Monday, 30 March 2020

Pearl Jam - Gigaton

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

The Seattle-based grunge band PEARL JAM (PJ) has finally released a follow-up to 2013’s "Lightning Bolt", the latest and 11th studio album, "Gigaton" dropped in on March 23 through both Republic Records and PJ's own independent label, Monkeywrench. The album was produced by music engineer Josh Evans (SOUNDGARDEN). The cover artwork was produced by photographer Paul Nicklen.

"Gigaton" is a great album to celebrate their own 30 years birthday this year.

PJ never disappoints even if they now are passing 50 years and getting old and grumpy. "Gigaton" has a little old man feeling but they have 30 years of experience in the creation of great songs with meaning and Eddie Vedder has something to say that touches both political and personal levels and this time he targets Trump and global catastrophe and offers the listener a sense of solace in times of crisis that seems especially relevant in the midst of the COVID-19. The album is very solid from start to finish. It has a great balance musically, it's strong and well made with a punch.

"Gigaton" has a run time of 57-minutes consisting of twelve tunes and the first three singles, the excellent "Dance of the Clairvoyants", the catchy rocker "Superblood Wolfmoon" and the jammy apocalyptic rocker "Quick Escape". The other nine tunes include a few more standout tracks like the rockers "Never Destination" and "Take The Long Way" to the more slower tunes like "Alright" and the emotional piece "Comes Then Goes" that could be a tribute to Chris Cornell, ""Seven O'Clock" is a true masterpiece in a classic PJ spirit, or the acoustic guitar-led numbers "Retrograde" and "Buckle Up", both are brilliant tunes where the latter is written by Stone Gossard. The closing tune "River Cross" is a real beauty with a 1850s-era pump organ as the main instrument. PJ has given us an unexpected album of hope that needs a few spins before you realize how special it is, get it now.

PJ consists of longstanding members:
Vocalist Eddie Vedder,
Guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready,
Bassist Jeff Ament and Drummer Matt Cameron.

Sum: Welcome back PJ

Today's tune "Quick Escape" taken from "Gigaton", enjoy!

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Candlemass - Bewitched

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Bewitched" is a tune by the Swedish doom metal band CANDLEMASS. It's taken from the second studio album "Nightfall", released on 9 November 1987 through Axis Records. After being dropped from the label Black Dragon Records, CANDLEMASS were the first band signed to Axis. The group had a new line-up from their previous album including vocalist Messiah Marcolin, whose decisions became instrumental during the production and release stages of the album.

Two singles were released from "Nightfall": "Samarithan" and "At the Gallows End". A music video was directed for the song "Bewitched" by Jonas Åkerlund. The album has been re-released in various formats and was followed up by "Ancient Dreams" in 1988.

"Bewitched" was the first music video by Åkerlund, who was previously a member of the Swedish black metal group BATHORY. Åkerlund would go on to make music videos for other Swedish bands like Whale and ROXETTE, as well as international musicians such as METALLICA, U2 and Lady Gaga. The music video also featured future MAYHEM vocalist Pelle "Dead" Ohlin.

Enjoy today's classic.

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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Paradise Lost - Fall From Grace

"Fall From Grace" is the first taste and single from the new and upcoming sixteenth album "Obsidian" with  PARADISE LOST, set to be released on May 15th via Nuclear Blast!

Formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1988, PARADISE LOST were unlikely candidates for metal glory when they slithered from the shadows and infiltrated the UK underground. But not content with spawning an entire subgenre with early death/doom masterpiece Gothic nor with conquering the metal mainstream with the balls-out power of 1995’s "Draconian Times", they have subsequently traversed multiple genre boundaries with skill and grace, evolving through the pitch-black alt-rock mastery of ‘90s classics One Second and Host to the muscular but ornate grandeur of 2009’s "Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us" and "Tragic Idol" (2012), with the nonchalant finesse of grandmasters. The band’s last two albums - "The Plague Within" (2015) and "Medusa" (2017) – saw a much-celebrated return to brutal, old school thinking, via two crushing monoliths to slow-motion death and spiritual defeat. Consistently hailed as one of metal’s most charismatic live bands, PARADISE LOST arrive in this new decade as veterans, legends and revered figureheads for several generations of gloomy metalheads.

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Nick Holmes states: "This is a song about struggling through difficult times, and a point-blank refusal to accept that the end is within range."

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh adds: "The first song was written for 'Obsidian' so probably one of the closest in style to the previous album 'Medusa'. It has quite a few different elements to it but is essentially a classic PL song. Doom laden, but hopefully heartfelt and subtle in places."

As they march through their fourth decade as a band, PARADISE LOST sounds more potent or unified in their determination to bring the darkness to life.

Today's tune "Fall From Grace" taken from the upcoming album "Obsidian", enjoy!

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Friday, 27 March 2020

Bonfire - Rock'n'Roll Survivors

German hard rock icons, BONFIRE, will release their brand new album, "Fistful Of Fire" on April 3 via AFM Records.

It’s been exactly two years since BONFIRE, following the outstanding debut of their current vocalist Alexx Stahl on "Byte The Bullet" (2017), were unanimously celebrated for their successor album "Temple Of Lies" (2018). Two years which saw the band rock countless stages at home and abroad before going on to set the bar even higher with their latest offering "Fistful Of Fire".

 "Fistful Of Fire" will be one of their hardest albums so far, and the title track makes this clear.

“This development already became apparent the last time around,” explains guitarist and founder member Hans Ziller. “However, this time our approach was even more focused and consistent. I’ve always been the tough guy in BONFIRE but haven’t always been able to implement my ideas the way I wanted. But since our tour with JUDAS PRIEST, we’ve known that toughness in combination with great melodies suits Bonfire perfectly.”

“Unlike previous BONFIRE vocalists, Alexx oozes so much energy that you may occasionally have to hold him back rather than motivate him. We’ve been a hard rock band from the very beginning, but that has never been more apparent than in 2020.”

"Fistful Of Fire", was recorded in collaboration with sound engineer Tom Müller at Ingolstadt’s Flatliners Recording Studios.

The charismatic vocals, the catchy riffs and hooks courtesy of guitarists Ziller and Frank Pané, the rich bass sound provided by their American colleague Ronnie Parkes and the driving grooves contributed by new addition André Hilgers (ex-Rage, Axxis), who has complemented the line-up for a number of months. “This team delivers without mercy and has turned into a really tight unit,” Ziller enthuses.

Release date: April 3, 2020 Order & Stream:

Alexx Stahl (ex-RAGE, AXXIS)(lv)
Hans Ziller (g, bv)
Frank Pané (g, bv)
Ronnie Parkes (b, bv)
André Hilgers (d)

Today's tune "Rock ‘N’ Roll Survivors" where the music video just have been released. The video features two female boxers: multiple world and European champion Tina Schüßler and her colleague Stephanie Posch at a boxing club in Augsburg, Germany. The tune is taken from the new album "Fistful Of Fire", enjoy!

The upcoming tour is sadly CANCELLED.
"Fistful Of Fire" Tour 2020
13.03. (UK) Great Yarmouth - Hard Rock Hell AOR
02.04. (DE) Bad Friedrichshall - Lemmy's
03.04. (CH) Aarburg - Musigburg
04.04. (DE) Reichenbach - Die Halle
05.04. (DE) Obermarchtal - Kreuz
06.04. (DE) München - Backstage
07.04. (DE) Konstanz - Kulturladen
08.04. (CH) Martigny - Sunset Bar
12.04. (DE) Bebra - Lokschuppen
13.04. (DE) Köln - Helios 37
14.04. (DE) Gersthofen/Augsburg - Sound Factory
15.04. (DE) Nürnberg - Hirsch
16.04. (DE) Hamburg - Logo
17.04. (DE) Kiel - Max Nachttheater
18.04. (DE) Arnsberg - Festhalle
22.04. (BE) Ittre - Zik Zak
23.04. (DE) Oberhausen - Kulttempel
24.04. (DE) Mannheim - 7er Club
25.04. (DE) Kulmbach - Motorrad-Sternfahrt
26.04. (DE) Ingolstadt - Kulturzentrum Neun
16.05. (DE) Hagen - Saal Stock
21.05. (DE) Marxheim - Metalheadz Open Air
22.05. (DE) Illertissen - End of Silence Festival
13.06. (DE) Losheim am See - BeeRock
16.07. (DE) Fritzlar - Rock Am Stück
18.07. (DE) Baierbrunn - Waldgasthof Buchenhain
01.08. (CZ) Bakovnad Jizerou - Fryyfest
19.09. (DE) Altenbergen - Rock 'n Revel Festival

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