Tuesday 31 March 2015

Hardcore Superstar - Touch The Sky

Swedish sleaze rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR will release their new album "HCSS" on April 22. The band was formed in Gothenburg 1997 and continue on today. Hardcore Superstar have had several #1 hit singles, and Grammy wins in Sweden. The band have kicked of the "When We Touch The Sky Tour" to support the new upcoming album, see the dates below. The group states: "We saw a reason to 'touch the sky' by presenting this album live so we booked an exclusive club tour that will start one and a half month before the release. Let's go 'off with our heads' and 'party til we're gone' and celebrating the new HARDCORE SUPERSTAR album!"

"HCSS" track listing:

01. Don't Mean Shit
02. Party 'Til I'm Gone
03. The Cemetery
04. Off With Their Heads
05. Fly
06. The Ocean
07. Touch The Sky
08. Growing Old
09. Glue
10. Messed Up For Sure

The few tracks that I have heard so far sounds really promising, looking forward to hear it.

Todays tune "Touch The Sky" is the 2:nd single from the upcoming album, the tune is featuring "Etzia", the video clip is Live at The Garage in London 3/11/15

Upcoming Tourdates:

Mar 23 Underground Cologne, Germany
Mar 24 Alte Seilerei Manheim, Germany
Mar 25 Sputnikhalle Muenster, Germany
Mar 26 Gebroeders De Nobel Leiden, Netherlands
Mar 27 Klubsen Hamburg, Germany
Mar 28 Ac Halle Lichtenfels, Germany
Apr 03 Pakkahuone Tampere, Finland
Apr 04 THE CIRCUS Helsinki, Finland
Apr 09 Sticky Fingers Goteborg, Sweden
Apr 10 Fryshuset Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 11 Tivoli Helsingborg, Sweden
Jun 03 Sweden Rock Festival 2014 Solvesborg, Sweden
Jun 06 Sweden Rock Festival Norje, Sweden
Jul 16 Bang Your Head!!! 2015 Balingen, Germany
Jul 31 Skogsröjet Rejmyre, Sweden
Aug 06 Getaway Rock festival Gävle, Sweden

More info @

Official Hardcore Superstar Web

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Monday 30 March 2015

Level 10 - Cry No More

New week and it's to present this weeks "Record Of The Week".

Level 10 is a new Trans-Atlantic Metallic alliance between powerhouse vocalist Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X, ADRENALINE MOB, AVANTASIA, AYREON, AVALON, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA & ALLEN-LANDE) and the charismatic bassist/producer/writer Mat Sinner (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE, KISKE/SOMERVILLE among others), one of the real flags of German Heavy Metal music.

The pair met a few times during the years and swore to each other to fine the time and the chance to work together. The occasion came about when Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino managed to connect again the two and have them committed for the creation of a new Metal album which could melt the more contemporary and aggressive sound of ADRENALINE MOB with the more traditional European Power Metal assault from PRIMAL FEAR.

Sinner did not save any effort and put together a killer lineup for the album, including his PRIMAL FEAR cohorts Randy Black (on drums) and Alex Beyrodt (on guitar) and called Roland Grapow (ex HELLOWEEN) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE,VOODOO CIRCLE) to complete the lineup on lead guitar and keyboards respectively. On the songwriting side – besides the band members – the album also seens contributions from Magnus Karlsson, Carsten Schulz, Sander Gommans and Amanda Somerville. While the recording took a long time in between the commitments from the various musicians involved in this release, the result is an outstanding and super heavy – yet infectiously melodic album! With Allen’s over-the-top vocals and a powerful lineup second to none, the resulting album is – from start to finish a true delight for all the metal fans!

LEVEL 10 are:

Russell Allen – Lead & Backing Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass & Backing Vocals
Roland Grapow – Guitars
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Randy Black – Drums & Percussion
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards

I can't Ignore to say that I really love the things that Russell Allen do, that he is a busy man these days is nothing he could deny, spawning side projects one after another and everything he touches becomes almost magical, he sings like Jesus and have an amazing feeling. "Chapter One" is catchy rocker with a great mixture Classic Epic Power Rock with Mainstream Melodic Hard Rock.

"Chapter One" is great album with many good tracks to keep the interest up. The guitar work is excellent, merging heavy riffing and melodic harmonies perfectly. Del Vecchi with Sinner and Black in the rhythms section is a well oiled machine that have an amazing chemistry together. This is the fronted by monster singer Russell Allen.

To sum this up:

If you’re a fan of melodic heavy metal then Level 10 debut is mandatory listening.

Todays tune "Cry No More" is taken from the debut album "Chapter One", enjoy!

More info @

Official Level 10 Facebook

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Sunday 29 March 2015

Audience - The House on the Hill

Sunday, a lovely cold gray day with rain. During the night the clock moved forward an hour, now it's summer time and it's obvious when looking out, haha!

First I had an idea to play a little more summery song, but do not want to rub salt in the wounds, so I simply throw that idea away and play something else.

The British cult art rock band AUDIENCE released their third album "The House on the Hill" is 1971. The band existed between 1969 and 1972, and reformed in 2004.

The original band consisted of Howard Werth on nylon-strung electric acoustic guitar and vocals, Keith Gemmell on tenor and alto sax, flute and clarinet, bass guitarist and vocalist Trevor Williams and drummer/vocalist Tony Connor.

AUDIENCE rose from the ashes of a semi-professional soul band named "LLOYD ALEXANDER REAL ESTATE", which had included all the AUDIENCE members except Connor, who had unsuccessfully auditioned for the earlier band when John Richardson left to form THE RUBETTES. However, when Werth, Williams, and Gemmell decided to form their new band, they thought of Connor. The "LLOYD ALEXANDER REAL ESTATE" issued one 45rpm single on President PT157 in 1967 "Gonna Live Again"/"Watcha' Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You)", a Mod R&B record.

Within weeks of starting rehearsals, AUDIENCE had acquired management, a publishing contract, a residency at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, and a recording contract with Polydor, with whom they recorded their first album Audience, an acoustic guitar-driven album featuring Gemmell's saxophone often electrically altered to resemble an electric lead guitar and with string and horn arrangements by Andrew Pryce Jackman. But the band was dissatisfied with the record company's promotional approach (a single, "Too Late I'm Gone" from the album had been planned and was canceled), and temporarily moved to Switzerland to avoid involvement in proposed publicity stunts.

By the end of the year, the band was drawing public and journalistic acclaim for their songs, arrangements, and stage act. They had also been commissioned to write the score for Bronco Bullfrog, an East End skinhead film directed by Barney Platts-Mills, which established a genre subsequently taken up by Mike Leigh.

Despite a few minor projects together, the original AUDIENCE band members were not to re-emerge as a working entity until 33 years after their first incarnation. In 2004, Howard Werth, Keith Gemmell and Trevor Williams went back on the road, gigging in Germany, Italy, Canada and the UK, replacing Tony Connor with drummer/vocalist John Fisher and recording a live album alive&kickin'&screamin'&shoutin' for Eclectic Records. During this period, Gemmell released two solo albums, The Windhover, inspired by a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Unsafe Sax, a tribute to his early '60s soul roots. Following the death of John Fisher from pancreatic cancer on 27 September 2008, Audience recruited drummer Simon Jeffrey and, returning the compliment, Williams joined Jeffrey's own band, BLUE PULSE, releasing an album entitled "Trams" in 2012.

( First UK pressing )
Charisma 'pink scroll' label.
Matt gatefold sleeve with a printed red/white inner sleeve with lyrics.

Cat. No: CAS 1032 credited on labels, rear of sleeve and in brackets on lyric inner.
Todays tune is the title track from "The House on the Hill", released 1971 "The House on the Hill", released 1971 At about the same time, a single, "Indian Summer", reached number 74 on the Billboard Hot 100. The North American version of the album on Elektra Records added "Indian Summer" as the opening track, along with "It Brings A Tear" which had already appeared on the UK album Friend's Friend's Friend. The Elektra LP dropped the song "Eye To Eye".

Both the UK and North American LPs were originally issued as gatefold. The UK gatefold contains black-and-white photos of each band member. The Elektra Records gatefold contains the album lyrics with a photo of the "House on the Hill" in the background. The Elektra LP was later reissued in the early 1980s, non-gatefold.

The 1991 Virgin Records UK CD release, issued in the U.S. on Caroline Records, used the British LP track listing, adding the single "Indian Summer" to the end of the album. The Elektra Records version of The House On The Hill has never been issued on CD.

More info @

Official Audience Web

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Saturday 28 March 2015

Kongos - Come With Me Now

Saturday, a day where you should relax and do something fun, like visiting a record fair, I choose the record fair today. So I give you a happy and nice song with a South African rock band named KONGOS.

KONGOS is a South African alternative rock/kwaito band consisting of four brothers: Johnny (accordion, keyboard, vocals), Jesse (drums, percussion, vocals), Daniel (guitar, vocals), and Dylan Kongos (bass guitar, lap slide guitar, vocals). They spent their childhoods in the city of London and in South Africa. They compose, record and perform in Phoenix, where they have lived since 1996. They graduated from Chaparral High School in Scottsdale and attended Arizona State University. The four men are the sons of singer-songwriter John Kongos. They are of Greek origin and have attended the Greek Saheti school in Gauteng, South Africa. The film Holy Motors used their song "Come with Me Now" in the official trailer. WWE also used this song as the theme for their 2014 pay-per-view event Extreme Rules.

Alternative Cover made by Rhiannon Griffiths

In 2011, KONGOS released their album Lunatic, which featured "Come with Me Now" which was released as a single. With the band performing the song live while opening for American band Linkin Park in South Africa, "Come with Me Now" was considered a fan favorite there though it initially struggled to find an audience in the United States. The band admitted that when "it didn't seem like things were getting along we really lost heart - we were ready to move on to new material".

In early January 2014, the song began receiving airplay in the US, generating major label attention for the band which was eventually signed to Epic Records. It was released to US contemporary hit radio on 15 April 2014.

The song was released in the UK as the lead single off Lunatic on August 17, 2014.

Todays tune "Come With Me Now" taken from " their album Lunatic, "Come with Me Now".

Upcoming Tourdates:

Mar 28 Lollapalooza Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 03 Bud Light Pre-Game Rally Indianapolis, IN
Jun 25 Summerfest w/Kings of Leon w/ Kings of Leon Milwaukee, WI
Jun 28 Taos Solar Music Festival Taos, NM
Jul 25 Center of the Universe Festival Tulsa, OK

More info @

Official Kongos Web

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Friday 27 March 2015

Cancer Bats - True Zero

The Canadian hardcore punkers CANCER BATS have released their fifth studio album "Searching For Zero" a week ago (March 10th).

The band is composed of vocalist Liam Cormier, guitarist Scott Middleton, drummer Mike Peters and bassist Jaye R. Schwarzer. Cancer Bats take a wide variety of influences from heavy metal subgenres and fuse them into hardcore punk and punk rock and include elements of sludge metal and southern rock. Their sound has also been compared to metalcore bands such as CONVERGE and HATEBREED. The members of CANCER BATS have also toured and recorded as a BLACK SABBATH cover band under the name BAT SABBATH.

The album includes today's tune "True Zero", for which the Jim Agapito-directed video can be seen below, a tune that will shake any leg that are freezed to the chair.

The iTunes version of the album will include two exclusive tracks titled "Kill Me Please…" and "Rust and Bone".

Produced by Ross Robinson (AT THE DRIVE-IN, SLIPKNOT, THE CURE, SEPULTURA, GLASSJAW), "Searching For Zero" is simultaneously the most melodic, yet menacing CANCER BATS release. The record incorporates the crude hardcore punk of their 2006 debut, "Birthing The Giant", and more metal leanings of 2008's "Hail Destroyer", while pushing the heavy hybrid sounds of 2010's "Mayors Bears Scraps And Bones" and 2012's darker "Dead Set On Living" to a new plateau. The choruses are hookier, the screams more savage, the riffs more vicious, the songs more powerful. That the album is inspired by their metal idols BLACK SABBATH can be heard in the melodic elements, both musically and vocally.

Current members:

Liam Cormier – lead vocals (2004–present)
Scott Middleton – lead guitar, backing vocals (2004–present)
Mike Peters – drums, percussion (2005–present)
Jaye R. Schwarzer – bass, backing vocals (2007–present)

Todays tune "True Zero" is taken from the latest release "Searching For Zero", enjoy!

Upcoming Tourdates:

Mar 27 Middle East Cambridge, MA
Mar 28 Saint Vitus Bar Brooklyn, NY
Apr 02 Essigfabrik w/ While She Sleeps Cologne, Germany
Apr 03 Melkweg Oude Zaal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 04 Gruenspan w/ While She Sleeps Hamburg, Germany
Apr 05 Sticky Fingers Goteborg, Sweden
Apr 07 Fryshuset Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 08 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr 09 Lido w/ While She Sleeps Berlin, Germany
Apr 11 Proxima w/ While She Sleeps Warsaw, Poland
Apr 12 Lucerna Music Bar w/ While She Sleeps Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 13 Arena w/ While She Sleeps Vienna, Austria
Apr 14 Backstage Halle w/ While She Sleeps Munich, Germany
Apr 15 Komplex Klub w/ While She Sleeps Zürich, Switzerland
Apr 16 Batschkapp w/ While She Sleeps Frankfurt, Germany
Apr 17 Substage w/ While She Sleeps Karlsruhe, Germany
Apr 19 Rockhal w/ While She Sleeps Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Apr 20 Petit Bain Paris, France
Apr 22 Institute w/ While She Sleeps Birmingham, United Kingdom
Apr 23 The Ritz w/ While She Sleeps Manchester, United Kingdom
Apr 24 UEA w/ While She Sleeps Norwich, United Kingdom
Apr 25 O2 Academy Bristol 1 and 2, The Thekla, and The Fleece Bristol, United Kingdom
Apr 28 Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Apr 29 O2 ABC Glasgow Glasgow, United Kingdom
Apr 30 The Forum w/ While She Sleeps London, United Kingdom
May 01 Groezrock Festival Meerhout, Belgium

More info @

Official Cancer Bats Web

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Thursday 26 March 2015

Therapy? - Still Hurts

The alternative metal rockers from Northern Ireland THERAPY? are back with the fourteenth studio album "Disquiet" and the first album to be released on new UK label Amazing Record Co.. Produced by Tom Dalgety (ROYAL BLOOD/BAND OF SKULLS/TURBOWOLF), it was released on 23 March 2015.

Demo sessions for the album began at Blast Studios, Newcastle, England on 18 February 2014. The band laid down 18 tracks and completed pre-production on 28 February 2014. The album proper was recorded from 17 April to 30 April 2014 at Blast Studios. The albums' release was delayed by almost a year due to their record company Blast Records shutting down and the band then signing with fledging Amazing Record Co..

Opening track Still Hurts was debuted live at a gig in Cork on 25 October 2013 and played numerous times over the following months. Insecurity was first played live at the Coastrock Festival in Belgium on 12 April 2014. An acoustic version of Tides was debuted live by Andy Cairns at his gig in Helsinki on 13 February 2014, while an acoustic interpretation of Idiot Cousin was first aired at his Dublin show on 26 March 2014.

The band was formed in 1989 by guitarist–vocalist Andy Cairns from Ballyclare and drummer-vocalist Fyfe Ewing from Larne, Northern Ireland. The band initially recorded their first demo with Cairns filling in on bass guitar. To complete the lineup, the band recruited Larne bassist Michael McKeegan.

With keen pop sensibilities, a skewed sense of humour and a willingness to draw inspiration from diverse sources (notably punk rock), Therapy? came to attention in the early 1990s rise of alternative rock, but have endured for two decades since; critic Johnny Loftus writes:

"after a ten-plus year career that has seen them outlast competitors and outwit industry attempts at categorization... Therapy are still headbangers with their thinking caps screwed on tight."

Following the addition of Neil Cooper on drums, the band has enjoyed a stable lineup since 2004. Therapy? are currently signed to new UK independent label Amazing Record Co.. The band has sold over two million albums worldwide

The band consists of:

Andy Cairns – vocals, guitar, producer
Neil Cooper – drums, producer
Michael McKeegan – bass, vocals, producer
Tom Dalgety - producer, engineer, mixer
Nigel Rolfe - artwork concept/photography

Todays tune "Still Hurts", the first single taken from Therapy?'s brand new album "Disquiet".

More info @

Official Therapy? Web

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Dot Legacy - Kennedy

Today we say hello to four french youngsters in DOT LEGACY! A band that has not really decided which leg they should stand on. Absolutely nothing bad about it, but rather on the contrary, it immediately becomes very interesting, especially if you can deal with all the influences and styles, which these young gentlemen doing splendidly. They have a great attention to the details and arrangements to keep a solid rock base.

These rockers make you jump between Stoner, Noise and even Post-Rock, often using wild or sophisticated subgenres absolved from meaning whatsoever.

DOT LEGACY consists of:

Damien Quintard - Lead Vocals - Bass
Arnaud Merckling- Guitar - Keyboard - Back Vocals
John Defontaine - Guitar - Back Vocals
Félix Hie - Drums - Back Vocals

Yes, you can get this on Vinyl :)

Todays tune "Kennedy" is the first track from the debut album "Dot Legacy". The Videoclip directed by Guillaume L'Hôte and assisted by Philippe Schneider.

Upcoming Tourdates

Mar 27 Coq D'Or Olten, Switzerland
Mar 28 Museumskeller Erfurt, Germany
Apr 04 Le Mars Angoulême, France
Apr 09 Les Docks Le Mans, France
Apr 10 De Onderbroek Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Apr 11 Rockbox Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Apr 15 Rekorder Dortmund, Germany
Apr 16 Tiefgrund Berlin, Germany
Apr 17 Rockpool EV Halle, Germany
Apr 18 PSI Rock Festival Mannheim, Germany
Apr 19 Die Kellerperle Wurzburg, Germany
Apr 21 Mudd Club Strasbourg, France
Apr 22 Backstage Club Munich, Germany
Apr 23 LE BLOGG Lyon, France
Apr 25 Le Poulpe Reigniers, France
Apr 26 INVADER FEST Beach Invaders San Michele Al Tagliamento, Italy

More info @

Official Dot Legacy Web

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Killer Be Killed - Curb Crusher

"Curb Crusher", the new video from KILLER BE KILLED, the band comprised of Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA), Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) and Troy Sanders (MASTODON).

For their live debut, Cavalera, Sanders and Puciato were joined by Juan Montoya (MONSTRO, ex-TORCHE), who also performed on the KILLER BE KILLED debut album, and Ben Koller (CONVERGE, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, MUTOID MAN).

Drummer Dave Elitch (ex-THE MARS VOLTA) played on KILLER BE KILLED's CD but was unable to perform with the band at Soundwave due to scheduling conflicts with his other group, ANTEMASQUE.

Todays tune "Curb Crusher" is taken from the self titled debut record. The video is Directed by Melbourne photographer Neal Walters, the video combines a wealth of behind-the-scenes and live footage captured in Australia, where KILLER BE KILLED made its international début at last month's Soundwave festival and "Sidewave" club shows.

More info @

Official Killer Be Killed Web

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Monday 23 March 2015

Hail Spirit Noir - Demon For A Day

Monday, new week, time to present this week's album.

Record Of The Week is "Oi Magoi", the second album from the Greece Psychedelic Black Occultists HAIL SPIRIT NOIR.

Before I start to dig into the record I have to thank "Christofer" for the tip, else I would have probably miss this band totally. As nowadays we are pretty flooded with new bands that is trying to get some air time to reach the spot in magazines and radio. Not easy to be a new band these days.

"Oi Magoi" is a very interesting album. It blends from all directions, psycho progressive rock mixed with old school black metal topped with avant garde feelings that creates some really trippy melodies and satyric ecstasy, sounds crazy, oh yes it is.

The album vocal is slew of styles, from clean singing to classical black metal moanings, gives the listener a big spectra that is both good and bad, I like the mix as it suits the music well. The music reminds me partly of the finish band CIRCLE where the thinking of creating music is a bit outside the normal box, there are many twists and turns, it's a bit freak out as ZAPPA, no boundaries, no A to B, you know what I mean. The melodies and harmonies have a massive mixture of melodramatic black metal elements and classic psychedelic progressive rock that keep you occupied for hours. The arrangement is perfectly done and the theatrical songwriting is powerful. The band works really well together on the album where the riffs techniques smoothly fills the surroundings with the necessary spices that the songs needs along the keyboards and bass.

To summarise this album:

"Oi Magoi" is a psycho progressive black metal album of trippy melodies, hypnotic passages and satyric ecstasy. It's a record you need, is worth spending some cash on!

The Vinyl version is remastered in FDR (Full Dynamic Range) and printed in noble gatefold edition, with the awesome artwork from Pierre Perichaud (Business for Satan), first version also includes a stunning A2 poster with Hot Goldfoil print on deluxe art paper.

HAIL SPIRIT NOIR was founded in the dawn of 2010 by Haris and Theoharis, also members of the avant-garde/symphonic combo TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? and the prog band REX MUNDI. The band became trio with the addition of Dim(TRANSCENDING BIZARRE?, BLACKDRAWN) some months later. Towards the end of 2011, the band joined forces with Code666/Aural music for a worldwide release of the debut album ‘Pneuma’ in the spring of 2012. The album was warmly received both by listeners and critics and thus the band soldiered on satisfied with their experiment's success. Come 2013, the trio gathered once more to review ideas and begin composing for their sophomore effort. While maintaining the distinct ‘retro yet modern’ style of their debut, they tried to take things even further creating a sound once again all their own. The result was the band’s second album, ‘Oi Magoi’.


Todays tune "Demon For A Day" is taken from "Oi Magoi", enjoy!

More info @

Official Hail Spirit Noir Facebook

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