Tuesday 29 October 2013

Scorpions - The Zoo

Hi again, Spader Ess is back. This time I will direct my spotlight towards Germany, and to be more precise, Scorpions. Another band that have been a big inspiration to me, just to fade away into indifference.

The band formally formed in 1965, and their music has ranged from hard rock, to heavy metal, to meeehhh.
With their first album, "Lonesome Crow" from 1972, the band launch itself towards a great career, that in my world lasted until somewhere around 1988 when Scorpions released their album, "Savage Amusement", which in my opinion was the start of crap and decades of sleazy ballad goo.

Don’t get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with a good ballad at times (heck, quite a few ballads are some of my favorite songs of all time) and Scorpions had already released a bunch of great ballads like “In Trance” and “Holiday”. But now the band more or less became synonym with languorous ballads, both new and old, that made sugar seem bitter and harsh. It’s not a coincident that Scorpions have been included in most “Power Ballad” projects that has seen the day of light as they have done quite a few. Maybe only matched by Nazareth. Thinking of it, Nazareth has done about the same journey for me too. They started out about the same time. Great early records that made it into the mid eighties before loosing my attention. Both bands released groundbreaking Live albums, "Tokyo Tapes" with Scorpions and "‘Snaz" for Nazareth. But, they have so much better music in their repertoire.

Another characteristic thing about Scorpions, that in my mind went from fab to fad, is the repeatedly use of sexist lyrics. As a young teenager it was quite amusing, but after a while it got kind of tiresome and unimaginative. This put together made, that after "Savage Amusement", I have more or less missed out on the later records. With exception for the “Wind of Change” like songs that is constantly played on all Classic rock radio stations.

But, let us leave the backside of the later years and focus on the good parts. Scorpions have made some great music throughout the years. Many legendary musicians has passed the band, and they seem to be quite nice people. Not to mention the fact that they have put German rock on the map. They were one of the first hard rock acts to make it big in Japan and they also gave the Flying V guitar a face (or two).

So, I leave you with one of their many highlights. “The Zoo”

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

.... Och när jag var liten var jag säker på att de sjöng "Bad Women In Wine", inte. "Bad Boys Running Wild".
Det hade fan varit bättre..! :-)

Spader Ess said...

Inte så långsökt tanke när det kommer till Scorpions heller. :-)