Friday, 31 December 2010

David Gilmour and BB King - Happy New Year

I thought i just peak in here and wish u a...


I didnt find a good metal Happy new year video,
as we love blues as well we take a bluesy one :)
and also give u a sound wishes bonus..

At new year in Sweden we always makes promises and shit..
So I guess I will make one to..
I promise that I will not have a down dip in my mood for the whole year! :D
I will create my present and my future and will be full of joy and metal :p
I know its gonna be a great year full of funny stuff and good music!

To all of You I really wish the same !!!!!!

Ladys and Gents, Mr David Gilmour and Mr BB King and last video My friend Lizette&
will help me with the wishing here.

Joy to ya all, Thetania

Happy new year Motherfucker (just saw that both me and Stones and our doughter are
on this video haha soo cool!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Thetania & Stones!
Keep up the good work.

Thetania said...

Thanks dude !
And the very same to u !

Peace Thetania