Monday 30 April 2012

4 Skins - Chaos

Time to present day two from the festival (Pretty Shitty Kjell) that we started on yesterday.

Today's band is another Classic one from the punk rock scene. The British 4-Skins, are a working class Oi! punk rock band from the East End of London. Originally composed of Gary Hodges (vocals), 'Hoxton' Tom McCourt (guitar), Steve 'H' Hamer (bass) and Gary Hitchcock (drums), they formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1984 – although new line-ups formed in 2007 and 2008. Many of their songs dealt with violent topics, but the band has claimed they were discussing the realities of inner city life, not promoting violence.

Today's line up consists of
  • Gary Hodges (vocals)
  • Bakes (bass)
  • Big Tom (guitar)
  • Sedge (drums)
Here are some pictures from the show!

Today's tune "Chaos" is taken from the "Oi! The Album", is a 1980 Punk compiltation album, released in 1980 by EMI, then re-released by Captain Oi! and Cleopatra.

Here is a clip were 4 Skins performing Chaos at Pretty Shitty Kjell.

More info @

Official 4 Skins Web

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Sunday 29 April 2012

Cockney Rejects - Fighting in The Street

Sunday again, god how time flies. As I mentioned earlier it has happened a lot so now I'ma bit behind in the reporting of the gigs that has been, so now in the upcoming coming days I will try to catch up a bit. First up is a small festival (Pretty Shitty Kjell) for those short-haired guys that I did a few weeks ago.

A festival which lasted two days here in Stockholm with a variety of classic bands. A festival that each year gets sold out, this was the third year that I was involved in one way or another. A festival that I get the chance to take some photographs. A festival that is actually ape fun to do although I do not have much track of bands that play, but who cares when you have fun :)

Bands that attended at the festival was Cockney Rejects, 4 Skins, Superyob, Guttersnipe, Section 5, Anti-Nowhere League, Frankie "Boy" Flame, Last Resort, Agent Bulldogg.

The Cockney Rejects are an Oi! punk band which formed in the East End of London in 1979.
Their biggest UK hit The Greatest Cockney Rip-Off was a parody of Sham 69's Hersham Boys. As Julie Burchill noted, "It must have been a bloody strong wind that blew the sound of Bow Bells to Surrey." Other songs were less commercial as they tended to be about street fighting and football hooliganism - except for the band's version of the famous West Ham United anthem, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles". In May 2010 they realized a lifetime’s dream and played ‘Bubbles’ to 25000 people at West Ham’s ground in support of their friend Kevin Mitchell on his world title challenge to Michael Katsidis.

The boys are currently writing new material for their forthcoming 10th studio album, as well as working on the forthcoming documentary about the band, ‘East End Babylon’ which is due for release in 2012.

Here are some pictures from the first day, more photos will be published on Tune Of The Days Facebook.

Todays tune "Fighting in The Street" is taken from the first album "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" released in 1980

 Fighting in The Street - Live from Stockholm 6.4.2012
More info @

Official Cockney Rejects Web

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Saturday 28 April 2012

In Flames - Trigger

In Flames is comming to Stockholm and doing a gig in a small club Iiiiihhhaaaa!
At Debaser Slussen, its a very small place, with fantastic sound and a closeness to the artists that u can dream about :D  Thats goona be soo awesome! And I have tickets :D

Im really exited to go there and really enjoy their gig without working !

Some of the latest news about In Flames:

*In Flames is comming to MetalTown in Gotheburg, Sweden to do an exclusive gig!
 *In Flames says;  "We are pleased to be nominated in the "best album" category by Metal hammer germany for our latest album "Sounds of a playground fading"
You can vote for us in the best album category over at We are pleased to be nominated in the "best album" category by Metal hammer germany for our latest album "Sounds of a playground fading"  You can vote for us in the best album category over at"

 * Tour dates:
29 April  Oulu-Teatria - Finland
30 April Jyväskylä-Lutakko - Finland
2 May Stockholm-Debaser Slussen - Sweden
1 June-3 June Ursynalia-Warsaw Student Festival - Polen
15 June Metaltown - Gothenburg Sweden
15-17 June Greenfield festival - Interlaken - Switzerland
4-7 July Istanbul Open Air Festival - Itsanbul - Turkey
2-4 August Wacken Open Air - Wacken - Germany

For u who dont know ure In Flames:
In Flames, along with Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates, pioneered what is now known as melodic death metal. The founding members of all three bands all lived in Gothenburg, Sweden and they were all friends who shared the same musical interests. Eventually, that group of friends branched off into three bands with the same musical direction, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and At the Gates.

Im going to play an oldie for u all,
Ladys and Gents This is IN FLAMES!!

Peace, Thetania

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Friday 27 April 2012

Walk Off The Earth - Somebody That I Used to Know

I found a band today that I like, their voices are really something. 
So I wanted to share it with u.

The band looks like this:
Marshall - Guitar/Harmonica/Trumpet/Bass/Vocals
Gianni Luminati - Bass/Drums/Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals
Taylor - Keys, Vocals
Joel Cassady - Drums/Percussion/Samples
Sarah Blackwood - Ukelele / Guitar / Vocals / Percussion
They come from Ontario, Canada.

This is what they say about ´em selfs:
Walk Off The Earth is an unconventional, multi-talented five-piece musical phenomena that is currently taking the world by storm. Based in Burlington, Ontario (just outside of Toronto), their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" recently exploded on Youtube garnering well over 35 million views in under 2 weeks. The massive fan response quickly drew attention to their collection of innovative songs and videos spanning their last 5 years and generated an unprecedented flood of media interest. 

New fans from around the world immediately fell in love with the band's organic, independent, sincere and honest original songwriting, cover interpretations and beautifully filmed videos. For the past 5 years, the band has built a massive following of dedicated fans from around the world through their unique and heartwarming approach to songwriting, filming and constant, open interaction with everyone their music touches.

The tune is a cover from Gotye...But something tells me that I heard The Police doing something like this...havent they?

More info bout them @

Dudes and Dudettes this is Walk Off The Earth! 

Cheers, Thetania

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Thursday 26 April 2012

Storm Corrosion - Drag Ropes

Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt‘s collaboration with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)have done a record that will be released on the 7th of May.

The long awaited collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) is finally being completed. The project goes under the name of "Storm Corrosion" and will have a self-titled record. This album could be seen as the final part in the odd trilogy of records completed by “Heritage” and Steven Wilson‘s brand new solo album “Grace for Drowning“

 Wilson said of the project:
“Because I think we both had this idea of this kind of music that we knew we couldn’t get our bands to play, but that we both kind of understood where we were coming from. ‘Cause we have this kind of passion: very experimental, obscure records, almost orchestral in their scope. And we wanted to make a record like that for a long time. It’s a long way from metal and it’s a long way from anything that, I think, Mikael has ever done, including [Opeth’s] Damnation record. I think a lot of people thought, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be like Damnation.’ It’s not; it’s a long way from that, too. And it’s actually a long way from anything I’ve done…The one thing we didn’t wanna do is get together and do a prog-metal supergroup, which would have been so easy to do — and kind of expected, in a way. And, you know, we might do that anyway one day. But this time around, we thought, ‘Let’s just do this record.’ Some people will love it and some people will not, and that’s OK, because, in a way, I don’t think we wanted to just give what was expected, and we’re certainly not doing that".

This tune goes (in my mind) in the same genre as Opeth last album.
 Its a quite dark video to it...Strong but thoughtful.

More info @ Homesite.

I will not write that much today as I worked 18 hrs yesterday...
with Judas Priest and Hammerfall, we will write about that gig another day.

Enjoy Folks!

Love, Thetania


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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Turbowolf - Bag O' Bones

Turbowolf is a rock band founded in Bristol, UK whose members include Chris Georgiadis (Vocals / Synth), Andy Ghosh (Guitar), Joe Baker (Bass) & Blake Davies (Drums). They released their debut album (titled Turbowolf) on 11/11/11 on Hassle Records. The media have so far struggled to categorise the band's music, partly due to their diverse influences. However, their sound contains elements of rock & roll, psychedelia, punk and electronica.

Todays tune "Bag O’ Bones" is the fourth single taken from the self-titled debut album, released 11/11/11 on Hassle Records. And yes, it’s definitely as weird as the rest of their videos but it has an incredible swing in it.

The release is on both CD and Vinyl.

More info @

Official Turbowolf Facebook

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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pleymo - Adrenaline

Has been a bit absent from the blog, as you probably have noticed. The blog has been guided by Thetania recently, think she has done really well ... really a mixed bag. There has been much that has happened, a really action-packed month, not quite as I had imagined but it is as it is!

There are still many things to be done before the end of the month, two reviews in the pipeline for WeRock that I have not even had time to begin with, how the hell should I get time to do everything? Anyway, today I slipped into some French music and a band that swings pretty good, I'm talking about a fairly unknown band on Swedish soil.

Pleymo is a French nu metal and rapcore band. The band's name apparently originates from the lead singer once having a haircut as a child that was similar to that of Playmobil figures. Their influences range from Rage Against The Machine to bands like Korn and Primus. Epic (a branch of Sony) offered the band a record deal in 2000. In 2002 they released "Episode II: Medecine Cake", produced by Fabrice Leyni. Sales of Pleymo's second album topped the 50,000 mark, establishing the band as a major new French band. In August 2002, Pleymo went on to perform at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and also in Osaka, sharing the stage with major international stars such as The Offspring and No Doubt. In 2007, they announced that they're going on hiatus and they still are off the radar. Mark confirmed that in a concert. Mark is going to Los Angeles, where he's going to film a movie. Franck will go to the EUA to promote his brand Kill. Benoît is going to play in a new group called Empyr, that have members from Watcha, Vegastar and the ancient singer of Kyo. Fred also is going to play in a new group called Hewitt. Davy will continue in the group Enhancer and Lula Fortune And Eric hasn't announced any project.

Todays tune "Adrenaline" is taken from the album Alphabet Prison, that was released is a 2006.

Members Mark Maggiori (Kemar): Vocals, Blue. Erik Devilloutreys (Riko): Guitar, Green. Davy Portela (Vost): Guitar, Yellow. Benoit Juillard (B1): Bass, Red. Fred Ceraudo (Burns): Drums, White. Frank Bailleul (Kefran): DJ, Black. More info @

Official Pleymo Web

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Monday 23 April 2012

Huey Lewis and The News - The Power of Love

We missed the nostalic trip we usually have on sundays..Im sorry about that.

So tonight, Ive been listening on some 80´s thingies..
Huey Lewis And The News was really 80´s wasent it?!

The film..Back To The Future I loved it, didnt u?

What happen to him..Huey?

Well he coninued to play with his band..and had some releases.
In 1984, Ray Parker Jr. was signed by the producers of Ghostbusters to develop the film's title song. Later that year, Huey Lewis and the News sued Parker, citing the similarities between the "Ghostbusters" song and their earlier hit "I Want a New Drug". According to Huey Lewis and the News, this was especially damaging to them since "Ghostbusters" was so popular, rising to number one on the charts for three weeks. Parker and Lewis later settled out of court. Huey Lewis has stated that his experiences with the producers of Ghostbusters may have been indirectly responsible for getting his band involved with the movie Back to the Future.

Ye ye...ok so thats was back in the 80´s but wot then?

On July 24, 2001, the band released their highly anticipated Plan B album, which contains many all-original songs that the band really enjoys playing. The first single from the album was "Let Her Go and Start Over." It was followed by a duet with Wynonna Judd titled "I'm Not In Love Yet."

Also in 2001, the VH1 musician biography TV Show "Behind the Music" aired an episode about Huey Lewis and the News. Many regulars of this website contributed information or memorabilia for the show.

While most of the founding members of the band are an active part of Huey Lewis and the News (Mario left the band in 1994, Chris left in 2001), they are also always adding their talents to side projects. Many of these are appearances on other musicians' albums.

After that they continued and here are their tour plan:

Huey Lewis and the News, 2012 Tour

Fri 18 May Fort Wayne, Indiana Foellinger Theater Huey and the News
Sun 20 May Prior Lake, Minnesota Mystic Lake Casino
Tue 22 May Milwaukee, Wisconsin Potawatomi Casino
Wed 23 May Milwaukee, Wisconsin Potawatomi Casino
Fri 24 Aug Henderson, Nevada Green Valley Ranch
Sun 26 Aug Salt Lake City, Utah Red Butte Garden
Mon 27 Aug Ivins, Utah Tuacahn Amphitheater
Wed 29 Aug Friant, California Table Mountain Casino Fri 31 Aug Saratoga, California Mountain Winery
Tue 11 Sep Bend, Oregon Les Schwab Amphitheater

Huey Lewis and the News / Joe Cocker
Fri 13 Jul Valley Center, California HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sat 14 Jul Laughlin, Nevada Harrah’s Laughlin – Rio Vista HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sun 15 Jul Tucson, Arizona Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre HLN/ Joe Cocker
Tue 17 Jul Albuquerque, New Mexico Sandia Casino HLN/ Joe Cocker
Thur 19 Jul Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Zoo Amphitheatre HLN/ Joe Cocker
Fri 20 Jul Dallas, Texas Meyerson Symphony Center HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sat 2 Jul Woodlands, Texa Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sun 22 Jul Austin, Texas The Backyard HLN/ Joe Cocker
Wed 25 Jul Atlanta, Georgia Chastain Park Amphitheatre HLN/ Joe Cocker
Fri 27 Jul Big Flatts, New York Tags Summerstage HLN/ Joe Cocker
Wed 01 Aug Boston, Massachusetts Bank of America Pavilion HLN/ Joe Cocker
Mon 06 Aug Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Musikfest HLN/ Joe Cocker
Fri 10 Aug
Wed 15 Aug Los Angeles, California Greek Theater HLN/ Joe Cocker
Fri 17 Aug Lake Tahoe, Nevada Harveys Outdoor Arena HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sat 18 Aug Concord, California Sleep Train Pavilion HLN/ Joe Cocker
Sun 19 Aug Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara Bowl HLN/ Joe Cocker

More Info @

Folks, Here are Huey Lewis and The News!

Cheers, Thetania


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