Monday 31 October 2011

Lizette & - Taxfree

Lizette & - A brilliant Swedish rock band that combines the world of NIN and Alanis Morissette in a new exciting world. The band has just released their new single "Taxfree" and today they released the video to it, the single is taken from the upcoming 2:nd album.

Lizette produces and records everything herself in her studio based in the capital of Sweden, of course, with the help of her experienced band members.

Influences have varied and are many. She always makes sure she gives cred to Trent Reznor though - he was the one who, unknowing, showed her witch way to go with her music.

She is a lucky little lady who works with all kinds of interesting people, who takes her to places she has not even heard of and hardly find on the map, she meets people from all over the world - all in the name of her music.

On the upcoming album (releases early next year), in which there are tons of interesting influences, guest artists and more, but this is something we will return to when the new record is slipping through the mail slot and is lying there well wrapped on the hall floor :-)

Lizette & is:
Lizette Von Panajott, Vocals and producer.
Tomas, Bass
Alex, Drums
Ink, Guitar
Marcus, Guitar, Vocals and Keyboard

If you live in Stockholm, take the opportunity to see them live tomorrow!

Lizette & @ Harry B James! 1 Nov at 21:00

Listen to an interview with Lizette on Rocksoffan, about the latest single, elderly relatives from Transylvania and much more, here!

So - here U have it - done with a lot of love - angry, beautiful and horrifying music made to create an impact. To reach the soul of her listeners and explore new worlds.

Tune Of The Day presents today's Tune "Taxfree" with the very entertaining video for the real cruel single! The video is a collaboration between "Lizette &" and their fans. If you look closely on the video you might find us (Thetania, Stones) there! Enjoy!

Lizette - creating her music at night time U almost feel the chill of the wind outside her window and sense the moonlight in the room as she composes and sings. Let her touch Ur inner core and accept the message she delivers forcefully with her art.

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Official Lizette & Web
Official Lizette & MySpace
Official Lizette & Facebook

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Sunday 30 October 2011

Within Temptation - Sinéad

Couple of nights ago Within Temptation came to Arenan Fryshuset and Stockholm Sweden.

The sound was for once quite good, dont like the sound in there.
The show was very mighty and filled with good tunes.
Sharon and her crew was in fantastic form.
She brought with her a Swedish guitar man Stefan Helleblad he was quite good :)

Here is some photos from the gig.

Here is the setlist.

They released their fifth album in March 2011 Totd have had the track "Faster" b4.

Sharon den Adel on lead vocals
Robert Westerholt on rhythm guitar, grunts (Studio Only)
Jeroen van Veen on bass guitar
Ruud Jolie on lead guitar
Martijn Spierenburg on keyboards
Mike Coolen on drums
Live members:Stefan Helleblad - Rhythm Guitar (Live Only)

Here are their homesite.

Here u have 3 videos with the same tune thats on the new album.

Cheers, Thetania

The Official Music video.

Aucustic Sinéad

Live Sinéad, a bit bad sound

More info @

Official Within Temptation Web

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Saturday 29 October 2011

Vicious Rumors - Murderball

Tonight, slamming it to the Arenan here in Stockholm with metal of high class, Hammerfall, Vicious Rumors, Death Destruction and Amaranthe. Do you have nothing to do tonight? so comb your hair, put on the jeans jacket and get to the Arenan. It will certainly become a hi thundering concert.

The idea was that we would write about Within Temptation today, but there is so much now as we try to poke into it tomorrow instead. Today, you get a short one as we both are on the run.

Vicious Rumors is an American power metal band founded in 1979 in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Todays tune "Murderball" is taken from the tenth album Razorback Killers, released in 2011.

More info @

Official Vicious Rumors Web

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Friday 28 October 2011

Triggerfinger - All This Dancin’ Around

Yesterday, did Stockholm got visited by no less than Within Temptation who played in a nearly sold-out Arenan here in Stockholm, but more on that tomorrow. Today we check out the support act which was a pleasant surprise. A fiery threepiece Dutch band called "Triggerfinger" consisting of a trio of guitarist and singer Ruben Block, drummer Mario Goossens and bassist Paul Van Bruystegem. Now, it takes some grit - and style - to be dubbed “the loudest band in Antwerp”, and in some ways the moniker is a testament to their past efforts; which have built up a considerable and loyal following in the Lowlands. (If you have any doubts about the powerful and multidimensional sound they can command, just give their live LP Faders Up (2007) a spin). But sights are now being set further afield from this great Flemish city, especially with the release on Excelsior Recordings - on the 15th of November 2010 - of their third album: All This Dancin’ Around, the follow up to the successful What Grabs Ya? And 2004’s Triggerfinger.

This is a band that have developed the hard way; years of touring the clubs, pubs, festivals and dives of Europe have bred a fierce and uncompromising sound.

Photo by Godi

Photo by Godi

Photo by Godi

Todays tune is the title track of "All This Dancin’ Around". The album was recorded at the famous Sound City studio in Los Angeles, where Nirvana’s Nevermind was produced. Recording sessions, under the aegis of producer Greg Gordon (a man who has turned his talents to the sounds of Oasis, Wolfmother, Slayer and Soulwax amongst others). Enjoy!

Triggerfinger playing All this dancin' around live in Club 69 of Studio Brussel (2011-02-03)

For the Podcast Triggerfinger recorded a live version of the title track from their latest album 'All This Dancin' Around'.

Triggerfinger Tour:

2 November, 2011
Bremen (D) MS Treue
3 November, 2011
Berlin (D) Comet
4 November, 2011
Dresden (D) Puschkin Club
7 November, 2011
Amsterdam (Nl) Melkweg Sold Out
8 November, 2011
Amsterdam (Nl) Melkweg
9 November, 2011
Amsterdam (Nl) Melkweg Sold Out
10 November, 2011
Oberhausen (D) Zentrum Altenberg
12 November, 2011
13 November, 2011
Tilburg (NL) 013
15 November, 2011
Weinheim (D) Café Central
16 November, 2011
Munster (D) Gleis 22
17 November, 2011
Koln (D) Yard Club
18 November, 2011
Groningen (NL) Oosterpoort
19 November, 2011
Charleroi (B) Eden
19 January, 2012
Glasgow (UK) Barrowlands Support Thin Lizzy
21 January, 2012
Newcastle (UK) City Hall Support Thin Lizzy
23 January, 2012
Leicester (UK) City Hall Support Thin Lizzy
24 January, 2012
York (UK) Barbican Support Thin Lizzy
25 January, 2012
Cambridge (UK) Corn Exchange Support Thin Lizzy
27 January, 2012
Wolverhampton (UK) Civic Hall Support Thin Lizzy
28 January, 2012
Manchester (UK) O2 Apollo Support Thin Lizzy
29 January, 2012
Sheffield (UK) City Hall Support Thin Lizzy
31 January, 2012
Plymouth (UK) Pavilions Support Thin Lizzy
1 February, 2012
Cardiff (UK) St Davids Hall Support Thin Lizzy
3 February, 2012
Brighton (UK) Dome Support Thin Lizzy
4 February, 2012
London (UK) HMV Hammersmith Apollo Support Thin Lizzy

More info @

Official Triggerfinger Web

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Thursday 27 October 2011

Saviours - Cavern Of Mind

Tonight the plan was to go and look at the American stoner metal band "Saviours" at Kafe44, nothing booked until now, but as they say is quick turns and rapid twists in the music industry, so tonight it will be something completely different. More on that tomorrow, of course:)

So we cry a little and play a tune with Saviours!

Todays tune "Cavern of Mind", is taken from the "Cavern of Mind" EP and features demo versions of "Raging Embers" and "Cavern Of Mind", with an etching on the b-side by Derrick Snodgrass of Temple Tattoo in Oakland, CA.
Recorded at Earhammer, Oackland and Mastered at R.E.M. Sound, New York. Enjoy!

Here you can read a previous post with, 'Saviours'

More info @

Official Saviours Bandpage at Kemado Records

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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Jean Michel Jarre - Second Rendez-Vous

Hey there music lovers!!

Last night Sweden, Stockholm had a visit of the master of instrumental electronic music, Jean Michel Jarre with his huuuge amount of keyboards and lotsa laser :)

Stones took some pictures of the show, enjoy!!

I took a tune from his album from 1986 "Rendez-Vous" Its kinda funny the tracks are called "First Rendez-Vous", "Second Rendez-Vous", Third and so on, to "Last Rendez-Vous".

To you that dont know much about this guy, he is 63 years old and released his first single in 1969 and the album came 1972 and the last album 2007. Jean Michel plays
electronic music on his keyboards without singing, the music its kinda outer space mixed with classic music, or futuristic electronica. Jean Michel is born in Lyon, France.

Raised by his mum and granparents.
Jean Michel Jarre was born on 24 August 1948 in Lyon, the son of composer Maurice Jarre and French Resistance member and concentration camp survivor France Pejot. The two separated when Jarre was five years old; his father moved to the United States, while his mother remained in the suburbs of Paris to look after their son.

Jean Michel´s mum, France Pejot

Jean Michels dad, Maurice Jarre

Jarre did not meet his father again until he was eighteen. Jarre's Grandfather, André Jarre, was an oboe player, engineer and inventor, who also designed an early audio mixer used at Radio Lyon. He also gave Jean Michel his first record player. For the first eight years of his life, Jarre spent six months of each year at his grandparent's flat along the Cours de Verdun, in the Perrache district of Lyon. Jarre has cited the street performers he watched from his window there as an influence on his art (traces of this can be found on his album Équinoxe, particularly "Équinoxe Part 8")

Ladys and Gents, here is Jean Michel Jarre with Second Rendez-Vous.

Peace, Thetania

More info @

Official Jean Michel Jarre Web

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Tuesday 25 October 2011

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

PJ Harvey made ​​this weekend a visit to Stockholm for a TV appearance on Skavlan and play two sold out nights at the Filadelfiakyrkan. Unfortunately, I could not go on this, had been really cruel to see her live. Polly Jean is characteristic lady that I really like and keeps her latest works high.

Today I will not be tedious, but thought to show two great images photographed by master photographer Mikael Sandström, you want to see more pictures from the gig, then surf in here!

Photo Mikael Sandström

Photo Mikael Sandström

Today's tune is the title track from PJ Harvey's latest album "Let England Shake".

PJ Harvey performing "Let England Shake" at Skavlan

PJ Harvey Tour 2011:

October 24th & 25th Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
October 27th Lucerna Hall, Prague, Czech Republic SOLD OUT
October 30th Royal Albert Hall, London, England
October 31st Royal Albert Hall, London, England

More info @

Official PJ Harvey Web
Official Micke Sandström Web

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