Friday 30 September 2011

Horisont - Nightrider

Horisont from Gothenburg, Sweden, looks to the classic hard rock and the bluesy 70′s progressive rock for inspiration. The mix of classic rock, progressive, blues and psychedelic brings the mind back to the days of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and November. The wha-wha, fuzz, slide, double riffs, thunderous drums and a killer voice, it’s all here.

On the album "Två Sidor Av Horisonten" from the 2009. Half of the songs on the album are written in English, half in Swedish, giving the album an exotic feel. . Horisont is also currently working on compiling their upcoming album that will be released on Rise Above Records. I belive that Horisont can provide Graveyard a good match for the audience this Friday evening at Debaser, Stockholm. Will you be there? I will!

Pussy a Go Go play records at large dance floor
Club Nuggets play play records in the restaurant

Note, the times are not exact, get there early!

20:00 Top Hawk
22:00 Horisont
23:00 Graveyard

Free admission before 22:00, after that is the price of four chip bags!

It all started back in 2004 when a few guys, originally residents outside of Gothenburg, met and decided to form a band: UNION. It didn’t take long before one by one started to drop out or mysteriously disappear ’til the band was completely dissolved. After a couple of month they once again stumbled across each other’s paths and started talking about reunite the band but with a refining of the previous setting: and HORISONT was born. They didn’t play many shows before they found themselves recording a studio album for Crusher Records.

The members of the band:
Axel Söderberg – vocals
Charlie Van Loo – guitar
Kristofer Möller – guitar
Magnus Delborg – bass
Pontus Jordan – drums

Todays tune "Nightrider" is taken from the album "Två Sidor Av Horisonten"

(Live @ White Trash Berlin 09.04.2010)

More info @

Official Horisont MySpace
Official Horisont Blog (Swedish only)

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Thursday 29 September 2011

Vektor - Destroying The Cosmos

Vektor is a sci-fi thrash metal band from Tempe, Arizona. They portray the future as a bleak, barren wasteland that has been destroyed by greed, power, corruption, hate, violence, ignorance, and control.

Black Future is the second full-length album. It was released in 2009. The album is a brilliant musical knockout.

The lyrics are a bit odd to be an Thrash album, not that the standard meaningless poetry that deals with subjects of Party's, hard living, love, fuck around etc, but this raises the universe, cosmos and the media in between, it is a journey into controversial places, which is very interesting.

When you look at the cover one thinks immediately that this is a Voivod copy, but you get deceive. The music is a wonderful mix of Progresiv Black Metal based on a classical frame of Thrash. Very well written rolling bismuth riffs, heavy melodic passages and briliant snarling vocals. Guitarists possesses an incredible technical skill in their work, the other in the rhythm section consisting of a very tight drummer and a bassist who can play more than three notes, and really-abuse his instrumment. Something else that is very odd for a Thrash album is the length of the songs, here are three tracks that passes 10 minutes.

Black Future is a very well executed plate, as in a review would probably would sniff at a full score, this is an crystal clear tip for all thrash heads!

The Vinyl Edition!

David DiSanto (guitar/vocals),
Erik Nelson (guitar),
Blake Anderson (drums),
Frank Chin (bass)

Todays tune is "Destroying The Cosmos" taken from "Black Future", Enjoy!

Live clip with Vektor playing "Destroying The Cosmos", check it up!

Vektor Live @ The Metaphor in Escondido 5/7/2011

More info @

Official Vektor MySpace

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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Kottak - Sunset Blvd

James R. Kottak (born December 26, 1962, Louisville, Kentucky), who has beaten up the drums for the German super group Scorpions for the last 16 years.

Prior to joining Scorpions, Kottak was a drummer for Nut House, Mister Charlie, Buster Brown, Montrose, Kingdom Come, Wild Horses, the McAuley Schenker Group, Warrant, and Ashba. In February 1997 he helped Dio on their US tour by replacing Vinny Appice for four or five shows when Vinny Appice had pneumonia. He also gave drum lessons at Far-Out Music in Jeffersonville, Indiana, once having former Bride drummer, Jerry McBroom, as a student. He was married to Athena Lee, rocker Tommy Lee's younger sister, who is also a drummer and was a fellow member of Kottak. The couple has three children; one girl, Tobi, and two boys, Miles and Matthew. Athena was nominated for "BEST DRUMMER" (Males and Females) category. She was the first female ever nominated in the history of the L.A. Music Awards.

James has recorded 6 CDs and 5 DVDs with the Scorpions so far. He also plays in his own band Kottak, formerly known as KrunK. Kottak has just released its fourth studio album Attack, which was produced by Tommy Henriksen (Daughtry, BC Jean, Lady Gaga). It was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville at Henriksens’ Anarchy Studios.

The current line up is James Kottak (vocals, guitars), Stephanie Smith (lead guitars, backing vocals), Nils Wandrey (bass, backing vocals) and Francis Ruiz (drums).

Kottak is touring with Edguy atm on their Age Of The Joker tour.

James Kottak, yes, do not really know how to say this, a nice lad, lovely confused, a bit Ozzy over him, as when he and guitarist sang together as did the feeling that Ozzy stood there and did a duet with Courtney Love. It was a good gig, even James got behind the drum stool on one occasion. He offered truly of himself and it was a lot of humor on stage. He dragged up a photographer on the stage that had a worn Motley Crue t-shirt on as he pointed a little about, even a "Kottak 'fan did come up and sing a bit.





James Kottak surprises Edguy onstage at the Tyrol in Stockholm, Sweden on Sept 25th 2011....he shows up onstage in the middle of a song in a towel, to the suprise of Edguy and Tobias, and flashes the entire audience....with only a sock on!!! Classic insane Kottak moment....Kottak is currently having a blast on tour opening for Edguy on their Fall European tour!!!

Todays tune is "Sunset Blvd" is taken from his album Rock & Roll Forever, it's like “Cheap Trick meets Green Day on a bad day.”  Enjoy!

More info @

Official Kottak Web
Official Kottak MySpace

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Edguy - King Of Fools

Last Sunday, Did Edguy visited Stockholm and Tyrol, their 3rd gig under their Age Of The Joker tour. Did Edguy, or should we say Tobias Sammet and his musical bands that once again makes a visit to Sweden, a really nice guy, I must say. This was probably the fifty-eleventh time I was working with his project. The same crew as usual, a bunch of nice Germans who makes the job really fun, but damn what stuff they had!, Plus there traveled two other bands on this tour, which meant that there simply was no room to store all the stuff :) it ended with much of the support acts stuff was stored outside, lucky that it was not raining.

Yes the new album is released on Vinyl!

The day went quite smoothly and we had a great time, we joked and had fun. We ate dinner together and I ended up in the same table with Felix, he told a lot of stories, including that he was the only one in the band who had children, perhaps a future drummer ... who knows.

Micke Johansson was there to make a repotage of Edguy and Tobias went out for a spin in Gröna Lund, will be fun to see the pictures later.

Regarding the support acts ... that we take tomorrow.

What about the show ?, Yes it was entertaining, not that I am a direct fan of German Power Metal.
This time I actually had the opportunity to see the whole gig, because I did the followspot and Tobias was my target. As I understand it was played quite a lot from their new album Age Of The Joker, but mixed up with the classics. At one point did Tobias disappears and shows up later in the elevator in the middle of the audience, the song that got played when was up in the sky were Superheroes. At one point, James Kottak pops up on stage, newly showerd and wearing only towels, a surprised Tobias is struggling to keep from laughing when James let the towel up and show what he has, well, a tube socks hides the package, a laughter breaks out before the gig continues. The show had the classic build up with both guitar solos, drum solos and a really nice light show. King of Fools ends up the show, that also will be todays tune.


Alien's elevator

Linda Florin

Linda Florin

Linda Florin

Todays tune "King Of Fools" is taken from the album "Hellfire Club"

Edguy - King Of Fools - Official Video

Edguy - King Of Fools - Live At the Bang Your Head Festival (Balingen 6/23/2007)

Tobias Sammet talks about Edguy coming to Sweden in September 2011

2011: Age of the Joker Tour
Special Guest: Kottak (feat. James Kottak, Scorpions)

23.09.11, Malmö, Sweden, KB
24.09.11, Gothenborg, Sweden, Trädgarn
25.09.11, Stockholm, Sweden, Tyrol
27.09.11, Hamburg, Germany, Docks
28.09.11, Berlin, Germany, Columbia Club
30.09.11, Essen, Germany, Grugahalle
01.10.11, Fulda, Germany, Wartenberg Oval
02.10.11, Bamberg, Germany, Arena
04.10.11, Filderstadt, Germany, Filharmonie
06.10.11, Prague, Czech Republic, KD Vitavska
07.10.11, Langen, Germany, Stadthalle
10.10.11, Milan, Italy, Alcatraz
11.10.11, Pratteln, Switzerland, Z7
12.10.11, Lyon, France, Transbordeur
14.10.11, Madrid, Spain, Heineken
15.10.11, Barcelona, Spain, Apollo
16.10.11, Bilbao, Spain, Rock Star
18.10.11, Saarbrücken, Germany, Garage
19.10.11, Paris, France, Bataclan
21.10.11, Memmingen, Germany, Kaminwerk
22.10.11, Straubing, Germany, Messehalle
23.10.11, Zlin, Czech Republic, Rock Cafe

More info @

Official Edguy Web

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Metallica - Fade to Black

Today is as much as 25 years since legendary Cliff Burton died in a bus accident!

Clifford Lee "Cliff" Burton (February 10, 1962 – September 27, 1986) was an American musician, best known as the bass guitarist for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

Burton joined the band in 1982 and performed on its debut studio album, Kill 'Em All. He performed on two more Metallica albums, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, both of which met with major commercial and critical success. Burton was known for his "lead bass" approach, in which the bass played a melodic and soloist role, in addition to holding down the harmonic and rhythmic foundation of the band.

On September 27, 1986, Burton died when the band's tour bus over-turned in Dörarp, southern Sweden. Burton was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Metallica on April 4, 2009.

Tune Of The Day dedicates a song to Cliff, R.I.P.

"Fade to Black" is a song by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released as the first promotional single from its second studio album, Ride the Lightning. The song was ranked as having the 24th best guitar solo ever by Guitar World readers.

The official Tune Of The Day comes a little later today.

Monday 26 September 2011

Bombus - A Safe Passage

Last Saturday I spent the evening with some friends, the plan where a dinner and a visit at Debaser Slussen. The evening entertainment where Bombus, Spiders and Gordon Fights.

The evening began with a really nice dinner at Rival with a bunch of friends who wanted to celebrate this rocker. (Yes, I have become a year older.) With a good meal in the stomach and a few beers, we went down to Slussen to inhale the sweet tones of great music. First one was the Stockholm band Fights Gordon, who has previously made ​​a visit here on Tune Of The Day. They also had their release party for their debut album, but I did not see any records, had actually wanted purchase a copy, sounded really good live, although you could note that there where a gang of non experienced live musicians, they were incredibly talented but slightly rigid live. A fun little parenthesis was that one of the guitarists got nutspin on stage, and looked almost crazy on the end when he was headbanging and throwing the guitar around his neck.

Band number two on stage where Spiders, with a female pipe to the quite scaled down garage rock, performed their set really well, nice swing in the songs, had wished that her voice was clearer, disappeared at times into the porridge.

The clock was approaching midnight and now it was time for Bombus to get up on stage and they did with a bang, shit, this was heavy. Bombus känndes directly to the most experienced of the three bands that lirade and they lit the audience directly, enough for all bands in the evening had a good response, but you could feel the air that this was what everyone was waiting for. 'll Say it short, really fucking good.

A little fun was that I ran into lots of acquaintances, also bumped in to Tom Swiesciak and Jonte Royal, cool guys!

Tom who works as a freelance journalist, wrote a review for the magazine Gaff, read it here (in Swedish so use a translator)

Today, you get some pictures from the gig, would you to see more then check out Tune Of The Day on Facebook, where the there will be a great deal of pictures.

Gordon Fights


Today's Tune is the new Bombus single. Today, you will settle for an audio track, it is unfortunately not on Spotify and not on Youtube But what's the fuzz, you could always play this over and over again if you do not run out and buy yourself a copy, I would have done it, erm that i have already done:)


BOMBUS - A Safe Passage (MWR006) by Mourningwood Recordings

More info @

Official Bombus Web
Official Bombus Facebook

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Sunday 25 September 2011

Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You

Its Stones birthday today :) HURRAAAAYYYYY!!!

As we couldnt celebrate him today, cos he is working with a gig today, I gave him his party yesterday.

Below one of Stones paintings of Frank Zappa

I took him to a very nice restaurant in mid Stockholm with a bunch of nice friends :)
And after that we went to Debaser Slussen and saw 3 great bands.

First up was a band i dont know so much of, but we had em here on TOTD on the 1st of September, Gordon Fights I liked a lot, Great band took us back right to the seventees like the tune of today :)

Stones is one of these guys that always help and being a awesome and firm father and husband. To celebrate the best man, I of course get him some LED ZEPPELIN!

Love you !!!!!

Here is a tune from their 1970 album Led Zeppelin III,



Saturday 24 September 2011

M.I.A. - Born Free

Saturday, also Salary weekend as it so nicely put when for the coincidence is money in the account. Not that it wont take long before it is empty again.

Yesterday was Josh Groban on "Globen" a concert that I did not see very much of, what I heard it was pretty sleepy so in other words I missed probably nothing.

Today it's full speed ahead here in Stockholm, especially when we're talking concerts.

At Gyllene Cirkeln plays Trettioåriga Kriget where they will perform both the new album and the debut album from 1974 in its entirety. Very exciting.

At Debaser, where the club Pussy A Go-Go has a gathering where bands such as "Bombus", "Spiders" and "Gordon Fights" performs, there I was going to go tonight. Report on this will be after the weekend.

WWDIS organizes a musical evening on the Strand with the legend, ghostrider and one half of Suicide, the sunglasses adorned Martin Rev. He is also involved in today's tune!

Todays tune "Born Free" was written and produced by M.I.A. and co-produced by Switch. The song opens with a frantic rhythm built around a sample from 1977's "Ghost Rider" by the seminal synthpunk band Suicide. M.I.A., which stands for Missing In Action and is a play on her name, is an English singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, painter and music video director of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. Her compositions combine elements of hip-hop, electronica, dance, alternative and world music.

In 2011, NME ranked the video number thirteen on the list of the 100 Top Greatest Music Videos ever made.

M.I.A - BORN FREE VIDEO OFFICIAL (real and... by elnino

Late Show with David Letterman 7/13/2010 featuring Martin Rev on Keys!

More info @

Official M.I.A. Web
Official M.I.A. MySpace

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Friday 23 September 2011

Craft - Come Resonance Of Doom

Swedish Craft has been around for ages and had released three full-lengths. The latest release "Void" is an kinda streamlined and straightforward album, filled with slow, heavy riffs and dissonant black metal parts, loads of creepy and evil melodies. You should definitely check out this band if you like riff-based black metal that's pretty raw and straightforward.

Tentacles extend from an unconscious hub within his inner hell.
It screams and haunts. It beats its drums.
Come resonance of doom!
It beats its kettledrums.
Creates confusion in the wake of its waves.
Creating horror in the wake of its waves.
Come resonance of doom!

Thats the lyrics from todays tune!

Vinyl Release of Void
Craft consists of:
Nox (vocals), John (lead guitar), Joakim (guitar and random noise), + session members.

Statement from the band:
"Dirge Rep does not play drums on Void. The drums on Void are programmed. The drum session with Dirge Rep had to be scratched partly because we did a lot of extra changes on Void after the drum recording session, and partly because of stupid decisions by me (Joakim) during production."

Blog colleague Tomasz Swiesciak wrote a few lines on the album at WeRock, read here!

Todays tune "Come Resonance Of Doom " is taken from the album "Void" that was released by Carnal Records(CD) and Trust No One Recordings(LP) on August 5, 2011

Southern Lord Recordings will release "Void" in North America on October 25(CD) and November 8(LP).

More info @

Official Craft MySpace
Official Craft Facebook

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