Sunday, 12 January 2014

Enshine - Stream Of Light

The seventh track on this year's disc is a terrific atmospheric, melodic and progressive tune with a touch of death and doom with Jari Lindholm (Slumber, AtomA) in the forefront. The vocal part is done by Sébastien Pierre (Fractal Gates, Cold Insight)

This is a musical exploration of the world within.

Enshine was started in 2009 as a solo project by Jari Lindholm to later become music collaboration it is today, headed by Jari Lindholm and Sébastien Pierre. The debut album was finished summer 2012 after 2 years in the studio and was released May 15:th 2013. 

Enshine Consist of: 
Jari Lindholm - Guitar/Synth/Additional vocals 
Sébastien Pierre - Lead vocals/Additional keys 
Oscar Borgenstam - Drums 
Siavosh Bigonah - Bass 
Sandy Mahrer - Choir vocals 

Todays tune "Stream Of Light" is taken from the album "Orgin"

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