Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Astronoid - Incandescent

ASTRONOID is a five-piece band from Boston, MA with influences ranging from DEVIN TOWNSEND and Mew to Alcest and Cynic. Their first full length album, being released by Blood Music in 2016, is part of an evolving experience that complements their two acclaimed EP’s from 2012-13, "Stargazer" and "November". The driving rhythms, subtle time signatures and soaring vocal harmonies combine to create an auditory cloud to lift you into the ether. There’s always something new to discover hidden within the dense layers of thrashy guitar riffs and euphoric vocals. Lyrically, the record conveys a disillusioned and hopeful view of the world as a whole.

"Air" reaching the 75:th place at Tune Of The Days Top 100.

Today's tune "Incandescent" is taken from "Air", enjoy!

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