Monday 30 November 2015

Skraeckoedlan - El Monstro

New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Sagor" is the latest release from Sweden's favourite monster lizard "SKRAECKOEDLAN".

"Sagor" continues where "Äppelträdet" left and makes a logical step forward. It's still Heavy, warm sublime rock with melodic and groovy riffs. You will get a 53 minutes play out of fuzzyness, an enjoyable tales.

Since forming in Norrkoping 2009, SKRAECKOEDLAN has left deep footprints in the Swedish underground scene. The band offers a buffé of heavy fuzz rock, originating in the fat 70’s groove of BLACK SABBATH, the melodic 90’s choruses of WEEZER and MASTODONS modern progressive metal. SKRAECKOEDLAN combines this with lyrics that tell tales about cosmic worlds centered around sagas and mythological beings, all sung in their native tongue and to a non-Swedish speaker, this results in a listening experience that is pretty different and very exotic.

SKRAECKOEDLAN consists of vocalist/guitarist Robert Lamu, guitarist/vocalist Henrik Grüttner, bassist/backing vocalist Tim Ångström and drummer Martin Larsson.

My summary of "Sagor": This is an fuzzy tale that you need to add to your collection.

"Sagor" has been recorded in multiple studios during a two year period and features collaborations with several technicians and producers such as Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH) and Niklas Berglöf (GHOST). Erik Berglund has done all the mixing and been an integral part in finding the sound of the album.

Today's tune "El Monstro" is the second single taken from "Sagor". The music video is created by Mats Ek and filmed deep in "dalarnas" (a region in the middle of Sweden) darkest forests. They wanted to create a fantasy world where the beauty of the "dalarnas" deepest nature was at the center, as there is something very magical out there in the woods.

More info @

Official Skraeckoedlan Web

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Sunday 29 November 2015

Robert Cray - Right Next Door (Because Of Me)

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Right Next Door (Because Of Me)" is a tune taken from the fifth studio album "Strong Persuader" by the American blues singer and guitarist Robert Cray, released on November 17, 1986, by Mercury Records and Hightone Records. It became his breakthrough album to the mainstream. "Strong Persuader" also became a nickname for Cray. It has sold over two million copies by 1995.

"Strong Persuader" is a genuine 1980s classic album. And received rave reviews from contemporary critics. In a review for Rolling Stone, Jon Pareles said Cray delivered intriguing stories about sex and infidelity with disciplined singing, songwriting, and "a version of blues and soul that doesn't come from any one region, building an idiom for songs that tell with conversational directness the stories of ordinary folks". Robert Christgau from The Village Voice praised Cray's sophisticated blues aesthetic and the songwriting of his supporting studio team, hailing Strong Persuader as "the best blues record in many, many years, so fervently crafted that it may even get what it deserves and become the first album to break out of the genre's sales ghetto since B.B. King was a hot item."

At the end of 1986, Strong Persuader was voted the third best album of the year in the Pazz & Jop, an annual poll of American critics published by The Village Voice. Christgau, the poll's supervisor, ranked it fourth on his own year-end list.

More info @

Official Robert Cray Web

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Scorpion Child - She Sings, I Kill

The Austin heavy psych-rockers SCORPION CHILD present a brand new single entitled "She Sings, I Kill".

With their dangerous guitar riffs, soul-ridden bass lines, and thunderous drums with powerful rock vocals they kick some ass.

"She Sings, I Kill" is released as an White 7" single. Limited to 200 units, Black 7" single. Limited to 500 units. The single will contain the new track "She Sings, I Kill", as well as another new song, "(Enter The) Twilight Coven", which will be a B-side that is exclusive to this single. Both tracks will mark the first impression of the band's upcoming second album, which is tentatively scheduled for an early 2016 release. Singer Aryn Jonathan Black comments: "The time has come and thirst for travel has become an overwhelming urge for quite some time. We will quench these desires in November with a UK/Europe adventure. It is there we will bear the fruits of our labor in song with a view from our forthcoming album. The psalms 'She Sings, I Kill' and '(Enter The) Twilight Coven' will be born!"

They originally formed in 2006 and have spent the last few years perfecting both their songwriting and stage presence. Aryn Jonathan Black fronts the outfit with a siren-like voice reminiscent of a young Robert Plant. Guitarists Christopher Jay Cowart and Tom Frank layer high-energy twin-guitars over the band’s driving rhythm section fueled by Shaun Avants (bass) and Shawn Alvear (drums).

Today's tune "She Sings, I Kill" is the first single from the upcoming second album, enjoy!

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Official Scorpion Child Web

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Friday 27 November 2015

Anna Ternheim - Hours

"Hours", is one of the tracks of Anna Ternheim's new album "For The Young".

This song was written at the piano, melody was born in the same moment as the words inspired by a childhood memory. She also give you the third and final chapter of the video trilogy created by Jerker Josefsson, featuring amazing dancers Helena Franzen och Ossi Niskala.

Music video by Anna Ternheim performing Hours, enjoy! Director & producer: Jerker Josefsson

Upcoming tour dates:

2016/02/19 Malmö, SE Malmö Live
2016/02/21 Karlskrona, SE Konserthusteatern
2016/02/24 Halmstad, SE Halmstad Teater
2016/02/25 Göteborg, SE Konserthuset
2016/02/26 Borås, SE Åhaga
2016/02/27 Örebro, SE Conventum Kongress
2016/02/28 Vara, SE Konserthus
2016/03/01 Västerås, SE Konserthus
2016/03/02 Umeå, SE Idunteatern
2016/03/03 Luleå, SE Kulturens Hus
2016/03/04 Sundsvall, SE Tonhallen
2016/03/05 Bollnäs, SE Bollnäs Kulturhus
2016/03/06 Gävle, SE Konserthus
2016/03/08 Bergen, NO Ole Bull Scene
2016/03/09 Oslo, NO Rockefeller
2016/03/10 Nøtterøy, NO Kulturhuset
2016/03/11 Trondheim, NO Byscenen
2016/03/12 Falun, SE Magasinet
2016/03/13 Uppsala, SE Konsert & Kongress
2016/03/14 Stockholm, SE Cirkus
2016/03/16 Växjö, SE Konserhus
2016/03/17 Jönköping, SE Spira
2016/03/18 Linköping, SE Konsert & Kongress
2016/03/19 Eskilstuna, SE Lokomotivet
2016/03/30 Norrköping, SE Flygeln
2016/04/01 Karlstad, SE Nöjesfabriken
2016/04/05 Berlin, DE Heimatshafen
2016/04/06 Hamburg, DE Knust
2016/04/08 Basel, CH Kaserne Rosstal
2016/04/09 Zürich, CH Plaza
2016/04/10 Frankfurt, DE Zoom
2016/04/11 Köln, DE Stadtgarten
2016/04/12 Amsterdam, NL People's Place
2016/04/13 Paris, FR Café De La Danse

More info @

Official Anna Ternheim Web

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Thursday 26 November 2015

Witchcraft - The Outcast

When Magnus Pelander founded WITCHCRAFT back in the year 2000, he just did so to record a track in tribute to his idols Roky Erickson and PENTAGRAMs Bobby Liebling. It took until 2002 when the band finally released that first single in dedication ‘No Angel Or Demon’ followed up by their debut album “Witchcraft” in 2004. Using vintage equipment and Pelander’s distinctive haunting vocals they’ve released three more albums “Firewood” (2005) “The Alchemist” (2007) and “Legend” in 2012 earning cult status due to their signature sound that is now known as Sweden’s finest psychedelic/classic rock band.

The mastermind Magnus Pelander is back and the new upcoming album "Nucleus" is set to be release in Jan 15th, 2016.

"Nucleus"  is done with an partly new line-up (Rage Widerberg on drums and Tobias Anger on bass). The production is made by Philip Gabriel Saxin and Anton Sundell.

Describing the process and the new guys surrounding him, Pelander, the free spirit he is, finds his very own words:

“Producer Philip Gabriel Saxin is a rare breed. He's living off of seaweed and pomegranate seeds and only listens to Doom-metal. He rarely sleeps and if he does he sleeps in a couch made of hemp. Co-mixer and producer Anton Sundell is the most evil person I know about.

Drummer Rage Widerberg is a descendant of a Swedish northern bear tribe and how he makes a living is impossible to tell. His speciality is changing flat tires.

Bass beast Tobias Anger doesn't want to be called by his real name so his family has invented a unique blow horn with which they awake him from his nightly dreams of paranoia and world domination.“

Listen to Nucleus and you’ll find out what he means.

The first single "The Outcast", is set to released on December 4, 2015 on 7” vinyl, including a NIRVANA cover, ‘Even In His Youth’, as the B-side.

This one should follow both the lineage of their raw debuts and the trend of their latest and more modern records.

(Watch while sober, please ;).

Get the album here:

Today's tune "The Outcast" is the first Glimpse taken from the upcoming album "Nucleus", enjoy!

More info @

Official Witchcraft Facebook

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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Oceans Of Slumber - Solitude

The Female-Fronted OCEANS OF SLUMBER Take CANDLEMASS's "Solitude" And Make It Totally Their Own. I mean they absolutely deliver on this phenomenal cover. With the amazing Vocalist Cammie Gilbert behind the microphone, she delivers a soulful performance, it's deep and heavy, a real heart breaker that gives the tune an excellent and unforgettable trip.

On February 1st OCEANS OF SLUMBER self-released a progressive metal whirlwind called Aetherial. Labeling a band like OCEANS OF SLUMBER is never quite as easy as one would think. The Houston band features in its ranks the drummer of grind purists INSECT WARFARE (among many others), a degreed Jazz guitarist, and an all-around cast of “players’ players.” What results from this collective of skilled musicians and a broad cross section of influence is the adventurous Aetherial. Musical classification is of no interest to the band however. Instead, OCEANS OF SLUMBER create waves of stimulating atmosphere and use their talents to exploit the dynamics of the music, thereby creating the undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans’ trademark. The person responsible for the mixing and mastering of Aetherial, UK madman Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, EVILE, etc.)

OCEANS OF SLUMBER are as comfortable drudging their way through doom-laden epic "Coffins Like Kites" as they are playing the caustic, country-tinged black metal of "Primordial," as well as shifting gears seamlessly into the soaring melodies of the KING CRIMSON inspired "Blackest Cloud" only to return to the sonic brutality that is the title track. Interpretation remains the province of the listener. With the intention of crossing every musical boundary, OCEANS OF SLUMBER creates an undeniable atmosphere of beauty and extremity with its very capable lineup of musicians.

Today's tune "Solitude" taken from OCEANS OF SLUMBER "Blue" EP. Tracked live at Origin Sound with Craig Douglas at the helm.

More info @

Official Oceans Of Slumber Web

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Royal Republic - When I See You Dance With Another

The Swedish garage rock band ROYAL REPUBLIC have released their first single and video "When I See You Dance With Another" taken from the forthcoming ROYAL REPUBLIC album "Weekend Man"! Out Feb 26th, 2016.

ROYAL REPUBLIC is a Swedish garage rock band formed in Malmö in late 2007. The band consists of guitarist and lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson. They have won many music competitions in Sweden, including Emergenza festival. They are currently signed with Bonnier Amigo Music Group, OnFire Records and RoadRunner Records. 

”Weekend Man” was recorded in Berlin at Fuzzy Studios together with the producer duo Christian Neander and Michael Tibes.

Today's tune "When I See You Dance With Another" from the forthcoming Royal Republic album "Weekend Man"! Video was directed by Leo Åkesson. 

Upcoming Tour dates:
23 Nov 2015 Germany Chemnitz Atomino Sold Out
24 Nov 2015 Germany Marburg KFZ Sold Out
25 Nov 2015 Germany Hannover Lux Sold Out
26 Nov 2015 Germany Frankfurt Nachtleben Sold Out
27 Nov 2015 Germany Essen Café Nord Sold Out
04-06 Dec 2015 Austria Saalbach BERGFESTival
24-26 Jun 2016 Germany Scheeßel Hurricane Festival
24-26 Jun 2016 Germany Neuhausen Ob Eck Southside Festival
10-14 Aug 2016 Germany Eschwege Open Flair Festival
11-14 Aug 2016 Germany Püttlingen Rocco Del Schlacko
11-14 Aug 2016 Germany Rothenburg ob der Tauber Taubertal-Festival

More info @

Official Royal Republic Web

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Monday 23 November 2015

Hong Faux - Coming Through the Rye

Monday, New week, time to present "Record of The Week".

"A Message from Dystopia" is the 3:rd release from the Swedish quartet HONG FAUX.
A band that have visited Tune Of The Day more than once, they are almost known as the "house band" nowadays :)

"A Message from Dystopia" is an album with a pretty wide musical palette, well-written tunes and an awesome song craft where the starting point is classic 70s rock, the songs have a grunge-like structure and pop harmonies with some stoner elements and heavy melodies, a great genre mixture where the flow is magnificent without feeling the slightest contrived.

The musicianship between the guys is like they have lived forever together :) The powerful voice of the singer Nik Serén is a trademark of its own, he sings clearly and brilliant. A voice that you will remember, that's for sure. Björn Billgren's guitar sound is Gibson classic and he delivers some real crunchy riffs on the album. The backing vocals are done by the bass player Johan Bergqvist who also sets the ground to the band in excellent way.  For the final, an very prominent drumming by Daniel Israelsson (who is now replaced by Jonathan Hummelman who is an excellent replacement to keep the groove going).

"A Message from Dystopia" continues on the path they created on their last album "Hello Neptune". Tracks like "Peter & Anne", "Scars" and "No Exit" are pure rockers and could be songs from the same drawing table as the rest on that album. "Coming Through the Rye" is one of softer tunes on the album, an amazing tune that really grows to a new level live. The latest single/video "From Now to Never More" is a real blast, catchy son of a bitch with an effective hook. The title track and the album closer is an piece of art, soft, quiet, acoustic beauty. The production is very good and sounds amazing on my record player. The album is produced by Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES)

Summary: An album that should be mandatory in every rockers/poppers record collection, "A Message From Dystopia" is really worth listening to, so check it up!

Today's tune "Coming Through the Rye" taken from "A Message from Dystopia" , enjoy!

Upcoming Tour Dates:


11.26 :: The Tivoli / Vinyl Bar / Helsingborg / SWE
11.28 :: Essigfabrik / Cologne / DEU
11.29 :: Markthalle / Hamburg / DEU
12.01 :: Lux / Hannover / DEU
12.02 :: WunderBar / Luckenwalde / DEU
12.03 :: Exil / Göttingen / DEU
12.04 :: Alter Schlachthof / Lingen / DEU
12.05 :: Astra / Berlin / DEU
12.06 :: Batschkapp / Frankfurt / DEU


02.10 :: Badehaus Szimpla / Berlin / DEU
02.11 :: MarX / Hamburg / DEU
02.14 :: Strom / Munich / DEU
02.15 :: Weekender / Innsbruck / AUT
02.16 :: Nachtleben / Frankfurt / DEU
02.17 :: Underground / Cologne / DEU
02.19 :: Bastard Club / Osnabrück / DEU

More info @

Official Hong Faux Web

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Sunday 22 November 2015

Audioslave - Cochise

Sunday, time for a classic.

This Sunday I got influenced by my friend "Chief Rebel Angel" at HeavyMetale. He made a post that goes under the name "Obsessed". The self titled album with AUDIOSLAVE is on the agenda, where he talks about things that occurred and created a memorial inprint in his life, during this time. Very interesting, read it here!

Today's tune "Cochise" is the first single by AUDIOSLAVE for their eponymous debut album released in 2002. The single was released with a white and a black cover. The difference between the two versions besides the covers is that the black version only contains the title song, while the white version contains "We Got the Whip", a live version of "Gasoline", and the music video for "Cochise".

Cochise was the last great American Indian chief to die free and absolutely unconquered. When several members of his family were captured, tortured, and hanged by the U.S. Cavalry, Cochise declared war on the entire Southwest and went on an unholy rampage, a warpath to end all warpaths. He and his warriors drove out thousands of settlers. Cochise the avenger, fearless and resolute, attacked everything in his path with an unbridled fury.

"Cochise" is played in standard E-A-D-G-B-e and B-E-A-D on the guitar and bass respectively. Tom Morello came across the intro riff by accident. He had a guitar on his lap and his delay pedal set to "slap-back" and, while writing notes for a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE song, he rapidly hit the strings with a pencil. This produced a noise reminiscent of a helicopter. When AUDIOSLAVE recorded this song, Morello did the same thing, with his Digitech Whammy set an octave lower, and using a flat hand to slap the strings. For the opening riff of the song Morello incorporates the helicopter sound on his guitar, while the bassist Tim Commerford plays an open E with a fast strumming technique while using distortion and a Wah pedal; the result of which is Commerford's unique bass sound which is used on the majority of AUDIOSLAVE songs.

AUDIOSLAVE was an American rock supergroup formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2001 and disbanded in 2007. The four-piece band consisted of then-former SOUNDGARDEN lead singer/rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell, and then-former RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE members Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass/backing vocals), and Brad Wilk (drums).

The accompanying music video, directed by Mark Romanek and produced by Aris McGarry, shows Chris Cornell on a raised platform, presumably waiting for the other members. Meanwhile, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk drive to the platform in a Chevy pickup. They take an elevator to the top of the platform where they play atop the platform with a barrage of fireworks being shot off in the background. At the end of the video they hug.

The amount of fireworks released during the filming caused nearby residents to report a possible terrorist attack. This video has also been censored in some places, due to the fact that it has a large amount of flashing lights, and could cause epileptic fits with some people. At the beginning of the video "PLAY LOUD" appears on screen.

This video is available as a "director's cut" on the DVD The Work of Director Mark Romanek and has new footage inserted. There is more emphasis on the strobe lighting and fireworks during the video.

More info @

Official Audioslave Facebook

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Saturday 21 November 2015

Last in Line - Devil in Me

"Devil in Me" is the first taste from LAST IN LINE, a band featuring classic DIO members guitarist Vivian Campbell, drummer Vinny Appice and the bass player Jimmy Bain, plus singer Andrew Freeman, who has previously fronted HURRICANE and LYNCH MOB.

LAST IN LINE will release their debut album "Heavy Crown", on February 19, 2016 via Frontiers Music Srl. The CD was recorded at a Southern California studio with producer Jeff Pilson, a veteran bassist who has played with DIO, FOREIGNER, DOKKEN and T&N, among others.

Earlier press photo of the band. From left to right - Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Vivian Campbell, Claude Schnell (no longer in group) and Andrew Freeman.

Today's tune "Devil in Me" is taken from the upcoming album "Heavy Crown" The video is made with director Jamie Brown of Smoking Gun, Inc. and co-producer Thomas McNeely.

More info @

Official Last in Line Web

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Friday 20 November 2015

Devil City Angels - Boneyard

DEVIL CITY ANGELS definitely has no shortage of professionals in its ranks—namely Tracii Guns of L.A. GUNS on guitar, drummer, Rikki Rocket of POISON, Eric Brittingham of CINDERELLA on bass, and singer Brandon Gibbs of THE GIBBS BROTHERS and CHEAP THRILL.

Bassist Rudy Sarzo of QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE and OZZY OSBOURNE replaced Eric Brittingham after the recording of the band's debut album and the band released their debut music video for their new single and today's tune "Boneyard".

The four musicians holed up in Southern California’s Patagonia Studios within a month of that impromptu first gig. The five-acre ranch allowed for a level of comfortable isolation, encouraging complete focus. As a result, they quickly conjured up a sound of their own.

The self titled debut album was officially released September 11, 2015. Their debut album was produced by the band in Los Angeles and mixed in Nashville by Anthony Focx.


Rikki Rockett (Drums) - best known as founding member and drummer of POISON for almost 30 years, selling over 20 millions records. In 2007, Rikki created the company Rockett Drum Works because, as a drummer himself, he understood how a beneficial a custom kit would be to other artists. Since then, the company has taken off to be a thriving business endorsing some of the best drummers in the music industry.

Tracii Guns (Lead Guitar) - most notably credited as founding member and lead guitarist for L.A. GUNS, as well as the following: Hall of Famers GUNS N ROSES, all star band CONTRABAND and BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION. Throughout his career, he has sold over 7 million records.

Brandon Gibbs (Lead Vocals/Guitar) - the powerhouse voice, songwriter and guitar player who started his career at the age of 14, with his twin brother in a band called THE GIBBS BROTHERS. During his tenure with THE GIBBS BROTHERS, a friendship formed with Rikki Rockett leading to Rockett producing the bands CD. (Brothers N Arms) Brandon was content to be the blues/rock guitar player who captivated the audience with his mesmerizing, beyond his years guitar playing. In late 2010, Brandon took his guitar on the road for a one-man acoustic show, where he connected with the voice he had never unleashed. He began recording songs and by August, 2012, his song "This Town", was on ESPN2 and NHRA season. Brandon teamed up with CINDERELLA bassist, Eric Brittingham, and started touring as an acoustic duo. They later added guitarist Jeff LaBar (CINDERELLA) and drums to create CHEAP THRILL, which toured for almost 2 years, and appeared on the Monsters of Rock, Cruise to the Edge and Moody Blues Cruises in 2013 & 2014. He has stunned audiences with his tireless performance and unique stage presence. Brandon is the front man that people are going to want to see again and again.

Rudy Sarzo (Bass) - Rudy has been a professional recording and performing artist worldwide for over 25 years. As a member of OZZY OSBOURNEs band, from March 1981 to September 1982, he toured the world in support of the “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary Of a Madman” records. His bass playing can be heard on Ozzy’s multimillion selling CD “Tribute” and “Speak of the Devil” CD and DVD. As a member of QUIET RIOT, from September 1982 to January 1985, Rudy recorded the multi-platinum albums “Metal Health” (the first Heavy Metal debut to reach #1 on the Billboard charts) and “Condition Critical”. As a member of WHITESNAKE, from April 1987 to September 1994, Rudy recorded the multi-platinum album “Slip of the Tongue”. Since then, he has joined a re-united QUIET RIOT, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, DIO, and BLUE OYSTER CLUT to tour across the world. Rudy is also currently a member of ANIMETAL USA and TRED.

Today's tune "Boneyard" is taken from the self titled debut album "Devil City Angels", Century Media Records, 2015. The video is directed by Robert Graves, Producer: Marco De Molina, Cinematographer: Cornell Mitchell, Female Inmate: Brynn Route, Prison Guard: Ted Porter and Produced by: Veva Entertainment Co.

More info @

Official Devil City Angels Facebook

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Thursday 19 November 2015

Amaranthe - True

The steam-roller known as AMARANTHE continues to roll on relentlessly. The band have release a digital-only compilation of B-sides on October 30. "Breaking Point - B-Sides 2011-2015" featuring eight tracks.

AMARANTHE guitarist Olof Mörck said. "We've always tried to keep the quality high, as something extra for our fans, but until now a lot of these tracks have been hard-to-find rarities, and quite spread out.

"We are now very excited to release a collection of some of the best b-sides and bonuses: 'Breaking Point: B-sides 2011-2015'. It focuses on some of the best acoustic renditions of fan favorites as well as a couple of originals from the early days! Enjoy this rare and different side of AMARANTHE!" 

Along with this release the band also made a new Video for the song "True" and with that we have today's tune. It's taken from the 2014 album "Massive Addictive" and which is acoustically rendered on the B-sides release. Both tunes are added to be listen to on our Spotify link below.

AMARANTHE are also returning to the U.S. on an headline tour with BUTCHER BABIES, see dates below.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

NOV 04.15 New York City, NY, USA Marlin Room
NOV 05.15 Stafford Springs, CT Palace Theater
NOV 06.15 Manchester, NH Jewel Nightclub
NOV 07.15 Montreal, QC Theatre Fairmount
NOV 08.15 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
NOV 10.15 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
NOV 11.15 Cleveland, OH The Odeon
NOV 11.15 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick
NOV 13.15 Flint, MI Machine Shop
NOV 14.15 Green Bay, WI, USA
The Sandlot Entertainment Complex
NOV 15.15 Arlington Heights, IL, USA HOME Bar
NOV 17.15 Sauget, IL, USA Pop's Concert Venue
NOV 18.15 Little Rock, AR, USA Juanita's
NOV 19.15 Houston, TX Scout Bar
NOV 20.15 McAllen, TX, USA Cine El Rey
NOV 21.15 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
NOV 24.15 Santa Ana, CA, USA The Yost Theatre
NOV 25.15 Scottsdale, AZ Pub Rock
NOV 27.15 Sacramento, CA, USA, Ace of Spades
NOV 28.15 Reno, NV, USA Knitting Factory
NOV 29.15 San Jose, CA Rockbar Theater

More info @

Official Amaranthe Web

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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Baroness - Shock Me

Georgia metal band BARONESS are releasing their highly anticipated new album "Purple" next month (Dec 18th), to follow up the 2012’s "Yellow & Green" and also their first since a terrifying and devastating tour-bus accident that same year.

First single "Chlorine & Wine" was excellent and now they’ve shared another tune “Shock Me,” and you can hear it below.


We are going to do a few performances at local record stores on our upcoming tour. Pre-order a copy of Purple at the store to guarantee entry and also receive a limited edition signed lithograph of Purple artwork. All tour information can be found at

November 28 – Reckless Records – Chicago, IL – 2PM (1379 N Milwaukee)
November 29 – Strictly Discs – Madison, WI – 2PM
December 5 – Good Records – Dallas, TX – 2PM
December 19 – Main Street Music – Manayunk, PA – 2PM
December 20 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY – 2PM

The Official video for Shock Me, Directed by Don Tyler and John Baizley, Filmed by Don Tyler, Art Direction: Karen Jerzyk

Upcoming Tour Dates:

EARTHLING will be the support on the November/December tour.

Nov 27 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH
Nov 28 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
Nov 29 – Frequency – Madison, WI
Dec 1 – The Demo – St. Louis, MO
Dec 2 – Jackpot Music Hall – Lawrence, KS
Dec 4 – 89th Street Collective – Oklahoma City, OK
Dec 5 – Double Wide – Dallas, TX
Dec 6 – Mohawk – Austin, TX
Dec 8 – Rudyards – Houston, TX
Dec 9 – Gasa Gasa – New Orleans, LA
Dec 11 – 8bit – Gainesville, FL
Dec 12 – The Jinx – Savannah, GA
Dec 13 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
Dec 15 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 16 – Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
Dec 18 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
Dec 19 – Johnny Brendas – Philadelphia, PA
Dec 20 – Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

More info @

Official Baroness Web

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Tuesday 17 November 2015

Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity

Hello !

Friday, November 13th was a bloody and sad day.
I don't normally think that Friday the 13 is something special other than a DAMN GOOD DAY!

But last Friday I was in tears over the attacks in Paris that killed approximately 130 people.

Violence, killing, suicide bombings and all the ongoing brutalities of war, persons shot down by automatic weapons attending the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL show at the Le Bataclan concert hall in Paris, Football Stadium, Restaurants...... its a tragedy.

Among the people that lost their life there was a person that we in the music business cared for a lot, Nick Alexander who worked at Eagles of Death Metal's merchandise table was shot to death, his ex girlfriend the Catering hostess was shot in her leg and couldn't save him.... must have been a horrified moment. Nick have been touring with Cat Stevens, Damon Albarn, The Black Keys, Panic! at the Disco, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy among others. I feel grief for her and send his family all the condolences in the world.

We at Tune of The Day sends Love and Strength to all of those affected by this disaster.

At social medias like Facebook and others, many have asked, why do this in Paris get so much attention?

A friend of mine Mattias had a very good explanation why ....

"It feels a little sad to not being able to show empathy to all the suffering caused by conflicts taking place in the world right now. 
There are many wars and many affected.. As a human being it is difficult to take it all in. For me, the attack against France is different from all other attacks and conflicts. 
France is a country that has shaped our modern civilization, and the way we are thinking today. 
It is also a member state of the EU and thus, our own countryman that has been wounded.

The city that was attacked is a known world symbol of love, culture, freedom, equality and fraternity. 

This has been directly attacked by the massacre that took place at the Boulevard Voltaire. 3 bombs were targeted at an international football game and thus directly aimed at the sport event, an event which main purpose is to unite the world's nations and preserve the world peace. 
A brutal attack on a music concert, was an attack on the world's culture and an attack on McDonald's, as well as other finer restaurants was an attack on everyone's shopping trip or city trip.

All the attacks had one thing in common. They were not aimed at a person, but against the civilization as a whole. Making everyone at risk of getting in trouble. 
Six attacks occurred so close together time-wise and was spread out over the city with clearly chosen areas as targets, indicating a great mental effort being used to get the maximum horror spread in the world. This makes the attack in my view far greater than all other attacks and its effect must have the opposite effect than the intended - a united and loving world. Therefore, the country deserves this extra support which the world is now showing. unfair or not."

It explains exactly what I feel.

It doesnt mean that I dont care for the horribel situations in Syria, Beirut and other places in war, 
we do.....

I despise the Islamic state... WHAT RIGHT do they have to call themselves that name anyway.
Islam is something holy, NOT A KILLING SECT... 
Let me show you a video about it.


There are people that have belief, that is Islam and its NOT violent.
These other maniacs are NOT Islamic they are hating (Zombies) people with a weapon in their hands.

We at Tune Of The Day Condemns these actions!!!!!!!!!! 


So today's tune "Complexity" is with EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, the rock band that played at Le Bataclan when this horrified event occurred.  The tune is rooted in Hughes and Homme's predilection for classic rock & roll, and is propelled by a hip-shaking backbeat and the persistent plunk of a piano.

Ladys and Gents here are Eagles of Death Metal.

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Official Eagles of Death Metal Web

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Monday 16 November 2015

Intronaut - Fast Worms

New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"The Direction of Last Things" the fifth release from the post-progressive metal band INTRONAUT. The band is hailing from Los Angeles, California. INTRONAUTs initial line-up included guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable, guitarist/vocalist Leon del Muerte, drummer Danny Walker, and bassist Joe Lester. According to Walker, the band chose its name because Intronaut is an "inner traveler" designed to encourage the listener to explore his or her own mind. That's is exactly what they are doing with "The Direction of Last Things". A complex polyrhythms journey thru the mind in field of progressive rock and jazz metal.

The album is influenced by a wide variety of genres and packed up into fabulous package that will give you as a listener many hours of music. The album is full of sludgy head-banging riffs to distorted, fuzzed guitar tones. The drums ferociously pounds hard on almost every single track along with beautiful harmonies. It constantly changing tones, math rhythms and well crafted songs. Sir Devin Townsend is the master on the mixing duties.

From start to finish the seven tracks album is simply an epic journey!

It's a magnificent follow up the great 2013 release "Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)"

Summary: If you dig MASTODON, BARONESS and ISIS then "The Direction of Last Things" is an mandatory progressive metal album.

The initial LP run of "The Direction Of Last Things" will be limited to 2000 copies worldwide and presented in an awe-inspiring package. This double LP piece will be housed in a matte-finished gatefold with a spot UV print over highlighted art elements. Collectors will also be treated to a rarely utilized packaging element, a printed inner-gatefold tube, which not only houses the LP's, but also a 12"x24" poster, showcasing the full cover art in all it's glory. Just when you thought it was over, LP's will be pressed on mint green-and-black splatter, red-and-black marble, solid dark green or standard black wax with an etching, which surrounds the music grooves, on side D. Actual color-run numbers to be announced at a future date.

Order it at Indiemerch!

Today's tune is the bombast "Fast Worms" is taken form the fifth album "The Direction of Last Things". The video is really ridiculous, but funny!

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Sunday 15 November 2015

Motörhead - Iron Fist

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Iron Fist" is a song by the heavy metal band MOTÖRHEAD. It was released as a single in 1982, in 7" pressings in blue, black and translucent red vinyl.

The title track on the single is covered with (B-side's) "Remember Me, I'm Gone", which appears on CD re-issues of the Iron Fist album. In Spain, the title track was put on the B-side of "Go to Hell" and was issued with a picture sleeve of the band dressed as warriors in skull masks.

This is the last single featuring the classic MOTÖRHEAD line-up of Lemmy, "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, as Clarke left following the recording of the Stand By Your Man EP.

Phil Taylor died on 11 November 2015 at the age of 61 after an illness Later it was revealed that liver failure was cited as the cause of death.

Phil Taylor (21 September 1954 – 11 November 2015), better known as "Philthy Animal" Taylor was an English rock drummer in the British heavy metal band Motörhead from 1975–1984 and 1987–1992 recording ten studio albums and the live album No Sleep 'til Hammersmith. The classic mark IV Motörhead line-up consisted of Lemmy, Taylor, and Fast Eddie Clarke. 

"Fast" Eddie Clarke said of his former bandmate via Facebook:

"My dear friend and brother passed away last night. He had been ill for sometime but that does not make it any easier when the time finally comes. I have known Phil since he was 21 and he was one hell of a character. Fortunately we made some fantastic music together and I have many many fond memories of our time together. Rest in Peace, Phil!"

Lemmy told Classic Rock magazine that he's "devastated" to have lost one of his best friends as he also remembered former Motörhead guitarist Michael "Würzel" Burston, who died in 2011.

"I'm feeling very sad at the moment, in fact devastated because one of my best friends died yesterday. I miss him already. His name was Phil Taylor, or Philthy Animal, and he was our drummer twice in our career". Now he's died and it really pisses me off that they take somebody like him and leave George Bush alive. So muse on that. We're still going, we're still going strong, it's just first Wurzel and now Filthy, it's a shame man. I think this rock'n'roll business might be bad for the human life"

Motörhead (/ˈmoʊtərhɛd/) are an English rock band formed in June 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser Kilmister, professionally known by his stage name Lemmy, who has remained the sole constant member. The band are often considered a precursor to, or one of the earliest members of, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, which re-energised heavy metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Despite this, Lemmy has always dubbed their music as simply "rock and roll".

Today's tune "Iron Fist" is for  Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, R.I.P. man!

Motorhead Ace Of Spades Birmingham 2014. Taylor reunited with Kilmister and Clarke on 6 November 2014 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England on stage for MOTÖRHEAD's classic "Ace of Spades" only to come on to wave to the crowd and leave.

Upcoming Tour dates:

Nov 15 The Zenith Paris, France
Nov 17 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Düsseldorf, Germany
Nov 18 Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken, Germany
Nov 20 Zenith, die Kulturhalle München, Germany
Nov 21 Zenith, die Kulturhalle München, Germany
Nov 24 Jahrhunderhalle Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 25 Arena Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg, Germany
Nov 27 Max Schmeling Halle Berlin, Germany
Nov 28 Sporthalle Hamburg, Germany
Nov 30 ACC Aarhus, Denmark
Dec 01 Scandinavium Goteborg, Sweden
Dec 03 Oslo Spektrum Oslo, Norway
Dec 04 Hovet Stockholm, Sweden
Dec 06 Hartwall Arena Helsinki, Finland

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Saturday 14 November 2015

Flying Colors - Bombs Away

"Second Flight: Live At The Z7”, from the virtuoso prog/pop/rock band FLYING COLORS, showcases a new level of musical prowess from the group, captures the candid energy of a new band, and lets fans experience them in innovative ways. It reflects the many hues and colors of the band members’ (Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue & Casey McPherson) individual— and collective—unique creative expression. It’s FLYING COLORS at their very best, and a new milestone in the band’s soaring adventure.

In 2014, on the 8th show of their fall tour, FLYING COLORS took to the stage at Switzerland’s storied Z7 venue, and on film, captured a breathtaking live performance. With their critically acclaimed sophomore album Second Nature out for only a week, the concert recorded an exceptional rarity: band and audience, together, discovering an album for the first time.

FLYING COLORS also explored technological innovation with the album, with unique ways for fans to experience it. Viewers can listen in 5.1-surround from the two best seats in the house: at the soundboard, or in the front row. All the show’s audio was processed with a new engineering system, developed specifically for live at the Z7, which creates stunning detail and separation.

The vinyl release comes with a code for a complimentary MP3 download of the album. (The first 1,000 orders get a signed insert! []) "Second Flight: Live At The Z7” will be released worldwide on November 13, 2015.


A1. Overture
A2. Open Up Your Eyes
A3. Bombs Away
B1. Kayla
B2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
B3. The Fury Of My Love
C1. A Place In Your World
C2. Forever In A Daze
C3. One Love Forever
D1. Colder Months
D2. Peaceful Harbor
D3. The Storm
E1. Cosmic Symphony
E2. Mask Machine
F1. Infinite Fire
F2. Peaceful Harbor (Orchestral Version) [Vinyl and Digital only Bonus track]

Todays tune "Bombs Away" is the first taste taken from the upcoming live album "Second Flight: Live At The Z7”.

"Bombs Away: I love the guitar work in this one. Steve really nails it. This also has a really cool proggy string melody section that I can never get out of my a good way. The only other thing I have to say about this song can be summed up in one word: CHEESEWHIZ.” — Neal Morse

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Friday 13 November 2015

Whitesnake - Mistreated

The story of David Coverdale, the lead singer and founder of WHITESNAKE - is an interesting one in rock and roll terms, if for no other reason that he has an admirable track record of having the courage of his convictions. After he had shot to fame in 1974 as the lead singer of hard rock legends of DEEP PURPLE, things didn’t pan out quite as he would have hoped, with 1975 record "Come Taste the Band" failing to match up to expectations. He resigned as the band dissolved, and after releasing one solo album, WHITESNAKE, in 1977, knew that he needed to be in a band if he was to truly flourish. WHITESNAKE was born, and they’re still going strong today.

The Sound the band had was very similar to DEEP PURPLE, bluesy and rockish. Since reforming in 2002 and two albums "Good to Be Bad" and "Forevermore" plus the latest "The Purple Album" with DEEP PURPLE tunes in a WHITESNAKE package they are touring around the world with DEF LEPPARD and last year with JOURNEY and THUNDER. Today (Friday the 13th) they are standing on the stage here in Stockholm for a show at hovet.

Today's tune "Mistreated" is take from the latest album "The Purple Album" and it's performed at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL on August 3, 2015. Recorded with a Nikon P7000. "Mistreated" is originally taken from DEEP PURPLEs 1974 album "Burn". The song was written by the band's guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and new vocalist David Coverdale, who, along with new bassist Glenn Hughes, brought new blues and funk elements to the band.

And here is a older clip Live Donnington 1983

Upcoming Tourdates:

**Whitesnake will be playing as Special Guest with THE SCORPIONS on November 28th in Zurich.

Whitesnake are excited to announce The Dead Dasies as special guest on all forthcoming shows (Excluding Zurich) in Europe during November & Early December prior to hitting the UK with DEF LEPPARD.

November 8th Moscow, RU Crocus City Hall
November 9th St Petersburg, RU *BKZ Oktyabrskiy
November 11th Helsinki, FI *Icehall
November 13th Stockholm, SE Hovet
November 14th Helsingor, DK *The Culture Yard
November 16th Berlin, DE *Columbiahalle
November 17th Praque CZ *O2 Arena
November 19th Vienna, AU Gasometer
November 21st Zagreb, HR Cebona Hall
November 22nd Belgrade, RS Hala Pionir
November 24th Sofia, BG Armeec Arena
November 25nd Skopje, MK Boris Trajkovski
November 28th Zurich, CH **Hallenstadion
November 29th Milan, IT Alcatraz
December 1st Brussels, BE Forest National
December 2nd Utrecht, NL Tivilivredenburg

UK & Ireland

We are very excited to announce the UK co-headline Arena tour with DEF LEPPARD in December 2015.

December 6th Dublin, IE 3 Arena
December 7th Belfast, UK Odyssey
December 9th Newcastle, UK Metro Radio Arena
December 10th Glasgow, UK The SSE Hydro
December 12th Birmingham, UK Genting Arena
December 13th Nottingham, UK Capital FM Arena
December 15th Manchester, UK Arena
December 16th Cardiff, UK Motorpoint Arena
December 18th London, UK The SSE Arena Wembley
December 19th Sheffield, UK Motorpoint Arena

More info @

Official Whitesnake Web

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