Friday, 17 April 2015

J. Tex & The Volunteers - Treading Water

J.Tex and The Volunteers is a travelling trio, made up of artist, sailors, surfers, writers, painters and farmers, taking journey to many a city and town, for there they turn musician… playing their instruments and telling their stories in song. These nomads enjoy a nice whisky, coffee, smoke, conversation and Improvising on their instruments while playing home crafted songs. Cooking up food for thought over the open fire. With their stylistic flexibility, swing, rhythm and rock steady roots music, they offer the listener a new musical experience. This is good old fashion entertainment but with a twist, a new take on an old thing. Its comfortable and familiar like a gin and tonic but with an extra shoot and a taller glass.

Singer/Songwriter J.Tex was born in Detroit, Michigan – growing up in Denmark. Playing instruments from the age of 6. Playing for a living on the roads of Europe, mainly in Italy and France in the early 90´ties.

The inspiration is clearly from the great vide open “Dustville” America, but don’t get it wrong – J.Tex is truly an urban cowboy and at the age of 20 he went back to the States to search for his musical roots. J. Tex started out his journey in Nashville, Tennessee with a guitar in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, he traveled all over the South.

After a few months of doing odd jobs, he found himself on a long journey through the back roads of the South. He had a great companion and mentor in the fire-burning carnival painter and artist “the one legged man” John Heiner.

This trip was a lifetime experience for J.Tex – learning the trade of art, and living the wild life on the road. When traveling long hours up and down interstate highway 75, he always found the time for writing songs when jamming with old-timers, and everyday Americans.

J.Tex: Banjo, Guitar, Violin, Lead Vocal
Ida Hvid: Upright Bass, Vocal
Jason Bedard: Drums, Vocal

The music is firmly rooted in American folk music but with a twist; a new take on a classic sound.

Todays tune "Treading Water" is the second single from the new album (2015) "Old Days vs. New Days"

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