Thursday 28 February 2019

Numidia - Türkü

Thursday, time for a remake.

"Türkü" is a tune by the legendary Turkish rock musician Erkin Koray and was released on the second album "Elektronik Türküler" (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈelectɾonic tyɾˈcyleɾ], "Electronic Ballads"), originally released by Doğan Plakcılık in 1974. This is his first work to be recorded for the LP format, as opposed to the 45 rpm singles which his output had been restricted to until the mid-1960s.

"Türkü" is Turkish, could be translated to "Folk Song", "Ballad"

The remake is made by Sydney's NUMIDIA. The tune was released on the self-titled debut album "Numidia", released January 7, 2019. NUMIDIA is a quintet that forges influences from Middle Eastern/North African Blues and blends these calming tribal elements with Folk and 70’s Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, gives a touch of exoticism and magic that, surely, will surprise the listener. With three guitars that neatly works together as one and makes the album really fun to listen to.


James Draper - Guitars and Vocals
Shane Linfoot - Guitars and Vocals
Mike Zoias - Guitars and Vocals
Alex Raffaelli - Bass and Keys / Hammond
Nathan McMahon - Drums and Percussion
Additional vocals: Selin Akbasogullari

Today's tune is recorded live at Lazybones Sydney by Myuran Kathekeyan, Selin Akbaşoğulları and 2 x static GoPros. Audio from GoPro and iPhone X, enjoy!

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Wednesday 27 February 2019

Beerwolf - Magick Warbird

The trio of troublemakers from Tampa known as BEERWOLF ingest a few too many mushrooms and take us on a wild and colourful journey with "Magick Warbird", from their album "Planetfall" (released digitally by the band in 2017 and physically by Ripple Music in 2018).

About the song, the band says: "'Magick Warbird’ was written as a love letter to the roots of metal and rock n’ roll, where life is poetic and mythical but dripping sweat and wrapped around thick riffs. It’s what the wizard painted on the back of your Econoline would be listening to, unabashedly so”.

BEERWOLF consists of:

Jason Kleim – Vocal and Bass Guitar
Matthew Howland – Lead Guitar
AJ Prasad – Wooden and Metal Circles

A beautiful beer haze vinyl white with cosmic blue and star white splatter.

Enjoy this smoke laden groove rock dragon riders of the riff-filled lands.

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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Telekinetic Yeti - Stoned And Feathered

TELEKINETIC YETI is a 2 piece Stoner Rock/Doom band based out of Iowa that was formed by Alex Baumann and Anthony Dreyer in March of 2015.

TELEKINETIC YETI has been impressing audiences across the US with their high energy performances and thunderous live sound. They dropped their first official music video on January 1, 2017, which racked up 172,000 views by the end of the year. They released their debut full-length album "Abominable" on March 17, 2017, which has received many rave reviews by metal/rock websites and ranked on several best albums of 2017 lists. In 2017 and 2018 they also toured most of the US and parts of Canada alongside sludge metal legends WEEDEATER as well as the Swedish stoner rock legends TRUCKFIGHTERS and the Greece rockers 1000MODS.

It will be interesting to see what two guys that sound this big only some strings and skins can come up with after this.

Enjoy today's tune "Stoned And Feathered" taken from the bands debut album "Abominable"

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Monday 25 February 2019

Skraeckoedlan - Eorþe

A new week is here and it's time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Eorþe" is the 3:rd released from the Swedish power trio SKRAECKOEDLAN. Ten years as a band has made its mark, they have grown and made themselves a name in the fuzzy stoner land. The new album "Eorþe" have a wonderful mix of fuzz, stoner, psychedelia, progressive rock and all in the native language "Swedish". Even if the basics in SKRAECKOEDLANs music comes from the past it sounds modern and fresh, with well-thought monstrous riffs and an amazing groove. If some references should be made I could say it's a mix between SOLID GROUND and KENT. Set in the 1920s, Earth is a mystery with Lovecraftian connotations, philosophically told through eight songs. The record is the telling of a story by sci-fi author Nils Håkansson, written specifically for SKRAECKOEDLAN to put into music.

"Eorþe" opens up with a finger tapping intro that starts "Guldåldern", before the melodic melody with a neatly played guitar steps forward into the lights, a calm vocal performance by Robert Lamu, he sings about "the darkness that opens one last time", until he adds a higher gear to the tune, it builds up and it gets drained with distorted fuzz. Martin Larsson's pounding toms opens up the second tune and the first single "Kung Mammut" before he lets in the fuzzy tones from the guitarist Henrik Grüttner. Great science fiction atmosphere in the melody, a powerful tune with a really cool story, me like. The album continues with a melodic melody, powerful and glorious riffing, like the technically second single "Creature Of Doggerland", that serves with dual harmonies and have a heavier outfit than the previous tunes. In the same line follows "Angelica", that opens with a punching drum intro, that turns out to be a very heavy piece. "Mammutkungens Barn" opens up with a pretty cool intro with great bass licks, dual harmonies and a great melody. A home alone acoustic guitar intro in the "Elfenbenssalarna", before it's getting wipeout by the bass and guitar, distorted and monstrous, a psychedelic masterpiece that passes the ten minutes line, close your eyes and get lost in all the hallucinogenic tones the band creates, this is a totally stunning piece. "Tentakler & Betar" flows in the progressive vain, a great groove, twisted riffs. The album closes up with "Angra Mainyu", a beautiful piece with a lot of twists and changes, feels a bit trippy and far out. "Eorþe" is a spectacular mix with an interesting story that gives you a listener SKRAECKOEDLANs finest hour.

Sum: "Eorþe" is a must-have, even if you are a hardcore stoner freak or a fuzz-head, learn Swedish and you will gain even more.

Today's tune "Elfenbenssalarna", "A prelude to the end. The moments of bliss before the imminent doom. We have journeyed to the place where it all unfolds, where the unseen rests and the secrets of the past lay buried. Here we too will become shrouded in mystery, riddles to be solved by those not yet granted a time and place in existence. Whatever the answers, one naked truth stands absolute. None shall leave the Ivory Halls."

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Sunday 24 February 2019

The Electric Prunes - Get Me to the World on Time

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Get Me to the World on Time" is a song written by Annette Tucker and Jill Jones for the American garage rock band, THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, deliberately including highly sexual (for the time) lyrics ("one kiss from you and my whole body starts to actin' strange, you shake up all my hormones, you put me through a change" etc.). The title refers to the song "Get Me to the Church on Time" from the 1956 musical My Fair Lady.

The song was released in May 1967 following the success of the band's previous single, "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)". Although the follow-up did not have the same success.

The song was recorded at American Recording Company with multiple sound effects and recording techniques which were highly complex. Similar to "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)", the composition begins in low-range tones until the sudden shift. Singer James Lowe explained that the opening to the track is actually Dave Hassinger groaning through a mike, into the tremolo of a Fender amp. It creates pulse-like overtones that sound like strings". Vocals by Lowe were initially soft until climbing to higher notes alongside the instrumentals. The instrumentals featured a Bo Diddley-styled riff (added by the band) played in the percussion and given a psychedelic effect with a fuzz-distorted guitar. The band added in the rhythm while recording it in the studio, one of the few times the group's input was accepted. They had sought to expand the track by including more electronic instrumentals and effects, but it was not allowed. The ending of the song, deemed the "spaceship", by playing the high E note on guitar until it reached the last fret, and an oscillator matched the peak.

The track was released in May 1967, a month after its inclusion on their debut album release and reached Top 40 success in the United States. It was the band's last single to chart in the Top 40. Despite the band's difficulty in mimicking the studio recorded version at live performances, the song was a favourite among their fans. To compensate for the lack of sound effects, the band normally expanded the composition beyond its regular track length.

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES are an American psychedelic rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1965. Much of the band's music was, as music historian Richie Unterberger described it, possessed of "an eerie and sometimes anguished ambience", and, early on, mainly consisted of material by songwriters Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz, though the group also penned their own songs. Incorporating psychedelia and elements of embryonic electronic rock, the band's sound was marked by innovative recording techniques with fuzz-toned guitars and oscillating sound effects. In addition, guitarist Ken Williams' and singer James Lowe's concept of "free-form garage music" provided the band with a richer sonic palette and exploratory lyrical structure than many of their contemporaries.

Enjoy today's tune!

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Saturday 23 February 2019

The Necromancers - Black Marble House

THE NECROMANCERS are a young Heavy/Occult Rock band that hails from Poitiers (France) that formed in 2016. Drawing their main inspiration from mythological, religious and fantastic tales of Europe as well as classic horror cinema from the last century, they are a strange alliance of musicians from a wide range of backgrounds.

From Progressive Rock to Doom Metal, THE NECROMANCERS' music is a condensed hybrid of muddy influences emerging from fuzzy and mesmerising witchy riffs, metallic passion, and thickened doom. Think of an unhappy encounter between dark gods at the corner of a foggy street and you’ll get a feeling.

Signed to heavy rock leader Ripple Music, they released their debut album "Servants of the Salem Girl” on August 18th 2017, and toured Europe intensively after that, playing many famous festivals like Up In Smoke, Keep It Low, Desertfests Berlin & London...!

In October 2018, they released their second effort “Of Blood And Wine”, once again on Ripple Music. The French quartet's second album features 6 new tracks still lumbering through doom and cultish heavy rock and while they remained true to the sound they've showcased on their debut “Servants Of The Salem Girl”, they also went deeper in songwriting!

The band will hit the road in Mars, see all the date below, sadly no date for Sweden would be really cool to see these fellows live, but I guess I have to be satisfied with GHOST and CANDLEMASS tonight at the globe.


Tom Cornière (Guitar, Vocals)
Robin Genais (Guitar)
Simon Evariste (Bass)
Benjamin Rousseau (Drums)

Today's tune "" is taken from THE NECROMANCERS' debut album 'Servants Of The Salem Girl", Directed by Tom Cornière-David. Shot by Pauline Foeillet. Starring : Marie Besiat, Antoine Alonso, Hugo Pravia & Andolin vermillet, enjoy!

Upcoming tour dates:

21.03.2019 Nijmegen Merleyn Clubshow NL
22.03.2019 Hengelo Innocent Clubshow NL
23.03.2019 Cologne Ripple Fest Festival D
25.03.2019 Bristol The Lanes Clubshow UK
27.03.2019 Glasgow Nice N Sleazy Clubshow UK
30.03.2019 Manchester Riffolution Fest Festival UK
31.03.2019 London The Underworld Clubshow UK
02.04.2019 Cottbus Zum Faulen August Clubshow D
03.04.2019 Hamburg Molotow Clubshow D
04.04.2019 Copenhagen Stengade Clubshow DK
06.04.2019 Prag 007 Clubshow CZ
21.06.2019 Clisson Hellfest Festival FR

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Friday 22 February 2019

The Budos Band - Burnt Offering

THE BUDOS BAND, the Staten Island instrumental afro-soul act with influences as the CAIRO JAZZ BAND, J.C. Davis, Mulatu Astatke and BLACK SABBATH coming together to form a mind-bending combination of rhythm and melody, record junkies like me nodding their heads to the soul-infused melodies; metal heads thrashing to the dark and ominous guitar and bass riffs.

THE BUDOS BAND is an instrumental band recording on the Daptone Records label. The band has nine members (with occasional guests) who on their first studio albums, played instrumental music that was self-described as "Afro-Soul", baritone saxophone player Jared Tankel elucidated as being drawn from Ethiopian music the band had been listening to that had a soul undercurrent to it, which the band then "sprinkled a little bit of sweet 60's stuff on top" of. Since this time, the band has moved toward playing what they refer to as "70's Psychedelic Instrumental Music."

On the electric guitar is Thomas Brenneck, congas, drums is handled by John Carbonella Jr., organ - Mike Deller, bass guitar - Daniel Fode, trumpet, Andrew Greene, bongos, congas – Rob Lombardo, drums – Brian Profilio and percussion – Dame Rodriguez,

Jazz, deep funk, Afro-beat, soul and heavy-metal influences can be heard in the Budos Band recordings, all of which were released on Daptone Records and recorded at the label's own studio, Daptone's House of Soul, in Brooklyn, New York. Though they reside in Brooklyn THE BUDOS BAND have toured most of North America, Several countries in Europe and parts of Australia.

That this is very cool music to play on high volume on a Friday evening, but beware, it's easy to get the "Budos Fever"

Today's tune is the title tune from "Burnt Offering", released 2014, enjoy!

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Thursday 21 February 2019

Reverend Beat-Man And Izobel Garcia - Come Back Lord

REVERENDED BEAT-MAN Teams up with Los Angeles/ Mexican Femme Mysteria and Voice of the Century Izobel Garcia and they have released the album "Baile Bruja Muerto" (Baile (dance) Bruja (witch) Muerto (death)), released January 18, 2019.

An intressting mix of styles and give you as a listener a full blast in Blues Trash Folk Noir, Weird Rock'n'Roll and Dark Cumbia.

They first met up in Los Angeles at a show. He asked if she could play the organ and drums. She said yes, and the the bond between them was made. A couple days later they played their first show at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. A couple months after that they toured Europe. Now you hold in your hands, for the first time ever, the fruits of their labor. Some of the songs are originals and others are covers. "Macorina" is a song by Chavela Vargas a Mexican icon in traditional folk noir music. She was a strong fighter for women's rights in Mexico and across the globe. "Black Metal" is by VENOM, Beat-Man's favorite band, they created their own music style and inspired millions of kids to be different and they created their very own music style, "Black Metal". "Love Me Two Times" was written by THE DOORS from Los Angeles (Venice Beach) and is played as a scary mellow graveyard rocker version. All of this was recorded either in Italy, Switzerland, or Los Angeles.

Today's tune "Come Back Lord" taken from "Baile Bruja Muerto", enjoy!

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Wednesday 20 February 2019

Twin Temple - Let's Hang Together

Everybody knows that the Devil has all the best tunes. From Robert Johnson selling his soul at the crossroads to the blood-soaked black metal of Norway, Satan has long loomed large over the music world, striking fear into the hearts of the sanctimonious. But nothing that has gone before will prepare you for the arrival of TWIN TEMPLE: Los Angeles’ one and only purveyors of Satanic Doo-Wop. Devout Satanists and meticulous preservers of rock’n’roll’s ancient, timeless spirit, this black-clad and effortlessly stylish duo have created a sound that blends their Satanic ideology with the irresistible sass and melody of classic ‘50s and ‘60s rock ‘n’roll. The result is TWIN TEMPLE (Bring You Their Signature Sound…Satanic Doo-Wop), a debut album that not only serves to salute the Dark One, but also delivers some of the catchiest and coolest music to emerge from any genre in years.

2019 promises to be a big year for TWIN TEMPLE. As the rest of the world is exposed to the extraordinary likes of "I Know How To Hex You" and "Lucifer, My Love", the band will embark on some major touring in support of UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS and GRAVEYARD, with further plans to spread the word of Satan being formulated as we speak.

Alexandra and Zachary James are the high priests of TWIN TEMPLE, the Satanic Doo-Wop band hailing from the City of Angels.

It seems the Devil’s best tunes are in safe hands. Hail TWIN TEMPLE. Hail Satan!

The band was started on Halloween (a Witch’s Sabbath) in 2016 when a destruction ritual was performed, and Alexandra and Zachary stepped into their power as TWIN TEMPLE, energetically killing all their previous incarnations up until that point.

TWIN TEMPLE debut album reissue out 3/1/19 via Rise Above Records

Today's tune "Let's Hang Together" is taken from the debut album, enjoy!

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Tuesday 19 February 2019

Psychopunch - Stranded

The Original Scandinavian Superdudes PSYCHOPUNCH are going to re-release their debut album "We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan's Drink" on Massacre Records! It will hit the stores on March 22, 2019.

The original artwork was created by Challenge Custom Design Co. and Dirk Behlau / Pixeleye Industries updated the layout for the new reissue.

The re-release will be available as Ltd. vinyl LP, 2CD Digipak, stream and download.

The official video for the single "Stranded" has recently been released, see it below.

A new record deal with Massacre Records has just been signed and the future never looked brighter for them. Let's bring the "Original Scandinavian Superdudes" back on the map!


Jarmo Mäkkeli
Patrik Wallert
Jonas Karlberg
Johan Karlsson

Get the album here »

Enjoy today's tune "Stranded".

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Monday 18 February 2019

Supralunar - Ghosts

New week, time for "Record Of The Week"

"Ghosts" is the second album from the Swedish rock trio SUPRALUNAR, the physical release was Februari 15, 2019, the digital was November 30, 2018.

SUPRALUNAR hails from Stockholm, Sweden and consist of Petri Tuulik the guitar slinger and vocalist, Georgios "Jojje" Vamvatsicos the dexterous bassist and harmonies, the funny guy Johann Enoksson beating the drums, screams and keep a good vibe in the air.

SUPRALUNAR plays a groovy rock, excellent harmonies and heavy riffing.

"Ghosts" is a great follow up to "A New Hope" in all means, the music is still very melodic and catchy, but the package has been upgraded with more heaviness and intensity, the playfulness with spices of BEATLES and SWEET are still there and make the album fun and very joyful to listen to. There are many cool tunes on this ten track album that flows over 44 minutes. Like the intro riffing of the first tune "Life", where you get some 80's heavy metal guitar sound, hey Ozzy, a melody that feels old but sounds new. The title tune "Ghosts" is a catchy piece with a clever guitar picking, heavy bass licks and some doomy parts to create some darkness to raise up the fear. "All Them Angels" is a killer tune, the vocals are just excellent, great harmonies, nice eco riffs, really a powerful track. The more intense rockers like "Superfast Train", "For The Greater Good Of Rock N' Roll" and "No More Days", they all take out the turns but in different directions. The power ballad "My Epiphany" is another stand out tune, beautifully done with a guest vocal by Noelle Leblanc that really add some strong female colouring to this piece, she sings amazing and makes the song grow into something really beautiful. Overall this is a great album that deserves more attention and I hope they will take a few more steps forward with this.

Today's tune is the title tune from "Ghosts", the clip is Live at KB Malmö

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Sunday 17 February 2019

Junior Wells - Messin' With The Kid

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Messin' with the Kid" is a rhythm and blues-influenced blues song originally recorded by Junior Wells in 1960. Chief Records owner/songwriter/producer Mel London is credited as the songwriter. Considered a blues standard, it is Junior Wells's best-known song. "Messin' with the Kid" was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and has been recorded by a variety of blues and other artists. He was one bad dude, strutting across the stage like a harp-toting gangster, mesmerizing the crowd with his tough-guy antics and rib-sticking Chicago blues attack.

"Messin' with the Kid" has been recorded by various artists, including the Downchild Blues Band on their 1971 debut "Bootleg", Rory Gallagher from Live in Europe (1972), Todd Rundgren (with Woody's Truck Stop) from Something/Anything (1972), Johnny Winter from White, Hot and Blue (1978), the Blues Brothers on their first album Briefcase Full of Blues (1978), Luther Allison from South Side Safari (1983), AC/DC during the rehearsals for the Flick of the Switch/Monsters of Rock Tour (1983), and Freddie King on Texas Flyer: 1974–1976 (2010).

Junior Wells (born Amos Wells Blakemore Jr., December 9, 1934 – January 15, 1998) was an American Chicago blues vocalist, harmonica player, and recording artist. He was one of the pioneers of the amplified blues harp-style associated with Chicago. Wells is best known for his signature song "Messin' with the Kid" and his 1965 album Hoodoo Man Blues, described by the critic Bill Dahl as "one of the truly classic blues albums of the 1960s". 

Wells performed and recorded with Various notable blues musicians, including Muddy Waters, Earl Hooker, and Buddy Guy. He remained a fixture on the blues scene throughout his career and also crossed over to rock audiences while touring with the Rolling Stones. Not long before Wells died, the blues historian Gerard Herzhaft called him "one of the rare active survivors of the 'golden age of the blues'".

Today's tune "Messin' With The Kid" is from the Montreux 1974 from the dvd "Muddy Waters - Messin' with the blues"

More info @

Official Junior Wells Allmusic

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Saturday 16 February 2019

Tar Pit - Tomb Of Doom

TAR PIT is a American dark and heavy doom metal from Portland.

"Tomb Of Doom" is the first full length release by TAR PIT, set to be release March 1, 2019 on pysichical format. A spin on the digital format it sounds really good. The doom factor is high on "Tomb Of Doom" which is worth to look up. I hope a Vinly release will come, so far only Cassette and CD is up for sale on the bands bandcamp.


Mathew Ortega - Vox
Brandon Martinez-Woodall - Guitar
Stephen Hoffman - Lead Guitar
Hayden Johnson - Bass & Additional vox
Derek Johnson - Drums

Today's tune is the title tune "Tomb Of Doom", enjoy!

"Tomb Of Doom", Live @Ash Street Saloon Portland, OR 11/9/2017,

More info @

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Friday 15 February 2019

Mang Ont - Buldolont

MANG ONT is a stoner doom metal band from Tartu, Estonia, they were formed in 2012. The band's musical direction are characterized by heavy and slow riffs, mixed with psychedelic drone and noise. Heavy and massive instrumental music-playing trio with some vocal noises.

Their second full-length album "Maa Sarv" ("Earth Horn") It was recorded in their rehearsal studio Mammutikoobas (Mammoth's Cave). With more extended and more Versatile songs, It takes you on a Journey through Ice Age and beyond!

"Maa Sarv" was released January 7, 2019. Recorded, mixed, mastered by Hans Horn, at Mammutikoobas February-October 2018. Lyrics by Mait Rebane (Luumurdja) and Hans Horn (Buldolont) Art by Maari Soekov and Music by MANG ONT.

Get the album from Bandcamp here!


Esko Kuldkepp - Guitar, Synth, Vocals
Hans Horn - Drums
Tarmo Vikat - Guitar

Today's tune "Buldolont" is taken from "Maa Sarv", enjoy!

More info @

Official Mang Ont Bandcamp

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Thursday 14 February 2019

Def Leppard - When Love & Hate Collide

Today it's the Valentines day, so let's play a love tune for all the love ones out there. This one is for my beloved half. So Happy Valentine's day all!

"When Love & Hate Collide" is a power ballad by British rock band DEF LEPPARD from their 1995 greatest hits album Vault, written by Joe Elliott and Rick Savage. It was originally written and demoed for "Adrenalize", but not finalized until 1995 for its inclusion on Vault. The demo version is much more heavily produced in the signature style of "Hysteria" and "Adrenalize", and the final version is more stripped down, supposedly toward the style of the following studio album "Slang". The original demo version contains the final recorded guitar solo by late original guitarist Steve Clark. "When Love & Hate Collide" became one of the most successful singles in their homeland, where it reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Charts, but it failed to make a significant impact in the U.S. charts, reaching #58 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was re-released as a digital download on February 12th, 2013.

In 2008, the song was re-recorded this time with featured vocals of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The original version was re-released as a digital download on 12 February 2013. See the Video below.

DEF LEPPARD will hit the road this summer, see all the dates below.

So today's tune is "When Love & Hate Collide", enjoy!

When Love & Hate Collide Live Def Leppard & Taylor Swift

I really hope to be able to catch them at Sweden Rock Festival this year.

Upcoming tour dates:

6th June 2019 Sweden. Solvesborg, Sweden Sweden Rock Festival
9th June 2019 Finland. Hyvinkää/Helsinki, Finland Hyvinkää Airfield / Rockfest
11th June 2019 Denmark. Sonderborg, Denmark * Slagmarken (The Battlefield)
14th June 2019 England. Derby, England Donington Park / Download Festival
17th June 2019 Czech Republic. Prague, Czech Republic O2 Arena
19th June 2019 Italy. Assago/Milan, Italy Mediolanum Forum
20th June 2019 Switzerland. Hinwil, Switzerland Autobahnkreisel Betzholz / Rock The Ring Festival
22nd June 2019 France. Clisson, France Main Stage 1 / Hellfest
23rd June 2019 Belgium. Dessel, Belgium Boeretang Festival Park / Graspop Metal Meeting
27th June 2019 Norway. Trondheim, Norway Dahls Arena / Trondheim Rocks
29th June 2019 Norway. Oslo/Ekeberg, Norway Ekebergsletta / Tons Of Rock
2nd July 2019 Germany. Berlin, Germany Zitadelle Spandau
3rd July 2019 Germany. Dusseldorf, Germany * Merkur Spiel-Arena
5th July 2019 Germany. Munich, Germany * Olympiastadion
7th July 2019 Spain. Barcelona, Spain Parc de Can Zam / Rock Fest Barcelona
Def Leppard Tour 2019. DEF LEPPARD CANADIAN TOUR 2019 - CANADA

Shows Played - 11 (w/ Tesla)

12th July 2019 Canada. Halifax, NS, Canada Scotiabank Centre
13th July 2019 Canada. Moncton, NB, Canada Avenir Centre
15th July 2019 Canada. Quebec City, QC, Canada Centre Videotron
17th July 2019 Canada. Montreal, QC, Canada Bell Centre
19th July 2019 Canada. Ottawa, ON, Canada Canadian Tire Centre
20th July 2019 Canada. Hamilton, ON, Canada FirstOntario Centre
22nd July 2019 Canada. London, ON, Canada Budweiser Gardens
25th July 2019 Canada. Winnipeg, MB, Canada Bell MTS Place
27th July 2019 Canada. Saskatoon, SK, Canada SaskTel Centre
29th July 2019 Canada. Edmonton, AB, Canada Rogers Place
31st July 2019 Canada. Calgary, AB, Canada Scotiabank Saddledome

14th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
16th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
17th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
20th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
23rd August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
24th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
29th August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
31st August 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
1st September 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
4th September 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
6th September 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency
7th September 2019 USA. Las Vegas, NV, USA Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood / Sin City Residency

More info @

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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Zaum - The Enlightenment (Part I)

ZAUM is a passage toward the dark realizations of ancient civilization; in the form of a monolithic doomy mantra based meditative experience forged by bass and drums interwoven by sitar and synth textures. Based in New Brunswick – their live presence is very true to its recorded form featuring McDonald's both melodic and dark vocal styles met with elements of sectional Mongolian throat singing. Observers experience a calming process of reality whereby the astral and physical planes can co-exist and be understood from a natural perspective.

Their debut album "Oracles" released in June 2014 was reviewed nearly 100 times - subject to much critical acclaim primarily throughout Europe. Their second album "Eidolon" was released October 2016 on I Hate Records. This two extended track album, presented across two sides — one cut per, both listed at precisely 21 minutes long, from this album is were we find today's tune, check below. Formerly a duo, become a three-piece with the addition of Nawal Doucette to the lineup handling the visual side of their presentation and the announcement that they’ll release the follow-up to 2016’s "Eidolon" through Listenable Records in 2019.

ZAUM consists of:

Kyle Alexander McDonald : Vocals, Bass, Sitar, Synth.
Christopher Lewis : Drums
Nawal Doucette: Visual

Today's tune "The Enlightenment (Part I)" taken from their 2016 album, "Eidolon"

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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Uluru - Şark

ULURU is an İstanbul-Kadıköy based Psychedelic/Stoner Rock trio, formed to produce and experience new sounds and nuances. They started their first recordings on September 2015 for the EP called "Dazed Hill", which is released on November 2015. Their second EP "Imaginary Sun" was released on March 2016. Five tracks from the first two EP's were released by Tonzonen Records(GER) as LP vinyl on summer of 2016.

And their new LP “Acrophilia” released on 07 January 2019. The album is an eastern themed instrumental jams. It's heavy and psychedelic but with class.

ULURU consists of:

Ege Çaldemir
Ümit Büyükyüksel
Ogibur Ertürk

Wonder if the name ULURU is taken from the massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid "Red Centre". The nearest large town is Alice Springs, 450km away. Uluru is sacred to indigenous Australians and is thought to have started forming around 550 million years ago. It’s within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which also includes the 36 red-rock domes of the Kata Tjuta (colloquially “The Olgas”) formation.

Today's tune "Şark", filmed live at Kadıköy Sahne, İstanbul 14.10.2018. The tune is taken from the latest album "Acrophilia", enjoy!

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Monday 11 February 2019

The Sabbathian - Latum Alterum

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Latum Alterum" is the second album from the Norwegian/American entity THE SABBATHIAN, the follow up to their debut EP "Ritual Rites" in 2014.

THE SABBATHIAN is a collaboration between the multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis (HOUR OF 13), vocalist Anette Uvaas Gulbrandsen (NÀTTSÒL) and Joey Downs.

Doom and heavy riffs, haunting tunes with beautifully vocals is the main theme of "Latum Alterum". The album have a dark, gothic almost occultish atmosphere, a step away from the origins of doom metal and towards the heavier vistas traversed by Nordic metalmongers such as BATHORY or CANDLEMASS. The album title is in latin, if I'm not wrong it means "How to summon spirits from the other side", correct me if I am out on thin ice here. Musically the album is very well made, have a solid doom foundation for Anette to stand on. The album mostly keeps the marching pace except for the more blackened tune "Liti Kiersti" where the vocals have a folkish approach. "The Brightest Light" have a really beautifully vocals in the gothic metal doom harmoney that Chad streamers up. "Head Of A Traitor" is heavy piece, over 9 minutes of heavy doomish noise in a straight forward pace and features guest vocals from Liv Kristine (MIDNATTSOL, ex-LEAVES EYES). In the more classic doom tune "Embrace The Dark" that retains the sound of the EP, excellent vocals and a stunning guitar work. The intro "Requiem" and outro in the last part of "Evig Hvile" are meant as a way of blessing the souls on their journey. "Latum Alterum" is giving you as a listener over 44 minutes of accessible crunchy gloomy gothic blackened doom, this is definitely a must have, for fans of of doom and black metal.

Sum: This is a solid powerful blackened gothic doom album.

Today's tune "Liti Kjersti", is taken from "Latum Alterum", enjoy!

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Sunday 10 February 2019

Celtic Frost - Tristesses De La Lune

Ce soir la Lune rêve avec plus de paresse
Ainsi qu'une beauté sur de nombreux coussins
Qui d'une main discrète et légère caresse
Avant de s'endormir le contour de ses seins
Sur le dos satine, des molles avalanches

That's part of the lyrics of the poem of the Sunday classic.

"Into the Pandemonium" is the third studio album by Swiss extreme metal band CELTIC FROST, released in 1987. The album is more varied than CELTIC FROSTs past LPs, with unlikely covers (Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio"), emotionally charged love songs, the album's recurring industrial-influenced rhythmic songs of demons and destruction, traditional FROST-styled songs about dreams and fear, and a dark, classical piece with female vocals.

Some of the lyrics are silently borrowed from other sources. For example, significant portions of Inner Sanctum are directly quoted from Emily Brontë poems, while the lyrics to "Tristesses de la lune" are borrowed from the poem of the same name in Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal. The lyrics to "Sorrows of the Moon" are an English translation of the same.

The cover image is a detail from the right (Hell) panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych painted in 1504 by Hieronymus Bosch, now part of the permanent collection at the Prado in Madrid.

Enjoy today's classic "Tristesses De La Lune", that is a classical composition sung in French by a female vocalist, who I don't know, couldn't find anything about it, does anyone know, please tell me.

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Saturday 9 February 2019

Behemoth - Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

Saturday the 26th of January, Yes I know Im late, but hey it is what it is.

Back on track, that Saturday was a very interesting day, I did a double gig. The main thing was to work with BEHEMOTH at Annexet, but at the same time support my colleague with FIRST AID KIT at the Globe. So I was at both places at the same time, oh well running in between the arenas.

At FIRST AID KIT, we did the famous confetti, this time it was heart shaped paper confetti to be shooted with stadium shots. Pretty cool effect. Then we had a golden waterfall, you know a fall of golden sparkles, really cool. These girls really can sign, amazing. And it's the home field for these Swedish youngsters and it must have been a show of the lifetime to play for a sold-out Globen. They also had some guest artists as Amanda Jenssen, Sarah Klang, Little Jinder and Silvana Imam that joined the evening. Below is some pictures from the day.

Upstairs at BEHEMOTH it was mostly fire, some CO2, rigged as a crucifix and some black confetti to symbolise insects. Pretty cool effect, when the confetti was blown up in the arse on the bass player that did his centre number in the tune "Lucifer", see the live clip from Paris below, no fire here only sparkles because of the regulations at Bataclan.

The main act BEHEMOTH did a hell of a show, can't even remember if I have seen them as good as this. Excellent set list and very good executed, all my favorite tunes was played like "Conquer All", "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer", "Ov Fire and the Void" and "Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V", decent length of the show, cool choreographed with pyro and the video wall, very good lighting, good sound and excellent pyro techs, well-done guys. See all the tunes below.

But hey this was not everything, together on the tour they had magically lurked over WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and the Swedes in AT THE GATES, what a tour package that is. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM was the first band to open the evening, half an hour they got in the spotlight and they used their time wisely with an excellent sound quality that really released their dreamy and seductive black metal in a dignified manner. The second act was the Swedish veterans AT THE GATES, with an hour of play time they mixed their tunes with new like "To Drink From the Night Itself", "A Stare Bound in Stone" and "Daggers of Black Haze" with classics like "Slaughter Of The Soul" and "Blinded By Fear" where Seth from BEHEMOTH helps out with some extra guitars.

BEHEMOTH setlist from the evening at Annexet.

(Intro) Solve
Wolves ov Siberia
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Ov Fire and the Void
God = Dog
Conquer All
Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica
Decade of Therion
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Slaves Shall Serve
Chant for Eschaton 2000

We Are the Next 1000 Years

AT THE GATES setlist from the show.

(Intro)Der Widerstand
To Drink From the Night Itself
Slaughter of the Soul
At War With Reality
A Stare Bound in Stone
Daggers of Black Haze

(Intermission)El Altar del Dios Desconocido
Death and the Labyrinth
The Swarm
Heroes and Tombs
Suicide Nation
The Book of Sand (The Abomination)
Blinded by Fear (With Seth from Behemoth)
Kingdom Gone
The Night Eternal

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM setlist from the show.

The Old Ones Are With Us
Born From the Serpent's Eye

Today's tune "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer", taken from the album "The Satanist", enjoy!

Ecclesia Diabolica Evropa 2019 E.V. Tour with BEHEMOTH, live in Paris, Le Bataclan, 22 January 2019

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