Thursday, 18 July 2019

Wucan - Am I Evil?

Thursday, time for a cover.

"Am I Evil?" is a song by British heavy metal band DIAMOND HEAD released on their 1980 debut album "Lightning To The Nations". The song was written by vocalist Sean Harris and guitarist Brian Tatler and released on Happy Face Records, a label owned by the producer Muff Murfin of The Old Smithy studio of Worcester. The song was immediately popular among the heavy metal circles in the United Kingdom around the time of its release, but only rose to international prominence after METALLICA covered it as a B-side on their "Creeping Death" single in 1984; the cover was re-released on their 1998 covers album "Garage Inc.". The song was influenced by the BLACK SABBATH song "Symptom Of The Universe."

We have played this tune once as a Sunday Classic, read about it here!

Today we have the German Kraut-fueled Heavy Flute Rock band WUCAN that pay tribute to one of their biggest inspirations: DIAMOND HEAD with the tune "Am I Evil?".

The Video Material filmed on several occasions: Dresden 2017, Dresden 2018, Rock Palast 2018 Burg Herzberg

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Mountainwolf - Electric Groove

Electric groove rock trio, MOUNTAINWOLF, formed in Annapolis, Maryland in early 2012 and released their debut album "The Silk Road" in 2015. Their sophomore album, "Absinthe Moon" was released 2017. In 2019 they did a joint with ROBOT JURASSIC and released a split EP with two tunes each.

MOUNTAINWOLF plays infectious groovy electric jam rock. With such a diverse musical background, MOUNTAINWOLF draws inspiration from many sources. Some of the most prominent artists are:



Tyler Vaillant
Chris Gipple
Tom Coster

Today's tune "Electric Groove" is taken from the split EP "Orbiter" with ROBOT JURASSIC & MOUNTAINWOLF, released on April 27, 2019. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Ancient Vvisdom - Human Extinction

This Fall will see cult Death rockers ANCIENT VIISDOM release their forthcoming, highly anticipated album, "Mundus", with Argonauta Records, which is set for release on September 27th!

The first single and video from "Mundus" is the riff laden piece "Human Extinction", a tune that not only highlights their own trademark made of deathrock and neo folklore, but also their attitude made of electric guitars and killer riffs.

Today's tune "Human Extinction" taken from the forthcoming album "Mundus", release date Sept 27th, 2019.

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Monday, 15 July 2019

Year Of The Goat - Avaritia

This summer, Swedish occult rock masters YEAR OF THE GOAT return with their brand new opus "Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis", set to release September 6th. The first single "Avaritia" (see it below) is a real gem in the finest occult rock full of blackened heart`s blood and elegiac melody lines that will haunt your dreams! Really looking forward to the new album after hearing this.

Pre-order "Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis" now:

Says the band:

"Four years of neverending lust for creativity. Four years of gluttony and decadence within our most sacred temple. Four years of unspeakable boiling wrath. Four years of greed filled wastefulness. Now, envy us in our moment of pride. "

The Video was Directed and edited by Valentin Mellström, Dancer: Courtney Stohlton, Videography by Antony Keane Alvarez (dancer footage), Joel J Holmqvist (band footage).

Enjoy today's tune!

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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Snowy White - Bird Of Paradise

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Bird Of Paradise" is the debut single by former THIN LIZZY guitarist Snowy White, from his debut album, "White Flames", released in 1983. The single became White's biggest hit, peaking at no. 6 on the UK Singles Chart in January 1984, remaining on the chart for 11 weeks. The song was the only single released from the album and is White's signature song.

The song has featured on various compilations of White's material, such as Goldtop: "Groups & Sessions '74–'94", "Pure Gold" and "The Best of Snowy White". White performed the song on the BBC Television show Top of the Pops in 1984, see the clip below.

British radio DJ Steve Wright described "Bird of Paradise" as "one of my favourite songs of all time", after playing the song on BBC Radio 1 during its run in the charts.

Enjoy today's classic!

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Besvärjelsen - Return To No Return

BESVÄRJELSEN (Swedish for “Conjuring”) formed in 2014 by members out of bands like DOZER, GREENLEAF, AFGRUND, LASTKAJ and V. One can tell their influences has also been drawn from all these genres represented in their musical history. However rooted in Doom you will find traces of Progressive Metal, Punk, Folk, and simply old classic Rock n’ Roll that has been carefully weaved together to a sound as heavy as it’s sophisticated.

The band released their first EP “Villfarelser” in 2015 which was later followed up by yet another EP “Exil” in 2016. Both EP’s was well received by Swedish media and the band got quite a lot of radio plays on Swedish National Radio even though having released both EP’s themselves and not being backed up by any record label.

2017 has been spent writing and recording new songs which now has been funneled down to the bands first full-length album "Vallmo" (Swedish for "Poppy"). "Vallmo" is an album that more than ever showcase the bands enormous potential. Seamlessly wandering from crushing Doom riffs to catchy vocals and melodies, deep lyrical content and drum beats from hell, all topped with beautiful guitar solos and layers. A totally new addition to the debut "Vallmo" is that BESVÄRJELSEN now has songs in English as well as in Swedish, so for today we pick an English one so you all get a chance to follow the lyrics.

Enjoy this piece of music that will give a wonderful musical evening.


Lea Amling – vocals 
Andreas Baier – guitar and vocals 
Staffan Winroth – guitar and vocals 
Johan Rockner – bass 
Erik Bäckwall – drums

A follow up to "Vallmo" is soon ready for release. The new EP is titled "Frost", will be released in August this year. The release in August comes after being first included as part of the exclusive PostWax series. PostWax is a groundbreaking subscription-style series of exclusive records for diehard fans of stoner, doom, heavy, psych rock, launched by Blues Funeral Recordings.

Today's tune "Return To No Return" is taken from the latest release "Vallmo". Out on Suicide Records.

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Friday, 12 July 2019

Mister Misery - My Ghost

The Swedish gothic metal band MISTER MISERY have released a brand new video from the upcoming album "Unalive". MISTER MISERY is blending high energy metal and incorporating melody reminiscent of the pop/rock genre. Loaded with attitude and power, the band Is a theatrical circus pushing the boundaries in their musical performances.

The heavy makeup four-piece band is: 
Harley Vendetta, 
Alex Nine, 
Mac Frantic & 
Eddie Kratz.

MISTER MISERY was formed in Stockholm, Sweden and came to life after Lead vocalist Harley Vendetta left Hollywood late 2017 to pursue his own vision after leaving his previous American band. Harley later found lead guitarist Alex nine early 2018 and one became two. In February 2018 they released their first single "Revelation For The Lost" that sparked the interest of metal drummer Mac Frantic that later joined forces with the band in March 2018. The final piece was yet to be found for this "Larger Than Life" band but by their third single release "Torn" they finally found current bass player Eddie Kratz and became a full unit May 2018. Now with a full-length album to be released they are in full force to spark a new hope for the alternative community in hopes of stardom.

Get your hands on the upcoming album, Pre-Order "Unalive" here

Today's tune "My Ghost", taken from the upcoming album "Unalive", set to release September 4th, 2019. Enjoy!

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

North Mississippi Allstars - What You Gonna Do?

NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS return with "What You Gonna Do?", a funky, revved-up take on the vintage gospel song originally found on the STAPLE SINGERS’ 1965 album "Freedom Highway". The new track, appropriately featuring special guest Mavis Staples on vocals, is the first to surface from the Allstars’ new studio album "Up And Rolling", which will be released on October 4th via New West Records.

NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS is an American southern rock/blues band from Hernando, Mississippi, founded in 1996. Led by brothers Cody and Luther Dickinson, the band recorded their 10th studio album at the Zebra Ranch, a family studio opened by the Dickinsons’ late father Jim, who produced albums by BIG STAR and THE REPLACEMENTS and was a session player for THE ROLLING STONES. In addition to Staples, the new album also features appearances by Jason Isbell, Duane Betts, and Cedric Burnside.

 Cody Dickinson - Drums, Wurlitzer, Bass, Vocals 
 Luther Dickinson - Guitar, Vocals 
 Carl Dufrene - Bass 
 Sharde Thomas - Fife, Vocals 
 Sharisse Norman - Vocals

Today's Thursday cover tune "What You Gonna Do?" written by Roebuck “Pops” Staples / Staples Music Publishing (BMI) performed by NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS with Mavis Staples, enjoy!

Upcoming shows

Jul 11 Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric Baltimore, MD
Jul 12 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA
Jul 16 Paramount Theatre Huntington, NY
Jul 19 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN
Jul 20 Avondale Brewing Company Birmingham, AL
Aug 09 Beach Road Weekend Vineyard Haven, MA
Aug 18 White River State Park Indianapolis, IN
Oct 04 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR
Oct 05 Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA
Oct 06 The Imperial Vancouver, BC
Oct 10 The Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA
Oct 10 Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater, CA
Oct 18 Privatclub Berlin, Germany
Oct 21 LA MAROQUINERIE Paris, France
Oct 23 Omeara London, UK
Nov 01 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
Nov 02 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
Nov 07 The Haunt Ithaca, NY
Nov 08 Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
Nov 09 Brighton Music Hall presented by Citizens Bank Boston, MA
Nov 10 Infinity Music Hall Hartford, CT
Nov 13 The Hamilton Live Washington, DC
Nov 14 World Café Live Philadelphia, PA
Nov 15 Mr Smalls Theater Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 16 The Cohoes Music Hall Cohoes, NY

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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

King Hobo - King Blues

KING HOBO is a rock band from Sweden, formed in 2005. Jean-Paul Gaster from CLUTCH met OPETH keyboardist Per Wiberg at the Sounds of the Underground Tour. They jammed together, and allowed other musicians to join them, with the motto of "get funky or get out". Later, they gathered at a home Wiberg rented in Sweden, and invited KAMCHATKA guitarist Thomas Andersson and Ulf Rockis Ivarsson, among others, to record an album in one week, witch resulted of the release of the self-titled album "King Hobo" (2008). After busy times with their regular bands KING HOBO was left on the bookshelf for some time until it was time to shake off the dust and record the second album "Mauga" (2019). The band is called "a triumph of musicianship drawing on all the talent at the group's disposal.

"Mauga" was release on May 31st via the CLUTCHs record label, Weathermaker Music.

Today's tune "King Blues" is taken from the latest release "Mauga", the clip is filmed live when KING HOBO playing at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg. (February 9, 2013). Enjoy!

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Irata - Tower

Since its 2007 genesis at the hands of founding members, Jon Case (bass, vocals) and Jason Ward (drums, vocals), this Greensboro, NC outfit have mutated restlessly, moving from its initial Morphine-infused heavy fusion through math-y metal and finally to the soaring, technical heavy rock of its current approach. Over those dozen years, too, IRATA has made its presence known in metal and hard rock circles throughout the Southeast and beyond. Now, and thanks to its growth from a trio to a four-piece with the addition of guitarist Owen Burd, IRATA is evolving yet again.

With Burd's talents on guitar, vocals and trumpet added to what had already felt like a complete equation, Ward notes, IRATA is pushing itself to new vocal and instrumental heights. Accordingly, the new album "Tower" applies impressive musicianship and complex textures to increasingly approachable tunes that teeter between hard rock and prog-metal. It's like the sports car version of Don Caballero.

The album "Tower" was recorded in vaunted hometown studio Legitimate Business and produced by ALL THEM WITCHES guitarist Ben McLeod, with co-production by LEGIT BIZ engineer and heavy metal mastermind Kris Hilbert. Flavors of MASTODON, KYLESA, HELMS ALEE and SANDRIDER mix with SMASHING PUMPKINS-reminiscent textures and clarion Perry Farrell-style vocals, creating a heavy palette that is both innovative and familiar.

"Tower" was released on Detroit's Small Stone Records in May of 2019, with national and international tours in support of Tower to be announced.

Today's tune "Tower" is the title track from IRATAs 2019 self-titled LP. The Video is shot in 2018 on location in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, see it below.

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Snowy Dunes - Let's Save Dreams

SNOWY DUNES are a five piece psychedelic rock outfit hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Even though created out of the love for vibes of old, SNOWY DUNES is a unique blend of vintage hard rock, 60's psychedelia and the fuzz rock of today.

The band was formed in 2013 by Christoffer Kingstedt on guitar and Stefan Jakobsson on drums. The well known bassist Carl Oredson of the Stockholm underground scene was immediatly recruited as a member and after spending months trying to find the right vocalist they met Niklas Eisen in 2014, a school mate of Christoffer. With a history as a solo blues artist, Niklas brings intensity to the group, both on and off stage.

In 2018 Stefan left the band and Jonathan Wårdsäter (previously of MAMONT) replaced him. At the same time Alex Gatica (CARUBINE, RYMDDRÖM) also joined the band, adding a second guitar and keys.

At a DEAD MEADOW show in Stockholm, Christoffer met their bass player Steve Kille. Being a huge fan of DEAD MEADOW , Christoffer shamelessly asked Steve if he would be interested in recording the then newly formed SSNOWY DUNES. They kept in contact and seven months later, after a Stockholm show by Pink Mountaintops with Steve on bass (and after treating him to quite a few whiskey cola), it was decided. A year after being founded, Snowy Dunes were invited to Los Angeles by Steve Kille to record their debut album.

Spending five days in a cabin in the desert around Joshua Tree, they laid down the groundwork for the album with Steve acting as both producer and as a sherpa to desert dwelling for the starry eyed Swedes. Used to a significantly colder climate, and by drawing their inspiration from the vast swedish wilderness, the laid back desert vibe and Steve's steady hand helped SNOWY DUNES realize their jam based sound.

Shortly after finalizing the album, SNOWY DUNES were signed to the New York / Los Angeles based indie label Xemu Records, and started touring western Europe.

Being a hard working DIY band and known for an intense live act, SNOWY DUNES have eagerly performed shows all over Europe and brought their fuzzy psychedelic rock to new fans all over the globe.


Niklas Eisen - Vocals, percussion 
Carl Oredson - Bass 
Christoffer Kingstedt - Guitar, electric sitar 
Alex Gatica - Keys, acoustic guitars, backing vocals 
Jonathan Wårdsäter - Drums

Today's tune "Let's Save Dreams" is the first single from the upcoming album, enjoy!

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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Y&T - Summertime Girls

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Summertime Girls" is a classic hard rock anthem by Y & T with the awesome Dave Meniketti on vocals & guitar. Sing this one to yourself while on the beach observing the sights!

Y&T (originally known as YESTERDAY & TODAY) is an American hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1974 in Hayward, California. The band released two studio albums on London Records as YESTERDAY & TODAY in the 1970s, before shortening their name to Y&T and releasing several albums on A&M Records beginning in 1981, as well as albums on Geffen Records, Avex Records, and others. The band was originally co-managed by Herbie Herbert (who also managed Journey) and Louis "Lou" Bramy. The band has sold over 4 million albums worldwide to date.

Today's tune is taken from the seventh studio album "Down For The Count", released in 1985 through A&M Records. It contains the band's biggest hit "Summertime Girls", which charted at #55 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song had initially appeared as the lone studio track on the band's live album, "Open Fire", released earlier in the year. Enjoy!

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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Mark Deutrom - Maximum Hemingway

The true treasure of former MELVINS bassist Mark Deutrom's artistic expression lies in his wide-ranging and genre-transcending solo recordings. Following the recent re-releases of Mark’s solo albums "The Silent Treatment", "The Value Of Decay" and "Brief Sensuality & Western Violence", his brand new full-length "The Blue Bird" underlines the multi-instrumentalist's broad musical scope, this time guiding you through the elusive nature of happiness.

Mark Deutrom is a guitarist, bassist, composer, songwriter, and producer.

Mark Deutrom studied composition at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA . There he attended seminars with such composers as John Cage, Lou Harrison, Morton Feldman, Aaron Copland, and Morton Subotnick.

In 1986 Deutrom co founded Alchemy Records in San Francisco, CA. During his time at the label he produced a record for his own band, CLOWN ALLEY, as well as records for SACRILEGE, MELVINS, RKL, and NEUROSIS.

In 1993 Deutrom was invited to play bass in the MELVINS. He was in the band from 1993-1998, and played on and contributed material to the albums "Prick", "Stoner Witch", "Stag", "Honky", " and additional releases. During his time with the band they toured with TOOL, NIRVANA, NINE INCH NAILS, KISS and RUSH among others.

In 2006 he was invited to collaborate with SUNNO))) on various live dates in the USA and Europe.

Deutrom has released various solo projects and continues to produce projects for others.

The band Bellringer is the live vehicle for his music and currently features RL Hulsman on drums, Aaron Lack on drums, and Brian Ramirez on bass and vocals.

In 2017 Mark Deutrom signed a licensing agreement with French heavy music label Season of Mist to reissue his catalog, and also for new music beginning with the album "The Blue Bird" released on January 4 2019.

Beside Mark Deutrom on Guitar and Vocals, there is Aaron Lack on Drums and Brian Ramirez on Bass

Today's tune "Maximum Hemingway" is taken from the album "The Blue Bird", enjoy!

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Friday, 5 July 2019

Bersærk - Fimbuls Børn

With solid Danish roots, the four-piece doom/stoner-rock band BERSÆRK awakes its audience and brings it back to when a man was a man, women were ready for battle - and going berserk was something we did together.

The musical universe of BERSÆRK is heavy and insistent with a Nordic sound at its base, and the high-explosive doom/stoner-rock with lyrics in Danish is calling to the inner wolf of the audience and gives them a chance to hold their heads up high and howl together!

Today's tune "Fimbuls Børn" is taken from the second album "Jernbyrd", released March 20, 2018 on Osmium Records, enjoy!

The first clip is a mini-documentary on the creation of the single Fimbul's Children, and the first sod for BERSÆREKs second album, in "Danish".

Live at Copenhell, Denmark, 22 June 2018

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Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Parlor Mob - 4th Of July

Independence Day (colloquial: the Fourth of July) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776.

So happy Fourth of July and National Day all Americans.

Today we play the New Jersey base rock band THE PARLOR MOB released the song "Fourth of July," last year, which Alternative Addiction describes as "anthemic."


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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Arteaga - Espejo Roto

Bad Acid Session (​(​(​Live Bootleg​)​)​), is a live recording by the acid rock from southhell ARTEAGA, the acid Chilean beast that has been committing covens on the southern stages of the American continent for years.

ARTEAGA published a bootleg called "Bad Acid Session", a material consisting of seven songs captured directly from the audio speakers during a presentation on March 22, 2019 at the Mi Bar in Santiago, Chile.


Francisco Gonzalez (Bass / Vocals)
Domingo Lovera (Drums)
Sebastián Morales (Guitar)

Today's tune "Espejo Roto" (Broken Mirror) taken from "Bad Acid Session (​(​(​Live Bootleg​)​)​)" originally released on the album "Necromance", enjoy!

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Lostpray - Deep Depression

"Deep Depression" is single by Ukrainian Progressive/Thrash/Heavy Metal band LOSTPRAY taken from the bands latest EP "Priestianity" (2018).

LOSTPRAY is based in Odessa, Ukraine, the group is comprised of Turkish and Ukrainian musicians who freely mix their own cultural influences with the power of Metal to create a fiercely individuality that sets them apart from their peers. The latest LOSTPRAY release is "Priestianity", a compelling set built upon challenging compositions, unpredictable storytelling, tense atmosphere, aggression, Eastern-Western combinations, and overflowing energy that instantly pulls listeners into its world. The first single from the EP, "Deep Depression", is a potent six-minute track that perfectly captures LOSTPRAYs uncommon style.

The members of LOSTPRAY are Burak Gundogdu on Vocals and Guitars, Nikolay Dovgopolov on Drums, and Vyacheslav Babienko on Bass. The band began in 2013 and tracked its first album, "That’s Why", an eight-song effort that met with considerable success, in 2014. After a hiatus that allowed the group time to more clearly define its sound and direction, the release of "Priestianity" has put LOSTPRAY back in the thick of the international Metal scene. The record shows how much great music can come from the mixing of cultures and ideas from different nations and is the most accurate expression of LOSTPRAYs artistic vision yet. The band is now focused on writing and recording new material, expanding its global fan base, and preparing to tour at the professional level. Anyone who has had their fill of sound-alike bands needs to find LOSTPRAY today and get reminded of what actually original-minded music is all about.

Today's tune "Deep Depression" is taken from the EP "Priestianity", the music video was originally filmed in a couple different studios in Odessa. The idea was to make a video with a dark, moody atmosphere which will make the impression even sharper.

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Foo Fighters - Everlong

Lollapalooza is over, a great but very long weekend has passed, supurb weather, sun and no rain, happy peoples, lucky child and a satisfied dad. Many good acts played during this festival. GRETA VAN FLEET and THE HELLACOPTERS was the top notch in my book. WOLFMOTHER was also really good, KVELERTAK aswell, cool to see the new singer. BRING ME THE HORIZON had a cool stage set that worked well with the pyro :)

Here are a few pictures from the festival.

 There was a few of the building pictures. Rest are a few of the Live shoots I took during the festival.








FOO FIGHTERS live clip

 Today's tune goes to the Headliner on Saturday, FOO FIGHTERS are, after a quarter of a century together, in every sense the ultimate rock band. Night after night Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, and Rami Jaffee continue to sell out stadiums and arenas the world over, educating crowds on the life-affirming power of rock n roll. The band's current live show, has been described by Rolling Stone as “explosive and euphoric… wild and combustible at the place where Grohl’s love for punk and classic rock coalesce into something raging and tuneful… a show of enthusiasm that has grown over decades.”

FOO FIGHTERS began 2018 with an Australia / New Zealand stadium tour, continuing to play three-hour-plus rock marathons for capacity crowds over multiple nights at some of the world’s most prestigious venues: Madison Square Garden, Fenway Park in Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago, London Stadium—plus a return to Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg— the site of the accident that led to the 2015 Broken Leg Tour.

FOO FIGHTERS did bring their explosive and euphoric live show to Lollapalooza Stockholm for a highly anticipated master class in thunderous, heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll.

Today's tune "Everlong" was the last tune that gilded evening air, the tune was released in August 1997 as the second single from their second studio album, "The Colour And The Shape" (1997).


All My Life
Learn to Fly
The Pretender
The Sky Is a Neighborhood
Times Like These
Drum Solo
Sunday Rain
My Hero (Dave solo into full band)
These Days
La Dee Da
Been Caught Stealing (JANE’s ADDICTION COVER) (with Perry Farrell) (also with Nick Maybury on guitar)
Monkey Wrench
Wheels (Slow Version)
Dirty Water
Best of You

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