Monday, 6 January 2014

Anciients - Raise the Sun

Yesterday it was time again for the annual hard rock evening that is always on eve of Twelfth Night. With great excitement got to play my own choices and to hear what the other participants have made up for this, perhaps best of all, discovering some new or old music that you did not know of and yes I found many during this evening that i need to look up/buy. In the biggest secret I have pieced together the tracks for this evening, some new discoveries that showed up at the last minute and one which I brooding on for a whole year :) Some tracks were obvious through the presentation of the 2013's best albums that went on during Christmas and New Year. Crazy, yes really crazy.

This year's starting field! Yes the colourful record is mine :)

One of the beers at the evening!

So over the next few days I'll present my choices in the order of recording i had with me, some tracks I already have played here before, but that does not matter, good things should be repeated!

Here they come. Track no. 1 (track no.2 tomorrow and so on...)

My first choice from yesterday's Hard Rock Night, was the Vancouver-based rock juggernaut Anciients with the tune "Raise The Sun". Is no better way to start an evening of 2013's best album and debut. With their apocalyptic heaviness and precise riffage that takes you on an unfamiliar trip.

Todays tune "Raise the Sun" live at au Club Soda à Montréal 23.04.13

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Official Anciients Web

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fantastisk jävla låt.
Bra vak som start!!!

Stones said...

Ja verkligen, satte ribban direkt :)

Chief Rebel Angel said...

:-) Inte helt enkelt att följa upp på, hehe..

Stones said...

Verkligen inte, nog för att jag tyckte att resten av låtarna höll riktigt bra klass.