Sunday, 8 December 2019

Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings

Sunday, time for a classic.

After a pretty busy week with a tribute show to Avicii at Friends Arena and firing off some Vikings at Annexet the week is finally to an end. The first show was pretty cool, the electronic tunes got some life with a real orchestra and it's really sad that it has to go this far to be true for Tim Bergling. Well, I hope he enjoyed the show from heaven at least.

The weekend ended at Annexet here in Stockholm and once again I meet up with the lads from the Swedish death metal band AMON AMARTH. They traveled with ARCH ENEMY and HYPOCRISY.

During the years, have AMON AMARTH grown to a big arena band with their Viking influenced death metal. The show was sold out and they really offered a hell of an evening to their fans, props of Vikings, Vikings fighting in a few numbers, raised drum raiser covered with a mask and gold chains, red flames, normal flames, flame balls, I mean a lot of flames along with lots of pyro effects to create a superb visual effect and a night to remember.

So after a hot night at Annexet with FFP, the german pyro dudes it's pretty easy to choose this evening classic.

Well, 2004 is not so far away, but on September 6, 2004 did AMON AMARTH released their fifth full-length studio "Fate Of Norns" where we find today's tune "The Pursuit of Vikings" that also was played during the evening at Annexet, here in Stockholm.


Here is a clip with the full show.

Upcoming Tourdates:

DEC 9, 2019 Black Box Helsinki, Finland Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 11, 2019 Arena Malmö, Sweden Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 12, 2019 SCC Aarhus, Denmark Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 13, 2019 Sporthalle Hamburg, Germany Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 14, 2019 Konig Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, Germany Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
DEC 15, 2019 AFAS Live Amsterdam, Netherlands Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy
MAR 14, 2020 - MAR 15, 2020 Hell and Heaven Fest Mexico City, Mexico
JUN 25, 2020 - JUN 27, 2020 Tons Of Rock Oslo, Norway
JUL 30, 2020 - AUG 1, 2020 Wacken Open Air Wacken, Germany

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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ménage à Trois

The place where Life and Death come together, where the fire of sensualism rises to the skies, where the orgy of the unregretted sin becomes the celebration of doom is the place where ORDO ROSARIUS EQIULIBRIO gain their inspiration. "Ménage A Quatre" unifies light and loopy mood with the dark and sinister to pure Apocalyptic Pop seeing a promise even in the end.

The epic of ORDO ROSARIUS EQIULIBRIO is made of the quiet notes, the swelling, the small details building up themselves to big sound art pieces. "Ménage A Quatre" shall not only be an appetizer for the upcoming album "Let‘s Play“: The music of „Ménage A Quatre“ is a convergence of the old and the new ORDO ROSARIUS EQIULIBRIO“, vocalist Tomas Petterson comments, „In between the beginning and the end there are so many things. Joy and despair, love and demoralization, fire and death.

That’s what we portray.“ „Ménage A Quatre“ will be released as CD strictly limited to 1000 and pink-transparent vinyl strictly limited on 500.

ORDO ROSARIUS EQIULIBRIO (ORE) is a neofolk and martial industrial music group from Stockholm. The band is composed of its founding member and vocalist Tomas Pettersson, and Rose-Marie Larsen, who replaced Chelsea Krook on backup vocals. In 2008 Fredrik Leijström and Ronnie Bäck joined the band on bass and guitar.

Today's tune "Ménage à Trois" is taken from the latest release "Ménage A Quatre", enjoy!

Warning for offensive content in the video.

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Friday, 6 December 2019

Year Of The Cobra - Into The Fray

Seattle stoner doom powerhouse YEAR OF THE COBRAs second album "Ash And Dust" is sure to ultimately establish the duo - comprised of Amy Tung (bass/vocals) and Jon Barrysmith (drums) - as one of the genre's brightest stars, presenting a darker and more diverse sound than before with both psychedelic and post punk elements where they use their limitation in instrumentation to their advantage. Their songs drift relentlessly from classic epic doom laments into oppressive heavy riff architecture; from catchy, almost upbeat rock moments into transfiguring psychedelia.

By now, YEAR OF THE COBRA have found their very own niche, where lava-like riffs and pounding grooves melt with vocals of radiant grace and hooks of remarkable pop sensibility. Between all its excruciating heaviness, "Ash And Dust" reveals moments of light-hearted and angelic beauty. Captured into a larger-than-life production by legendary sound engineer Jack Endino (NIRVANA, SOUNDGARDEN, BRUCE DICKINSON), the album is a sonic experience that makes you want to dance into a flaming abyss.

Today's tune "Into The Fray" is taken from "Ash And Dust", enjoy!

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Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Dead And Living - The Author's Curse

THE DEAD AND LIVING is a band with a mischievous mix of rock, goth and punk sprung from the world-renowned Swedish scene of dark and explosive music. While god intended Sundays to be the resting day, the forces behind THE DEAD AND LIVING kept the party going.

Band Members:
Coroner - Vocals
Janitor - Guitar & Vocals
Gravedigger - Bass
Vincent - Drums

On a Sunday in 2007, by a table at the back of a bar, Coroner and Gravedigger decided to frame the decadent past year in musical and visual concepts. What lays before you is the gate to a world of darkness, decadence, and sin, compressed into audio, photographs and films.

"The Authors Curse" is released on solid purple vinyl is limited to 200 copies released by the band via Black Cult Records. Mastered for vinyl, in full dynamic range so that you will be able to crank the volume up really high, and comes in a nice sleeve with a printed insert.

Enjoy today's tune "The Author's Curse", is the title tune from the band's latest release.

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