Friday, 17 January 2014

Carousel - Jeweler's Daughter

Another track from Chief Rebel Angel's record is the Pittsburgh classic heavy rockers Carousel with the title and opening track off of the 2013 TeePee Records debut full-length album "Jeweler's Daughter".

It’s an album that contains double-guitars feats of Dave Wheeler (also vocals) and Chris Tritschler and the upbeat grooves of bassist Jim Wilson and drummer Jake Leger. Carousel work in a blend of elder denim metal that sits well alongside the overarching natural feel of the album, this is a very enjoyable record.

Conceived in early 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Wheeler and drummer Jake Leger, the band's music incorporates many elements, most notably the harmonized guitar lines of Thin Lizzy, the bombast of Mountain, and the rhythmic propulsion of Diamond Head, Motorhead, and other bands whose names include the word "head". Christened Carousel by drummer Jake, the band went through numerous personnel changes before cementing its lineup with the addition of guitarist Chris "Twiz" Tritschler and bassist Jim Wilson. Carousel has been a mainstay of the Pittsburgh rock scene since its first show in May 2011, sharing the stage with local punk, metal, and rock bands as well as touring acts such as Mount Carmel, Purling Hiss, and Disappears. Soon after the successful self-release of Tears of Stone, their debut 12" EP, Carousel returned to the studio in February 2013 to record a full length. Word of the band spread during the sessions, and Carousel was invited to join the Tee Pee roster.

Todays tune "Jeweler's Daughter" is a heavy rock motor-chug tune, check it up!

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Bra. Bra skiva. Bra låt. Bra band!

Stones said...

Håller fullständigt med, en fin överraskning!

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Var faktiskt lite i din riktning den var tänkt. Och Hellans. (Och min, förstås!)