Friday 31 January 2014

Channel Zero - Black Fuel

Channel Zero is a Belgian heavy metal band, formed in Brussels, Belgium, in 1990. They are one of the best known heavy metal bands from Belgium and were often referred to as "the Belgian Metallica" by metalheads. They disbanded at the height of their career in 1997, however in 2009, the band announced a series of reunion gigs starting in January 2010.

The hard rocking quartet Channel Zero was comprised of members Franky "DSVD" De Smet Van Damme (vocals), Xavier Carion (guitar), Phil B. (drums), and Tino DeMartino (bass).

Todays tune is the title track taken their fourth release, 1996's Black Fuel, would prove to be Channel Zero's final release, as they split up in August of 1997. The band's former members cropped up in other similarly styled outfits afterwards, while De Smet Van Damme turned his attention from performing to producing up-and-coming metal groups from Belgium.

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Thursday 30 January 2014

Circle - Vaellus

Circle is a band with no beginning and no end, and when you think you’ve come upon the conclusion you’re back at the start. Perhaps this describes Circle’s compositional work ethic more than anything. Circle is a west coast rock band, the west coast of Finland, that is. They live in a city called Pori, further north than the capital, Helsinki, and Stockholm, Sweden to the east. With a large student population, and its own jazz festival, Pori also is home to Finland’s most visible underground rock band, Circle.

Circle has been making some of the most original modern rock music since the beginning of the ‘90s. Formed by bassist/guitarist/vocalist/creative wild man Jussi Lehtisalo, the group has been on an endless journey of musical exploration since they began. Besides being consummate players, the band are avid music collectors and enthusiasts; hence, Circle music and records have many stylistic touchstones, most notably Krautrock, artrock, avant garde, prog, and cinematic post rock. Just when you think you’re getting a handle on them, though, you see they also have a deep love of heavy metal, particularly from the 1980s, all manner of punk rock, as well as Velvet-style droning and even country and folk music.

The Circle is a band that I've admired for a long time, really like their innovative mindset, never stuck in old grooves, but always renewed themselves. A band that writes music and lyrics in the language that suites best at the time in the process, so you can hear them sing in English or in their own native language Finish as today's tune is, enjoy!

Todays tune "Vaellus" (Finsih for Hike) is taken from the album "Rautatie", released by Ektro records 2010.

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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Queen Elephantine - Kabir

Queen Elephantine is meditative blues of whirlwind ghost ships forced down hopeless maelstroms of the Nile. Modal psychedelic doom, formed in Hong Kong in 2006 by Indrayudh Shome and Danny Quinn but the lineup has changed several times and Shome is the only remaining original member, currently based in in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

They have produced four full length albums, Surya, Kailash, Garland of Skulls, and Scarab, three splits, with Sons of Otis, Elder, and Alunah, and several minor releases.

Todays tune "Kabir" is taken from the album "Surya" is a mirage in the Martian desert – both otherwordly and earthly, barren and dense, a wild tempest of feeling. These are loose, droning jams; all-encompassing, draining, oppressive and at once peaceful, like the subject of the album, Surya – the Sun. These are the bastard children of the Grateful Dead that listen to Swans and Earth and Velvet Underground and YOB. Surya was recorded June 2007 in Hong Kong. Mixed by I. Shome. Enjoy!

Artwork & Photography by Adrian Dexter, Richard Friedericks, Angela Kung.

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Whores - I'm an Amateur at Everything

Atlanta has Whores, but not just any Whores, these Whores are undoubtedly the most noise sensitive of them all! Formed in Spring 2010, Atlanta, US. The noise merchants Whores are (Christian Lembach - Vocals/Guitar, Jake Shultz - Bass, Travis Owen - drums).

The band signed with Brutal Panda Records in 2011 and released their debut, Ruiner. After numerous tours and shows across the US with the likes of Torche, Kylesa and many others did the band follow up with their sophomore release Clean. Recorded in May 2013 by Ryan Boesch (Melvins, Helmet, Tomahawk, Fu Manchu) at Parhelion Recording Studios in Atlanta.

Whores refine their crushingly heavy, catchy as fuck rock to violent perfection, it's raw, it's serious. it's a blast!

Todays tune "I'm an Amateur at Everything" from their sophomore EP, Clean, the tune is played live at the Basement in Atlanta on October 19, 2013.

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Monday 27 January 2014

Haken - Cockroach King

A new week and it's time to present this weeks Record Of The Week and this time the sound waves is very progressive.

Haken is a London-based progressive metal band formed in 2007. So far Haken has released a total of three full-length studio albums and we are going to listen to a track from the third and most recently released album "The Mountain", released 2 September 2013. It is the last album to feature bassist Thomas MacLean.

Several of my blogging colleagues have been writing about their enthusiasm for this band and I can only agree, this good, very good, thinking of the progressive rock area, aka 70's when I hear this, a bit jazzy, fusion rock with fascinating riffs made by obviously highly talented musicians and all topped with a superb vocals.  Excellent!

That a band like this can write a 70 minute record that is entertaining completely through with so many different styles amaze me. All this together make this record record brilliant.

Todays tune "Cockroach King" taken from the third album "The Mountain", Enjoy!

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Sunday 26 January 2014

Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Somethin' Else

Sunday, time for a classic, this time we pick a cool band from Nashville, Tennessee, a band with a really cool name "Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies",  formed in the early 1990s. The band embraced a southern boogie style which led to comparisons with groups such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Collective Soul, and Cry of Love. The band played at a blues club near Vanderbilt University before being signed to Atlantic Records in 1993. The band drew its name from one of Gary Larson's comics The Far Side.

Members Mike Farris (vocals), Rick White (guitar), Bob Watkins (guitar), Steve Burgess (bass) and Terry Thomas (drums) released their self-titled debut album in 1994.

And it's from that album we pick todays tune "Somethin' Else". The album was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and produced by Paul Ebersold. "The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies" was an album that "played like a gateway between guitar hero classic rock and hippie jam band grooves, often combining both within the confines of a single track."

Todays tune "Somethin' Else" is taken from the self titled debut album The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies (Atlantic Records, 1994)

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Saturday 25 January 2014

Queensrÿche - Ad Lucem

Ad Lucem is a 11-minute mini-movie with Todd La Torre’s version of Queensrÿche.

The storyline was inspired by the four song from the band’s self-titled album – their first without sacked founder Geoff Tate – which feature in the soundtrack.

La Torre explains: The overall theme of the song Spore is one that deals with personal demons, relationship struggles, career pressures, personal/professional morals and ethical dilemmas. These are issues we all face on some level and the video touches upon them all.

“Midnight Lullaby and A World Without deal with the loss of a mother during childbirth, leaving the father as a single parent, struggling to move forward through the turmoil. X2, though it opens up our album, provides for a nice outro to it all.

“The end result is a roller coaster of emotion in an effort to find a healthy resolve. We feel this conceptual video will really resonate with our fans.”

Queensryche split into two after an interim court ruling following Tate’s dismissal in 2012. His band released Frequency Unknown in April, ahead of the La Torre lineup’s record two months later. Both outfits are free to use the name until a final ruling, due in January, at which point one party will be granted the rights and the other will be bought out of theirs.

"Queensrÿche" marks the debut release from the lineup comprised of Todd La Torre (vocals; ex-Crimson Glory), Michael Wilton (guitar), Parker Lundgren (guitar), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums). The drums for the album were recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington with producer James "Jimbo" Barton — the man who engineered and mixed the band's classic 1988 LP, "Operation: Mindcrime", and its 1990 follow-up, "Empire", and co-produced 1994's "Promised Land". The rest of the music and vocals were laid down at several different facilities on the West Coast. The cover artwork was created by Craig Howell, who has previously worked on designs for "Star Wars", Slipknot and "American Idol", to name a few.

Queensrÿche is:

Todd La Torre (vocals)
Michael Wilton (guitars)
Parker Lundgren (guitars)
Eddie Jackson (bass)
Scott Rockenfield (drums, percussion, keys)

Todays tune "Ad Lucem" with Queensrÿche, featuring the tracks, "Spore", "A World Without", "Midnight Lullaby" and "X2"

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Friday 24 January 2014

Scott Stapp - Slow Suicide

Scott Alan Stapp (born August 8, 1973) is an American musician and singer-songwriter. He is also the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed, of which he is a founding member. His debut solo album, The Great Divide, was released in 2005. His second album, Proof of Life, was released on November 5, 2013.

Stapp has received several accolades, including a Grammy Award for Creed's song "With Arms Wide Open" and numerous RIAA certifications. In 2006, Hit Parader ranked Stapp as the 68th greatest heavy metal vocalist of all time.

"Slow Suicide" is a song by Scott Stapp and the first single from his second album Proof of Life, released in 2013. Also it's the first single by Stapp since "Surround Me" in 2006. It's Stapp’s first new material since the release of his 2012 uncensored memoir, Sinner’s Creed, which Stapp shared his life story for the first time. "This is the most meaningful record of my career," says Stapp. "I’ve made a lot of messes in my life but I've learned I can take a mess and turn it into a message. This album chronicles my struggles, my journey and it’s the most honest record I have ever written". The album was produced by Howard Benson and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

He told Wind-Up Newsletter about the song: “I’ve always been heavy on metaphor and symbols, even to where I might hide behind fanciful language. Howard helped me get straight to the point. The point is that for years I was slowly killing myself. Drugs and booze want to kill you instantly, but they’re patient and will take their time. The same is true of toxic relationships. I had to start off this story by declaring the most obvious of truths: that I had been torturing and poisoning myself in an attempt to snuff out my soul.” “So many days I choose to suffer, living a lie,” the lyrics say. “So many ways I chose to die.

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Thursday 23 January 2014

Czar - Aortic Flower

New music is something that you almost drowned in nowadays, considering how easy it is to get over things in the digital world, sometimes some you read about something that looks interesting and you'll check it out, sometimes you just doing some dull surf at the web and you run into something interesting. However, not everything is good, but one or two gems pop up in between, today's song is one such thing i found during a "dull-surf".

The Chicago based progressive post-punk sludge trio have released an very interesting album named as simple as "No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive".

Czar formed in January of 2009 from the ashes of Chicago's industrial-metal juggernaut Acumen Nation. The trio consisting of Jason Novak, Dan Brill and Brian Elza is a fusion of brain and brawn, power and finesse, brutality and hooks, or what Outburn Magazine has coined “thinking man’s metal”.

The first references I found was Gojira and Mastodon but more sludge. The album, an expressive 44-minute slab of heavy sludge full of clean guitar tones and old-school industrial elements, is truly a worthwhile piece of music for any fan of heavy music.

Todays tune "Aortic Flower" is taken from their latest offering "No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive"

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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Gus G - My Will Be Done

Guitar virtuoso Gus G., well known in the Metal and Rock universe for his outstanding work as member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band and as leader of his own group Firewind, has announced to be releasing his first, long overdue solo album solo album “I Am The Fire” on March 17th, 2014 in Europe and March 18th, 2014 in North America via longtime international partners Century Media Records.

A first taste of the album has been made available now via the video launch for the opening track of the record, “My Will Be Done (Feat. Mats Levén)”. The video clip is produced by Patric Ullaeus (Within Temptation, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Europe, etc.)

The “I Am The Fire” album sees Gus G. handling guitar, bass and keyboard duties and showcases a long list of highly skilled instrumentalist peers as well as several remarkable vocalists joining Gus to stress the versatile stylistic approach of the 12 featured songs . The roster of friends and guests that help bring Gus G.’s vision to fruition include drummers Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Devo) and Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy), bassists David Ellefson (Megadeth), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) and Marty O’Brien (Tommy Lee, We Are The Fallen) as well as Mats Levén (Candlemass, ex. Yngwie Malmsteen/Therion), Blake Allison (Devour The Day), Michael Starr (Steel Panther). Alexia Rodriguez (Eyes Set To Kill), Tom S. Englund (Evergrey), Jacob Bunton (Adler) and Jeff Scott Soto (TSO, ex Journey) as guest vocalists.

“I Am The Fire” was mixed by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Stone Sour, Steel Panther, etc.) and was partly recorded in Los Angeles and partly in Gus’ home country of Greece during the past months. The album showcases a well-balanced and inspiring mixture of precise song writing, driven contemporary active rock songs, a classic Hard Rock vibe, pounding Metal cuts as well as breathtaking instrumentals. The album takes you on a diverse journey and opens the door to Gus G.’s soulful guitar playing. An exciting cast of talented guest musicians and great vocalists are also appearing on the album.

Todays tune "My Will Be Done", is the upcoming album’s first commercial video.

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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Kim Cesarion - Undressed

During the weekend with a closed up yesterday went VK winter conference with Scandinavia largest hotel group "Nordic Choice" with Petter Stordalen at the head. A very lavish company party in my eyes (30 Million Swedish Kronor, according to Expressen), where 2,500 employees would be conferring with amusement for two days. A giant construction was done on friends arena with tons of speakers, lights and decorations. Many well known speakers were there including Randi Zuckerberg (She is the former Director of Market Development and Spokeswoman for Facebook, and sister of the company's co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg).

Many well known artists were at the party, Margaret Berger (The Norwegian represent at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song I Feed You My Love) did play a few tunes, also the Emelie de Forest (The Danish represent and winner at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Only Teardrops), E-Type, Samantha Fox, Kim Cesarion and Sarah Dawn Finer among others.

Well i guess i have to choose one as todays tune, Well I am a patriot and select the Swedish performer, although Samantha Fox is close today but no.

Kim Cesarion (born in Stockholm on July 10, 1990) is a Swedish singer and songwriter with Swedish, Greek and Guadeloupean origin. Kim Cesarion is a classically trained musician. He studied at Lilla Akademin, a highly acclaimed music school in Stockholm. He plays several instruments including the violin, piano, bass, viola and played drums in school. He also attended classical music school in Russia.

Todays tune "Undressed" is the debut single, released on 22 March 2013 as the lead single from his debut studio album. The single co-written by him, Arnthor Birgisson, Gary Clark and Lukasz Duchnowski was released in Sweden by Aristotracks.

Music video by Kim Cesarion performing Undressed. (C) 2013 Aristotracks AB under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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