Thursday, 28 April 2016

War Pigs - 6th Chamber

WAR PIGS pray at the alters of THE STOOGES, BLACK SABBATH, CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, MC5, twisting impossibly heavy riffs around nihilistic vocals and a pounding wartime tribal death-beat. This complex rage is blasted through with the influence of traditional old-school hardcore, '70s proto-punk, and early stoner-metal. Hardcore breakdowns merge with Iommi-esqe downtempo guitar freakouts.

This is not your 15-year-old brother’s Straight Edge hardcore. This is not your father’s dark SABBATH metal. Its a chaos and precision that lies somewhere in between.

This is WAR PIGS from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Dig your claws into my organs. Stretch into my tendons. 

Bury your anchors into my bones, for the power i am possessed. 
Look above the gods and you will fall below the skeletons of the past. 
Not to ask but give, not to want but just to send.

Today's tune "6th Chamber" taken from WAR PIGS "Degeneration" album, released January 1, 2009

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