Monday, 25 April 2016

Brunt - The Tale Of The Hideous Tricorn

Monday, New Week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

This week we have the Guernsey Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock band BRUNT.

The self titled album is a real beast. That the band lacks a singer will pretty immediately draw the attention to their musical profession. But with the bands really emotional hypnotic and far out experimental stoner rock where the tones, melody and riffs are added just in right time and place to create a wonderful and really groovy record.

The guitar riffs are heavy with some smoggy sludge and bluesy sound backed up with a solid and heavy drums and bass grooves.

The album contains only 5 tunes, where the album opener "St Felix of Nola" ticks in at almost 9 minutes, the song opens up the album with some classic stoner repetition that grows during time until it hits the break and change direction, very emotional and soulful, almost that you will get lost in trance by now until they found the next gear on their instruments and the speed is on. The 2:nd tune "The Tale of the Hideous Tricorn" is a more classic, a more solid smoker where the bass get the chance to open up, great tune. The 3:rd one "Rabbit Of Cannabong" is a beast with excellent melody with hard hitting drums, cleaver fuzzy riffing and a quick bass line. The 4:th tune "A Concise Cosmic History Of The Swob Monster Pt1 (The Birth Of Fuzz)" is a riffing orgy with high class, swamp rock deluxe. The last and 5:th tune "Raw Goat" closes the record with style, the bass line is so clear that it sounds that he plays it next to you, creepy but so damn good. The production on this record is top notch and the Vinyl sounds really good.


A Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Journey that you should not miss.

The album is released on Vinyl and Digital Download. Artwork by:
Nikita Kaun and Natalie Foss

The Limited Edition Vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and comes with
- Black / White marbled vinyl
- Fold out artwork poster (A2 size)
- 3 post cards each featuring individual band member portraits by Natalie Foss
- 1 'Hideous Tricorn' double sided art post card
- Full colour printed inner sleeve featuring band portrait by Natalie Foss, plus HeviSike 'Hands of Dharma' artwork by David Paul Seymour

The Digital Bandcamp Download version comes with album art wallpapers, a bonus unreleased Demo song plus a PDF linking to an exclusive full length 36 minute studio video!

Today's tune "The Tale Of The Hideous Tricorn"

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