Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Among Empires - Morning Sun

AMONG EMPIRES started as a project by Magnus Hedberg, a project among friends, something that could be creative for the time and write stuff for fun, to let loose of the ideas that they had in their minds, together they jammed and made a few tunes and with pressure from some outer source they finally decided, what the heck, lets release this and see how it goes.
The song is ambitious, focused and exciting, The melody is catchy and neat with a great vocal part by Peter Jonsson, he have a good feeling and much presence in the song. It's a tune that easy could climb on any chart.

Magnus Hedberg: Guitars
Peter Jonsson: Vocals

Guest musicians:
Martin Källström: Drums
Micke Eriksson: Guitars
Arne Johansson: Bass
Chris Rehn: Keyboards,
arrangements and programming

As far as I know there should be one more track ready to be released soon and what I heard it should be even stronger than this one, could it be so that this project might hit the road, well time will tell.

Todays tune "Morning Sun" is the first track from AMONG EMPIRES, directed and produced by Chris Rehn / Boxroom. Song produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Rehn at Boxroom Studios. Song written by Magnus Hedberg and Peter Jonsson.


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Anonymous said...

That's Chris from Stiftelsen?

Nina said...

Cool video, great song, like it very much.

Stones said...

Yes it's Chris from Stiftelsen! Great that you liked the tune Nina!