Monday, 26 December 2016

Anciients - Following The Voice

"Somewhere between sheer, apocalyptic heaviness and precise riffing, lays otherworldly ANCIIENTS—a Vancouver-based rock juggernaut forging crushing heavy metal evocative of veterans HIGH ON FIRE and contemporary sonic craftsmen, OPETH. ANCIIENTS have combined fuck-off-huge chords with mind-altering riffage that takes you on an unfamiliar trip.

"Voice Of The Void" reaches position 6 on Tune Of The Day's Top 100 list of the best albums 2016.

Intoxicating mix of darker sludge and heavier progressive black metal gloom that will blow you away.

Today's tune "Following The Voice", taken from "Voice of the Void"

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Jodå. Den är där uppe i år...! :)

Christofer said...

Fett bra skiva. Tredjen bästa i år.

Stones said...

Riktigt bra platta som växer 🤘