Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Wear Your Wounds - Shrinking Violet

WEAR YOUR WOUNDS was created by CONVERGE founder Jacob Bannon. Initially conceived as a solo project, it evolved into a five-piece band that often works with collaborating musicians.

In 2017 WEAR YOUR WOUNDS released "WYW" (debut double album) and "Arthritic Heart" (a New Noise Magazine single). A live band was then assembled for a number of shows including Roadburn Festival 2017 and Desert Festival UK. Later on that year their "Dunedevil" (an experimental album) was released; a companion piece to Bannon's abstract art book of the same name. In 2018 Wear Your Wounds released their "Live at the BBC" 12" LP at Maida Vale Studio (MV4). That year WEAR YOUR WOUNDS also played select shows on the East Coast and Europe including an appearance at Roadburn Festival 2018, which was also curated by Bannon.

“Rust On The Gates Of Heaven” is the new album from WEAR YOUR WOUNDS. The release marks the first time the official lineup of the band; Jacob Bannon (CONVERGE), Mike McKenzie (THE RED CHORD, STOMACH EARTH, UNRAVELLER, etc), Adam McGrath (CAVE IN, NOMAD STONES, etc), Sean Martin (TWITCHING TONGUES, ex-HATEBREED, ex-KID CUDI), and Chris Maggio (ex-TRAP THEM, ex-SLEIGH BELLS, etc) have properly written and recorded together. It also features musicians Ben Chisholm (CHELSEA WOLFE, WHITE HORSE) and Gared O’Donnell (PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, HAWKS AND DOVES) collaborating throughout.


Jacob Bannon: Vocals, Bass, Piano, and Electronics
Mike McKenzie: Guitars, Vocals, Piano, and Electronics
Sean Martin: Guitars and Electronics
Adam McGrath: Guitars and Vocals
Christopher Maggio: Drums
Collaborating Musicians:
Ben Chisholm: Piano and Electronics
Gared O’Donnell: Vocals

Today's tune "Shrinking Violet" is taken from the latest album "Rust On The Gates Of Heaven", Female Lead - Jen Hasty, Male Lead - Daniel White, enjoy!


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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Villagers Of Ioannina City - For The Innocent

VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY, one of the leading Greek heavy rock bands, comes from the mountains of Epirus. Their are deeply influenced by Greek nature and cosmic phenomena and infuse their unique brand of heavy psychedelic rock with folk instruments such as bagpipes, flutes and, didgeridoo.

With their inspired mixture between BLACK SABBATH and TOOL with the traditional instruments and scales from the Greek rich musical past, they created a blend meant to strike an impression both locally and internationally.

Since their debut album "Riza" in 2014 they toured all over Greece and brought their music out to many European cities (Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, among others). Throughout the last years performed in carefully selected shows in Greece, featuring a vast production with an impressive light show and grandiose stage settings, which highlights their open-air sold-out shows in Athens 2015 and 2019 with more than 6000 attendance each.

In the meantime, the foundations for the "Age Of Aquarius" were laid in absolute secrecy. 5 years in the making is not an easy feat to stay hidden, but VIC did manage to keep it under wraps until the autumn of 2019 when all preparations were completed.

The new album "Age Of Aquarius" is exactly what the title implies, a whole new era of creation and experimentation, sonically and lyrically, setting up a journey through space and time.

"Age Of Aquarius" was released September 20, 2019. Produced by VIC and Asteris Partalios Recorded by Asteris Partalios at Magnanimous Studio, Thessaloniki, GR. Mixed by Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound, Los Angeles, CA. Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, Nashville TN. Cover art by Fotis Varthis. Cover editing by Graphic no Jutsu.

Today's tune "For The Innocent" is taken from the new album "Age Of Aquarius", enjoy!

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Monday, 30 March 2020

Pearl Jam - Gigaton

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

The Seattle-based grunge band PEARL JAM (PJ) has finally released a follow-up to 2013’s "Lightning Bolt", the latest and 11th studio album, "Gigaton" dropped in on March 23 through both Republic Records and PJ's own independent label, Monkeywrench. The album was produced by music engineer Josh Evans (SOUNDGARDEN). The cover artwork was produced by photographer Paul Nicklen.

"Gigaton" is a great album to celebrate their own 30 years birthday this year.

PJ never disappoints even if they now are passing 50 years and getting old and grumpy. "Gigaton" has a little old man feeling but they have 30 years of experience in the creation of great songs with meaning and Eddie Vedder has something to say that touches both political and personal levels and this time he targets Trump and global catastrophe and offers the listener a sense of solace in times of crisis that seems especially relevant in the midst of the COVID-19. The album is very solid from start to finish. It has a great balance musically, it's strong and well made with a punch.

"Gigaton" has a run time of 57-minutes consisting of twelve tunes and the first three singles, the excellent "Dance of the Clairvoyants", the catchy rocker "Superblood Wolfmoon" and the jammy apocalyptic rocker "Quick Escape". The other nine tunes include a few more standout tracks like the rockers "Never Destination" and "Take The Long Way" to the more slower tunes like "Alright" and the emotional piece "Comes Then Goes" that could be a tribute to Chris Cornell, ""Seven O'Clock" is a true masterpiece in a classic PJ spirit, or the acoustic guitar-led numbers "Retrograde" and "Buckle Up", both are brilliant tunes where the latter is written by Stone Gossard. The closing tune "River Cross" is a real beauty with a 1850s-era pump organ as the main instrument. PJ has given us an unexpected album of hope that needs a few spins before you realize how special it is, get it now.

PJ consists of longstanding members:
Vocalist Eddie Vedder,
Guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready,
Bassist Jeff Ament and Drummer Matt Cameron.

Sum: Welcome back PJ

Today's tune "Quick Escape" taken from "Gigaton", enjoy!

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Candlemass - Bewitched

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Bewitched" is a tune by the Swedish doom metal band CANDLEMASS. It's taken from the second studio album "Nightfall", released on 9 November 1987 through Axis Records. After being dropped from the label Black Dragon Records, CANDLEMASS were the first band signed to Axis. The group had a new line-up from their previous album including vocalist Messiah Marcolin, whose decisions became instrumental during the production and release stages of the album.

Two singles were released from "Nightfall": "Samarithan" and "At the Gallows End". A music video was directed for the song "Bewitched" by Jonas Åkerlund. The album has been re-released in various formats and was followed up by "Ancient Dreams" in 1988.

"Bewitched" was the first music video by Åkerlund, who was previously a member of the Swedish black metal group BATHORY. Åkerlund would go on to make music videos for other Swedish bands like Whale and ROXETTE, as well as international musicians such as METALLICA, U2 and Lady Gaga. The music video also featured future MAYHEM vocalist Pelle "Dead" Ohlin.

Enjoy today's classic.

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