Saturday 30 April 2011

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under

On Friday April 29th, 2011, Dream Theater officially announced that Mike Mangini was to be their new drummer. Tune Of The Day screams high! Congrats Mike!

Mike Mangini (born April 18, 1963 in Newton, Massachusetts) is the current drummer for Dream Theater, and has played for Annihilator, Extreme, James LaBrie, and Steve Vai. He is a teacher at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and held five World's Fastest Drummer world records. He is also known for his work as a session musician. He joined Dream Theater after the departure of Mike Portnoy.

So today we celebrate this news with a classic DT tune ”Pull Me Under”, that is the first track and second single from Dream Theater's 1992 album "Images and Words”.

"Pull Me Under," which originally had the working title "Oliver's Twist," is widely considered to be Dream Theater's most well known song. Although the band did enjoy its success with MTV and radio play during the release and there after, the band has continued to keep its distance from the mainstream scene; although, it is still performed in world tours. In a radio interview, Mike Portnoy stated that " was just an 8 and a half minute song, and it was just a fluke for MTV and radio play to happen." The song peaked at #10 on the Billboard Magazine Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.

A distinctive feature of the song is its lack of a conventional ending. "Pull Me Under" simply stops at 8 minutes and 11 seconds.

"Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt.”

A shortened version of the song (clocking at 4:48) also featured a music video which alternated between clips of the band performing and an obscure storyline about someone, who is often described by band members and fans as a "wolfman." The band members were reportedly unhappy with the storyline, saying that it doesn't have anything to do with the song's subject matter. Lead singer James LaBrie can be seen wearing a Napalm Death shirt in the video. According to drummer Mike Portnoy that shirt actually got the band connected with Napalm Death. Anyway, enjoy todays tune!

Dream theater - pull me under by cramchur

Images and Words tour - Live in Tokyo

Some Nerd Mike Mangini stuff!

Mangini currently endorses Pearl Drums and Zildjian Cymbals. In 2008, Pearl Drums released the Mike Mangini Signature Popcorn Snare. It is 10x6.2" made from 6ply Birch. He also uses his own Zildjian Mike Mangini Signature Sticks, which are laminated Birch with an acorn style tip, 16 1/5" long and .585" in diameter.
Mangini also uses Pearl Eliminator Pedals, and Pearl Hardware, Roland Electronics, Shure Microphones, and Remo Drumheads.
[edit]Current Setup (2008)
Pearl Masters Premium 6ply Maple Drums & Zildjian Cymbals:
Drums — Red Pearl, Red Onyx or Shimmer of Oz Finishes
10x8" Tom
12x9" Tom
14x14" Floor Tom
18x16" Floor Tom
22x18" Bass Drum
10x6.2" Mike Mangini Signature Popcorn Snare
14x5.5" Snare
Cymbals — Zildjian
14" A Custom Hi-Hats
13" A Custom Hi-Hats
14" ZHT Hi-Hats
13" Mastersound Hi-Hats
21" Rock Ride
20" Oriental Crash of Doom
18" A Custom Crash
17" A Custom Crash
22" Oriental China Trash
18" Oriental China Trash
14" Oriental China Trash
14 ZXT Trashformer (x3)
6" A Custom Splash
6" A Zilbel
Drum Heads — Remo
Toms: (10", 12", 14", 18") Clear Emperors (top), Clear Ambassadors (bottom)
Bass Drum: (24") Clear Powerstroke 3 with Falam Slam Patch (back), Standard Pearl Ebony (front)
Snares: (14", 10") Coated CS Controlled Sound or Coated Ambassadors (top), Clear Ambassadors(bottom)
Percussion — Pearl
Primero 6" Cowbell
Mide-Pitched Clave Block
Hardware — Pearl
DR503C Curved Icon Rack
PCX100 Clamp (x3)
PCX200 Clamp (x4)
TH-2000S Tom Arms (x3)
TH2000I Tom Arms (x2)
CH70 Cymbal Holders (x2)
CH-2000 Cymbal Holders (x2)
CH-2000S Cymbal Holders (x4)
CLH1000 X-Hat Attachment (x2)
AX25 Adapter (x2)
AX25L Adapter (x2)
P120 Bass Drum Pedal (x2)
P2002B Eliminator Double Pedal (Belt Drive w/Red Cams)
S2000 Snare Stand
RH-2000 Remote Hi-Hat (w/red cams) (x2)
DC-L300P Drop Clutch
D1000 Roadster Throne
PPS20 Cowbell Footpedal Bracket (x2)
PS85 Pedal Stabilizer

At his height from 2002–2005, Mangini was notorious for setting five World's Fastest Drummer records. These include the Fastest Matched Grip at 1,247 single strokes in 60 seconds in 2005, Fastest Barehands, which he earned by executing 1,138 single stroke notes in 60 seconds in 2002, until Glen Sobel (Of Beautiful Creatures) broke it with 1,140 notes in 2006. Fastest Traditional Grip which he earned by executing 1,126 single strokes in 60 seconds in 2003, a record that stood for five years before falling to Matt Smith (1,132) in 2008, and Fastest Single Stroke Foot record playing 13,222 hits in 15 minutes and 4,555 hits in five minutes; records that stood for two years before falling to Mike "Machine" Mallais (13,309/4,595) in 2007.
Mangini has written two books about his drumming techniques. These books, titled Rhythm Knowledge, are a practice method for deconstructing and simplifying complex polyrhythms and time signatures.
Mangini recently appeared on the Discovery Channel show Time Warp, displaying his drum skills for high speed cameras.

King is dead long live the King or should we say Mike is dead long live the Mike!

More info @
Dream Theater - The Official Site
Official Mike Mangini Website
Official Mike Mangini Myspace

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Friday 29 April 2011

Arch Enemy - Yesterday Is Dead And Gone

The Swedish Death Metal band Arch Enemy is releasing an album in Maj this year, the tune I found sound really good, sounds a bit like Opeth.
Im so eager to hear it all !
Arch Enemy´s new album is named Khaos of Legions, The album was produced by Arch Enemy and Rickard Bengtsson, who already worked with the band in their 2005 album Doomsday Machine, its their 8th album.

Whats so special with this band is that they have, a female singer that have a fantastic growl. Her name is Angela Gossow, she joined Arch Enemy in 2000, after former lead singer Johan Liiva was removed from the band.

Their current members are:
Christopher Amott on guitar
Michael Amott on guitar, backing vocals
Sharlee D'Angelo on bass guitar
Daniel Erlandsson on drums
Angela Gossow on lead vocals
(Yes, Christopher and Michael are brothers)

This is their Tour dates:
14-May-2011 - Boulevard Festival @ C.O.C. Stadium, Casablanca (Morocco)
27-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Switzerland, Pratteln
28-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Germany, Dessau
29-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Austria, Mining
31-May-2011 - Majestic Music Club, Bratislava (Slovakia)
01-June-2011 - Megaclub, Katowice (Poland)
02-June-2011 - Eskulap, Poznan (Poland)
04-June-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Hungary
05-June-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Czech Republic
18-June-2011 - Metaltown 2011, Gothenburg (Sweden)
23-June-2011 - Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg
25-June-2011 - Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel (Belgium)
01-July-2011 - Matrix, Bochum (Germany)
02-July-2011 - Fortarock Festival Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
10-July-2011 – Sonisphere Knebworth, Apollo Stage (UK)
12-July-2011 - Metal Camp, Tolmin, Slovenia
14-July 2011 - Lez' Art Scenique Festival, Selesat (France)
15-July-2011 - Sonisphere Spain, Getafe-Open Air
22-July-2011 - Tuska, Suvilahti, Helsinki (Finland)
30-July-2011 - MetaLmorphosiS 2011 (Cyprus)
18-August-2011 - Summer Breeze Open Air Dinkelsbühl (Germany)

10-December-2011 - Geiselwind Christmas Metal Festival 2011 (Germany)
13-December-2011 Köln, Essigfabrik (Germany)


Their homepage is here!

Ah well, Here it is... Enjoy Folks

Yeahh, Thetania

Thursday 28 April 2011

Anekdoten - The War Is Over

Howdy Folks,
Now to the next support band from the Meshuggah evening,

Anekdoten !
They take you back to late 60´s and beginning 70´s.
Classic Swedish progressive band from Borlänge, where the early 90's began as a trio under the name of King Edward. A year later they finished playing King Crimson songs and started writing their own, under the name of Anekdoten(Anecdote).
The group's debut "Melancholy". The band's vinyl album is now sold more than expensive wine on the various auction sites.

They have done 5 studio albums and 3 live albums.
Anekdoten also released a compilation album 2009.

Allmusic writes about em;
Anekdoten answers one of the great "what if" questions of art-rock: what if King Crimson hadn't broken up in the mid-seventies? Anekdoten is a remarkable sound-alike to Red-era King Crimson, which is hardly surprising given Anekdoten's roots as a tribute band. Its instrumentation of viola, distorted Rickenbacker bass, highly pitched drums, Frippy guitar, and mellotron all evoke this era of art-rock; the smoky English vocals only add to the effect.

They were somehow a bit odd in this gig with the brutal metal that Meshuggah and C.B Murdoc presented, but as I am an old progressive music lover I liked this as well.
But somehow I couldnt digest it in-between these 2 bands.

Here is some pics that Stones took at the gig :) Enjoy!

Okey Dudes and Dudettes, Here is Anekdoten!

Peace, Thetania

Wanna find out more plz click here at their home site.
Or here on Myspace.

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Wednesday 27 April 2011

C.B Murdoc - 10199045

Heya Again.. Time for the supports band of the Meshuggah gig.

The first band was C.B Murdoc!

A band that really sounded good, hard brutal metal with a great melody.
I liked it a lot, havent really read much about them. Tryed to find out the names of em all...but it was harder than I thought haha Ah well Ill find out.

Stones took one pic of them, here it is.

I found a Facebook page and a Myspace page so u can get more info about em.

Starkmusic says this about them:
"I can definitely appreciate the groups that deliver music with brutal conviction, technical precision and a fury across all boundaries in an album. Live, however, tend to be a different story. You can cheat in the studio, but then delivers the entire package live is sometimes end in disaster. With CB Murdoc began with that I just stood and gaped over the guys extreme live delivery of technology, musical contortions, energy and consistent burst of energy.

A variegated collection of people on stage who delivered in full and that was really fun to see. I can happily say that the album, delivers! "Two in One" is two four-song recordings dated 2007 and in 2008 merged into a album. Looks like an album, sounds like an album, it is an album. The whole band, minus bassist John Hansen, was previously in the not entirely unknown band "Mörk Gryning". Certainly the death trends still there, but this is an entirely different musical delivery with technology, hardcore brutality".

I found a "only sound" videos with them and I picked this tune...

Cheers Folks, Thetania

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Meshuggah - Humiliative

Sunday night Meshuggah entered the stage of Debaser Medis Stockholm.

This was incredibly powerful.
There they stood with their obZene music, and rocked and pants of all of us.
The tones are as far apart so it gets so damn good.

According to a Hebrew friend of mine Meshuga means "totally crazy"
haha thats so fitting :)

I stood and photographed like a maniac, but I realized from time to time that I stood almost still and was totally astonished over how good this is.

At Debaser the sound gets extremely good, Ive heard em b4 on other stages than this and 2 times at Debaser and Debaser is the best!
The place was crowded, some of my friends didnt get a ticket, lot of sobbing was out there for not making it. Me and Stones wasent working this night and its very rare that we go out and have a good time. Chief Rebel Angel from the blog METAL! was with us this evening as he got that ticket as a birthday gift.

Met lots of people, for example Meshuggahs guitar tech Michel H Lansink that is one of the guitar players in The Kristet Utseende a Swedish punk/metal-group. He revealed that a new album is comming up soon, Im all eager here :D Half of Crucified Barbara was there, hm long time ago I was on one of their concerts. I gotto go, I like their energi!

Over to Meshuggah, since the album obZen 2008 the released a dvd/cd album 2010
called ALIVE, with live tunes. I will show u one of em, and also a teaser on this release. Click here if u wanna read more about them.

Me and Stones took some pics and here they are,

Cheers, and love u all, Thetania

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