Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Running Wild - Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish, Vappu in Finnish, Volbriöö in Estonian, Valpurģu nakts or Valpurģi in Latvian, Walpurgisnacht in German), Čarodějnice in Czech is a holiday celebrated on April 30 or May 1, in Finland, Sweden, Bohemia (Czech Republic), Estonia, Latvia, and Germany.

Today's tune "Walpurgis Night" is taken from the album American and Canadian album version of the first studio album "Gates To Purgatory" by the German heavy metal band RUNNING WILD, formed in 1976 in Hamburg. The album was released in 1984. It predates their piracy themes and has mostly satanically-influenced lyrics but also features songs with anarchic and libertarian (in the sense of European libertarianism) themes. It was in part of Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke's studies in theology. He left the band soon after the album's release to become a vicar. The album has sold over 235,000 copies worldwide. The album was reissued in 2012 by Lemon records, as well as in 2017 by Noise records.

The bonus track "Walpurgis Night" cuts off very close to the end due to the condition of the master tape on most releases.

Have a great Walpurgis Night and burn only things meant to burn and not as the Black Metal folks do.... churches.

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Monday, 29 April 2019

The Well - Death And Consolation

New week, it's time for "Record Of The Week"

"Death And Consolation" is the new album by the Austin, TX power Trio THE WELL.

The band once again recorded with long-time producer/engineer Chico Jones at Estuary Studio in 2018, who has turned the knobs for all three of their albums (Jones engineered the band’s debut album "Samsara" with producer Mark Deutrom (MELVINS, SUN O)))) in 2013.

Ian Graham, Lisa Alley & Jason Sullivan
"Death And Consolation" is a more personal album says the guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham. And by knowing that you listen with a different type of ears and can hear that there is a lot of depression and darkness over the lyrics that can weight up the album title. The sound follows the already made path that THE WELL has created over the last two albums, 70's psych and proto-metal, with a vibe of JOY DIVISION and BLUE CHEER. "Death And Consolation" have a lot of heaviness with down-tuned guitars that give a monstrous sound on the album, fat bassline and well played drums along with great vocals. The album has a play time of 42 mins divided into 9 tight and concise tunes that make this album a lovely listening moment.

The albums open up with a Sitar on the tune "Sabbah", heavy and doomish guitar, drony vocals, powerful drumming and a catchy chorus with a matchless hymns makes this an excellent start of the album. "Raven" forces forward with ping pong riffs. To the more half paced SABBATH alike tunes like the powerful "Death Song" or the even slower haunting "Freedom Above". The gothic parts can you hear cleary on "Cup Of Peace". There are a few lumbering and spooky tunes like "Eyes Of A God" and the riff theme "This Is How The World Ends" that will rise the fear. Or just take the heavy horror piece "Act II" that is just a brilliant piece of melodic doom. The album closes with "Endless Night", a really dark tune with heavy distorted riffs, church bells and haunting melody.

"Death And Consolation" were released on April 26th, 2019 via Riding Easy Records.

Sum: Can it be much better than this, spooky noise doom at it's best.

Today's tune "This Is How The World Ends" is the first single out of "Death And Consolation", enjoy!

"Death And Consolation" — 2019 Tour Dates

04/29 San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger
05/01 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown w/ MONOLORD
05/02 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive w/ MONOLORD
05/03 Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room
05/04 Los Angeles, CA @ House of Machines
05/05 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar
05/06 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
05/07 Nevada City, CA @ Cooper’s
05/08 San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
05/09 Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
05/10 Seattle, WA @ Substation
05/11 Vancouver, BC @ Static Jupiter
05/12 Calgary, AB @ Palomino
05/13 Edmonton, AB @ Temple
05/14 Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor
05/15 Minneapolis, MN @ Cabooze
05/16 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
05/17 Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickle
05/18 Taos, NM @ Monolith on the Mesa Fest
05/19 El Paso, TX @ Monarch

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Sunday, 28 April 2019

April Wine - Roller

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Roller" is a hard rock song written by Myles Goodwyn and recorded by Canadian rock band APRIL WINE for their 1978 studio album "First Glance". The song peaked at number 24 on the RPM 100 Singles chart in Canada and number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, becoming their first American hit since 1972.

The song was instantly popular in North America, and helped APRIL WINE regain international popular, as it was their first hit song outside of Canada since 1972's "You Could Have Been a Lady", after a decade of success limited to Canada. "Roller" has remained a live staple and one of the band's most popular songs, and has become a staple of classic rock radio in Canada and the United States.

The term "roller" in the song is referring to a "high-roller" woman, an upper-class traveler who is wealthy, and the narrator talks about leaving for Los Angeles to meet up with her.

"Roller" also talks about the narrator's unrequited love for this unnamed woman, in an upbeat, hard rock form similar to many other APRIL WINE songs.

APRIL WINE is a Canadian rock band formed in 1969 and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band enjoyed international success in the 1970s and 1980s, releasing more than 20 albums since 1971.

APRIL WINE continues to tour across Canada annually and also plays festivals in Europe and in the United States, with the group now consisting of Goodwyn, Greenway, Lanthier, and drummer Roy "Nip" Nichol.

Former bassist Steve Lang died on February 4, 2017 at age 67 after suffering from Parkinson's disease.

APRIL WINE has never been awarded a Juno despite 11 nominations. Myles Goodwyn was awarded the ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003. APRIL WINE was also inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame and awarded with the CMW Lifetime Achievement Award on March 13, 2009. In 2008 they were inducted into the East Coast Music Hall of Fame. On April 18, 2010, they were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Enjoy today's tune!

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Black Salvation - In A Casket's Ride

"Uncertainty Is Bliss" is the Relapse debut from German psychedelic, hard rock trio BLACK SALVATION. The band featuring Uno Bruniusson formerly of IN SOLITUDE and GRAVE PLEASURES and currently of DEATH ALLEY, challenge the listener to open wide the doors of perception and slowly drift away amongst their transcendental compositions and deeply hypnotic tales of magic and mysticism. Across eight tracks and 40+ minutes, BLACK SALVATION exquisitely blend hard rock, doom and psychedelia into an intoxicating synthesis of rock n' roll alchemy. "Uncertainty Is Bliss" is a very interesting rock album.

The band was formed in Leipzig in 2009 by Paul Schlesier, BLACK SALVATION’s early years pivoted on jamming gritty dirges, à la ELECTRIC WIZARD, and elongated, repetition-based space-outs. Over the next few years, the Germans, with bassist Birger Schwidop and drummer Christian Seitz in tow, honed their craft and assisted in the foundation of Into Endless Chaos (IEC), a DIY organization of Leipzig-based counter-culture musicians and artists. Confident in their heavy wander and galvanized by their IEC interactions, BLACK SALVATION released their debut album, In Deep Circles, without label support in 2014.

For new album "Uncertainty Is Bliss", Schlesier and Schwidop wrote together—drummer Seitz had already exited. Finding capable drummers was relatively easy, but getting the right fit, both musically and philosophically, proved to be a challenge. So, Schlesier and Schwidop kept BLACK SALVATION’s newest odes to the uncharted simple but imaginative. The result was a puzzle of drums, overdubbed bass, fuzzy yet nimble guitar, and Schlesier’s baritone vocals. The glint of genius in the early versions of ‘In a Casket’s Ride,’ ‘Leair,’ ‘A Direction is Futile,’ and ‘Floating Torpid’ was all too real, but BLACK SALVATION needed the right drummer—a skinsman with significant swing and a sizable attitude—to send them into the stratosphere. Enter Uno Bruniusson.

With Bruniusson behind the kit and the vibes at 11, BLACK SALVATION wasted little time—a week, basically—before entering an unnamed rehearsal room (not a studio proper) to track "Uncertainty Is Bliss". They had as long as they needed, but environmentally it wasn’t the best place to record a trans-genre, beyond-space masterpiece. For eight days, BLACK SALVATION fought the confines of the rehearsal room. But between high-end mics and vintage, if temperamental 8-track Fostex tape machine, they emerged with a modern-day gem of psychedelic hard rock madness. The songs were eventually transferred to computer, where the finishing touches—overdubs and vocals—were constructed for mixing and mastering aces Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona (TRIBULATION, IN SOLITUDE) and Pieter Kloos (SUNN O))), THE DEVILS BLOOD).

Paul Schlesier - Guitar and Vocals
Birger Schwidop - Bass
Uno Bruniusson - Drums

Today's tune "In A Casket's Ride" is taken from "Uncertainty Is Bliss", enjoy!

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Friday, 26 April 2019

Signo Rojo - Dead Horse

SIGNO ROJO is a Hardcore punk/Sludge metal hybrid from Karlshamn, Sweden. A band that passed thru my stream of music a couple of times but finally gave it a chance and hey, sounds pretty good. The dark and heavy sludge punk that has a BARONESS/MASTODON feeling over it. They recently released a EP "End Of Tether" that sounds really good. The previous release was the album "Svårfödd" (2017), an album where they mix the native Swedish language with English.

Jonas - Vocals and Bass
Elias - Guitar
Ola - Guitar
Pontus - Drums

Today's tune "Dead Horse" is the second single taken from the album "Svårfödd", released November 24, 2017, enjoy!

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Darkthrone - The Hardship Of The Scots

The Pioneering Norwegian black metallers, DARKTHRONE have released the first tune "The Hardship Of The Scots" off their forthcoming album, "Old Star". The tune is a classic heavy metal tune channeling 80's heavy metal where bands of CELTIC FROST and EXODUS comes in mind.

Over the course of 30 years, DARKTHRONE has become a staple of the global Black Metal genre, forging a legacy as one of the most influential bands in its illustrious and often infamous history.

In its formative years, DARKTHRONE made its mark with a strong concoction of Thrash, then Death/Doom Metal experimentation. Never ones to follow convention or stand still even then, the band soon embraced a much darker, more primitive form of expression with its iconic second album A Blaze in the Northern Sky. Now the longstanding duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto return with their first studio album since 2016’s hugely popular Arctic Thunder.

Old Star displays a mastery of the art of the riff, with its 6 epic tracks taking in the best of the old school of Heavy and Extreme Metal combined with a large dose of Doom channeled through the grime of the underground.

Vocalist/guitarist Nocturno Culto’s production is complemented by a powerful, organic mix courtesy of Sanford Parker (VOIVOD) at Hypercube Studios. Mastering is courtesy of Jack Control.

The stellar cover artistry is by Chadwick St John (titled The Shepherd Of The Deep).

So, there you have it. You are desperate to listen now, aren't you? Check it out below. enjoy!

If that's wet your appetite for the new album, you needn't wait too long. "Old Star" is due to drop on May 31 via Peaceville and available to pre-order now, here!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Skin Tuxedo - Cycle

SKIN TUXEDO is a Danish alternative rock/stoner band that started as a one-man-band in late 2012. Inspired by the sound of the '60s & '70s combined with a more modern feel. Ivan Boel Stenger (DELIRUM CORDIA) started writing songs and with little effort, he suddenly had a handful of songs that were beginning to define his new project: SKIN TUXEDO.

Soon after starting this project Ivan got a record deal with Sliptrick Records and released the self-titled EP Skin Tuxedo 25. march 2013. Since then the band has grown with guitarist Jesper Dalsgaard, drummer Frank Beck Hansen and the bassist Henrik "Duplo" Sørensen.

The bands goal is to make relevant and honest music, whether it´s beautiful, atmospheric and melancholic songs or just plain rock songs.

Today's tune is the title tune from the debut album "Cycle", the video clip is filmed live at "Mono Goes Metal" in Aarhus, Denmark, enjoy!

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Oarfish - Spine Of The World

OARFISH is an excuse for Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mattias Häggström Gerdt to create heavy music.

Crafting a sound as big as the world ocean, the new tune "Spine Of The World" sets the fate of five sunken cities to music. OARFISH carefully blends raw riffs with shifting harmonies, odd time signatures and ambient sections. All while never compromising the overall heavy sound.

A journey through the deep, along the mid-atlantic ridge. If you listen closely, you'll hear your doom rise from the depths.

Today's tune "Spine Of The World", get it from Bandcamp "Name your price", released July 5, 2018. Heavy music from 1000m below the surface, enjoy!

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Monday, 22 April 2019

Green Lung - Woodland Rites

New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Woodland Rites" is the debut album by the South London-based heavy rock quintet GREEN LUNG. The band captured my attention when the band got signed to the cult label Kozmik Artifactz.

GREEN LUNG sound harks back to the golden days of psychedelic rock, injecting those classic sounds with occult venom and punk energy. "Woodland Rites" gives an instantly appealing journey with excellent groove and hooks. The eight tune album clocks in at the decent 42 mins line, which, in this case, feels just perfect.

"Woodland Rites" is an excellent album, from the opening intro "Initiation" to the last tune "Into The Wild" of instantly addicting tunes. The title tune "Woodland Rites" is a crushing guitar riff-laden piece with large hooks and a catchy chorus with some echos of BLACK SABBATH, even Tom Templar vocals partly sounds like a modern OZZY. "Let The Devil In" is a groovy tune with a great charm. An excellent guitar solo and a beautiful organ boost the tune. "The Ritual Tree" opens up with an organ and a choir of hymns along with the priest that summoning the Ritual Tree, groovy guitars and bass, amazing vocals. The middle part includes a marvelous solo that makes this tune a blessing to listen to. The devil worshippers open up the death cult in the doomy tune "Templar Dawn", a with rising a grieving guitars caress the occult in a completely magical way. The witches in the upbeat tune "Call Of The Coven", summoning the darkness. The half pace fabulous tune "May Queen" shows the band in another view, a more stripped-down and clean approach where the beauty of their creativity may emerge as a flower in the spring. The vocals are is soulful, the bass and drums softly play, the guitar is fresh and neet. The album closes up with "Into The Wild", where they return to the woods of riffs by a wilding but keeps the slower groove and soulful vocals and harmonies. "Woodland Rites" is an excellent debut album with great musicianship and intelligent lyrics.

"Woodland Rites" was recorded and mixed by Wayne Adams (VODUN, GHOLD) who reprised his Free The Witch duties at Bear Bites Horse Studios. Mastering was undertaken by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. "Woodland Rites" will be packaged in hallucinatory artwork by renowned woodcut artist, Richard Wells (THE WICKER MAN, DOCTOR WHO).

Sum: Excellent and grandiose heavy rock debut by GREEN LUNG!

Vox: Tom Templar
Guitar: Scott Black
Bass: Andrew Cave
Drums: Matt Wiseman
Organ: John Wright

Today's tune "Let the Devil In" is the first single released from the album "Woodland Rites", released on March 20th, enjoy!

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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Mötley Crüe - Primal Scream

Sunday, time for a classic.

Saw the new movie "The Dirt", the 2019 American biographical drama film directed by Jeff Tremaine from a screenplay by Rich Wilkes, about glam metal band MÖTLEY CRÜE. The film stars Douglas Booth, Colson Baker, Daniel Webber, and Iwan Rheon.

Talks of a MÖTLEY CRÜE biopic began as early as 2006, when Paramount Pictures and MTV Films purchased the rights to the book The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band by Neil Strauss. However, the project then languished in development hell for over a decade, going through numerous directors and cast members before Netflix purchased the rights in March 2017. Filming began around New Orleans in February 2018.

The Dirt was released digitally on Netflix on March 22, 2019. It received mixed reviews from critics, who said the film would please fans but that it hesitated "in handling the more troubling aspects of the band's history.

After I saw the movie I got a little CRÜE flash, played a few albums thru and decided to play one of the tunes as a classic. The movie was okay, even if some of the things that were read in the book wasn't told. But in the whole, I guess a pretty decent story of the lads.

"Primal Scream" is a song by the American heavy metal band MÖTLEY CRÜE. The single was released on their 1991 album "Decade of Decadence" 81-91, which was the band's first of many greatest hits compilations. The song charted at number 63 on The Billboard 100 and number 21 on the Mainstream rock charts. The album "Decade of Decadence" was released on October 19, 1991 and "Primal Scream" was one of three newly recorded songs for the album, the other two being "Angela" and "Anarchy in the U.K."

"Primal Scream" features a music video. The uncensored version of the music video (see it below) contained full-frontal nudity of a female dancing at the end, but that scene was edited for heavy rotation when aired on worldwide television.

The song was said by Nikki Sixx himself via an AskSixx session on Twitter in October 2015, to be written about Arthur Janov's 1970 book "The Primal Scream. Primal Therapy: A Cure For Neurosis." As well as his own childhood.

"Decade of Decadence" also featured another single, The remix version of "Home Sweet Home" which was the band's 8th and final Top 40 hit in 1991, reaching #37 on the Billboard Hot 100. The original 1985 version only reached #89 on the same chart.

Enjoy today's tune "Primal Scream"

Music video by Motley Crue performing Primal Scream. (P) 1991 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Masters 2000 Inc

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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Smoulder - Sword Woman

The Canadian doom rockers SMOULDER have released their debut full-length album "Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring". Released by Cruz del Sur Music. Music is classic doom and old school heavy metal, with a fantasy theme with Mythical & Magical world in their lyrics. The sound brings the mind to bands like KHEMMIS and SOLITUDE AETERNUS but with female vocals.

The album was recorded at The Lincoln County Social Club & Swift Road Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Arthur Rizk. Cover Art by Michael Whelan

SMOULDER consists of:
Bass | Adam
Guitars | Collin
Vocals | Sarah Ann
Drums | Kevin
Guitars | Vincent

Today's tune "Sword Woman", taken from the debut album "Times of Obscene Evil & Wild Daring", video is a fan cut video by "Hundra".

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Friday, 19 April 2019

Rising - White Heat

Epic metal quintet RISING takes an ambitious leap with the band’s fourth album "Sword And Scythe", a concept album on the history of mankind seen from the perspective of cosmic circularity, where the full potential of the band’s musical vision unfolds in a collection of songs of both progressive outlook, melodic mastery and fierce aggression.

RISING materialized in 2008 when the founding members, drummer Martin Niemann and guitarist Jacob Krogholt found themselves sharing the vision of a metal band encompassing all the traits making this particular music exciting to them: Aggression, heaviness, melody, musicianship and vivid narratives of primeval forces as well as concrete opposition towards oppressive structures and ideologies. After releasing two EP’s and two critically acclaimed albums as a three-piece balancing musically towards doom and sludge, Niemann and Krogholt regrouped as a five-piece adding new dimensions to their trademark sound. With the distinct, melodic vocals of lead singer Morten Grønnegaard and the further addition of bass player Bjarke Lassen and guitarist Anders Bo Rasmussen, RISING moved towards a more classic metal sound while retaining their unique blend of 70’s and 80’s heavy metal with the heavier aspects of more recent alternative variations on the genre. The new line-up recorded RISING’s third album "Oceans Into Their Graves" which saw the band renewed and roaming its natural habitat with a grandiose, crushingly heavy and melodic collection of songs. The album led the band to international critical acclaim, shows at Roskilde Festival and Copenhell in their native Denmark as well as touring nationally and abroad.

Now, RISING has completed their fourth album "Sword And Scythe", a monumental concept album consisting of ten songs and two short instrumentals produced by Jacob Bredahl and the band, while the album’s artwork is once again conceived and created by singer Morten Grønnegaard. Musically, the album shows an ensemble moving towards a more progressive direction while operating confidently within a wide range of dynamics and facets of their own compositional and playing ability. The album varies from fast, short songs to longer epics with proggy structures, continuously displaying a fierce heaviness balanced by a distinct sense of melody and finesse, not at least in the updated twin guitar arrangements. Furtherly, the album is enriched by a group of musical guests adding choir vocals, piano, trombone and also mellotron parts performed by renowned Danish rock musician Tim Christensen.

Conceptually, "Sword And Scythe" examines the progression and recession of mankind throughout the movements of history. As the sword and the scythe can be tools for fighting evil oppression and feeding hungry mouths, they are equally symbols of destruction and the greedy exploitation of our planet's resources. Since the dawn of man, the strive for power, wealth and growth have pushed many overambitious civilizations over the brink into the endless oblivion of forgotten history. The album tells the story of the rebirth and rise of humanity after a future total collapse of our global society. Will man learn from the mistakes of the past and evolve into something better and brighter, or are we forever destined to repeat history and steer towards our own perpetual ruin? The album proposes no answers, only questions as to who we are, what we are and what we might become.

Today's tune "White Heat", the third single from the fourth album "Sword And Scythe", enjoy!

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Black Lung - Gone

BLACK LUNG emerged from a brutal Baltimore winter back in 2014, and from that emergence they arose victorious, wielding a trademark Maryland Doom-influenced balance of melody and power. With that vital underpinning, Adam Bufano and Elias Schutzman (founding members of THE FLYING EYES), along with multi-instrumentalist Dave Cavalier, crafted a sound heavy on volume that pushed hard into experimental territory. In lieu of a bass guitarist, the three opted for an unusual setup with a sonic palette defined by a multitude of amps, drop-tuning, and copious effects.

After releasing BLACK LUNGs self-titled debut and being named "Best New Band" by the Baltimore City Paper, they embarked on their first European tour in 2015, including a performance at the Rockpalast Crossroads Festival on German national television. Their sophomore album, "See The Enemy", was produced by J. Robbins (guitarist and frontman for post-punk icons JAWBOX; producer for THE SWORD and CLUTCH) and released in 2016, with a subsequent European tours hitting Freak Valley Festival and Desert Fest Belgium, alongside the likes of GRAVEYARD, DEAD MEADOW and ALL THEM WITCHES. After several years of touring and songwriting, BLACK LUNG is back with their most ambitious work yet, "Ancients", produced by Frank "The Punisher" Marchand (producer of THE OBSESSEDs "Sacred"). The title has a double-edged meaning, paying homage to the ancient powers of the earth while rejecting the ancient ideals of men who want to drag society back into the past. Released March 8, 2019 on Noisolution (Europe) and Ripple Music (North America, Asia, Australia). Album artwork and photography by Ruby Gold (www.instagram.com/rubygold_504/)

Dave Cavalier- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Adam Bufano- Guitar
Elias Schutzman- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards

Today's tune "Gone" is the first song released from BLACK LUNGs new album "Ancients".

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Dorre - Satisfying Sadistic Urges

"Fall River" is a full-length debut by the Belgian Psych/Progressive/Doom/Noise band DORRE. An album that took a two year journey of writing, rewriting, sound-searching, recording and collaborating with profoundly talented artists and partners. The album is a dark and murky sensory undertaking, wandering through the alluring town of "Fall River".

DORRE was born at the Rock Café in Leuven when Adriaan De Raymaeker (guitar) and Wolf Overloop (drums) decided to head up to the attic that PEKTOP (Adriaan’s former band) used to rehearse. Picking up a guitar and settling behind the drums respectively, the noise began to fill the room. Deep, dark, heavy riffs were made and quite possibly enjoyed by several blocks of flats and houses around the building. No big plans were made. One show every year, free beer, towers of cabs and amps, guest musicians joining in the jam.

After several years of this continued tradition, DORRE was asked to play more shows. Obligingly, several small stages around Leuven were played and Erik Heyns (guitar) joined the steady line-up. Deciding that the time had come to widen the scope of DORRE, a more serious approach was taken to write long pieces of music that incorporated every aspect of each musician. A cohesion of doom, noise, psychedelic rock, blues and stoner was organically formed between the two guitars and the drums. In 2015 DORRE played a select set of shows as a build-up towards an EP release in December. The EP was made and released following a first stint outside of the borders, touring throughout England and Scotland in January of 2016 and sharing the stage with many great bands.
Mid-2016, a longtime friend and sound guy Andrew Hockley joined the line-up, taking up bass duties for the band. In 2019 the full-length album "Fall River" saw the daylight.

A beautiful red/black version on vinyl, limited to 100 albums. Get it while you can.

Today's tune "Satisfying Sadistic Urges" is taken from "Fall River", just listen to this amazing tune, wait for the middle part, picking guitars give you goose bumps, enjoy!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Keelrider - Stay

KEELRIDER is a 5 piece band from Reykjavík, Iceland hellbent on making good ol’ fashioned rock with a big spark of stoney grunge. The vocalist reminds me partly of Layne Staley, he sings really good and have a good punch in his voice. The music is done well, nice passages with good riffs, great musicianship for a brand new band, just take the mellow and soaring piece "Stay", check it below.

Finding the right niche, finding your own place, appreciation and identity can be a rather tedious undertaking especially if you are “just” an Icelandic rock band, and strive for sticking out of a never-ending stream of new bands that usually are as quickly formed as they vanish.

KEELRIDER is looking for appreciation and wants to spread their creation to the whole mass and would like as many people as possible to listen to their music and so they are giving their latest album away for FREE! So surf in to their Bandcamp here https://keelrider.bandcamp.com/releases and "Name Your Price". Thanks guys!

The band consists of:
Vocals: Björn Birnir
Lead Guitar: Stefán Pétur Bachmann Bjarnason
Rhythm Guitar: Benedikt Sölvi Sveinbjörnsson
Bass: Egill Fabien Posocco
Drums: Pétur Pétursson

Today's tune "Stay" is taken from the album "North", released March 5, 2018, enjoy!

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Monday, 15 April 2019

Witchers Creed - Awakened From The Tomb...

New week, it's time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Awakened From The Tomb..." is the debut release from the Swedish doom metal outfit WITCHERS CREED, the album was released on 22nd February 2019 at the American label Ripple Music.

WITCHERS CREED were formed 2017 in Katrineholm, Sweden by Filip Andersson, Emil Bjällerhag and Charlie Rangstedt and Emil Lundin. Strongly influenced by classic bands like BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, PAGAN ALTAR, PENTAGRAM, JUDAS PRIEST, ANGEL WITCH, and IRON MAIDEN. After being together in high school in a former band called ILLUSION, Sophmore year (second year) of high school in late 2016, WITCHERS CREED was born. There was no time to lose. Filip came up with the name, inspired by "The Witcher" and "the Assassins Creed” franchises. And it sounded badass. Emil Lundin sadly departure from the band just in time when the band got signed in May of 2018 to California based record label Ripple Music. Herman Åsgård is his new replacement.

The band could be the youngest band in the new wave of Swedish doom scene today.

"Awaken From The Tomb..." give you a pleasant journey thru doomish heavy rock, deep heavy and groovy 70s inspired hard rock stoner doom. Filled with face melting guitar riffs, ground shaking bass lines, drums so groovy they sound like they come from space and screaming vocals from hell. And after a few spins, you can feel that they have embossed the style as it was natural floating in their veins.

"Depths Of The Black Void" is an amazing piece, drums and a crunchy fat bass line opens up the tune, vocals take a step in before the guitar joins the walk to the depths in this catchy tune. Another fatty bass line opens up "Raven's Claw", a rocker that has a great swing. Some cowbells in opening tune "Witchers Creed" and the straight-up rocker "Victims Of Retribution". A real emotional piece is "Larissa", where the singer really takes in from the toes when he let loose the words. A great guitar swing with a nice solo. "Rituals Of Decay" is a heavy 8-minute tune, doomish ups and downs with an excellent melody, neat solo, and the singer partly sounds like a mix between Magnus Pelander (WITCHCRAFT) and Pelle Åhman (IN SOLITUDE), me like! "Salem (Resurrection)" is a vintage doom rocker. "Monolith" is another high standard doom cut that takes its wings to spread out to the old doom heroes. The album closes with the title tune "Awaken From The Tomb...", an instrumental beauty with emotional and elegant guitar bonanza.

"Awaken From The Tomb" will tip off your chair when you letting this beast on, it's something organic, true, it feels real you know... It's freaking good, and it's hard to believe that this is a debut, well-done lads.


Filip Andersson - Guitar
Emil Bjällerhag - Bass & Backup vocals
Charlie Rangstedt - Drums
Emil Lundin - Lead Vocals (2017 - 2018) (Singer on the album)
Herman Åsgård - Lead Vocals (2019- )

Sum: One of the most promising groups to be emerging from the dark Swedish crypts.

Today's tune "" taken from the debut album "Awakened from the tomb...", enjoy!

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Death Breath - Death Breath

Sunday, time for a classic.

Yesterday it was the annual Record Store Day, a feast for the still alive stores that do their best to keep the spirit up and sell the music we all love. As in this matter, I am pretty old school, still, buy a lot from the locals and so I did yesterday, love to support the once still around. Got a bunch of records, the bought got really spread as it usually gets during this time, it's not that I get stuck in one genre even if it's been really hard lately, but that I guess is something that you readers already got used to.

This is what I got home with.....

One of the records was the Swedish old-school death metal band DEATH BREATHs debut album "Stinking Up The Night". Got the seven tune EP "Let It Stink" already which I just adore, high-class death metal.

DEATH BREATH featuring Robert Pehrsson (THUNDER EXPRESS/DUNDERTÅGET) and Nicke Andersson (ENTOMBED, THE HELLACOPTERS, LUCIFER, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC) who wanted to return to playing drums and death metal. The members of the band are both members of other bands but do not consider DEATH BREATH to be a side project. The band was formed in 2005 and was originally intended to be named BLACK BREATH but to the band's surprise, the name DEATH BREATH had never been used by a metal band. The band considers their music to be pure death metal, free from seven-string guitars, five string basses and triggered drums. The band's music is influenced by SLAYER, VENOM and BLACK SABBATH, AUTOPSY, CELTIC FROST as well as old horror movies and HP Lovecraft.

Today's tune "Death Breath" is taken from the debut album "Stinking Up the Night", featuring Fred Estby as additional vocals, released in 2006, enjoy!

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