Monday, 13 April 2015

Elder - Compendium

Monday and a new week, which means we'll introduce this week's "Record Of The Week".

The power trio ELDER hailing from Massachusetts who are pulling off some rather powerful rock on their latest and newest release "Lore"

Their second full-length "Dead Roots Stirring", was an amazing album, a Vinyl record that I have been hunting for sometime but not yet been able to obtain. With "Lore" have ELDER continued to developed and push their sound in more dynamic and inspiring directions. It's feels more clear, where the riff's have a more progressive approach and the focus is set to take the listener on a long exploration trip in the valley of psychedelic prog. They also have extended the tunes and peeled down on the vocals to let the melodies speak. The album have a excellent flow without getting to difficult and massive, which I really like. "Lore" is an album that sounds like the cover, just take a look on the stunning artwork made by Adrian Dexter, dream away and you will see the parable.

A quick summery of the album "Lore":

The third full-length album and is a watershed moment in the band's history, a precious stone you must have in your jewellery collection.

The vinyl version features a die-cut cover with two full color reversible LP sleeves, along with a lyrics insert (for maximum customizable fun). Of course you can expect 180g, high quality black vinyl - no funky colors at least for this run - and a free download code.

Today's tune "Compendium" starts off in a classic rock way, with a guitar boogie melody before it hatches to a more heavier, a bit stoner style where the first step takes on the fantastic journey that "Lore" supply!

ELDER / MOS GENERATOR - Live in Europe 2015

20.06.2015 F - Clisson, Hellfest 2015, (only ELDER)
22.06.2015 ESP - Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom
23.06.2015 ESP - Barcelona, Riff Ritual Fest Sala Boveda
25.06.2015 CH - Luzern, Sedel
26.06.2015 GER - Kloster Weil, JH
27.06.2015 GER - Siegen, Vortex
29.06.2015 UK - Cardiff, Moon Club
01.07.2015 UK - Edinburgh, Bannermans
02.07.2015 UK - London, Garage,
03.07.2015 UK - Bristol, The Louisiana
05.07.2015 B - Leuven, Sojo
08.07.2015 GER - Hamburg, Hafenklang
10.07.2015 GER - Erfurt, Stoned From The Underground Festival
11.07.2015 A - Nikolsdorf, Stick & Stone Festival 2015
12.07.2015 HUN - Budapest, Dürer Kert
13.07.2015 A - Vienna, Arena
15.07.2015 ROM - Bucarest, Fabrica Club
16.07.2015 I - Milano, Lo fi Club
17.07.2015 I - Prato, No Cage
20.07.2015 F - Paris, Glazart
21.07.2015 F - Nantes, Club tba
23.07.2015 A - Salzburg, Rockhouse
24.07.2015 GER - Beelen, Krach Am Bach Festival 2015
25.07.2015 GER - Dresden. Chemiefabrik
26.07.2015 GER - Nürnberg, Zentralcafe
27.07.2015 GER - Munich, Backstage, Free & Easy Festival
29.07.2015 GER - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
31.07.2015 B - Waarshoot, Roadkill Festival 2015
01.08.2015 GER - Bielefeld, Forum, Stickman Records showcase
02.08.2015 GR - Drama, Fuzztastic Planet Fest 2015, (only ELDER)
04.08.2015 NOR - Oslo, Pokalen
05.08.2015 DK - Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
06.08.2015 GER - Berlin, Cassiopeia
08.08.2015 A - Nepomukteich Waldhausen, Lake on Fire Festival

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