Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Crippled Black Phoenix - Laying Traps

From the United Kingdom we find the Neo-Psychedelia Post-Rockers CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX started in 2004 when the multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves (formerly the drummer of IRON MONKEY, ELECTRIC WIZARD, TEETH OF LIONS RULE THE DIVINE, THE VARUKERS, etc..) picked up a borrowed guitar and began to make simple demos. 11 years, 7 critically acclaimed albums and quite a few line-up changes later Crippled Black Phoenix is a force to reckoned with.

Several musicians have contributed to CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIXs albums and played with them during their live shows.

They do not fit in to any easily found musical category, instead they blaze their own trail using the influences and knowledge gained over a lifetime of playing and performing.

Current members:

Justin Greaves – electric guitar, drums, saw, keyboard, acoustic guitar, banjo, effects, samples
Daniel Änghede - Vocals, electric guitar
Mark Furnevall – synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals
Ben Wilsker – drums
Daisy Chapman - Piano, Vocals

Todays tune "Laying Traps" is taken from the fifth album (Mankind) The Crafty Ape, released January 30, 2012. The thematic focus for this album is firmly planted in the corruption of mankind and injustice, but also ultimately in the hope that all is not lost, and that there's a common thread connecting people of like-minds wherever you may travel. The music and themes have been created as to represent the world inside and outside of the mind, with no compromise.

On (Mankind) The Crafty Ape the band showcases a new level of focus, and that's not to say there was a lack of focus on previous efforts, it simply says that the methods and attitude in making the new album are another move toward finding the total uncompromised potential within the music.

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