play on radio and MTV, and was certified gold by the RIAA. The two biggest singles from that album were "Plowed" and "Molly" but by the end of 1994 Charlie Grover replaced drummer Paluzzi. Their follow-up album was called Wax Ecstatic; the track "Have You Seen Mary" was included in the Kevin Smith film Chasing Amy.

Enjoy today's tune "Plowed"

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Clawfinger - Save Our Souls

After more than four years of silence they are back with a new single!

They are something like the Crossover Rock scene ´s hit smithy and are a legend already. During the 90es they not only had worldwide hits with songs such as "Nigger", "The Truth" or "Do What I Say", they have also been a social critical voice of what was moving society and have been talking what a full generation has thought: CLAWFINGER have been pioneers to the Crossover scene and have been considered as Europe ´s answer to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

After a few years of silence around CLAWFINGER, the Scandiavians are now back with a new single and in exactly the strength and eloquent power that has always been standing for them: "Save Our Souls" is the title of the new single being released on 4th August. Again the band finds clear words on it: "The song is about how trumpism turnst he world into a cesspool full of fucking heartless piss", the band says. They find clear words against the neo-nationalistic govering of US president Donald Trump. "How can someone put a logic on certain ethnics, religions or sexes having certain traits of character and how can someone blame them for the world going wrong? How regressive and ridiculous ist hat? There are idiots in all shapes and colours, same as heroes, and if we aren ´t standing together, the world will be fucked".

With their single CLAWFINGER find a clear and loud statement after their four years´ break in which the musicians have been taking care of their families and their lifes beside music. "CLAWFINGER no longer is our main job. We all have other jobs and families to love..."

CLAWFINGER have played more than 1000 shows until now and they have released seven albums. "Save Our Souls" is available in all common download shops.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Asomvel – World Shaker

"World Shaker" a new video from ASOMVEL.

These guys calmly walk on, bludgeon your senses with a baseball bat and then retire to the bar, leaving you with what's left of your mind in a pool in your pants.

Formed in 1993 by guitarist Lenny Robinson and bassist/vocalist Jay-Jay Winter, ASOMVEL's first drummer was ex-CATHEDRAL/ACID REIGN man Mark Wharton, but "about ten" more came and went before the band recorded their first demo in 2001. After 2007's Full Moon Dog 10" the power trio managed to thrash out their raucous debut LP Kamikaze in 2009 to much acclaim, ASOMVEL firmly establishing themselves as underdog cult heroes of the UK HM underground. Barely a year later, however, the band was shaken to its core when Jay-Jay Winter was killed in a road accident.

Although a devastating tragedy, Lenny knew that the band had to continue in tribute to the determined spirit of their founding frontman: "ASOMVEL could've died with him, but I was never gonna let that happen," affirms the axeman. ASOMVEL headlined their own inaugural Full Moon Dog Festival in Bradford in 2011 in honour of their fallen comrade, and have shared the stage with the likes of CARCASS, ANVIL, GRAND MAGUS and ORANGE GOBLIN. Asked how the band has changed, Lenny is unequivocal: "The band hasn't changed from the day we started it," he asserts. "It's something me and Jay believed in strongly; never change...ever! It's the downfall of a lotta bands, they think they have to grow musically for some reason, but they just end up out-clevering themselves."

When Will Palmer started up Bad Omen Records in 2013, his formative ambition was to coax a new album out of ASOMVEL, sending them into the studio with producer James 'Atko' Atkinson (GENTLEMANS PISTOLS) to record their second album, Knuckle Duster.

The band are featured on the documentary DVD Madder Than A Full Moon Dog, and have been approached to write the music for a horror film starring Dee Snider, Calicoon; this will be produced by the legendary Grammy award-winning producer, Bob Kulick (KISS, ALICE COOPER, MOTORHEAD, MEAT LOAF).

Today's tune "World Shaker" is taken from the upcoming release.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Arch Enemy - The Eagle Flies Alone

ARCH ENEMY has released the official video for its new single "The Eagle Flies Alone", taken from the band's forthcoming album, "Will To Power", due out on September 8.

"Will to Power" is the tenth studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band ARCH ENEMY. This is the first album to feature guitarist Jeff Loomis who joined the band in November 2014. It's also the first album to feature clean singing as lead vocals.

Co-produced by Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, "Will To Power" was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR). The album's captivating cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar.

"Will To Power" marks the second ARCH ENEMY album since the departure of longtime singer Angela Gossow and addition of Alissa White-Gluz. It will also be the first ARCH ENEMY disc to feature guitarist Jeff Loomis, who joined the band in late 2014.

Today's tune "The World Is Yours" is taken from the upcoming album "Will To Power", Century Media Records/Savage Messiah Music, 2017. Director: Patric Ullaeus, Music: Michael Amott, Lyrics: Michael Amott

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