Friday, 24 May 2019

Craneium - Dr. Plague

CRANEIUM is a stoner/desert/fuzz rock band formed in Turku late 2011 and has sweated themselves through an intense live schedule since then!

CRANEIUM released their first EP "the Slowerdrive Tapes" on green cassette 2013, a split 12" record with 3RD TRIP 2014 and their full-length album "Explore The Void" through Ripple Music December 2016.

Tune Down, Turn Up and Fuzz Out with CRANEIUM. Worshippers of amplifiers, weird tales, fuzzboxes and mindexpanding rock.

Andreas Kaján - Vocals & Guitars
Martin Ahlö - Vocals & Guitars
Joel Kronqvist - Drums
Jonas Ridberg - Bass
"First, you wonder just what the hell kind of mind-altering substances have made four kids from what is apparently Finland’s bible belt turn to the dark side in such a fashion?

Today's tune "Dr. Plague" taken from the first album "Explore The Void" (2015).

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Foghound - Keep On Shoveling

FOGHOUND, is an American rock band from San Ramon, California. "Awaken To Destroy" is thier latest release where work began on the album in November 2016, with producer Frank Marchand (THE OBSESSED / BORRACHO) at the helm.

Numerous delays along the way sidelined production due to health issues, professional and personal commitments, and then the tragic murder of bassist Rev. Jim Forrester in December 2017, just days after completing the recording of the basic tracking.

“After seeing Jim claw and fight his way back after a major health scare and being in a coma last summer, only to be senselessly taken away from us all in this way, it really hit everyone like a ton of bricks”, says drummer / vocalist Chuck Dukeheart.

“The outpouring of love and support from everyone, and especially our friends and family in the Maryland Doom scene, was overwhelming. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us, Jim’s wife Tina, and family to get through this terrible time.”

FOGHOUND emphasizes, “One thing that became apparent was that we all knew, and Jim said as much when he was laid up in the hospital last summer, was that he wouldn’t want us to stop. In his words – ‘We still have shit to do.'”

The band stated, “It was a very heavy, emotional time for us, to be back in the jamroom without Jim, but Adam really stepped up in a big way. His enthusiasm, preparedness, and love for the music really helped us get back to why we all play music. We were able to have fun again.”

“We are looking forward to being a part of these stellar lineups and to play these new songs live. We can’t wait for this monster of an album to be unleashed at the end of the summer!”


Chuck Dukeheart, III – Drums, Vocals
Dee Settar – Guitar, Vocals
Bob Sipes – Guitar, Vocals
Adam Heinzmann – Bass

Jim Forrester lived his life by two mottos: “Upward and Onward!” and “I’ve Got Shit To Do!” So that’s what we’ve decided to do- we’re gonna keep on doing this thing called Foghound because it soothes our souls, it helps us remember, and it’s a fucking blast. In November 2018, Ripple Music will release our third album, Awaken to Destroy, on vinyl & cd, and Oliver Brewing Company will release “Awaken To Destroy”- 9% Double IPA - as part of their Rock and Roll Series. So keep on shoveling, upward & onward; we’ve got shit to do.

Today's tune "Keep on Shoveling (Rev Jim Forrester Benefit)" taken from the latest release "Awaken To Destroy", enjoy!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Mountain Tamer - Death In The Woods

The Heavy psych trio MOUNTAIN TAMER has released a new digital single "Death In The Woods".

MOUNTAIN TAMER is from Los Angeles, CA consisting of Andru Hall(guitar/vocals), Casey Garcia(drums) and Dave Teget(bass). The unique blend of heavy psych, stoner rock and doom the band generates has led them to opening for artists such as WEEDEATER, DEAD MEADOW, Nick Oliveri and MONDO GENERATOR.

Fresh off a full US and SXSW tour following the release of their album, "Godfortune//Dark Matters" (Magnetic Eye Records/Nasoni Records) in 2018, the band is diligently creating their new sonically expansive new EP. In February 2019 MOUNTAIN TAMER released the first single from their upcoming EP on Magnetic Eye records titled "Death In The Woods", which displays a polished and unique sound that sets them apart from others in the modern rock landscape.

Enjoy today's tune!

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Teksti-TV 666 - Turbo-Mondeo

TEKSTI-TV 666 is a Finnish top purveyor of shoegaze kraut punk founded in July 2013. Finland’s Some of the band's first songs were songs by singer-guitarist Tero Huotar, DEAD MONGOLOIDS, which have been re-directed and translated into Finnish. The language of the band's performance was English at the beginning, but the transition to the Finnish language was quick. The band has earned a reputation as a skilled live band.

Today's tune "Turbo-Mondeo", a tune taken off the first studio album "Aidattu Tulevaisuus" (2018), out on Svart Records. The Video was shot and edited by Santtu Vainio, filmed st the Sideways Festival, Helsinki 2018

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