Wednesday 31 October 2012

Lizette & - Crush You

Today me and Stones were at a release party, a Video release party!  :D

Our friends Lizette & released a new video taken from their new album "Just Smile"
I just love to meet these people! Lot of laughters and crazyness surround them.

The Video came up from an American fan that wanted something good to his Halloween party.
Its full of Zombies :D  The video was done in partly in an old theater called Södra Teatern and a gig plays nearby named Kägelbanan and partly outside. I just love the humor in it! then on top of all you get the good music to it, It fucking awesome!!

This above is a photo I took this weekend at a gig of em.

Lizette & was earlier this year nominated to "Best Newcommer".

They play a kinda industrial hard rock music, with a fantastic vocalist Lizette Von Panajott, and she is damn good looking too. :D
She is the creator in the band and she really succeeded well on the 2 albums they released. :D

The band:
Lizette vocalist, what can i say that I havent said b4 SHE HAVE IT ALL AND A BIT MORE :D
Alex the drummer he is the funnies man I know, with a big heart, he drums like a pro!!
Ink is the guitar player, plays So damn good!!
Marqz is the second guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist he is a damn good singer and artist!!
Tomas is the bass player, This guy is sooo cool and plays the bass like a god!

Wanna have more info?
Pls look @
Lizette & Offical Homesite
Lizette & Offical Facebook

Ladys and Gents, here is "Crush You" with Lizette &, A perfect Halloween video filled with Blood, Zombies and Skin!

Peace, Thetania

Lizette & will play at Pub Anchor tomorrow! If you are in Stockholm tomorrow, get there and see when the band tip the place over. This will be their last show in Stockholm for a while...

Tickets here:
Age: 18+

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Tuesday 30 October 2012

J-Tex & The Volunteers - Look Up, Look Down

J.Tex is Denmark's strongest interpreter of hillbilly country blues. "J-Tex & The Volunteers" dig very deep in the American musical tradition and create something extremely interesting, not exactly something I'd listen to everyday, but today did this suited quite splendid. A really good band with rhythm and rock steady roots music, high dirty power and huge hillbilly swing all with a twist. These nomads enjoy a nice whisky, coffee, smoke, conversation and Improvising on their instruments while playing home crafted songs.

Singer/Songwriter J.Tex was born in Detroit, Michigan growing up in Denmark. Playing instruments from the age of 6. Playing for a living on the roads of Europe, mainly in Italy and France in the early 90´ties. The inspiration is clearly from the great vide open, “Dustville”America, but don’t get it wrong J.Tex is truly an urban cowboy and at the age of 20 he went back to the States to search for his musical roots. J. Tex started out his journey in Nashville, Tennessee with a guitar in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, he traveled all over the South. After a few months of doing odd jobs, he found himself on a long journey through the back roads of the South. He had a great companion and mentor in the fire-burning carnival painter and artist “the one legged man” John Heiner. This trip was a lifetime experience for J.Tex learning the trade of art, and living the wild life on the road. When traveling long hours up and down interstate highway 75, he always found the time for writing songs when jamming with old-timers, and everyday Americans.

Todays tune "Look Up, Look Down" is taken from his last album "House On The Hill". The video is pretty bare, compared to the original when the whole band is in and play. “House on the Hill” is made of six home crafted songs written by J-Tex, as well as interpretations of Johnny Cash, Steve Earle and “Little feat.” Enjoy!

More info @

Official J-Tex & The Volunteers Web
Official J-Tex & The Volunteers Facebook

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Monday 29 October 2012

Graveyard - Endless Night

Monday again, which means it's time to present this week's album!!

Graveyard, the Swedish demigods of bluesy, psychedelic rock, have just released their new album "Lights Out", which is released on October 29.

With the third album "Lights Out", has the band become slightly softer with a warmer sound. The production sounds wonderfully intelligent and analog, sometimes colored by a piano or vibraphone. I doubt that "Lights Out" has no problem to meet the high expectations and is ready to hit the road.

The four-piece band of vocalist/guitarist Joakim Nilsson, bassist Rikard Edlund, drummer Axel Sjöberg and guitarist Jonathan Ramm showed an utter mastery of their form with the creation of the album.


So today we pick a tune from the album, the first single "Goliath" have we already played so we pick the more straightforward tune "Endless Night"! The tune also have a brand new video. Directed by Artur Wolgers & Dea Saracevic, Check it up!

Grab your copy of Lights Out from the following locations:

Amazon CD:
Nuclear Blast:

Graveyard’s December 2012 tour dates rack up as follows:

1 Dec – Hard Rock Hell, Wales
2 Dec – The Fleece, Bristol
4 Dec – O2 ABC Academy, Glasgow
5 Dec – Ruby Lounge, Manchester
6 Dec – O2 Academy, Islington
7 Dec – The Haunt, Brighton

More info @

Official Graveyard Web
Official Graveyard Facebook

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Sunday 28 October 2012

Miss Li - Här Kommer Natten

Sunday, cold Sunday, freezing outside and it is now clear that autumn is here in earnest and winter just around the corner, now is not long to go before the shovel and long underwear are unpacked again.

This weekend I have been out and fluttered around the country, will return on matter later on. On the bus trip home, I sat with my phone and checked the emails and Facebook, noted that many had written about a particular artist, and the interpretation that had been made of Pugh Rogefeldt's song "Här kommer natten". Even a blog colleague wrote about this, So I got curious and checked it up. The first reaction was a bit of fun, noted that this is the same program as last week's classic came from, ie, a Swedish artist interprets another Swedish artist. The song is performed incredibly beautiful, touching and poignant, can really believe that Pugh is proud and does not surprise me if this will be a hit on a list near you.

Other participants besides Miss Li in this season are Magnus Uggla, Maja Ivarsson, Olle Ljungström, Pugh Rogefeldt, Darin and Sylvia Vrethammar.

Today's tune "Här kommer natten" is written by Pugh Rogefeldt, taken from his debut album "Ja, dä ä dä", released 1969. And its performed by Linda Carlsson (born July 6, 1982), better known by her stage name Miss Li, is a Swedish singer. She was born in Borlänge, but now lives in Stockholm.


Så mycket bättre ("So Much Better") is a Swedish reality television show that airs on TV4. The basic premise is that each artist attempts to do their own version of another artists well-known songs, with each person getting an episode featuring all of their songs being performed by the other musicians. The artists spend eight days together at a hotel in Gotland, where they attempt to put their own stamps on the songs. The first series premiered on 23 October 2010 and featured Lasse Berghagen, Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson, Petter Askergren, Thomas Di Leva, September, Christer Sandelin and Plura Jonsson. A second series premiered on 29 October 2011. The show has since spawned a Norwegian version on TV2 called "Hver gang vi møtes".

More info @

Official Miss Li Web

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Saturday 27 October 2012

Jake Bugg - Lightning Bolt

Jake Bugg, an 18-year-old from Nottingham, UK, a new star in the sky. A guy that of his looks could be a 60's pop star with a sound that comes straight from the late 50's. Fresh, clear and uncluttered with a classic nasal rock 'n' roll voice. He is using the old forms to create his music where the faster tunes are classic 60's rock ’n’ roll, while the slower ones are more folkish towards country.

If you are into this type of music and spending some time with his album makes you want to see him live. He is doing a short tour in November and a longer one in February.

Todays tune "Lightning Bolt" is picked from his self titled début album!

More info @

Official Jake Bugg Web
Official Jake Bugg Facebook

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Friday 26 October 2012

Black Country Communion - Confessor

My favorite band is soon releasing a new album YAY!!

On the 30th of October the new album is out, called "Afterglow".
Im sooo Eager to by it :D

If you like rock in the 70´s THIS is the band you would like.

Joe Bonamassa on Vocals and guitar, one of the best guitarist in the world, has a voice of a god.
Jason Bonham on drums, follow´d his fathers footstep and do it VERY good.
Derek Sherinian on Keyboard, its like Jon Lord on Speed.
Glenn Hughes on Vocals and base, a great base player/singer
What can go wrong?   Nothing!

Just listen and enjoy People!

Click below if u wanna order the new album

Wanna have more info look @

Ladys and Gentleman, Here is Black Country Communion!

Cheers, Thetania

This is just a audio track, but I couldnt w8  haha :D

This is a "Webisode"

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Thursday 25 October 2012

Wisdom - Heaven And Hell

 The first supportband this sunday night was a band called Wisdom.

I havent heard them b4 its a kinda power metal.. but not my choise today is :D
Many of the band's lyrics and all of the album covers center on the story of an old man, a cult figure called Wiseman.
They are from Hungary. Started up in 2001, They released 4 albums, the latest named "Judas".

Current members:
Gabor Nagy - lead vocals
Gabor Kovacs - guitar, backing vocals
Zsolt Galambos - guitar
Mate Molnar - bass guitar Balazs Agota - drums

The tour dates 2013:
2013.03.01. Wroclaw (PL) Hala Orbita
2013.03.02. Warsaw (PL) Sport Hall Kolo
2013.03.03. Cracov (PL) Wisla Hall
2013.03.05. Poznan (PL) MTP 2
2013.03.07. Prague (CZ) KD Vltavska
2013.03.08. Zlin (CZ) MOR Cafe
2013.03.09. Plzen (CZ) KD Serikovka
2013.03.11. Salzburg (AT) Rockhouse
2013.03.12. Ljubljana (SL), Kino Siska
2013.03.13. Zagreb (HR) Tvornica
2013.03.15. Thessaloniki (GR) Principal Club Theater
2013.03.16. Athens (GR) Fuzz Live Club
2013.03.18. Sofia (BG) Hall Universiada
2013.03.19. Bucharest (RO) Juke Box
2013.03.20. Belgrade (SB) Dom Omladine
2013.03.22. Budapest (HU) Petőfi Music Hall
2013.03.23. Pozsony (SK) Majestic Musik Club
2013.03.25. Vilnius (LT) New York
2013.03.26. Riga (LV) Mielena Piektdina
2013.03.27. Talin (ET) Rock Cafe

Wanna know more look @

Dudes and Dudettes, here is Wisdom!

Cheers, Thetania

Photo´s are taken from their homesite.

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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sabaton - Karolinens Bön

 The headline on this sunday night was a swedish band called Sabaton.
They made a record with both English and Swedish lyrics.
The album is about the Swedish superpower years, which traditionally lasted from 1611 to 1719.  It is so called because when Sweden reached the height of its political and military power.

I´ve seen them before and I didnt think they were that good.. But Sabaton have grown up.
Really good! The lightning were pretty cool. The vocal guy Joakim Brodén he is a real down to earth guy with a good portion of kindness in him :D

The show was extremely good, donno how to explain but it was kinda magic :D 
The crowd was totally in euphoria, the sang moved jumped head banged claped their hands etc etc.

Here is a photo i took

Greatest was when he begun to sing a tune and the audience suddenly sang much higher volume than Joakim did, he was stunned :D Goose bums concert.

For more info look @

Ladys and Gents here are Sabaton with a tune from their latest album!

Love, Thetania

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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Eluveitie - Inis Mona

Sunday night 3 bands were at Fryshuset Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden.

One of them were this band.

 Eluveitie is a Swiss 8 man/women band, that to me sounded like a mix of folk/death metal/celtic metal/power metal music... They had all kinda instruments besides the ordinary ones, sutch as harp, flute, fiddle, hurdy gurdy and sackpipe among thingies. Its been said that they have a Gothenburg style of melodic metal. With a growl singer and a lady, dont know if her name was Anna Murphy or Meri Tadic but she sang like Amy Lee from Evanescence.
They recently released their 5th album, below is 2 photos that I took from the gig.

They write about themselfs on the homesite:
While Eluveitie always belonged to the fastly growing European folk metal scene, they always brought some fresh wind into it: Eluveities sound is authentic, traditional Celtic folk music combined in a unique way with modern styled melodic death metal. With their new Album “Everything Remains (as it never was)” they have managed to deepen every aspect of their already inimitable style and maybe more than ever can only be described by their own description “The New Wave Of Folk Metal”.

Wanna know more pls look @

I picked a tune from their 2008 album "Slania"

Ladys and Gents, here are Eluveitie!

Peace, Thetania

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Monday 22 October 2012

Beardfish - Voluntary Slavery

Monday! That means it's time to present this week's album! Today it's the Swedish progressive rock band "Beardfish" and their latest album "Void" that receiving the honor to take place on the Tune Of The Days Record of the Week.

But first some history, Beardfish is a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 2001. Their style resembles progressive rock bands from the 1970s, such as Yes and Genesis. The band was signed by InsideOut Music after releasing two albums independently; they have since released five more albums, so seven in total!

Beardfish is comprised of Rikard Sjoblom (vocals/guitars/keyboards), David Zackrisson (guitars), Magnus Ostgren (drums) and Robert Hansen (bass).

The band is out touring atm, the started Sept. 9 2012, Beardfish will be the support act for all European dates for the band Flying Colors.

This weeks album "Void" As previous releases a unique experience which gives the listener memorable melodies, brilliant playing, often very clever lyrics. Since 2006, the band has released seven albums, more than one each year, pretty good in my eyes! And every album is very good in their own way. The Void is just another excellent album in the band’s ever-expanding catalogue.

I will not be particularly deep about this album, but will leave you to dig down in it. It's is released on Spotify, to hook it up and listen. The Void demands attention. Each song differs from the last, offering focal points of an endless variety to keep you interested throughout. The Void is born in to a line of great albums with fantastic reputations, and fails to break tradition. Beardfish push the boundaries of progressive rock delivering their most hard-edged and ominous record to date. Seven albums deep and keeping the musical dialogue going strong!

Studio albums:

Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se (2003)
The Sane Day (2006)
Sleeping in Traffic: Part One (2007)
Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two (2008)
Destined Solitaire (2009)
Mammoth (2011)
The Void (2012)

Todays tune "Voluntary Slavery" taken from The Void, kicks off with heavy metal guitar playing, thumping bass lines, wailing drum fills and enticing vocal harmonies. Enjoy!

Beardfish plays "Voluntary Slavery" at Crescendo Festival 20/08/2011

More info @

Official Beardfish Web

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