Tuesday 14 October 2014

Satan's Satyrs - Show Me your Skull

Something sinister is looming in the mist - a ghastly three-headed apparition, equal parts riffage & rancour and fuelled by a steady diet of garage rock 7-inches played at 33RPM and horror movies watched at 5AM, the primeval force of Satan’s Satyrs is returned to the earth to lay waste to everything in its path.

Rising high above the overkill of self-styled occult psychedelic proto-rock that lurks in the underground at present. Satan’s Satyrs are blazing a trail through a nightmarish world of battered VHS videos, overheated ampstacks and dog-eared vinyl, and are a band fit to set the pulse of any self-respecting trash connoisseur racing.

They played Roadburn Festival twice in 2013, first as personally selected guests of Electric Wizard at the Electric Acid Orgy, and then a day later performing a set completely dedicated to Blue Cheer.

The Band:

Clayton Burgess - Bass, Vocals
Jarrett Nettnin - Guitar
Stephen Fairfield - Drums

Todays tune "Show Me your Skull" is a crushing caveman-doom. Culled from the latest Satan's Satyrs opus "Die Screaming", released 21 April 2014

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