Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Exemption - Birds

In Long Island, New York’s we find the excellent three-piece band EXEMPTION. With their breathtaking energy and musicality complex music that kicks some ass.

The third self-released album "Public Cemetery Party" is a really fun record, it takes some time to take in, as its full of complex stuff, cross overs etc. Their music is like it has evolved into something beyond genres and sub-genres, hard to tag it. The influences spreads from MASTODON to FRANK ZAPPA.

"Public Cemetery Party" was recorded at Killingsworth Recording Company Jan - Sep 2010. Farmingdale, NY. Produced by Ray Marte. All songs written & performed by Exemption (Nick Lee, Ray Marte, Tom Moran). Released 10.27.10. Exemption is based in Long Island & Brooklyn, NY.

The band consists of:

Tom Moran - Vocals/Bass
Nick Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Ray Marte - Drums/Vocals

The band was active 2003 - 2012. The members are now focusing on new projects.

The album is free for download here! Do yourself a favour and check these guys up!

Todays tune "Birds" is Live @ Centerville, Recorded December 23rd, 2011

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