Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The House Of Capricorn - The Only Star in the Sky

"Morning Star Rise" is the third full length from THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN, an apocalyptic devil rock troupe from New Zealand. Within its nine tracks of doomed rock n roll, the album encapsulates the last three years of THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORNs infernal service.

Manifested at the bottom of the world, "Morning Star Rise" is an unholy, antipodean hymn to a looming end, all in the blinding light of the Devil. Drawing from the rowdy darkness of BABYLON WHORES, the gloom of TYPE O NEGATIVE,, and all kinds of scathing Black Metal, the record is a culmination of rich influences and pitch black aesthetics, all presented in lurching rock n roll form with honest, Hellish intent.

The album was released November 7, 2014 through Svart Records on LP/CD/Digital.

The Vinyl version was released in 500 copies where 300 is black and 200 are gold (:

Physical versions available here:

CD: svartrecords.com/shoppe/home/2737-the-house-of-capricorn-morning-star-rise-cd.html

LP: svartrecords.com/shoppe/home/2738-the-house-of-capricorn-morning-star-rise-cd.html



M. Pavlovic // S. Blomfield // M. Rothwell

J. Saint-Merat | Manifestation
F. Caste | Kvltivation
L. Muir | Materialization

B. Saylor | Spectral Chorus

All invocations divined by THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN in the swamps below One Tree Hill.

Todays tune "The Only Star in the Sky" is taken from the third album "Morning Star Rise".  

Whether you believe in Satan's substantial presence, or if you think it is his symbolic value that matters most, "Morning Star Rise" is an excellent soundtrack to celebrate the Father of lies ever-present and all-pervasive influence.

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