Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tune Of The Day - Top 100 - 2016 (90-81)

Time for the next batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2016 have given us. Here is the albums between 90 - 81. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

90. Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker - Long Way to the Light
 An excellent handmade rock album!

89. Megadeth - Dystopia
MEGADETH sound reborn on Dystopia.

88. 1000Mods - Repeated Exposure To..

 Beginning to end, this LP is a stone cold killer

87. Switchblade - Switchblade
 Another excellent release from the Swedes underdogs

86. Svvamp - Svvamp
 A rich blend of Vintage rock, wobbly blues and distorted folk.

85. Myrath - Legacy
 Impressive release from the best oriental metal band.
84. Seven Sisters - Seven Sisters
 A superb debut from this classic Heavy Metal band.

83. Red Fang - Only Ghosts
RED FANG throws out another album with Heavy rocking tunes.

82. Crobot - Welcome To The Fat City
"Welcome To The Fat City" is riff tight and funky.

81. Gygax - Critical Hits
 Catchy American Heavy Metal at it's best

 Today's tune will come soonish!



Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fan, har helt missat att Crobot släppt i år?!

Stones said...

Vad bra att jag kan påminna dig här och nu då :)