Monday, 14 October 2013

Satyricon - The Infinity of Time and Space

A new week and it's time to present this week's "Record Of The Week" This week goes to the Norwegian metal band Satyricon and their new self titled album. The fact that I like the little lethargic, mid-tempo drudge, drafty, monotonous sound that Satyricon possess, it's dark and a little creepy and with a doomier approach witch I like.

I got very good impression of the album, which has been growing alot latly. It might look and feel very light and easy at the surface, but with a few turns it gets right.

Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) & Frost (Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad) have done a great job one more time and im looking forward to the show at Debaser in December.

Todays tune "The Infinity of Time and Space", taken from the latest self-titled Satyricon album.

Upcoming Tourdates:

Oct 06 MEGAPOLIS, Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Oct 08 Podium Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Oct 09 Rock City, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Oct 11 Parkfestival, Rade, Norway
Nov 07 Amager Bio w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 08 Turock w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Essen, Germany
Nov 09 Le 106 w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Rouen, France
Nov 10 Manchester Academy 3 w/ Chthonic 閃靈, anchester, United Kingdom
Nov 11 The Limelight 2 w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Belfast, United Kingdom
Nov 12 The Academy w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Dublin, Ireland
Nov 14 O2 Academy Islington w/ Chthonic 閃靈, London, United Kingdom
Nov 15 La Maroquinerie w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Paris, France
Nov 16 L'Echonova w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Vannes, France
Nov 17 CC John Lennoné w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Limoges, France
Nov 19 Paradise Garage w/ Chthonic 閃靈, isbon, Portugal
Nov 20 Sala But w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Madrid, Spain
Nov 21 Apolo w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Barcelona, Spain
Nov 22 La Tannerie w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Bourg En Bresse, France
Nov 23 La Laiterie w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Strasbourg, France
Nov 24 Distortion Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov 26 Trix w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Antwerpen, Belgium
Nov 27 klubsen w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 28 Lido w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Berlin, Germany Tickets
Nov 29 Progresja w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Warsaw, Poland
Nov 30 Exit Chmelnice w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Prague, Czech Republic
Dec 01 Arena w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Vienna, Austria Tickets
Dec 03 Randall w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dec 04 A38 w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Budapest, Hungary Tickets
Dec 05 Kino Siska w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dec 06 Orion Club w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Rome, Italy
Dec 07 Magazzii Generali w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Milan, Italy
Dec 08 Backstage Halle w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Munich, Germany
Dec 10 Konzerthaus w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Lucerne, Switzerland
Dec 11 L'Usine w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Geneva, Switzerland
Dec 12 Club Zentral w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Stuttgart, Germany
Dec 13 KULTURFABRIK w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Esch Alzette, Luxembourg
Dec 15 Sticky Fingers w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dec 17 The Circus w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Helsinki, Finland
Dec 18 Klubi w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Tampere, Finland
Dec 20 Debased Medis w/ Chthonic 閃靈, Stockholm, Sweden

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