Sunday 31 July 2011

Deep Purple - Hallelujah

Sunday, time for a classic tune!

Deep Purple 2:nd lineup’s breakthrough wasn't as overnight as that of for the 1:st, but had a much more lasting impact when it came. Episode Six bandmates Ian Gillan and Roger Glover joined in secrecy. Gillan exemplified the kind of powerful and vocally agile singer that the band sought to develop their harder rock sound. Glover came along at first on a session basis, but quickly impressed with his natural grasp of writing, and was snapped up to complete the new Deep Purple.

The first ”Deep Purple” single from the 2:nd lineup or the 5th in order, 'Hallelujah', was very much as a first lineup throwback, and disappeared without trace (as had all Deep Purple's UK singles to that point). The line-up's first live gig was in front of a tiny audience at London's Speakeasy Club on July 10th. Inspired by their live chemistry, and with the quality of the music being written, the band gigged intensely in the UK and mainland Europe over the next 12 months, gaining an almighty live reputation. Their profile was also raised (if not in the way they all hoped for) by a performance of Jon Lord's rock / orchestral crossover 'Concerto For Group & Orchestra' at London's Albert Hall in September 1969, a piece that the rest of the band only came to appreciate in later years when it was no longer seen as a threat to their hard rock direction. A live album of the night was also their first top 30 UK chart entry, and the show was broadcast on BBC TV.

Here is a very early clip of the tune, enjoy!

More info @ Official Deep Purple Website

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Saturday 30 July 2011

Crossfade - Killing Me Inside

I ran across :) a new band today, Crossfade!
Make me think of Nickelback at the beginning or mayby the Swedish Takida.
But somehow harder but with the same singing tune :)
Anyway the play sort of hard rock-alternative rock sorta.
Its an American band from South Carolina.
Crossfade was formed in 1999, originally under the name The Nothing.
In 2002, they changed their name to Crossfade.

This singel is taken from their 3rd album "We All Bleed".

The guys are:
Ed Sloan on lead vocals, guitar
Mitch James on bass, vocals
Les Hall on Lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mark Castillo on drums, goomba

They are out on a tour click here to see it.

Wanna know more about em plz click here to come to their homesite!

Enjoy folks!

Love, Thetania

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Friday 29 July 2011

Wolf - Skull Crusher

Wolf is a heavy metal band from Örebro, Sweden. Formed in 1995, the band has since released five albums and toured with Saxon, Tankard and more recently, Trivium.

Swordbrothers and Steelsisters, you perhaps already heard the sad news that Axeman left Wolf and Simon Johannsson (Memory Garden , Bibleblack) took over the 6 string axe for the upcoming festivals and the great tour with Firewind in September. So here’s your last chance to see Axeman in full action with WOLF! The official video for ”Skull Crusher” from the brand new album ”Legions Of Bastards” was produced by Morning Star Productions, also responsible for the video ”Hail Caesar” from the previous album ”Ravenous”.

Niklas Stålvind (vocals and guitars) in his own words: ”We have never had so much fun making a video as we had on this one. Smashing a car into smithereens is something we always wanted to do without cleaning up after us or get in trouble with the police. It was the best exercise/therapy you could ever wish for. I felt like I was 10 kilos lighter in both body and spirit afterwards. We had to work hard to demolish it good. A Volvo is made in Sweden and hard to tear apart - just like this Heavy Metal band. This one is for all the skull crushing metal heads out there - We salute you!”

And you can see a short introduction to Simon in this WOLF Bloodstock trailer:

Todays tune "Skull Crusher", Taken from the album "Legions Of Bastards".

So get your clogs and beer and jump on your tractor to see WOLF live on the upcoming shows. Or just die on your stinky sofa while the world rocks out with a **** out! METAL!

WOLF live at festivals 2011
12.08.2011 Catton Hall/Derbyshire, Bloodstock festival, UK
20.08.2011 Dinkelsbuehl, Summer Breeze Festival, Germany

WOLF supporting FIREWIND:
09.09.2011 Southampton, Talking Heads, UK
10.09.2011 Manchester, Moho Live, UK
11.09.2011 Glasgow, Apollo 23, UK
12.09.2011 Reading, Sub 89, UK
14.09.2011 Zoetermeer, Boerderij, Netherlands
15.09.2011 Den Bosch, W2, Netherlands
16.09.2011 Kerkrade, Rock Temple, Netherlands
17.09.2011 Vosselaar, Biebob, Belgium
18.09.2011 Cologne, Underground, Germany
19.09.2011 Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal, Germany
20.09.2011 Hamburg, Knust, Germany
22.09.2011 Vienna, Szene, Austria
23.09.2011 Brunico, UFO, Italy
24.09.2011 Pisa, Boderline, Italy
26.09.2011 Paris, Le Nouveau Casino, France

More info @
WOLF online:
Official Wolf Website
Official Wolf MySpace
Official Wolfy Facebook

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Thursday 28 July 2011

Metallica - Seek And Destroy

Im Angry today so Im gonna play something angry today so...
Im choosing Metallica "Seek and Destroy" from 1989 Seattle, comming from their first album ”Kill ´Em All" that is from 1983, and Cliff was the bas player on this.
At this time they were young and hansome :p

Jason Newsted was the bass player on this video.

After the tragical death of Cliff Burton in Ljungby Sweden.

Nowadays Rob Trujillo is playing bass and he do it damn good!!

Wanna know more plz click here to come to their homesite.

Im off guys and gurls Have fun!

Cheers, Thetania

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Mastodon - Black Tongue

Atlanta-based metal band Mastodon released new song "Black Tongue". The track is taken from the band's upcoming album "The Hunter".

The album is the band's fifth album in order, this one was recorded in the Doppler Studios in Atlanta with producer Mike Elizondo, who previously produced Avenged Sevenfold hit album "Nightmare" from 2010.

The band have been performed at the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, France, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, and Poland, as well as in Germany's Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park Festival during this summer. The show in Sweden was magnificent and i already looking forward for the next visit.
A full show would be brilliant to see and hear.

On June 28, 2011, Mastodon released an unreleased track from Crack the Skye called "Deathbound". It was released through and had a music video made for it.

In July, the band's Youtube account debuted a 1-minute sample of another new song, entitled "Black Tongue”, this you can watch here, check below.

The artwork is made by AJ Fosik, a wood carver who is also responsible for the backdrop the band uses live. This marks a departure from Paul Romano, who did all their artwork to date.

On , a song from the album, titled "Black Tongue" was released - via iTunes, Spotify and Ovi Music.

Here is a “taste of what’s to come” with this trailer for “Black Tongue” off their upcoming album The Hunter, which is set for release in the end of September. Animation by Aaron Hymes.

Watch AJ Fosik's process when is making the sculpture from the cover of Mastodon's upcoming album "The Hunter.” All this is with the music of ”Black Tongue” witch was released on July 25 and is also valid thru the Spotify link below and of course it will be included in Tune Of The Days Spotify playlist, Enjoy!

More info @ Official Mastodon Website

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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Big Business - The Drift

Big Business is a stoner metal/sludge metal band from Seattle. The band started as a two piece band composed of Jared Warren of Karp and The Tight Bros From Way Back When and Coady Willis of Murder City Devils. Their sound has been characterized as a bombastic and frantic low end attack, marked by Warren's signature vocal delivery.

The band released its first album, "Head for the Shallow", on January 25, 2005.
In late 2006, after relocating to Los Angeles, Jared and Coady both became members of The Melvins, first appearing on "(A) Senile Animal". The tour, titled "the Double-Drumming Rock for Peace tour", featured Warren and Willis playing a set as Big Business before being joined by Crover and Osborne for a set as the Melvins. While on tour, Big Business played with David Scott Stone who would later play guitar and Minimoog Voyager on all songs from their 2007 release "Here Come the Waterworks”. Big Business released their third album "Mind the Drift" on May 12, 2009. The album, produced by Phil Ek, who has produced both of their previous albums.

They will be touring Summer 2011 with Torche and Thrones.

Todays tune ”The Drift” is taken from the third studio album "Mind the Drift"

The video was created by Wesley Belak-Berger, Enjoy!

More info @ Official Big Business Website or at Big Business Myspace

No Spotify on this one :(

Monday 25 July 2011

Xie Tian Xiao - on the Gu Zheng

I wanted to tell you about the Chinese Company gig I did couple of days ago, as it was so weird and crazy compered to any of the gigs I ever done.
Here are some pics I took.

Lotsa Chineses and almost everyone had cameras videos u name it.

The sand artist in action.

Kinda blurry but thats my spot m8 Fredde.

The show stage.

This "gig" begun with a conference with a bunch of speakers that we got some spotlights on. Cheeeezuz they talked for hrs....the last speaker talked for 1 hr and 45 minutes, my arms and legs was screaming...hehe and he kept saying "nigga nigga" wonder wot that meant by in chinese. Then they had a musical show with a sand art guy, that was awesome!

There was many things that was so diffrent to ordinary music gig we are used to. For example in the middle of an artist singin, some of the audience came up the stage and gave him flowers, glas of whine or something and pointed to their spouse and grinned and the spouse took a picture of the artist and the person while the artist were singing....hahaha Soooo Odd! This happened troughout the whole show with diffrent artists..sooo weird.

And another thing that was sooo funny was, appearently somebody had its birthday if it was a person or the company I couldnt say, but they brought out this cake and had these "ice Lights" (its the kinda sparkeling small fireworks) and then suddenly 4 chineses tryed to blow it out...hahahah U cant blow it stops when it stops hahaha so hilarious. The time schedule was extremly drawn over cos they talked so much gosh they talked and talked and we didnt understand nada.

Normally we get a time schedule with everything in the beginning and it goes on according to it, but 5 minutes b4 the start they brought us a new schedule with taken off songs and happenings so the programmed in lights were totally changed eeeh ehhh
Whatever I was happy to leave this arena after 2 days full of Chinese talking and...
sigh even if they were ehm one hr late, I had to run to my next gig which was great :D

As the music wasent that eh fitting according to my style Ill take a chinese rock band instead, kinda cool with the these instruments they have.

I choosed Xie Tian Xiao, Xie Tianxiao was born in 1972 in the town of Zibo, Shandong province. At the age of 9 he began to learn Beijing Opera, and appeared in the role of "The Monkey King" in a local operatic production of Journey to the West.

In 1997, he founded the band Cold Blooded Animal with bassist Li Ming, his childhood friend from Shandong. Although the band went through a number of personnel changes (past drummers include Liang Xu, Wu Rui and several others), they soon established a loyal fan base. On 1 October 2006 in Zeng Cheng near Guangzhou,this performance was applauded by the media and read as significant as Jimi Hendrix played the USA anthem at Woodstock in 1969. Xie admitted that his performance was inspired by Jimi Hendrixs’

Okey Have fun :D

Cheers, Thetania

Here is one more!

Sunday 24 July 2011

Fair To Midland - Musical Chairs

Today I was again on the move. This time it was south on the road in Sweden's oblong country, ahead highway E4 I went like a whirlwind, and to a little place called Brittebo located just outside of Jönköping. On the journey was the record player fed with Fair To Midland's new album "Arrows & Anchors," a wonderful mix of madness, but more about that on another occasion.

"Arrows & Anchors" is the fourth studio album by Texas progressive rock band Fair to Midland. The album was released on July 12th via Season of Mist. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Joe Barresi.

Todays tune "Musical Chairs” is the album's first single, enjoy!

More info @ Official Fair To Midland Website

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Saturday 23 July 2011

Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love

Today I was cleaning and I found a cd that I forgot I had, "Operation: Mindcrime" from 1988. A rock opera, its story follows a man who becomes disillusioned with the society of the time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders. The album is highly regarded within the heavy metal community, often labelled as one of the genre's finest works.

Its a very toutching story.

I have to say that I do belive in love :D tonight my Stones and our children comes home from up north aaahhh thats gonna be sooo nice. I had to go home to do some gigs here in Stockholm so I flew down here Tuesday afternoon. One of the gigs were a Chines company convention, total hilarious, Im gonna tell u all about it later on.

Queensryche just released their 12th album named "Dedicated to Chaos" havent heard it yet but after this I just have to, they have change a bit in their music but its worth a peak I think.

Geoff Tate says regarding the new album like this:
"The sound and the writing direction is probably more focused on rhythm than any of our records have been. Scott and Eddie are contributing a lot to the composition of this record, so there's a lot of focus on rhythm structure and keeping things very rhythmatic and moving. It's got a lot of very intricate bass/drum work on it that perhaps hasn't been featured on earlier albums. Therefore it's going to have a very modern sound to it. Music these days, outside of hard rock and metal, is really rhythm-oriented. There's a lot of movement to it. So we're kind of going with that as a feature on this record. Still, there's a lot of interesting guitar work as we try to push the guitar into different areas as well, while trying to stay away from the bone-head stuff like the chunk-chunk-chunk kind of thing. We're using the guitars in a more melodic sense."

Their tour look like this:

Date City Venue Country
07/23/11 London High Voltage Festival UK
07/24/11 Bournemouth Bournemouth Bic United Kingdom
07/27/11 Lisbon Atlantico Pavilion Portugal
07/29/11 New York, NY Irving Plaza United States
07/30/11 Hartford, CT Webster Theater United States
07/31/11 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance United States
08/02/11 Allentown, PA The Croc United States
08/03/11 Morristown, NJ Mayo PAC United States
08/04/11 Westbury, NY Capital One Bank Theater United States
08/05/11 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino & Ballroom US
08/06/11 Boston, MA House of Blues United States
08/07/11 Rochester, NY Nola’s Outdoor Concert US
08/09/11 Washington DC 930 Club United States
08/10/11 Englewood, NJ Bergen Performing Arts Center US
08/11/11 Glenside, PA Keswick United States
08/12/11 North Tonawanda, NY Molson Canal Concert Series US
08/13/11 Pittsburgh, PA Palace Theatre United States
08/14/11 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore United States
08/16/11 St. Louis, MO The Pageant United States
08/17/11 Grand Rapids, MI Orbit Room United States
08/18/11 Cleveland, OH ouse of Blues United States
08/19/11 Detroit, MI The Fillmore United States
08/20/11 Chicago, IL Congress Theater United States
08/21/11 Milwaukee, WI The Rave United States
08/25/11 Palmer, AK Alaska State Fair United States
08/27/11 Auburn, WA White River Amphitheatre US
08/28/11 Hillsboro, OR Washington County Fairgrounds US
09/06/11 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory United States
09/07/11 Missoula, MT Wilma Theater United States
09/08/11 Boise, ID Knitting Factory United States
09/09/11 Reno, NV Knitting Factory United States
09/10/11 Chico, CA Senator Theater United States
09/11/11 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades United States
09/14/11 Tucson, AZ Rialto United States.
09/15/11 Phoenix, AZ The Foundry United States
09/16/11 Albuquerque, NM Hard Rock Hotel & Casino US
09/17/11 Denver, CO Ogden Theater United States
09/19/11 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom United States
09/20/11 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater United States
09/22/11 Dallas, TX House of Blues United States
09/23/11 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Hotel & Casino US
09/24/11 Houston, TX House of Blues United States
09/25/11 Austin, TX Emo’s East United States
09/28/11 Anaheim, CA House of Blues United States
09/29/11 San Diego, CA House of Blues United States
09/30/11 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues United States
10/01/11 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues United States
10/02/11 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom United States
11/14/11 - 11/19/11 Cozumel Shiprocked Cruise United States

Wanna know more about em plz click here to come to their homesite.

Okey Folks, Lets hear the oldie :D

Cheers, Thetania

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Friday 22 July 2011

Valerian Swing - Le Roi Cremeux

To find new bands are always fun, to find bands that really appeals to one even more enjoyable. By coincidence, I ran into this band, highly interesting, I must say, an order of their new on vinyl will be made as soon as I return home. So this will be a Tune Of The Day tip of a new record.

These guys hail from Italy and are certainly new to most listeners around here. The band was formed in Correggio (Italy), a few years ago. Valerian Swing are an instrumental band with occasional vocals, always driven by an eclectic and experimental musical vision. It’s based loosely on a lot of that instrumental/post-rock type stuff, but with an aggressive and frantic take on it. It’s tight and dynamic.

They released a 4 tracks Ep in 2007 and one year after the debut album: "Draining Planning For Ears Reflectors”. The new and latest record “A Sailor Lost Around The Earth” was recorded and produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Botch, ISIS, Minus The Bear) at Red Room in Seattle, WA.

Guest appearance in their new record is the internationally acclaimed trombonist Gianluca Petrella.

SubSuburban Recording Company take care of the vinyl release which included a 7” with special remixes from Simon Scott (former Slowdive) and Isan.

Todays tune is ”Le Roi Cremeux”, taken from their latest and 2011 release “A Sailor Lost Around The Earth”

"Le Roi Cremeux” sound only!

"Le Roi Cremeux" live @ Mi Odi 2011

More info @ Official Valerian Swing MySpace

Check out their debut of Valerian Swing in the form of the mighty A Sailor Lost Around the Earth on Spotify!

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