Thursday, 15 December 2016

Tune Of The Day - Top 100 - 2016 (70-61)

Here is the fourth batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2016 have given us. Here is the albums between 70 - 61. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go!

70. Haken - Affinity 

A lovely experimentation delivery.
69. Asteroid - III 

Great modern heavy psych/stoner/fuzz rock. 
68. In Flames - Battles 

 "Battles" is a kinda reverse back. 

 67. Brutus - Wandering Blind 

"Wandering Blind" is Solid and Pure. 

 66. Spiritual Beggars - Sunrise To Sundown 

 This is a dangerously vividly album.

 65. Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette 

"Acid Roulette" heavy retro sound with 70's boogie riffs. 

64. Duel - Fears Of the Dead 

Heavy, psychedelic Telestar Sound Drone.

63. Temperance Movment - White Bear 

White Bear contains earthy blues-rock with a hell of a groove.

62. Destroyer 666 - Wildfire 

"Wildfire" is a real catchy black metal album. 

 61. Entombed A.D. - Dead Dawn 

"Dead Down" is a bestial metal machine.

Today's tune will come soonish!

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Haken-skivan. Jag har den, men kommer liksom inte för att verkligen lyssna på den.