Saturday, 18 December 2010

Candlemass - Solitude

Candlemass are an influential Swedish epic doom metal band established in 1984 by Leif Edling (bass), their leader and songwriter. The band is originally from Stockholm. After releasing five full-length albums and touring extensively throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Candlemass disbanded in 1994, but decided to reform three years later. The band continues to record and perform today.

The legends of doom celebrates 25 years as a band with an extra long performance at Debaser Medis in Stockholm december 18 (This Evening). The classic album ”Epicus Doomicus Metalicus” will be performed in its entirety for the first time with the original singer Johan Längqvist, Robert Lowe will of course also be on stage this evening singing both old and new material at this mega cool event. Expect a long show with the kings of Doom! The band have also been in the studio recording a couple of cover songs especially for a limited vinyl maxi that will be sold on the evening of the show.

The debut album "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" land as heavy as a tombstone in the record stores back in 1986, Then John Längqvist sang for the first and only time before the "messiah" drew on monk hood. This legendary band was recognized for "Best Hard Rock" (2005) is now 25 years later to present thier masterpiece from start to finish with its original singer. And how cool isn't that, so this will be a real fat-doom-party!

During this evening there will be some cool and exclusive stuff to buy at the merchandise table. For example:
12” Maxi single in bloodred vinyl. Lim edition 250 copies. €15 (150 kr).
2 T-shirt designs…the Fireskull + lim edition surprise. €15 each (150 kr st).
Roadburn Poster 2010 (the cancelled gig). Lim edition 120 copies. Band got about 10 to sell. €50 each (500 kr st).
Skullgirl poster 60 x 100 cm thick paper. Lim ed 50 copies. €22 (220 kr).
The amazing motif from the maxi with the ”skullgirl”.
Doomology 5 cd box. €25 (250 kr). Free showposter 50 x 70 cm incl with every box. Silver or gold.

Candlemass Anniversary Doomology box.

This is what the box contains……
CD 1, First gig ever in Jönköping 1987.
CD 2, Buckley Tivoli 1988.
CD 3, Demos from the white album 2003 – 2004 (very cool stuff)!
CD 4, King of the Grey Islands demos w Mats Levén on vocals.
CD 5, Misc demos (Johan L vocal audition for Chapter VI) + other rarities.

Todays tune "Solitude" is taken from the debut record Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, enjoy!

Do not miss out on God's sake the contest at WeRock, which together with the blog 666 Skulls presents the following painting that price! The painting is of handy size 20 * 20 cm and it is a unique painting signed by artist Slusk.

More info @ Official Candlemass Website

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Woddsmanfred said...

Tack, blev lite många öl igår...

Fredrik said...

Jag är ju världens tråkigaste hårdrockare. 8) Mina favoritskivor av Candelmass är Chapter VI, förra och den senaste... Låtern är bra. Med rätt sångare är den bättre! hehe Som sagt, jag känner mig ibland som en främling bland mina medhårdrockare. hehe

Jävligt stabild jobb som vanligt! Att ni pallar! 8) Kudos.

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fantastiskt gig igår, riktigt jävla fantastiskt.
Synd bara att jag varit så trasig idag att jag inte kunnat lägga upp bilder eller fixat Werock-texten.

Imorgon är en annan dag! :-)