Thursday, 11 April 2019

Convulse - The Summoning

The Finnish progressive death metal band CONVULSE have released a new tune called "The Summoning". It's the first taste of the band's upcoming album, which will be recorded in 2019, something to look forward to.

The band hails from Nokia, Finland, active between 1988 and 1994 and again since 2012. They were one of their country's first extreme metal bands and considered by some to be the forefathers of the local "Nokia" metal scene.

Featuring vocalist/guitarist Rami Jämsä, bass player Juha Telenius and drummer Rolle Markos, Finland's short-lived death metal band CONVULSE only issued two albums — 1991's "World Without God" and 1994's "Reflections".

Today's tune "The Summoning" mixed at JJ-studio, mastered at Virtalähde, released by Soit Se Silti and distributed by playground. Band photo Peero Lakanen. The cover photo Markus Nevala, enjoy!

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