Wednesday 30 November 2011

Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)

Today we offer something completely different when we look back at last week's events when the beat pounds heavily at Arenan, Stockholm. When I was booked in for this and heard the that there would be a band called Skrillex I thought that now it will be a danceband (classic old Swedish), o god, this will be fun! Haha.

With danceband I am thinking about bands like "Vikingarna", "Lasse Stefanz" among others, the name Skrillex reminds actually very much about it.

You know, big shirt collars, color uniformity, sequins and a pasted grin. Songs of love and everything sounds exactly the same. Boring in other words. But here I was deceiving myself completely, Skrillex who is a DJ who creates music, a style known as Dub step. But during the day, I basically learn all about him, people thought I was a bit odd when I was not aware of him and the style, but what the hell, i can not know everything, but i do now :-) What have I learned of this, yes you should not judge the band by name.
That was how I thought it would be like:)

Sonny John Moore age 23, is an American electronic dance music producer who is widely known by his professional name Skrillex. Moore is also a former frontman for the American emo band From First to Last. Now he is one most acclaimed American dance producer and become a style icon with his geeky glasses and a sprawling gothic thatch.

A lip-shaped lighting rig and a table with DJ gear on, that's it!, well, there were also lots of subs that covered the entire stage floor, that's allot for a venue like this. Once they started playing, the bass was the foundation of every song, and hell of a thousand, what a pressure it got. A totally sold-out Arenan were dancing so stuff a floor down was vibrating, had dinner at Klubben which is located slightly below Arenan, where the things was swaying like the lightingtross, including the speakers in the ceiling tossing fresh, almost as if they were falling down. It was quite frightful. Bass pressure created a very interesting squeaking sound that reminded some of a neighbour's "out of tune" bed in action, kept the beat :-)

Regarding the gig, well this is not my cup of coffee, but can say that it was a pretty fun experience.

Photo: Emma Svensson

Flux Pavilion in Action


Thetania in Action

To compensate it up a little musical terms, we take two songs on a board today!

Todays tune "First of the Year (Equinox)" was released as the first single from Skrillex's third EP, More Monsters and Sprites. The exclamations used in the song that say "Call 911 now!" are from a video on YouTube of an irate woman yelling at a crowd of which she presumes to be illegal photographers.

 Todays 2:nd tune "Get Up" is a track written and recorded by Korn that appears on their tenth studio album, The Path of Totality. It was released as the album's lead single on May 6, 2011. Since its release it has sold over 200,000 downloads in the United States. It was debuted live at Coachella with Skrillex. "Get Up!" is Korn's most successful single since 2007's "Evolution".

More info @

Official Korn Web
Official Skrillex Web
Official Skrillex Facebook
Girls That Look Like Skrillex

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

CSS - City Grrrl (ft. Ssion)

CSS recently visited Sweden on their current tour. CSS, I have actually got acquainted with them earlier, can not remember if it was on the Accelerator festival or was it on the Way Out West festival, anyway. The band actually has a Swedish bassist on tour and made a nice impression during the day, when it was time to get up on stage after the Swedish "Du Pacque" warmed up, it was in full gear right away, the singer "Lovefoxxx" stepped up with a big black wig and sparkly arm/hand rhinestones, big pants that after a while were torn off as well as the wig. During the show she lost more clothes and in the end she just stood there in the top and a short pants. Not that the music spoke to me, but the performance was great, live they are very good at.

CSS is a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. CSS formed in September 2003, consisting of a group of friends. The band was labeled as part of the explosion of the New Rave scene. Their songs are in both English and Portuguese. CSS is an abbreviation for Cansei de Ser Sexy, literally "I've grown tired of being sexy" in Portuguese. (Their name was taken from a reported quote by Beyoncé, who allegedly declared that she was "tired of being sexy".)

Todays tune "City Grrrl" is taken from the bands latest and third studio album "La Liberación"

More info @

Official CSS Web
Official CSS MySpace
Official Du Pacque Web

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Monday 28 November 2011

In Flames - Delight And Angers

In Flames who is out on tour made ​​a stop at Hovet, here in Stockholm. With a nice package of rock bands as Trivium, Ghost, Rise To Remain and Insense. I was obvious that i had to witness this. However, I missed the first 3 bands, including Ghost that I encountered in the corridor on the way down. Dastardly, that was actually the band that I wanted to see, but the times I got was wrong. Well you can not get everything.

Once I got there it was time for Trivium to play, it was ok but a bit boring, a band that not quite get me to be interested. But when it was time for the main act to get on, it became much better, In Flames, which always delivers quality music live and did so this time too, I'm not going on for very long, this time without reference to a excellent report that WeRock colleague "Fredrik Sandberg" has written, read it here!, also take time to read the well-written lines of another colleague "Tomasz Swiesciak" who wrote for the magazine Gaffa, read it here!

Some pictures


Piff & Puff

Todays tune "Delight And Angers" is taken from the bands ninth studio album "A Sense of Purpose"

Read previous posts by In Flames here on Tune Of The Day.

In Flames - Where Dead Ships Dwell
In Flames - Deliver Us
In Flames - Alias
In Flames - Alias (live) feat Timo Raisanen
In Flames - Mirrors Truth
In Flames - Mirrors Truth - Okt
In Flames - Artifacts Of Black Rain
In Flames - Take This Life
In Flames - Only For Weak
In Flames - Sonisphere

Setlist from Hovet:

01 Sounds of a Playground Fading
02 Deliver Us
03 All for Me
04 Trigger
05 Alias
06 Colony
07 Swim
08 The Hive
09 The Quiet Place
10 Where the Dead Ships Dwell
11 Fear Is the Weakness
12 Come Clarity
13 Ropes
14 Darker Times
15 Liberation
16 Only for the Weak
17 Delight and Angers
18 Cloud Connected
19 The Mirror's Truth
20 Take This Life

More info @

Official In Flames Web

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Sunday 27 November 2011

Rival Sons - Soul

Last Thursday, there were music all the way. First release party with Hong Faux, which I talked about yesterday, great to hear them play the new songs live. Unfortunately I did not have the time to stay for the entire gig, was so much in a hurry to Strand to witness the Rival Sons Live, which was something I had really been looking forward to.

On the way there with two buddies, Jojje and Petri (Supralunar), we passed the car to lay off the new Hong Faux vinyl and the new t-shirt that was purchased during the release party, vinyl was however a gift from Björn, in the band as a thank you for the photos in the record inlay, funny as hell that they wanted to use them for the record.. Once we got to the car so I noticed a yellow note on car window ... yikes!

Represses the yellow note and gears up for gig instead, once I entered the Strand, Jeff and The Brotherhood's was playing the last song, time to snap a few pictures, but didn't not have the time really to form an idea of how it was. Before Jeff was playing there was a Swedish band called them self as "Flykten" would have been fun to hear live, will try to watch them some other time, the litte Ive heard, it sounds very interesting.

Then it was time for the main act to get on and the curtain was opened, a wonderful feeling runned through the body, this will be so good. Certain it was so, awsome how good the gig became, what a retroactive feeling, holy moses. We know already that the band is great on record, but they are awsome great live, what emotions they could create, its incredible. The singer sings with incredible feeling and his vocal work is magnificent. Even musicians are tight and well played, the contact between each other is clear as a bell, which can be seen when the jam sessions takes place and when they joke with each other. This was simply a awsome gig even though I missed some songs which I would have liked that were on the set list, as "Face of light" which is one of the best track on the Pressure of Time. But received in other hand "Soul", this song is taken from the EP, which was performed in a completely magical way and it felt like I was going to heaven, shit what I shivered. After the gig the band invited up to hang around and drink some beer and talk about this, which we of course did.

Here is some pictures from the show!

More pictures will be added later on the facebook!

Todays tune "Soul" is taken from their selftitled ep.

Rivals Sons - 'Soul' Live At The Bob Bauer Studio Detroit

Rock Your Style Files

More info @

Official Rival Sons Web

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Saturday 26 November 2011

Hong Faux - Blade

Last week I attended a release party at Marie Laveau in Stockholm, Hong Faux and of the long awaited debut full length on vinyl , a very nice meeting, one almost as a buddy meeting. I went there with two good friends and Thetania. Unfortunately this collided a bit with our plans, Thetania worked at Debaser, as you could read about yesterday. And I actually had a ticket to Rival Sons, more about that tomorrow. Too bad, had actually wanted to stay all night, drink a beer or two and talk.

Their gig was really good, but missed the last songs as I had to rush to the other place, What I could hear was excellent, would like to see them soon again. It is a bit sad that the place have no light, it is horrible, really bad for a live band and even worse for a photographer, it is almost impossible to get good pictures, so you have to make do with them few that in fact possible to watch.

Anyway, now I have their album "The Crown That Wears The Head" and can say to that this record swining like hell, What a record, see if I throw up a review on WeRock in the future, depends a little how much time i have, been kinda busy latley.

Hong Faux actually did two release parties for this album, the first went off in Umeå the day before.

For those of you who can’t make it to these shows, the album will be available through our web shop as long as the few copies last. Buy it here!

Here is a some pictures:

Today's song "Blade", is taken from their EP, is not included on the new record, which in turn makes it a little exclusive.

Hong Faux EP by Johan Bergqvist

Found a video from the day before which becomes a little bonus!
Hong Faux live at Scharinska Umeå Sweden playing Bad City Blues

Hong Faux's debut album.
releases 16 November 2011
Written, performed and produced by Hong Faux.
Recorded by Hong Faux and Fredrik Moberg at Bad Boar Studios and Green Room Studios, 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden.
All lyrics by Nik Seren.
Mixed by Sebastian "Bremen" Forslund.
Mastered for vinyl by Magnus Lindberg.
Cover artwork and design by Mathew Bethancourt.
Inner sleeve design by Johan Bergqvist, which also contains pictures from me:)

More info @

Official Hong Faux Web
Official Hong Faux Bandcamp

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