Friday 3 December 2010

Close-Up on Spotify!

In Close-Up # 127 arriving in subscribers during this week, where they summarize the album releases that have been in the past year.

By clicking on the link below you who is a Spotify users listen to two tracks each from (nearly) all the albums on the list!

NOTE: Spoiler Warning! If you have not had time to read the magazine and want to keep the tension should you wait before clicking!

Read about this here!

spotifyListen to this year's best records on Spotify here!

spotifyDo not have Spotify? Download it here!


Mary Raven said...

Cool! Ska gå och lyssna. Grym blogg btw!

sv: Jag gillar den röda också, båda ska upp! ;-)

Stones said...

Tack för det.