Thursday 31 January 2013

Candlemass - Black Dwarf

Candlemass was voted the greatest Swedish hard rock/metal band of all time by the writers of Sweden Rock Magazine, Scandinavia's biggest hard rock magazine as well as Sweden's biggest music magazine by circulation. They were featured in a list of the 100 greatest Swedish hard rock/metal bands of all time in a special jubilee edition, to celebrate the magazine's 100th issue. In connection with this, it was also revealed that Candlemass, along with death metal band Entombed (#2 on the list and yesterdays post), were to perform jointly at a special jubilee concert in Stockholm arranged by the magazine.

That you may have guessed what I'm going to say already, considering yesterday's post, I can just say, holy shit. This was a gruesomely good gig with more sweets than expected, that the band playing at home ground change the conditions to give some of the little extra, oh yes so they did, this time it was not only the excellent Mats Levén on vocals but also Tomas Vikström and Johan Längquist, damm this was good. Tomas Vikström still have a tone of voice that few are capable to come up to, when you reach his age, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Even the guest vocals Johan Längquist was great, maybe a little stiff in the start, but he still can deliver, would really like to see more of this man. Then we have Mats Levén, a man who basically made ​​for the band, hits everything like a glove, in a level that he had always been with the band. The rest of the band looked really fit and alert, just see the pictures and you will understand. Summa summarum, a brilliant gig.

Here are bunch of pictures:

Today's tune "Black Dwarf" is taken from the eighth self titled studio album "Candlemass", released in 2005.

This was the first (and only) album to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals since 1989's Tales of Creation.

As a bonus for today i found a Band interview backstage at the 20 Year Anniversary Party in Stockholm. For this very special release, Sweden's Candlemass perform at a recent show filmed in Kolingsborg in their home country, as a celebration of 20 years of the band's doomination of the metal world. This set features guest appearances from members of acts such as Therion & Grand Magus, also including Michael Akerfeldt from Opeth who joins the band onstage for a storming rendition of 'At the Gallows End'; all contributing to a set-list spanning the band's career to date. The show was used as a live unveiling of new member Robert Lowe (from Solitude Aeturnus) - replacement for departing vocalist Messiah Marcolin. Fans flew in from all over Europe, even as far as Australia to catch this momentous occasion for a night of melodic/heavy doom metal.


Setlist from the gig:

Under the Oak
Dark Reflections
At the Gallows End
Psalms for the Dead
Where the Runes Still Speak
A Sorcerer's Pledge
Darkness in Paradise
To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth (Entombed cover)


More info @

Official Candlemass Web

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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Entombed - Chief Rebel Angel

Last Saturday, I made a visit to Debaser to attend the celebration of Sweden Rock Magazine its 100th issue. This evening they unleashed the two bands that voted Sweden's all-time best heavy metal acts "Candlemass" and "Entombed". The magazine number 100 also contains a CD that bands interpret each other.

Can comment briefly that it was two gruesomely good gigs. Both me and Chief Rebel was banging our heads!! Really great to hear live was the interpretations of eash others songs, became a bit magical when both bands were gathered under the same roof. LG was slightly cold, the snot hanging but he drove on like a "Volvo" on stage and gave the impression that nothing can stop me now! Alex Hellids guitar sound was awesome, loud, heavy and powerful. Victor Brandt had the middle position and almost always got stuck on camera. The rest of the band was really tight live so it was a lovely evening indeed.

Here are some pictures from the gig.

Today's tune "Chief Rebel Angel", is taken from the seventh full length album "Morning Star", released in January 2002. This Entombed album marked Entombed returning to their more death metal roots. Half of the "Chief Rebel Angel"'s lyrics are quotes from The Devil's Advocate film :) Todays clip is taken from Swedish Grammys awards when the band performed with the Stockholm Royal Ballet. Enjoy!

More info @

Official Entombed Web

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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Kvelertak - Bruane Brenn

Norway’s Kvelertak have a new single out "Bruane Brenn" taken from the upcoming sophomore album, "Meir", which will be released in March via Sony Music. The album was recorded late summer/early fall at Godcity studios in Salem, Massachusetts with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge). Artwork done by Seldon Hunt.

Kvelertak's previous label, Indie Recordings, which will release "Meir" on vinyl, said in a statement: "We congratulate the boys in KVELERTAK on their signing to Sony Music Scandinavia. It was a natural step for the band to sign to a major label at this point. We are so proud to have been a big part of their journey and helped to build them up to where they're at now! We are looking forward to keep on working with Kvelertak on their vinyl releases in the future!"

"Meir" track listing:

01. Åpenbaring
02. Spring Fra Livet
03. Trepan
04. Bruane Brenn
05. Evig Vandrar
06. Snilepisk
07. Månelyst
08. Nekrokosmos
09. Undertro
10. Tordenbrak
11. Kvelertak

Todays tune "Bruane Brenn" is a catchy motherfucker, a typical song by Kvelertak, with wicked guitar loops, a real punk rock stomper, which continues in the same track as before, which will not do a fan disappointed.

More info @

Official Kvelertak Web

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