Monday 31 May 2010

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Stooges (also known as Iggy and The Stooges) is an American rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan first active from 1967 to 1974, and later reformed in 2003.

The self-titled debut album "The Stooges". It was released in August 1969 and peaked at number 106 on the Billboard album charts. Two songs, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "1969", were released as singles.

Todays tune "I Wanna Be Your Dog" is one of those singles. Its memorable riff, based on the classic three chords (G, F# and E) and it's played continuously throughout the song. Enjoy!

This video shot is taken more recently.

Here is a nice clip from 1979

The song has been covered by many artists, including Slayer, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, Slayer, Green Day, Stereophonics and many others.

The Stooges were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2010.
The Stooges will also take part of Sonisphere festival and Way Out West this summer.

More info @ Iggy & The Stooges Official Website

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Sunday 30 May 2010

Soulfly - Rise Of The Fallen

Soulfly is an American metal band formed in 1997. Soulfly is led by former Sepultura guitarist and frontman Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left the Brazilian group in 1996. The band has released six studio albums, one tour EP, several singles, and one DVD video. Their seventh album Omen was released on May 25, 2010. The new album also feature guest appearances by Tommy Victor of Prong and Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

So how is the new record "Omen" any good? Absolutely this is a real ass-kicking, punk thrash, fist-pumping metal album. They have really got back to the roots. So "Omen" is a must have record if you are into good metal.

Todays tune "Rise of the Fallen" (Featuring Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan)" is the first single from "Omen" with Soulfly, and this is for all mothers around this globe, you need a kickass tune! Enjoy!

More info @ Official Soulfly Website or @ MySpace

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Saturday 29 May 2010

Wolf - Speed On

Wolf is a heavy metal band from Örebro, Sweden. Formed in 1995, and has since then released five albums and has toured with Saxon, Tankard and more recently with Trivium.

The latest and the 5th album "Ravenous" is an excellent collection of songs rooted deeply in classic Heavy Metal. It's easy to hear that these guys really enjoy what they are doing as the tunes are delivered with an contagious energy. "Ravenous" is highly recommended to any Heavy Metal fans!

Todays tune is the foot-tapping “Speed On” taken from "Ravenous" Enjoy.

More info @ Official Wolf Website or at MySpace

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Friday 28 May 2010

Masterplan - Far From The End Of The World

This week started pretty good, salary week :) that also means that the compulsory trip to the recordstore. So this week ended up with a nice bunch of records. Finally got the High On Fire's latest record on vinyl, took some time, but the man who waits for something good always waits to damn long :) Rest of the records was Masterplan - Time To Be King, Imperial State Electric - S/T, Keep Of The Kalessin - Reptilian, Howl - Full Of Hell and Triclops - Out Of Africa so this weekend is safe regarding to music. I could really need a sponsorship of music.

Anyway, time to see what we can offer today regarding of todays tune, well why not pick one from the pile and check it out.

Masterplan is a multinational power metal band founded by Drummer Uli Kusch and Guitarist Roland Grapow upon leaving Helloween. Time To Be King is the fourth studio album by Masterplan. This album marks the return of the band's original singer Jørn Lande. He left the band in 2006, citing musical differences as the reason. It was released on May 21, 2010.

Todays line up:
Jørn Lande - lead vocals (2001–2006, 2009–present )
Roland Grapow - guitars (2001–present)
Jan S. Eckert - bass, backing vocals (2003–present)
Axel Mackenrott - keyboards (2003–present)
Mike Terrana - drums (2006–present)

Todays tune "Far From The End Of The World" is the EP that was released just before the main album. The tune is included on the new record. To bad that no real video is made yet so you have to bear with this or use the Spotify link below. There is a review on WeRock if you would like to see what they have to say about the record here (In Swedish).

More info @ Official Masterplan Website or Masterplan @ MySpace
Masterplan review at WeRock

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Thursday 27 May 2010

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

This is mine and Stones biggest and largest favorite group.
Led Zeppelin...This tune has a large portion of energy and emotions in it.

The video is from 1969
I was born and young, rock hasent really got to me yet.
Led just become stars, they formed the year b4.
The album "Led Zeppelin" was released on the same year, and this tune is #2
They almost always only had 4 or 5 tunes on one side, long and groovy tunes :)
This tune on the vinyl is about 6:41, thats what I call a song!!!

Page said that the album took about 36 hours of studio time to create (including mixing), and stated that he knows this because of the amount charged on the studio bill. Peter Grant claimed the album cost £1,750 to produce (including artwork).
By 1975, the album had grossed $7,000,000. Led Zeppelin met an interesting protest when Countess Eva von Zeppelin (granddaughter of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the creator of the Zeppelin airships) objected to the band's use of her family name and attempted to stop a March 1969 television appearance in Copenhagen. When the band returned to Copenhagen for a concert in February 1970, they were billed as "The Nobs" as the result of a threat of legal action from von Zeppelin.
She is reported to have said: "They may be world famous, but a couple of shrieking monkeys are not going to use a privileged family name without permission."

Put it on, loud volume and Close your eyes...

Peace, Thetania

Here is a video from the reunion Stairway To Heaven 2007.

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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Slipknot - Sulfur

Paul Gray left his earth life,
Slipknot had a press conference and they said that Paul was the essence of the band and we would like to have him remembered that way.
He was there from the beginning.. Paul loved the fans, He was the guy in the band that really wanted that everybody should get along (in the band).
He was a great friend and a great person, he´d gonna be sadly missed and the world is going to be a diffrent place without him said Shawn Crahan

Sid said with a sadness and almost a crying voice that his life change the moment when he meet Paul.

Seemed that paul was a great guy,
if u didnt have anywere to sleep u could come to him
said one in the band. His wife was there as well.
This press conference was very touching, my tears came...

Gray was born in Los Angeles, California 1972 left his body 24 of May 2010.

We miss u and have a good life where ever u are Paul!

Peace, Thetania

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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Imperial State Electric - Deja Vu

Imperial State Electric is Nicke Andersson's (Hellacopters) new solo project, its a straight forward rock and the new album will see the light on friday. I like most of the stuff that Nicke is doing and I like this aswell, looking forward to listen to the new album. Yesterday did Imperial State Electric had their release party at Debaser Slussen here in Stockholm to perform the new album, I was their for the soundcheck only and that sounded awesome, so I belive that the evening was great.

Enjoy todays tune and check up their MySpace as Imperial State Electric is streaming a bunch of new songs.

More info @ MySpace

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Monday 24 May 2010

Saint Vitus - Ice Monkey

Saint Vitus are a highly influential American doom metal band from Los Angeles. They have been regarded as one of the first bands of the genre, starting out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram and Trouble. For most of their career, the band comprised vocalist Scott Weinrich, bassist Mark Adams, guitarist Dave Chandler and drummer Armando Acosta. After breaking up in 1996, Saint Vitus briefly reunited for a tour in 2003, and are back together again as of 2008.

Todays tune "Ice Monkey" is from the bands fifth album "V", which was released in 1989. This album was the last studio album to feature singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich. Wino's final appearance is on Live (1990).


More info @ Official Saint Vitus Myspace

No Spotify link on this one :(
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Sunday 23 May 2010

Hole - Skinny Little Bitch

Hole is an American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1989 and initially disbanded in 2002. The band is fronted by vocalist–rhythm guitarist Courtney Love, who co-founded Hole with former songwriter–lead guitarist Eric Erlandson. Hole achieved considerable commercial success throughout the 1990s. Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain from Nirvana but that could hardly anybody missed.

Nobody's Daughter is the fourth studio album by Hole, released worldwide on 27 April 2010. It is the first album to be released by Hole in twelve years, since 1998's Celebrity Skin. And todays tune is the first single "Skinny Little Bitch" Enjoy!

More info at Official Hole Website

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Saturday 22 May 2010

Clutch - Burning Beard

Clutch is quite a good musical gang!
last time I saw em were at "Klubben" in Stockholm.
Relaxed and down to earth kinda guys.

They come from Maryland, US and was formed in 1990.

Clutch combined elements of funk, Led Zeppelin, and metal with vocals inspired by Faith No More. Formed in 1991 in Germantown, MD, the group included Neil Fallon (vocals), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass), and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums)

This is a tune from their 7th album "Robot Hive/Exodus"
This was also the first lineup change since the early '90s,
the addition of organist Mick Schauer.

Enjoy Folks,

Love Thetania

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Friday 21 May 2010

Accept - Fast As A Shark

Accept visit Sweden for a club gig at Debaser Slussen yesterday.

It was a great evening, bumped into some nice friends like Biffen, Roger Nibeland, Tord Karlsson among few others for a beer and some great sunlight and a Accept Show. This was a real musical evening as many of the visitors was musicians or technicians, guys like Mikael Åkerfeldt & Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth, JB, Fox & Seb from Grand Magus & Pontus Norgren from Hammerfall was there so i guess these guys had grown up with Accept.

So what about the gig, well my expirations was not high at all, was more looking for chill evening with the guys, you know, take a beer and some chit chat. But hell, this was a blast. Mark Tornillo, this little guy has some voice resources and yes there is only one UDO, but Mark is doing a great job singing the classic tunes and he brings his own unique style to it. Even the new tunes sounds cool. The rest of the guys seams to have allot of fun and its nice to see that Stefan is in a great shape and doing a hell of a job behind his drums, Peter is rocking like never before and Wolf is kidding around as always. The only thing i notice that Herman is not given much space but i guess he is pleased with that position in the band. The gig in total was superb, the setlist was fat and contained 26 songs, so they rocked for approx 2½ hrs, see the setlist below. It's so nice to see that the band is back again and i wish the all the luck on the rest of the tour, if lucky we might be able to see them open up for AC/DC this summer.

Many stories was told this evening, witch i enjoyed alot. My friend Roger who has been the tech for Stefan Schwarzmann in the early days had a nice meet with him, got a real hugging party. After the show it was a meet and greet with the band so i took my chance to say hey to the guys.

Got some photos but haven't got time to process them yet, so some other time.

Todays tune "Fast as a Shark" is taken from Accepts setlist last night. This is Accepts fastest tune its very speedy and thrashy metal. The intro to the track is a snippet from a crackly old children's recording of a traditional German tune titled "Ein Heller und ein Batzen" (A Farthing and a Penny). The band thought it would make a humorous contrast with their heavy metal sound, and the fact that a young Dieter Dierks (in whose studio the album was recorded) was singing on the recording made it even more of an inside joke. The band soon found themselves in an unintended controversy, however: even though the song dated from 1830, it was a popular marching song during the Nazi era and still held that connotation for many listeners, a fact the band was unaware of at the time. "So out of a funny little idea we created somewhat of a monster," Wolf Hoffmann recalls. Enjoy!

Here is a great early version of this tune.

Here is a video from Gramercy Theatre NYC - May 08 2010


Metal Heart
Midnight Mover
Living For Tonite
Restless And Wild
Son Of A Bitch
Losers And Winners
London Leatherboys
The Abyss
Run If You Can
Teutonic Terror
Neon Nights
Classical Medley
Flash Rockin' Man
Up to Limit
Demon's Night
Turn Me On

Bass Solo


Princess Of The Dawn
I'm A Rebel

Encore 2:
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall

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Thursday 20 May 2010

Accept - Teutonic Terror

Blood of the Nations is the title of the upcoming Accept's twelfth studio album, that will be released on September 14, 2010. It will be the band's first studio recording in 14 years (since 1996's Predator) and the first album to feature Mark Tornillo and Stefan Schwarzmann. It will be the first album without Udo Dirkschneider on vocals since Eat the Heat in 1989. This is also the first album to feature guitarist Herman Frank in 26 years.

This evening these guys will perform at Debaser/Slussen here in Stockholm and guess were im going to be :). Have been google a little bit to see what the guys is going to perform and all i can say it will be a really fat set list.

Current Line-up
Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
Peter Baltes: Bass
Herman Frank: Guitar
Mark Tornillo: Vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums

Todays tune "Teutonic Terror", is the new video from reformed heavy metal legends. And this is the most metal video i have seen with these guys so enjoy this!

The "story or theme" behind the video, the director said, "We had all of these cool ideas for stories about a post-apocalyptic world, hot girls in 'Mad Max' gear and cool visuals and the more we worked it the more we kept coming back to the basics... this is ACCEPT, not MÖTLEY CRÜE, there are people all over the world that have waited years to see this band again, and every second that we cut away to some story that is really just filler anyway, we are missing what is really important. People want to see Wolf Hoffmann shredding his flying V, they want to see new singer Mark Tornillo singing a new ACCEPT song, and they want to see the band ripping into the new track. So I said, 'Screw the story, get me some fire, get me some tanks and let's rock it.'"

More info @ Official Accept Website
Tickets @ Debaser's Website

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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Sonic Syndicate - Revolution Baby

A new Video from one of my Favorite bands!
I simply had to have it here :)

It came out yesterday but,
Ronnie James Dio (RIP) left his body so
we desided that Ronnie would get that day.

I really like this video, nice effects of slowmotions and Nathan have grown into this gang a lot since I saw them last time.

He is a good complement to the Richard
singing that I really like.

Karin is as cool as ever,

Roger is a great writer.

Robin is awesome.

I bow for the drummer John,

The energy they have on every gig is amazing.
I wouldnt last 10 with that kinda jumping..haha

They just been on tour in Russia and Japan this is a shoot from Japan

This tune is on their 4th album
the earlier is:
Eden Fire released 2005
Only Inhuman, 2007
Love and Other Disasters, 2008
and the last one We Rule the Night in 2010

Tour dates are as following:

Okey lets enjoy this video, Revolution Baby...

Shake yer bodi!

Cheers, Thetania

Wanna know more go to:

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Monday 17 May 2010

Dio - The Last In Line

Ronnie James Dio sadly passed away yesterday, the little man with the biggest rock vocals of all time has left the earth. It's with enormous sadness i write these lines and its very hard to explain how i feel. The man who open my door to Rock was Ronnie James Dio, now he is gone :( but he left a huge musical treasure behind.

"Message from Wendy Dio

Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever.

- Wendy Dio"

Todays tune "The Last in Line" is taken from the second studio album "The Last in Line", this is for you Ronnie.

A beautiful letter from Lars of Metallica

A Letter To Ronnie

Dear Ronnie,
I just got off stage in Zagreb. I was met with the news that you've passed on. I'm kind of in shock, but I wanted you to know that you were one of the main reasons I made it onto that stage to begin with. When I first saw you in Elf, opening for Deep Purple in 1975, I was completely blown away by the power in your voice, your presence on stage, your confidence, and the ease with which you seemed to connect to 6000 Danish people and one starry-eyed 11 year old, most of whom were not familiar with Elf's music. The following year, I was so psyched when I heard the results of you joining forces with my favorite guitar player. You guys sounded so right for each other and I instantly became Rainbow's #1 fan in Denmark. In the fall of 1976, when you played your first show in Copenhagen, I was literally in the front row and the couple of times we made eye contact you made me feel like the most important person in the world. The news that you guys were staying in town on your day off somehow embedded itself in my brain and I made the pilgrimage to the Plaza Hotel to see if I could somehow grab a picture, an autograph, a moment, anything. A few hours later you came out and were so kind and caring... pictures, autographs and a couple minutes of casual banter. I was on top of the world, inspired and ready for anything. Rainbow came to Copenhagen a couple more times over the next few years and each time you guys blew my mind, and for a good three years were my absolute favorite band on this planet. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to run into you a half dozen times or so and each time you were as kind, caring and gracious as you were in 1976 outside the hotel. When we finally got a chance to play together in Austria in 2007, even though I may not have let on, I was literally transformed back to that little snot nosed kid who you met and inspired 31 years earlier and it was such a fucking honor and a dream come true to share a stage with you and the rest of the legends in Heaven and Hell. A couple of weeks ago when I heard that you were not going to be able to make it to the Sonisphere shows that we would be sharing this June, I wanted to call you and let you know that I was thinking of you and wish you well, but I kind of pussied out, thinking the last thing you needed in your recovery was feeling obligated to take a phone call from a Danish drummer/fan boy. I wish I'd made that call. We will miss you immensely on the dates, and we will be thinking of you with great admiration and affection during that run. It seemed so right to have you out on tour with the so-called “Big Four” since you obviously were one of the main reasons that the four bands even exist. Your ears will definitely be burning during those two weeks because all of us will be talking, reminiscing and sharing stories about how knowing you has made our lives that much better.

Ronnie, your voice impacted and empowered me, your music inspired and influenced me, and your kindness touched and moved me. Thank you.

Much love,



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You will not be forgotten broder, R.I.P. Ronnie.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Whitesnake - Love Ain't No Stranger

How about an oldie?

Whitesnake are an English rock band, founded in 1977 by David Coverdale.
And he is a male godess in world of singing :)

At this time, the band was made up of David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Neil Murray and drummer David "Duck" Dowle with keyboardist Brian Johnston. Johnston would soon be replaced by Procol Harum organ player and keyboardist Pete Solley. Because of Solley's producing commitments he was replaced by the former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord, during sessions for the first LP.

Early releases and commercial success (1978–1983)
In the mid 1980s Whitesnake had moved away from the early blues influenced hard rock to a more commercial heavy metal style.

In December 2002 Coverdale reformed Whitesnake for Whitesnake's 25 year anniversary. Joining Coverdale for the 2003 tour were guitarists Doug Aldrich of Dio and Reb Beach of Winger, bass player Marco Mendoza, drummer Tommy Aldridge and keyboard player Timothy Drury. During 2003 they headlined the Rock Never Stops Tour with other popular rock bands.

In 2009 Whitesnake was playing a show at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado when front man David Coverdale suffered a vocal injury. After seeing a specialist, it was announced on August 12, 2009 that Coverdale is suffering from severe vocal fold edema and a left vocal fold vascular lesion. The remainder of their tour with Judas Priest has been cancelled.

2010, David Coverdale has announced his voice seems to have fully recovered from the trauma, that sidelined him and the band on the Priest tour. He states he's been recording new demos, aiming for a new Whitesnake album, and on tape his voice is sounding full and strong.

Current members are David Coverdale on lead vocals
Doug Aldrich on guitars
Reb Beach on guitars
Uriah Duffy on bass
Timothy Drury on keyboards
and Chris Frazier on drums.

Here we have a tune from their album "Slide it in" and this song is written by
Coverdale and Mel Galley.

Enjoy Folks!


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Saturday 15 May 2010

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

This Lady sings like a Godess!

Between 1977 and 1980, Lennox was the lead singer of The Tourists, a moderately successful British pop band and her first collaboration with Dave Stewart. During the time they were in The Tourists, Stewart and Lennox were involved in a relationship, though this had ended by the time they formed Eurythmics.

Her last album was The "Annie Lennox Collection" is the first greatest hits compilation by British singer-songwriter Annie Lennox. It was released on 9 March 2009.

The music its not the only thing in her life, in addition to that Lennox is also a political and social activist, leading such events as an anti-war rally in London on 3 January 2009 in response to the Gaza War. She also objected to the unauthorised use of the 1999 Eurythmics song "I Saved the World Today" in an election broadcast for Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

She have a web site that im totally amazed of...look at the bio, one can even turn the pages with the mouse :D Look at

Enjoy this oldie with Eurythmics Sweet Dreams, thats my favvo.

Peace, Thetania

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Friday 14 May 2010

B.B. King & David Gilmour - Eyesight to the Blind

Felt for some bluuuuuueeees..
And what would be better that the king of it :)

Ladies and Gents, Mr BB King and David Gilmour.
BB King is born 1925..thats something huh?
Rolling Stone magazine ranked him at #3 on its list of the "100 greatest guitarists of all time."
David is best known as the guitarist, lead singer, and one of the main songwriters in Pink Floyd, and reached the age of 64.

In 1991, B.B. King's Blues Club opened on Beale Street in Memphis, and in 1994, a second club was launched at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. A third club in New York City's Times Square opened in June 2000. Two further clubs opened at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut in January 2002 and another in Nashville in 2003.
A club in West Palm Beach opened in the fall of 2009 and an additional one, based in the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, is due to open in the winter of 2009.

David Gilmour did about 15 with Pink Floyd and 4 solo albums.
BB King have done around 43 albums between 1956 and 2009.
Beat that if u can hehe.

Dig it!!

Peace, Thetania

Wanna know more?

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Thursday 13 May 2010

Paco de Lucia , John McLaughlin , Al di Meola - Mediterrean sun danced

This is one of my youth favorites guitarists.
Mr Paco de Lucia, Mr John McLaughlin and Mr Al Di Meola.

Their way to handle the instrument is terrific
and thats an understatement.

Al Di Meola is an American jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist.
He is from New Yersey, US.
In addition to a prolific solo career, he has engaged in successful collaborations with bassist Stanley Clarke, keyboardist Jan Hammer, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and guitarists John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía.

Paco de Lucia is a Spanish composer and guitarist who plays mostly modern flamenco.
He comes from Algeciras, Spain. In 1958, at age 11, he made his first public appearance on Radio Algeciras, and a year later was awarded a special prize in the Jerez flamenco competition. Thats something huh!?

John McLaughlin comes from South Yorkshire, England.
Jazz fusion guitarist and composer.
He had a band called Mahavishnu Orchestra and performed a technically virtuosic and complex style of music that fused eclectic jazz and rock with Eastern and Indian influences.

Combine this and u will get this tune!

Enjoy folks!

Peace, Thetania

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