Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Baroness - Foolsong

From Savannah, Georgia do we find Baroness, whose original members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia. A rock band that is out touring atm and did visit Sweden for a couple of shows where one stop was Debaser here in Stockholm. On September 27, 2013 they did start their European Tour in Tilburg, Netherlands. Among other places they will play at UKA in Trondheim - Norway's largest cultural festival. They are touring with the great Royal Thunder, a tune of them tomorrow.

Their performance was perhaps a little spiky, but what does it matter when every other song was absolutely amazing.

Todays tune "Foolsong" taken from the third studio album "Yellow & Green", released on July 17, 2012. Watch John & Pete perform in Philadelphia on January 20, 2013.


September 27 | Tilburg, Netherlands
September 28 | Koln, Germany
September 29 | Antwerpen, Belgium
October 1 | Paris, France
October 2 | Luxembourg
October 3 | Dortmund, Germany
October 5 | Copenhagen, Denmark
October 6 | Trondheim, Norway
October 7 | Oslo, Norway
October 8 | Stockholm, Sweden
October 10 | Hamburg, Germany
October 11 | Berlin, Germany
October 13 | Wien, Austria
October 14 | Munchen, Germany
October 15 | Milano, Italy
October 16 | Zurich, Switzerland
October 18 | Tourcoing, France
October 19 | Wolverhampton, UK
October 20 | Glasgow, Scotland
October 22 | Manchester, UK
October 24 | London, UK

Setlist from Debaser:

Ogeechee Hymnal
Take My Bones Away
March to the Sea
A Horse Called Golgotha
Little Things
Green Theme
Swollen and Halo
Board Up the House
Sea Lungs
The Line Between
The Gnashing

The Sweetest Curse
Jake Leg

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