Thursday, 31 October 2013

Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure

Have you missed me?
The incoherrent ramblings and odd thoughts of the Chief Rebel Angel, guest-terrorizer of Tune Of The Day?
Perhaps you have. Perhaps not. Today I am here anyway, and today's topic is tomorrow.
Or, rather, the month that starts tomorrow.
In Sweden called "black November", a month were more or less the entire country staggers around in darkness, dreading the oncoming winter. It is usually before the snow settles, but you are guaranteed to get slett, snow, heavy rains, fog och freezing temperatures.
No wonder there are a lot of metal bands hailing from the north, especially extreme metal bands...

So, to celebrate this, I thought I'd drag one of my habits in to Tune Of The Day.
Every friday, I have something called "Tip Of The Week" on my own blog Metal!, and during November these tips focus on music that suits the Swedish wet autumn darkness.
Dark, dreary, moody and a bit depressing (hey, it's sounds awful when you put it in writing like that, but as we all know - one way of getting the darkness out of your system is enjoying music, so it's actually not as bad as it sounds...).
And guess what?
I'll do the same on Tune Of The Day this year! Yihaah!
Today, we'll start with an excellent band that also has the name to kick off such a small series.

This one is from 2005, so it's got jus shy of a decade in this world.
I return to it frequently just because it is a great album in total, and especially the title track is a killer song.
Heavy, moody, dark but still managing to hit that spot within my heart that makes it a joy to listen to, that makes all that heavy darkness seem easier to carry somehow.
In short, a perfect soundtrack to what lies ahead for the next month.

The band hails from Chicago, and the members on this fifth album were:
  • Paul Kuhr – vocals
  • Vito Marchese– guitar
  • Larry Roberts – guitar
  • Joe Nunez – drums, percussion
  • Mike Lagros- bass
The album produced two singles, besides the title track also the half ballad "Autumn Reflection".
Welcome to the darkness. Welcome to november. Welcome to The Pale Haunt Departure!

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