Wednesday 31 August 2016

In Flames - The End

"The End" is near. In fact, so are IN FLAMES, The Swedish metalheads that are back with a brand new track and their twelfth studio album called "Battles", is set for release on 11 November, 2016 through Nuclear Blast, check out the new tune below. However, the band have still not announced the drummer who will feature in the next album. The songs were recorded in Los Angeles with Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson.

Todays tune "The End", the first single taken from the upcoming album "Battles". The Ironic title of the first single as the guitarist Björn Gelotte describes as "a pretty straight forward IN FLAMES tune. With that said, it is made with positive vibes. It is not cut-up-in-arms song. "The End" makes you realize and appreciate the moments!

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Tuesday 30 August 2016

No Man's Valley - Kill The Bees

NO MAN'S VALLEY is a band of brothers strongly forged through their love of music, hailing from Horst, Netherlands and playing a mixture of Psychedelic blues-infused organ wave rock. Where the musical shapeshifter is dark, brooding and melancholic.

Today's tune "Kill The Bees" are taken from the bands debut album "Time Travel"

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Monday 29 August 2016

Salem's Pot - Pronounce This!

Monday, new week, time to scare up the "Monday Thrill", let me present the "Record Of The Week"

The horror-obsessed Swedish doom rockers SALEM'S POT have returned with a brand new album release "Pronounce This!", an album that receive the great trophy "Record Of The Week". SALEM'S POT walks the same path as GHOST, keep the mysterious and never identifies its band members individually, completely anonymous.

"Pronounce This!" is the second release by the mysterious quintet, an album that spawns between the classic 20's movie "Nosferatu" and the twisted "Kiss of the Damned". The music is very hallucinogenic and should be played a dark evening with a few candles and the full moon lightning up the room. You will instantly feel the horror around the corner, the sense of true evil lurking outside the window when the dark hazy tones flows out from the speakers like heavy thick smoke. It's very melodic, doomy and oozy. The Vocals partly reminds of Magnus Pelander (WITCHCRAFT) way of singing, sometimes like Pelle Almqvist (THE HIVES), well more like a mix between them and the music is something like IN SOLITUDE and HAWKWIND with spice of horror. It's a bit weird and wild, amazing in my ears, you can feel that it's bleed classic horror movies in the songwriting. It's boogie blues with free-form psychedelia that touches the classic NWOBHM, catchy melodies that hooks you. Key tracks are the almost 13 minutes long killer tune "Coal Mind", the album opener "Tranny Takes A Trip" a fuzzy and trippy piece and totally odd country track "So Gone, So Dead" and album closer "Desire". "Pronounce This!" is SALEM'S POT breakthrough, nuff said.

Pronounce This! is available on LP, CD and download, released on July 22nd via RidingEasy Records.

Sum: Over 50 minutes of heavy spooky rock n roll to steal your soul.

Today's tune "Tranny Takes A Trip", the album opener, enjoy!

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Sunday 28 August 2016

Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp

Sunday, time for a classic.

I'm a little pimp with my hair gassed back
Pair a khaki pants with my shoe shined black

Got a little lady ... walk the street
Tellin' all the boy that she cain't be beat

(That's the first part of the lyrics of todays tune.)

Today's tune "Willie the Pimp" is a blues rock song from Frank Zappa's 1969 album "Hot Rats". It features an idiosyncratic Captain Beefheart vocal and one of Zappa's classic guitar solos. It is 9 minutes and 16 seconds long on Hot Rats. It is the only track that is not instrumental on the album, though the track features a long guitar solo.

The song has also appeared on Zappa's Fillmore East - June 1971 and You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 4 albums.

The album title Hot Rats comes from a lyric of Willie the Pimp. The origin of the song was explained in a conversation Zappa recorded in 1969. This interview recording was later released as "The Story of Willie the Pimp" on the Zappa album Mystery Disc.

The song was ranked number 75 on the list of "The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time" of Rolling Stone

Hot Rats largely consists of instrumental jazz-influenced compositions with extensive soloing, the music sounds very different from earlier Zappa albums, which featured satirical vocal performances with extensive use of musique concrète and editing. Multi-instrumentalist Ian Underwood is the only member of the Mothers to appear on the album and was the primary musical collaborator. Other featured musicians were Max Bennett and Shuggie Otis on bass, drummers John Guerin, Paul Humphrey and Ron Selico, and electric violinists Don "Sugarcane" Harris and Jean-Luc Ponty.

This was the first Frank Zappa album recorded on 16-track equipment and one of the first albums to use this technology. Machines with 16 individual tracks allow for much more flexibility in multi-tracking and overdubbing than the professional 4- and 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorders that were standard in 1969.

The album was dedicated to Zappa's newborn son, Dweezil Zappa. In February 2009, Dweezil's tribute band to his father's musical legacy, Zappa Plays Zappa, won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for their rendition of "Peaches en Regalia."

Frank Zappa - guitar, octave bass, percussion
Ian Underwood - piano, organus maximus, clarinet, saxophone
Captain Beefheart - vocals
Don "Sugar Cane" Harris - violin
John Guerin - drums
Max Bennet - bass

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Saturday 27 August 2016

Daughter - No Care

From the urban dwellings in central London comes a trio of cosmopolitan citizens harboring some of the finest pop sensabilities heard this side of the millennium.

DAUGHTER is an indie folk band from England. Fronted by North London native Elena Tonra (born 15 January 1990), they were formed in 2010 after the addition of Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France.

With a debut album as beautiful as "If You Leave", which they dropped in 2013, they were destined to be embraced by more than just their closest friends. And yes they were! After touring supporting Ben Howard around Europe and the USA they’ve become one of our dearest darlings whose every step we watch intensely. With their follow-up "Not To Disappear" now in the hands of eager fans we’re more than thrilled to have them on-board the Way Out West line-up, and they did a very nice performance, even if the play time was a bit early.

Today's tune "No Care" is taken from the bands latest release "Not To Disappear", enjoy!

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Friday 26 August 2016

Evergrey - The Paradox of the Flame

The Swedish progressive EVERGREY are back with a brand new single taken "The Paradox of the Flame" from the upcoming album "The Storm Within"

A really beautiful video was made for this touching ballad is called "The Paradox Of The Flame", a tune that is featuring the talented stunning lady Carina Englund. The tune is the second of a series of videos they have shot for “The Storm Within” album. EVERGREY have working very closely with Patric Ullaeus and rEvolver Film Company, their aim was to recreate the eerie and desolate sense they had while writing the songs for this – the 10th Evergrey album.

Ltd. Digipak CD, “The Sounds of Evergrey” on vinyl with special etching and inlay (exclusive boxset content), legion grey flag (110x75cm), survival wrist band with compass and fire starter set, sticker, Certificate of Authenticity,
Boxset comes in a special Evergrey hard case

As they stated "One could say this is our first real attempt at inviting everyone into the cinematic world where we have been in mind and thought throughout this year while writing. We think the imagery speaks for itself. This is just the beginning. The storm is coming".

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Thursday 25 August 2016

Korn - Insane

The Serenity of Suffering is the upcoming twelfth studio album by nu metal band KORN, which is expected to be released on October 21, 2016. According to guitarist Brian Welch, it will be "heavier than anyone's heard us in a long time" and that it will contain their most intense music in a long time vocally as well.

Some cool bundles can be ordred from Korn's website. Like the S.O.S. box an Custom and limited edition music box that plays a special music box version of “Rotting In Vain” upon opening. Includes The Serenity of Suffering CD, 1 ½” voodoo figurine, oversized poster, custom carnival prize mirror, program pamphlet, set of carnival tickets and more!

The artwork contains elements of Korn's fourth album, Issues, and was created by Ron English

Today's tune is the official video for "Insane" off of their upcoming album "The Serenity Of Suffering".

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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Bloody Hammers - Lights Come Alive

The American hard rock duo BLOODY HAMMERS, who hail from the mountains of Transylvania County, NC have released a new album "Lovely Sort of Death" and a few new music videos have been made, like "Bloodletting On the Kiss", "The Reaper Comes" and today's tune "Lights Come Alive". BLOODY HAMMERS consist of Manga, who is the primary producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. BLOODY HAMMERS music straddles a wide range of genres including gothic rock, doom metal and psychedelic rock. The touring band features a revolving lineup with Manga and keyboardist Devallia being the only permanent live members. Devallia also contributes keyboard parts to recordings, is sometimes credited as a co-producer and acts as a songwriting adviser to Manga.

“This album is certainly the darkest album I've ever recorded”, states BLOODY HAMMERS mastermind Anders Manga, who stays on the dark path to the nether world and opens the seven gates with Lovely Sort Of Death. This BLOODY HAMMERS Dark Occult definitely turns out to be heavier and darker than anything the band has done before. The fourth album haunts the listeners with heavy fuzz toned guitar and an extreme catchy atmosphere. This is the perfect soundtrack for your next favorite horror movie or ouija session! Till death do us part!

Today's tune “Lights Come Alive”, featured on their new album, Lovely Sort Of Death.

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before

Grace Jones is Grace Jones, and there´s honestly not even someone to compare her with. Grace Jones is the only Grace Jones ever and there will never be another Grace Jones. There´s no nightclub, no scene, where she´s not The Queen. Sex, music, clothes, borders – the weird rules that enslaves the rest of us means nothing to Grace Jones. She is her own set of rules. And above all, she´s Grace Jones.

Grace Jones was a central hub in the New York party scene that spun out of Studio 54 back in the early 80´s as well as an icon for the gay and queer-movement. Her breaktrough album, outside the world of disco, ”Nightclubbing” was voted album of the year by NME and contained the hit singles ”Demolition man”, ”Libertango” and ”Pull up to the bumper.” She combined further hit albums like ”Living my life” and "Slave to the rythm” with her work as an actress and model. Her fascinating persona and eclectic mix of electronica, funk, jazz, r´n´b and reggae has influenced generations of new artists. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lorde, Grimes and Santigold being among those naming her as a hero.

Little over a week ago did this Queen stand on the Flamingo stage at Way Out West, did she rule, oh yeah! With her band she just took over the raining forest of peoples in "Slottsskogen", every single foot, body was shaken to the rhythms of her classic disco music.

Here is a picture from Way Out West, sorry for the poor quality.

Today's tune "I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)" is a single by Jamaican singer Grace Jones, released in 1981.

The song juxtaposes "Libertango", an Argentine tango classic, written by bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla and first recorded by the composer himself in 1974, against a reggae arrangement and new lyrics penned by Jones herself and Barry Reynolds. Lyrically, it describes the darker side of Parisian nightlife. The song includes spoken parts in French: "Tu cherches quoi ? À rencontrer la mort ? Tu te prends pour qui ? Toi aussi tu détestes la vie..." which translates "What are you looking for? For death? Who do you think you are? You hate life, you too..." Jones also recorded a Spanish language version of the track entitled "Esta cara me es conocida", and an English version with the French passage recited in Portuguese.

Recorded in Nassau, Bahamas, with Sly and Robbie, Wally Badarou, Barry Reynolds, Mikey Chung and Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, aka the Compass Point Allstars under Chris Blackwell's and Alex Sadkin's direction, "I've Seen That Face Before" was released as the second single from Jones' album Nightclubbing, after "Demolition Man" made no chart impact.

The song was featured in key moments of the 1988 thriller movie Frantic, set in Paris, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Harrison Ford. The track however did not make it onto the film's accompanying soundtrack album. It also features in Raw Deal.

"I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)" has been described as "one of the highlights of Nightclubbing" and "one of the highlights of Jones' musical career".

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Monday 22 August 2016

Negură Bunget - Nametenie

In the middle of last week I did a quick trip to Romaina for some work at Bucovina Rock Castle, an old castle where the festival was placed in the wall grave next to ruins of the castle, odd, creepy and very black metal (:

During the evening a few Romainan bands played and one of them caught my attention. The Romania's NEGURĂ BUNGET. A band that fuse folk music from their home country with the grim musical stylings of black metal.

NEGURĂ BUNGET originally formed at the end of 1994 under the name WICCAN REDE, as a duo of NEGRU (Gabriel Mafa) on drums and HUPOGRAMMOS DISCIPLE (Edmond Karban) on guitars, vocals, and keyboards. Both musicians had previously been members of MAKROTHUMIA. WICCAN REDE released one demo, 1995's From Transilvanian Forests, before changing their name to NEGURĂ BUNGET. In a 2004 interview, Negru explained the symbolism of the name:

"NEGURĂ BUNGET is a black fog coming from a deep dark dense forest. The name tries to picture somehow the kind of atmosphere, both musical and spiritual we'd want to create through our music. It has also an esoteric nature, standing for the inexpressible parts of our ideology. The two words are also from the Tracic substrate of the Romanian language (the oldest one, containing about 90 words) as the interest for our local history and spirituality is something of crucial importance and meaning for us as a band".

Today's tune "Nametenie" is taken from the sixth studio album Tău, released on February 27, 2015, by Lupus Lounge, a sublabel of Prophecy Productions.

When it was first announced in 2013, the album was listed as the first part of a planned "Transilvanian Trilogy".

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Sunday 21 August 2016

Metallica - Hardwired

METALLICA is back! One of the most famous, influential and arguably greatest metal band of all time is returning this November with a new album called "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct". It will be released (November 18, 2016) by the group's independent label Blackened Recordings. It will be Metallica's first studio album in eight years since "Death Magnetic" (2008), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in the band's career.

A long-awaited album where the hope is that they find the right sparkle to create something really good, and with their first single release it looks bright, see it below. The upcoming album is 80 minutes long, splitted on a three Vinyls or two discs and was produced by Greg Fidelman along with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. (The deluxe edition includes a third disc with “Lords Of Summer” and a bunch of “riff origins” tracks.)

Today's tune "Hardwired" is the first single from their 10th studio album, a blistering high-speed thrash throwback to their ’80s glory days. The song was released to the radio and for digital download on August 18, 2016. The song was first played live during the encore at US Bank Stadium, August 20th 2016.

“Shit outta luck! Hardwired to self destruct!”

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Saturday 20 August 2016

The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement

When ARCTIC MONKEYS frontman Alex Turner joined forces with his friend, THE RASCALS Miles Kane to form THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS in 2007 they blew the music world away. Epic Ennio Morricone soundtracks met garage rock and sixties baroque pop, with two magnetic frontmen to lead the charge. THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS entered the "Way Out West" stage a week ago, it’s was one of the most vital rock acts playing live this summer.

THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, are an English band consisting of Alex Turner (ARCTIC MONKEYS), Miles Kane (THE RASCALS), James Ford (SIMIAN), and Zach Dawes (MINI MANSIONS). The band released their debut album The Age Of The Understatement in 2008. Following a lengthy hiatus, they returned with their album Everything You've Come To Expect in 2016.

Today's tune "The Age of the Understatement" is the first single released by THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS. It was released on 14 April 2008 in the United Kingdom on Domino Records. The song is the title track from the band's debut album "The Age of the Understatement".

The Video was Directed by director Romain Gavras, their debut video is as big as Mother Russia, following our intrepid heroes' adventures in Moscow and includes ice skating, an Orthodox priest, Soviet tanks and a chorus of Russian Soldiers.

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Back In Business Again

Hey folks, yes we are back in business again, finally (:
I guess you guys have been waiting along time for something to happen here, well I needed the break, reload, you know, the time off have been pretty busy with work and family care, some rest but mostly work, but hey you only live once.

I will start pretty soft, most music that I have encounter during the summer which is not bad at all, some brand new stuff that I feels good in the ears some that I and You have heard many times. It will be pretty mixed pile of music and I hope that you all will enjoy it.

First tune will be posted later on today, stay tuned!